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My Sonic Colors Impressions ?.


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Well a lot of sites are writing their impressions so may as well leave some of mine. I got a chance to play Sonic Colors, played Tropical Resort and plan to tomorrow hopefully get to Sonic 4 and Sweet Mountain.


Let me start with saying how Sonic controls. He has a lot more weight to him than he usually does, he doesn't feel floaty off the bat and actually is a very reliable platformer. They addressed one of my biggest control issues with Sonic Unleashed where the platforming was sometimes difficult since Sonic would accelerate too quickly and start sliding around the place. While it takes a little getting used too I would say this is quite possibly the best 3D Sonic controls, if you want to imagine it imagine Unleashed except not slippery and longer acceleration with a more grounded "platforming" speed and easier to decelerate. Along with controls comes the Wisps of shapes and colors. The basic blue-white Wisps with one eye give you https://creditcardsupportx.com
https://creditcardsupportx.com/target-red-credit-card https://creditcardsupportx.com/baby-r-us-credit-card Sonic's boost which has been improved a LOT from Unleashed. Sonic isn't uncontrollably fast and the game not being as slippery makes it much more grounded. While not as fast as Unleashed's boosts, I would say it's use is genius. It's not a boost spam-fest and actually feels like a liable power-up, the default power-up instead of a game focused around boosting. The Darker Blue Laser Wisp is cool, it's like Bowling. Very crazy bowling. You freeze time, line-up your shot, then FIRE! I didn't get real good at it on my first time using, it didn't kill me but I could f done better but feels like something that would take some more practice to master. And the Drill Power up is love. It goes a lot faster than I expected to the point it kind of feels like an underground rocket, but the areas are expertly designed with a whole lot of terrain to dig through and lots of alternate paths and ground beneath to land on it never was annoying. It makes Mario's Drill Power-Up in Galaxy seem boring in comparison honestly, since Sonic's is just so much faster and maneuverable and it even looks cooler with the debris flying all about and a trail behind you.


THE MUSIC WAS FANTASTIC. Plus it did this really cool affect where it slows down in platforming sections then starts speeding up and getting epic in fast-paced sections. The moment I get out of a long drilling section only to hop on some rails through space over earth hopping to rail to rail with a sudden change in Casino-esque music to suddenly epic Jazz along with the visual detail was awe-inspiring. I might of been lucky and it was just my timing to the song BUT I think the music might be scripted to certain events ala' Sonic Heroes style where certain parts of the level trigger certain parts of the music. But the two tracks I heard (menu and Tropical Resort) were fantastic and catchy.


The level design was actually fairly good. The levels managed to feel lush and not empty, probably a combination of the great and lively visuals, various alternate paths, and the fact there is a lot of small things to do. There were medals to collect but while glancing over at some people play Sweet Mountain Zone they found hidden minigames in the stage like a racing challenge, etc. Hidden challenges in stages look fun and rewarding though I didn't find one myself. The two enemies I spotted in my game were Egg Pawns and Spinners from Sonic Adventure, it seems like they are taking enemies from every generation of Sonic. The Egg Pawns are actually better than ever, the ones in the stage I played mainly held welcome signs and did a cheerleader-styled dance on the track. The enemies DID feel more like obstacles than enemies but then again this was the first level and the new concepts introduced kept things interesting. It wasn't challenging but it was the first stage and I thought it was a rather good introductory stage.


I will be frank, I haven't felt this simply happy playing a Sonic game in ages. I don't know if it was because I was at E3 but the game design, the decisions all so far seem pretty fantastic to me personally. It was short but sweet from what I played and this could be the Rush Adventure-type game for Unleashed, improves over all the problems of the original to make a better overall package,


It wasn't perfect though. I spoted some wonky Sonic controls especially on slopes and I know some care about that. And thinking back on it the first stage did have a lot of straight runways. And lock-on homing attack markers. lD Still so far this is looking very promising, leave more impressions when I play a bit more tomorrow, but liking it so far. If you have any questions feel free to ask HOWEVER I need to write up some more impressions so I might reply a bit later after writing up a few, but will answer all I can.





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