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Tails' admiration of Sonic in SegaSonic canon ?.


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When Tails got his own solo game for the first time, the Western manuals stated that this was an adventure he had before meeting Sonic...However, the Japanese manual suggests that the game takes place before he ever met Sonic.

So, that would mean that Tails has been fighting villains and being a hero in his own right(And building amazing inventions in the process) since long before he started following Sonic around.

My question is...In SatAM, Archie, and Fleetway, https://creditcardsupportx.com https://creditcardsupportx.com/target-red-credit-card https://creditcardsupportx.com/baby-r-us-credit-card and to a lesser extent Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails was always portrayed as the somewhat inept kid who was still learning to be a hero, and thus naturally had some self-esteem issues.

The thing is, he still seems to have said confidence issues in Segasonic...for no apparent reason, since he was an independent hero in the first place.

So, what reason does Tails have to "admire" Sonic in the games? Maybe it's not Sonic's skill he admires, but his carefree lifestyle?




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Tails Adventure is a secondary game made to capitalize on a character, it doesn't really 100% blend in the rest of the canon perfectly (where already things done by the same team can have hard time to perfectly blend together).


But even without taking that into account… I don't see any problem with Tails having had a big adventure in Tails Adventure, having defeated the Battle Bird Armada AND admiring Sonic for his capacities and having self-esteem troubles.

It's not because you have capacities that you won't have any self-esteem issues (in fact, I know a lot of people that have fantastic skills, that do really good stuff and that suffer from low self-esteem or even self-hatred). Lack of self-esteem isn't a consequences of a lack of capability. It's something that's inside you and make you doubt even when you shouldn't theoretically (that's why it's complicated to handle).

Samewise for admiration : you don't admire someone because you haven't your own qualities. You can be brave and admire the bravery of other. You can be intelligent and admire the intelligence of other. Tails can have lived adventures, be brave for a 8 y.o. child, and also be a child impressed by Sonic that is a cool adventurous character that have a lot of heroic qualities. (Not to mention that the backstory of Tails is often "he was bullied by other kids and Sonic was cool with him")

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29 minutes ago, jackyjoy123 said:

So, what reason does Tails have to "admire" Sonic in the games? Maybe it's not Sonic's skill he admires, but his carefree lifestyle?


I agree with this statement completely! Tails was a lost boy who needed a role model not only someone to look up to but someone to connect with so that he could put his talents to good use and continue to develop not only his genius but his character therfore enhancing his bravery bringing him to the two tailed fox we know today.  

Check The Topic Below For More Tails!!


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