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(This is the textless version of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog Cover #288)

Hello & Welcome to the Sonic Game Worlds Tour! 

To celebrate Sonic’s 30th Anniversary this year, each month I’ll be looking at specific major settings of mainline & spinoff Sonic Games and all Stages, Hubs, Bosses, & remixes associated with that location. I’ve already got the layout for Islands, Planets, and alternate dimensions.

There are a few roadblocks after the Classic Era, though:

Anything I’m not sure about I’ll ask in a Status Update, PM, or do a voting poll.


Our first stop of the SGWT is South Island from Sonic’s World.

South Island is supposedly the original home of the Chaos Emeralds and used to be so important that after Eggman managed to steal the Red Chaos Emerald after Sonic collected all of them, South Island started sinking into the ocean and the entire world started to fall into chaos. Seeing as how the Emeralds like to bounce around different locations nowadays, I’m pretty sure parts of the past games have been retconned.

Even though Sonic & Eggman knew each other before the first game takes place, apparently South Island was the first time Eggman used Badniks. Although, that does make me curious about how their first meeting went, how long they’ve known each other, and what Eggman was using before he came up with the idea of using living creatures to power his robot army.

South Island is the setting for 6 Classic Sonic Games and has at least 23 unique Zones. The Zone that’s been bought back and reused the most from South Island is the Green Hill Zone.

Even though I personally don’t have as much memories with Sonic 1, I do have fond memories of the other games (especially the Game Gear ones) that return to South Island.

1. All entries in this opening post are Levels, Hubs, & Bosses from Official Licensed Sonic Games, that take place on South Island. This includes: 

  • All Zones and a brief look at the Bonus Stages & Special Stages from both Versions of Sonic the Hedgehog
  • All Zones from the 8-bit Version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • All Zones & a brief look at the Special Stages from Sonic Chaos
  • A brief look at the Racecourses from Sonic Drift
  • All Zones & a brief look at the Special Stages from Sonic Blast
  • Most Levels with the words “South Island” & “Green Hill” in their name

2. Even though Neo South Island Zone from Sonic Pocket Adventure is similar to the Green Hill Zone, its copies more from the Emerald Hill Zone. Therefore, I’ll talk about it more in Part 2 when we discuss Westside Island.

3. The Jungle Zone in the original Sonic Jump takes place in South America, so I’m going to skip over it.

4. Although there is a similar area in Blaze’s World called Southern Island, I’ll talk about it later when I do a full tour of the Sol Dimension.

5. During the Sonic Games Worlds Tour, I’m focusing solely on Sonic Games. Any battlefields from Super Smash Bros., cool callbacks from LEGO Dimensions, or any other Zones used in crossover games will not be included. The only exceptions to this rule are the racing games: Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing & Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

6. To avoid confusion for now & in the future, from this point on I will giving the “City” in Sonic Forces the nickname, “Battleground City”.

7. Next Stop: Westside Island Zones

Pictures & other graphics will be posted shortly...


Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone



The Green Hill Zone is a tropical collection of small hills and large mountains, with a unique checkerboard pattern in the dirt and rocks. Alongside the flowers and palm trees are the occasional totem poles whose creator is currently unknown.

In the 16-bit Version of the Green Hill Zone, Sonic could check the tops of trees to find secret Springs and Item Monitors, drill into weaker rock walls to create shortcuts and new paths, avoid wooden needles while crossing bramble bridges, and hop across swinging platforms & levitating platforms.


In the 8-bit Version, Sonic explored some water filled caverns in Act 2 and found a Chaos Emerald.

The first Badniks Sonic encountered on South Island in the Green Hill Zone were:

  • Motobug is a ladybug Badnik that slowly drives on the ground. The first ones deployed on South Island were not really a threat to Sonic unless he ran into them with his eyes closed.
  • Buzz Bomber is a bee Badnik that flies in the air. They only stop once they see Sonic, so that they can shoot at him using the guns installed in their stingers. Spin Jumps make the perfect fly swatter.
  • Chopper is a piranha Badnik. They swim in pairs and like to jump over wooden bridges to take a bite out of anyone who’s unfortunate to cross. Fortunately, Sonic’s Spin Jump is much sharper than Chopper’s teeth, allowing Sonic to destroy them face first.
  • Crabmeat is a crab Badnik, whose claws are armed with projectiles. Fortunately, they’re even slower than Motobug.
  • Newtron is a chameleon Badnik, that comes in 2 variations. Green Newtrons hide using their camo technology and only become visible when Sonic gets close enough for it to fire a projectile at him. Blue Newtrons appear, drop to the ground, and then transform into missiles aimed in Sonic’s direction.

GHZ BOSS BATTLE (16-Bit Version): Sonic VS Eggman & the Wrecking Mobile

The Wrecking Mobile added a green hill colored wrecking ball, chained to the bottom of the Egg Mobile. Sonic jumped over the wrecking ball and managed to wreck Eggman instead after hitting him 8 times.

GHZ BOSS BATTLE (8-Bit Version): Sonic VS Eggman & the Egg Mobile

The Egg Mobile (aka Egg-o-Matic) is Eggman’s flying machine, that can be equipped or upgraded with a variety of other attachments. As for why he decided not to modify it this time, I don’t know. He learned his lesson after Sonic rammed into it 8 times.

Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit Version) - Marble Zone



The Marble Zone was a collection of marble ruins surrounded by lava on South Island. This is the 2nd Zone in the 16-bit Version of the game.

Sonic spent most of his time here trying not to get burned or crushed while using singular marble blocks as boats and weights.

The Badniks admiring the ruins in the Marble Zone were:

  • Caterkiller is a caterpillar Badnik whose body is covered in spikes, except for its head. Attacking the head frees the animal while attacking the spikes will cause it to separate and trap the animal in its head, confirming the fact that Eggman is a jerk.
  • Buzz Bombers were also flying around.
  • Batbrain was a bat Badnik that patrol the caves from ceilings. When Sonic got close, they would fall down to the ground and then rocket towards him.

MZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Burn Mobile

The Burn Mobile added a small torch that could drop a single flame. The flame would quickly set a small fire to a platform before dying out. Sonic had to carefully avoid the flames while taking time to extinguish the Burn Mobile.

Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit Version) - Bridge Zone



The Bridge Zone was a collection of Green Hills, with a diagonal/wire gate pattern in the dirt, connected by a series of bridges over a river rushing through South Island. Unfortunately, some of the bridges required warning signs and immediate repairs. This is the 2nd Zone in the 8-bit version of the game instead of the Marble Zone.

Apparently, someone had installed weighted seesaws and levitating platforms in some areas where the bridges were broken so travelers could still parkour their way through. 

However, a few bridges collapsed after Sonic ran across them. One of them led him to another Chaos Emerald.

The Badniks trolling in the Bridge Zone were:

  • Spikes is a hermit crab Badnik who rolls around carrying a big, spiky shell. Sonic could destroy them by Rolling into them but he had to be careful not to fall off the small hilltop ledges into the deep river.
  • Choppers loved to hop out of the river to take a bite out of Sonic, even when he wasn’t crossing a bridge.
  • A small swarm of Buzz Bombers flew over to the Bridge Zone to find Sonic.

BZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Marine Mobile

The Marine Mobile was a submarine version of the Egg Mobile. This version had a turret that fire 3 projectiles in one direction. Unfortunately, it was slow and took too long to raise and dive into & out of the water. Sonic had no trouble sinking it.

BZ Fast Fact: Bridge Zone Act 2 is the first auto-scrolling level in a Sonic Game.

Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit Version) - Spring Yard Zone



The Spring Yard Zone was a construction site on the outskirts of a city on South Island. It acts as the 3rd Zone in the 16-bit Version of the game.

Seeing as how the Zone introduces a number of amusement park elements, including Bumpers, it seems that a new park was being put together. I wonder if the project was ever completed?

The Badniks watching over construction in the Spring Yard Zone were:

  • Crabmeat was also used here.
  • Buzz Bombers were also flying here.
  • Spikes makes his debut here in the 16-bit Version.
  • Roller is an armadillo Badnik, that rolls down slopes before coming to a stop. Although it is possible to destroy them while they’re rolling, it’s much easier to do when they’re standing still.

SYZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Spike Mobile

The Spike Mobile added a retractable spike to the bottom of the Egg Mobile, which Eggman used to try and stab Sonic and remove parts of the bridge Sonic was running on. Fortunately, Sonic was able to defeat Eggman before getting stuck or falling into the pit below.

Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit Version) - Jungle Zone



The Jungle Zone was a mountain rainforest on South Island, filled with different kinds of fruits and a sprinkle-like pattern in the dirt. It is the 3rd Zone in the 8-bit Version of the game and replaces the Spring Yard Zone.

While in the Bridge Zone, Sonic ran across small hills and vines, hopped on top of logs falling down waterfalls, avoided spikes that were carved out of wooden bridges, and climbed up the sides of a mountain with a huge waterfall.

By running on top of a log that was floating in the river in Act 1, Sonic managed to find another Chaos Emerald.

The Badniks swinging around the Jungle Zone were:

  • Several Crabmeats were sidestepping there.
  • Choppers were still hopping out of the water and even swimming up waterfalls, just for a chance to eat fast food.
  • Newtrons were hiding throughout the trees and bushes.

JZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Bomber Mobile

The Bomber Mobile allowed Eggman to drop bombs down on Sonic. Fortunately, Sonic was able to dodge and jump over the bombs since it could only drop one bomb at a time.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Labyrinth Zone



The Labyrinth Zone was a set of underwater ruins located on South Island. 

The cons of this Zone were that Sonic slows down when underwater, many areas here were narrow, and a number of hazards, including Pop-Up spears and rows of spikes on the floors and ceilings, were made to knock the Rings out of Sonic and slow him down to the point where he could have drowned. 

The pros of this Zone were that Air Bubbles formed in several areas underwater for Sonic to breathe in and there were areas where Sonic could jump out of the water to catch his breath. 


In the 8-bit Version of Act 2, Sonic found a Chaos Emerald in between a row of spikes.

The Badniks mapping out the Labyrinth Zone were:

  • Burrobot is a mole Badnik that drills out of the ground to try and ambush Sonic, even while underwater. Luckily, their drill noses, which were not sharp enough to break through Sonic’s Spin Jump, gave their hiding spots away.
  • Jaws is another piranha Badnik but for some reason, they’re not as aggressive as Chopper. Only appearing underwater, they don’t seem to be in a hurry to bite Sonic as they swim laps in a small radius.
  • Orbinaut is a Saturn style, sea urchin Badnik, being orbited by 4 spike balls. The ones in the Labyrinth Zone were the Attack Variety (aka Unidasu in Japan), identified by their blue bodies and angry eyes, that tossed their Spike Balls in a straight line at Sonic when they saw him. They were completely defenseless afterward though.

LZ BOSS BATTLE (16-bit Version): The Great Escape

Instead of fighting each other, Sonic & Eggman had to escape the raising tides inside the cave. Sonic had a harder time getting through the narrow tunnels while still avoiding the other hazards.

LZ BOSS BATTLE (8-bit Version): Sonic VS Eggman & the Marine Mobile Mk 2

Realizing that the Labyrinth Zone would be the perfect opportunity to exploit Sonic’s water weakness, Eggman remade the Marine Mobile again. This time it was faster and attacked using torpedoes and 2 energy projectiles.

Despite having no Rings or Air Bubbles, Sonic managed to sink it again.

Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit Version) - Star Light Zone



The Star Light Zone was a lime green highway on the outskirts of a city on South Island. I’m not sure if the city seen in the distance is the same one we see in the Spring Yard Zone…

It would been a peaceful nighttime run for Sonic, if not for the fans, blowing enough wind to actually bring him to a stop, and the fireball turrets, shooting fireballs in a specific direction periodically.

The Badniks also ruining Sonic’s run in the Star Light Zone were:

  • Bomb is a bomb Badnik that detonates after Sonic sets off their sensors. They can stick to walls and ceilings and sometimes travel in groups. Sonic couldn’t touch them and they didn’t have small animals inside of them, so causing them to explode and escaping was the best way to get them off the roads.
  • The Defensive Orbinauts (aka Uni Uni in Japan) were green and didn’t throw their spike balls like their Labyrinth Zone cousins. Trying to get a perfect Spin Jump on them without touching the spike balls was difficult.

SLZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Spiky Bomb Mobile

The Spiky Bomb Mobile allowed Eggman to drop spiky bombs down on Sonic. Fortunately, the arena had 3 seesaws Sonic could use to hit Eggman directly or send the bombs back into the air to explode in his face.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Scrap Brain Zone



The Scrap Brain Zone was a giant factory Eggman built to act as his HQ on South Island. There’s no Boss Battle here in either version.

It was filled with a number of traps to slice, shock, burn, squash, and destroy Sonic. It was also the first appearance of the Flywheels, round, anti-gravity platforms that Sonic could roll on to gain speed before launching high into the air.

In the 16-bit Version of the game, Act 3 is a sewer version of the Labyrinth Zone except without Air Bubbles.


The 8-bit Version is less chaotic but features a maze in Act 2 with long hallways, teleportation devices, and a Chaos Emerald. After going through a smaller maze in Act 3, Sonic chased Eggman to the Sky Base Zone.

The Badniks causing headaches in the Scrap Brain Zone were:

  • A number of Caterkillers were crawling around.
  • Several Bombs were patiently waiting to blow up Sonic.
  • Ball Hog is a pig Badnik, that can produce several bouncing bombs from its belly. Sonic could jump over the bombs and then dunk on Ball Hog.
  • Jaws & Orbinaut return in Act 3 of the 16-bit Version.

Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit Version) - Final Zone



The Final Zone is a hidden area underneath the Scrap Brain Zone, where Eggman sprung his final trap on Sonic. (At least, in the 16-bit version)

FZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Egg Pistons
The Egg Pistons were 4 crushing pillars, 2 on the ground and 2 in the ceiling. There was also a lightbulb that created several energy projectiles while the pillars were retracted. Eggman would ride inside one of them to watch Sonic get crushed. Sonic had to dodge the crushers and projectiles while hitting Eggman 8 times, without any Rings. 

After Sonic crushed the Egg Pistons, he knocked Eggman out of his Egg Mobile, watched him crash into a pit, and ran back to the Green Hill Zone to celebrate his victory with all the small animals he rescued.

Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit Version) - Sky Base Zone



The Sky Base Zone was a blimp created by Eggman to takeover South Island from the sky. It also replaces the Final Zone in the 8-Bit Version.

Sonic had to run & jump across scaffolding, avoid electric defense mechanisms, dodge cannonballs and turrets, ride propeller powered platforms around the blimp, and grab the last Chaos Emerald, that was sitting near the edge of the blimp, all while in the middle of a thunderstorm.

The Badniks protecting the Sky Base Zone were:

  • Bomb was waiting to blast Sonic out of the sky
  • The Attacking Orbinauts were floating around the blimp to protect it.

SBZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Egg Shocker

The Egg Shocker was a trap room inside the blimp, similar to the Egg Pistons except it used 2 charged nodes that slid back and forth, the lightbulb shot 1 energy projectile that had more accuracy, and Eggman was stuck on the right side of the room, hopping on a big switch to activate the electric laser.

SBZ Fast Fact: I believe the Sky Base Zone is the first Sonic Level that had weather conditions.

Sonic the Hedgehog Fast Fact: Regardless of which version you play, Sonic needs all 6 Chaos Emeralds to get the best ending, where the Emeralds come together and remove all of the damage and pollution Eggman caused on South Island.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Special Stages



In the game, if Sonic managed to reach the Goal Signpost with 50 or more Rings, a giant Ring would appear behind the Goal Signpost. Jumping into it would send him to the Special Stage.

The Special Stages themselves were mazes with surreal backgrounds, that Sonic had to Jump around and drill into gemstones find all 6 of the Chaos Emeralds.


In the 8-bit Version, when Sonic Clears an Act with 50-99 Rings, he will enter the Special Stages. Instead of Chaos Emeralds, Special Stages in this game give Points, Extra Lives, & Continues.



Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit Version) - Under Ground Zone



The Under Ground Zone was a mine, that may have been abandoned due to molten lava, on South Island. This was Sonic’s first stop after finding Eggman’s ransom letter.

While exploring the mine, Sonic used minecarts to bypass spiky rails and recollect one of the Chaos Emeralds.

The Badniks rolling down the minecart rails of the Under Ground Zone were:

  • Neo Motobug was a Motobug that had been painted blue. That’s the only thing that’s different about it.
  • King Crabmeat was a Crabmeat that has been painted red, white, & blue.
  • Newtrons returned with the ability to levitate. All Newtrons were colored blue for some reason.

UGZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Egg Antlion

The Egg Antlion was a trapdoor with a face that wanted to take a bite out of Sonic. However, it got a mouthful of bombs instead.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-Bit Version) Fast Fact: This is the first Sonic game that doesn’t start with a Green Hill styled Zone.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit Version) - Sky High Zone



The Sky High Zone was a blue Green Hill styled mountain on South Island touching tangible clouds, with small amounts of checkerboard patterns in the dirt.

Sonic used a couple hang gliders get around parts of the mountain and to reach another Chaos Emerald.

The Badniks hiking around the Sky High Zone were:

  • Shellraiser (aka Game-Game in Japan) is a turtle Badnik that could spin horizontally and fly in the air. However, they could still be destroyed by Sonic’s Spin Jump while spinning.
  • Newtrons were also hiding here.
  • Bullet Bird (aka Mecha Hiyoko in Japan) was a bird Badnik. They tried to help the Egg Goose get rid of Sonic by hopping towards him.


The Egg Goose was a long necked, robot bird that tried to take out Sonic in between a sea of clouds. After taking out the Bullet Birds, Sonic had to dodge its beak projectiles and attack its head.

SHZ Fast Fact: In the Title Card for Sky High Zone, which has Sonic & Tails hang gliding, Tails has no tails…

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit Version) - Aqua Lake Zone



The Aqua Lake Zone was a beautiful lake on South Island.

Sonic skipped across the water in Act 1, like a pebble, and swam through an underwater cave in Act 2, riding inside giant bubbles and finding another Chaos Emerald along the way.

The Badniks swimming in the Aqua Lake Zone were:

  • King Crabmeats were sidestepping throughout the area.
  • Seassors was a crayfish Badnik that tried to swim near Sonic to cut him with their claws. Sonic’s Spin Jump would chop them up instead.


The Egg Seal was a robot seal whose nose was its weapon and weakness. It would normally try to inflate its nose, which would turn into Bomb Balloons that could be launched at Sonic. Fortunately, Sonic could Spin Jump the Bomb Balloons before they were big enough to damage Egg Seal instead.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit Version) - Green Hills Zone



The Green Hills Zone is an area of the Green Hill Zone with different varieties of flowers that appeared after Sonic collected all 6 Chaos Emeralds in the last adventure.

A Chaos Emerald was resting on top of a high hilltop but Sonic was able to reach it after bouncing off a specific set of Springs.

GHZ BESTIARY (Sonic 2’s 8-bit Version)
The Badniks that didn’t care about grammar in the Green Hills Zone were:

  • Neo Motobugs replaced the old ones.
  • King Crabmeats replaced the regular ones.
  • Newtrons were still hiding all over the place.

GHZ BOSS BATTLE (Sonic 2’s 8-bit Version): Sonic VS Sumo Hog

Sumo Hog was a giant, sumo wrestler Ball Hog that copied Sonic’s Spin Attack and Spin Jump. Once he uncurled, Sonic could knock him over.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit Version) - Gimmick Mountain Zone



The Gimmick Mountain Zone was the first part of a mountain base, on South Island, that Eggman threw together using scraps from the Scrap Brain Zone.

While running across the conveyor belts & flywheels, he reclaimed another Chaos Emerald.

The reused and remixed Badniks in the Gimmick Mountain Zone were:

  • Burrobot was back, rocking robot shades that made them 20% cooler when Sonic destroyed them.
  • Bomb was back to blow up Sonic’s expectations.
  • Air Hog (aka Buton in Japan) was a black version of Ball Hog that bounced around instead of creating bombs.


The Egg Boar was wild Master Robot, charging head first into the walls and causing sharp rocks to fall from the ceiling. This was the only time his spikes would retract though, so Sonic had to watch for his window of opportunity.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit Version) - Scrambled Egg Zone



The Scrambled Egg Zone was a series of pipe mazes located in the second part of Eggman’s mountain base on South Island.

Unlike the other Zones, the Chaos Emerald located here wasn’t hidden.

The Badniks hoping to scramble Sonic inside the Scrambled Egg Zone were:

  • Bombs were still blowing up.
  • Shellraiser returned for a final spin.
  • King Crabmeats made their last rule.

SEZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Silver Sonic Mk 1

Silver Sonic Mk 1 (aka Robo Sonic Mk 1) was a prototype, Master Robot replica of Sonic powered by the last Chaos Emerald.

Sonic had to carefully repel Silver Sonic’s Spin Jumps and Spin Dashes with his own Spin Jump while waiting for him to uncurl so he could counterattack.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit Version) - Crystal Egg Zone



The Crystal Egg Zone was the final area of Eggman’s mountain HQ, that was a fortress made entirely out a glass like material with Eggman’s face carved into most of it. Sonic could only reach it after recollecting all 6 Chaos Emeralds.

While on his final laps to save Tails, Sonic had to watch out for falling blocks from the ceiling, jump over multiple spike pits, use smaller flywheels to reach higher places, and try to get through a maze of see thru walls & floors.

The only Badnik Sonic ran into in the Crystal Egg Zone was:

  • Choppers returned and had the ability to fly. They weren’t very fast and Spin Jumps could still take them out.

CEZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Egg Shocker Mk 2

The Egg Shocker Mk 2 changed the entire layout of the trap room. Now Eggman can use arching energy projectiles and send electricity throughout the entire room. Fortunately, Sonic could hop into the pipes to avoid every attack and hop back out, once it was safe, to hit Eggman.

After Sonic defeated Eggman, Eggman released Tails, and the 2 bros escaped the base and had a victory run.



Sonic Chaos - Turquoise Hill Zone



The Turquoise Hill Zone is an area close to or a part of the Green Hill Zone. After Sonic & Tails discovered that Eggman stole the Red Chaos Emerald, they ran through this Zone to chase him down, hoping to recollect the other 5 Chaos Emeralds on the way.

While running through the Turquoise Hill Zone, Sonic tried flying through the air with his new Rocket Shoes Power-Up.

The Badniks acting chaotic in the Turquoise Hill Zone were:

  • Spring Motobug was an upgraded version of Motobug that had Springs mounted on their backs to protect them from Sonic & Tails’ Spin Jumps. Rolling and Spin Dashing still defeated them though.
  • Buzz was a downgraded version of Buzz Bomber, that didn’t have bombs. They just flew through the air. I guess Eggman was so excited to steal a Chaos Emerald that he forgot to restock them.

THZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Spring Queen

The Spring Queen (aka Great Banemotora Gold in Japan) was a larger Spring Motobug running on 2 caterpillar tires instead of a single tire. Sonic & Tails had to hit her face several times in order to defeat her.

Sonic Chaos - Gigalopolis Zone



The Gigalopolis Zone (aka Gigapolis Zone) was a construction project in a city close to or a part of the Spring Yard Zone or Star Light Zone.

Sonic & Tails could run through parts of the construction site and go inside some of the tunnels.

The Badniks living in the city of Gigalopolis Zone were:

  • Buzzes could also be found here.
  • Rhinobug is a rhinoceros beetle Badnik. Despite their tough looking horns, they functioned the same as Motobugs.

GPZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Egg Caterkiller

The Egg Caterkiller (aka Dangerous Balltower in Japan) was the first jumbo sized version of Caterkiller, that could break it apart and put itself back together again. The problem was that it would spin each body segment, which were still mostly covered in spikes, and then throw them Sonic & Tails. The more pieces it threw, the easier it was for Sonic & Tails to target its head.

Sonic Chaos - Sleeping Egg Zone



The Sleeping Egg Zone was a fake set of sky ruins Eggman created. You can tell it’s fake because his image appears in the stone and most of the stone material is about as durable as a stack of old and empty cardboard boxes. I guess he made this Zone to stall for time?

Sonic could use Pogo Springs to bounce around but he had to be mindful of bottomless pits.

The Badniks that were woke in the Sleeping Egg Zone were:

  • Leap Frog (aka Frogger in Japan) was a frog Badnik that hopped around periodically on a Spring.
  • Longhorn (aka Tsuno-Tsuno in Japan) was, what I believe to be, an insect Badnik with a large horn. They climbed to the highest parts of the Zone and hopped down and across platforms & Item Monitors. Fortunately, the horn is just for show and they can be destroyed with a Spin Jump or Spin Attack.

SEZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Hop Shot

Hop Shot (aka Hopping Egg Vulcan in Japan) was a Master Robot armed with 2 guns, bounced around on a giant Pogo Spring, and had a face designed to look like Eggman. 

It was difficult to dodge its bullets when it was high up in the air and also avoiding getting crushed underneath it. Luckily, Sonic & Tails managed to put it into a nice, deep sleep.

SEZ Fast Fact: The Sleeping Egg Zone appears on the US Boxart of Sonic Chaos.

Sonic Chaos - Mecha Green Hill Zone



The Mecha Green Hill Zone was a replica of the Green Hill Zone made entirely out of metal, that was creating different kinds of pollution. The “ground” still had a checkerboard pattern although some of the plates were a little rusty. When did Eggman make this and how did no one notice it until now?

The worse part was that some of the palm trees had bombs for coconuts, so Sonic & Tails had to be careful to avoid them.

The only Badnik completing the illusion of Mecha Green Hill Zone were:

  • Spring Motobugs felt right at home here.

MGHZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Tree Crawler

Tree Crawler (aka Kamado MAX in Japan) was a Master Robot (which could be a bug, sloth, or gorilla) climbing up and down a mechanical tree and using a cannon built in its back for offense.

Its cannon could fire a spread shot of 3 projectiles or 1 big projectile. Sonic & Tails were able to knock it out of the tree and continue onward.

Sonic Chaos - Aqua Planet Zone



The Aqua Planet Zone was a group of ruins that were almost completely underwater due to South Island sinking even further into the ocean. 

This could have also been near the Labyrinth Zone, since similar Pop-Up Spear hazards appear in the water sections.

The only Badnik that was hopping around the Aqua Planet Zone was:

  • Bullet Bird returned in groups of 3. During the Boss Battle, Sonic & Tails can’t touch them in their missile forms.

APZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Sphere-O-Bot

Sphere-O-Bot was an Egg shaped, bird Master Robot that could create Bullet Birds. At first, it jumped around and occasionally fired a bullet from its beak.

After Sonic & Tails did some serious damage, it flew into the air and started creating Bullet Bird missiles. Another hit finished it off.

Sphere-O-Bot Fast Fact: This is the only Master Robot in Sonic Chaos that doesn’t have a Japanese Name or Official Artwork in the Japanese Manual.

Sonic Chaos - Electric Egg Zone



The Electric Egg Zone was another HQ Eggman built on South Island, where he took the Red Chaos Emerald after stealing it.

It had a series of pipe puzzles but not as bad as the ones in the Scrambled Egg Zone. There were also mini turrets, that moved across conveyers and were sometimes activated by buttons that Sonic & Tails had to run over.

The Badniks charging up inside the Electric Egg Zone were:

  • Buzzes were flying throughout the base and some are floating inside of certain rooms.
  • Bombs returned with a new design that gave them eyes. They still worked the same as before but they blended into the background, making it harder to avoid them.

EEZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Eggman & the Laser Walker

The Laser Walker (aka Killer Turkey in Japan) was a walker mech attachment for the Egg Mobile that could shoot normal energy projectiles and a laser that bounces off the ground and ceiling.

The worse part of the Laser Walker was that once its legs broke off and it transformed into an inflated Egg Mobile, its ramming attack could instantly kill anything. Fortunately, the bottom and top part of it was still vulnerable.

After defeating Eggman, he threw the Red Chaos Emerald at Sonic & Tails, and they ran back to North Cave to return it along with the other Chaos Emeralds they collected and saved South Island again.

Sonic Chaos – Special Stages



Whenever Sonic collects 100 Rings, he’ll be teleported mid-stage to the Special Stages. 

Each one focuses on a specific Item or Gimmick:

  1. Sonic had to use his Rocket Shoes to grab the Blue Chaos Emerald.
  2. Sonic had to use Pogo Springs to climb up sets of floating platforms to reach the Yellow Chaos Emerald.
  3. Sonic had to spin through a pipe maze to find the Green Chaos Emerald
  4. Sonic had to speedrun a stage to grab the Gray Chaos Emerald at the end
  5. Sonic had to spin through a second pipe maze to grab the Purple Chaos Emerald

Sonic Chaos Fast Fact: Tails always gets the Good Ending after clearing the Electric Egg Zone so he doesn’t have any Special Stages.


Sonic Fighters - South Island



The first stage of the tournament takes place on South Island, in the Green Hill Zone, where the first opponent is Knuckles.

Sonic Drift - Green Hill 



Green Hill was the first course of every Grand Prix. 

There were no Blue Monitors in the Yellow & Red GPs.

Sonic Drift - Marble 



Marble was the second course of every Grand Prix.

There were no Springs to bounce off of in the Green GP.

Sonic Drift - Spring Yard 



Spring Yard was the third course of every Grand Prix.

As you might expect, every version of Spring Yard’s racetrack had Springs.

Sonic Drift - Labyrinth 



Labyrinth was the fourth course of every Grand Prix.

There are no Springs in the Green GP and there was no water in any GP.

Sonic Drift - Star Light 



Star Light was the fifth course of every Grand Prix.

There were no Blue Monitors in the Green & Red GPs.

Sonic Drift - Scrap Brain 



Scrap Brain was the final course of every Grand Prix.

There were no monitors in the Green GP and no Springs in the Yellow GP.


Sonic Blast - Green Hill Zone



Welcome to Green Hill Zone: Diet Donkey Kong Country Edition. 

Differences in this Version of the Zone include a few pipes for Sonic & Knuckles to roll into, bramble bridges that were given a weird music box like design, and all 3 Badniks from the Emerald Hill Zone. 

GHZ BESTIARY (Blast Version)
The Badniks working a new shift in the Green Hill Zone were:

  • Buzzer was an upgraded Version of Buzz Bomber, having more aerial control and better stingers.
  • Coconuts was a monkey Badnik. They climb up and down palm trees and throw coconuts at intruders.
  • Masher was an upgraded Version of Chopper, featuring new colors and parts. However, they provide the same functions to the point where I sometimes wonder if the name change was worth it.

GHZ BOSS BATTLE (Blast Version): Sonic & Knuckles VS Eggman & the Heli-Mobile

The Heli-Mobile was a helicopter version of the Egg Mobile, using specialized boomerangs as weapons. The boomerangs could stop in midair temporary before continuing their arc after being thrown. However, the Heli-Mobile’s boomerangs were easy to dodge since the arcs were so wide.

Sonic Chaos Fast Fact: All 5 Zones contain colors in their names that are based on 5 of the Chaos Emeralds except for Sky Blue & Purple.

Sonic Blast - Yellow Desert Zone



The Yellow Desert Zone was a desert region on South Island.

It has similar elements to the Sandopolis Zone, where Sonic & Knuckles run outside in the hot sands in Act 1 and explore the inside of one of the ruins in Act 2.

The Badniks crawling and flying through the Yellow Desert Zone were:

  • Batbot was an upgraded Version of Batbrain, having more flight capability. For some reason, they’re flying outside during the day…
  • Slide Spiker was a trap Badnik that tried to slide in front of Sonic & Knuckles and then wait to stab them with the spike that comes out of its head.

YDZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Knuckles VS Eggman & the Monkey King Mobile

The Monkey King Mobile was a monkey mech rocking a ponytail, riding a cloud, and wielding a staff. It seems Eggman really liked “Journey to the West”. 

Despite the cool design, Eggman only tried to attack by jabbing a staff in a diagonal angle by slowly bending in the direction he was going to attack before attacking. Needless to say, Sonic & Knuckles were able to dodge the pole easily and bring Eggman back down to earth.

Sonic Blast - Red Volcano Zone



The Red Volcano Zone was a purple volcano, which makes more sense considering the Marble Zone is also purple, located on South Island.

While beating the heat in the Red Volcano Zone, Sonic & Knuckles used the Spin Dash elevators from the Lava Reef Zone, a weird fireproof air pump to get across the lava, found an area where they could hop and Spin in between craters in the wall, and ran into a few Badniks from the Hill Top Zone.

The Badniks, which are also the only red things in the Red Volcano Zone besides the lava, were:

  • Sol (aka Gohla) was a Orbinaut that used fireballs instead of spike balls. The ones deployed here were more defensive and used a single, orbiting fireball to protect themselves.
  • Rexon was a dinosaur Badnik that swims in lava and shoots fireballs from its mouth. The ones swimming here were repainted red and kept their bodies submerged in the lava, so Sonic & Knuckles couldn’t use their backs as platforms anymore.

RVZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Knuckles VS Eggman & the Rock Spring Mobile

The Rock Spring Mobile was a giant robot head bouncing on a massive Spring that could throw punches using a fist made out of rocks. Man, Eggman’s started to get a little more creative.

While fighting Eggman, Sonic & Knuckles stood on top of a levitating platform and had to wait for Eggman to bounce up to their level before dodging and counterattacking.

Sonic Blast - Blue Marine Zone



The Blue Marine Zone was a body of water filled with ruins on South Island. It seems the ruins were being converted into something else.

Besides a few pipe mazes, and the hilarious faces Sonic & Knuckles make after being flung out of the pipes, there’s not much else talk about.

The aquatic Badniks appearing in the Blue Marine Zone were:

  • Crabmeat Jr. was a smaller version of Crabmeat that slowly moved back and forth on platforms underwater. They didn’t have projectiles.
  • Giant Octus were red versions of Octus with angry eyes and longer limps. Instead of shooting oil from their mouths, they swam up and down underwater.
  • Aquis was a seahorse Badnik. They flew in random patterns, appearing above water and underwater.

BMZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Knuckles VS Eggman & the Marine Mobile


The Marine Mobile is back and armed with a harpoon gun. During the fight, Sonic & Knuckles had to trick Eggman into shooting the soil to make Air Bubbles appear.

Sonic Blast - Silver Castle Zone



The Silver Castle Zone was a Death Egg Eggman created specifically to try and take over South Island again.

The fortress has teleportation pads, traps on the bottom floor that forces intruders to outrun a wall of spikes on a conveyor belt, and movable platforms that can activate machines when they’re turned in a specific direction.

The Badniks built specifically to protect the Silver Castle Zone were:

  • Castle Cutter was a UFO Badnik that had Eggman’s colors and had blades around its body. It’s also a precursor to the Spinners, being destroyed as long as Sonic & Knuckles avoid the blades.
  • Castle Gunner was a version of the Castle Cutter that used a cannon instead of blades to attack.
  • Castle Hopper was a bouncing Badnik, with a similar design to the other Castle Badniks. It would bounce into hidden areas and on top of spike pits.

SCZ FINAL BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Knuckles VS Eggman & the Laser Mobile

The Laser Mobile was added laser cannons that Eggman aimed at Sonic & Knuckles. Sonic & Knuckles had to run on a gear to activate moving mirrors to reflect the lasers back at Eggman. Any mistake would cost them dearly, since neither of them had any Rings.

SCZ TRUE FINAL BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Knuckles VS the Deviled Egg

The Deviled Egg was a remote controlled mech with a monitor showing Eggman’s face. This wacked out machine could split into 2 separate parts and release several energy projectiles at a time. Sonic & Knuckles had to use the bottom half as a platform and then carefully Spin Jump past its sawblades and over its 2 drills to damage the top part.

After Sonic & Knuckles defeated it, the Silver Castle crashed and sank into the ocean.

Sonic Blast Fast Fact: The Deviled Egg is only accessible if Sonic & Knuckles have all 5 Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic Blast - Bonus Stages & Special Stages



The Bonus Stages & Special Stages in Sonic Blast have Sonic & Knuckles running forwards on a Blue Spheres inspired road while collecting at least 50 Rings and avoiding obstacles.

They are also hidden throughout Stages in Giant Rings like in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Bonus Stages appear in Act 1, are green, and give players extra lives while Special Stages appear in Act 2, are red, and give players 1 of 5 Chaos Emeralds.


Sonic Jam – Sonic World



Sonic World was the first ever, 3D hub world for Sonic, which is based on the Green Hill Zone.

Sonic World Fast Facts: 

  • Sonic World was an early build of Sonic Adventure, created sometime before development switched from the Saturn to the Dreamcast.
  • Its music has been remixed and used in Sonic Pocket Adventure & Sonic Classic Collection


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Green Hill



Green Hill was a completion bonus for fans that managed to get A Ranks in every level, complete every Boss Rush, and win every Kart Race, Chao Race, and Karate Tournament.

Sonic could now run through the Zone in 3D with all of his Modern abilities. Sadly, there were no Motobugs, Crabmeats, or Newtrons.

GH BESTIARY (Adventure 2 Battle Version)
The Classic Badniks celebrating 10 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog in Green Hill were:

  • Choppers jump slowly over the wooden bridges, leaving themselves open to Sonic’s Homing Attack.
  • Buzz Bombers were still flying around, also leaving themselves open to Sonic’s Homing Attack.

Sonictrainer Says: It’s been almost 20 years since Sonic Adventure 2 came out and I still haven’t experienced this unlockable for myself yet…


Sonic Advance - Neo Green Hill Zone



The Neo Green Hill Zone was a modern Green Hill Zone that had a beach and was connected to a red bridge, similar to the one in Radical Highway, that probably led to the Secret Base Zone. However, I don’t have an exact idea of where it’s located… 

The Neo Green Hill Zone had Grind Rails, which could only be used by Sonic & Amy, the first ever Spring Poles, which could be grabbed to fling the user high into the air, and 1 Special Spring hidden in Act 1, which led to the Red Chaos Emerald Special Stage.

The old, new, & remixed Badniks patrolling the Neo Green Hill Zone were:

  • Crabmeat returned and looked more pissed off then usual. Despite another increase in speed, they could still be defeated easily.
  • Buzzer returned and had its rockets replaced with a single propeller.
  • Kiki is a monkey Badnik and the modern descendant of Coconuts. Like Coconuts, they climb up and down palm trees and throw bombs at intruders.
  • Croaker (aka Kero-Kero in Japan) was a frog Badnik. They slowly hopped around on the ground.
  • Rhinotank was a rhino Badnik. Eggman had recently made their designs closer to their predecessor, Rhinobot, to increase their mobility.

NGHZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, & Amy VS Eggman & the Egg Hammer Mk 1

The Egg Hammer Mk 1 was an improvement over the prototype that was used in the Neo South Island Zone, being able to swing the hammer in front and behind the car. It could even lift the car off the ground if the situation got serious. 

After 8 hits, it collapsed, Eggman retreated, and our heroes freed the local small animals from a nearby Prison Capsule.

Sonic Battle - Green Hill



The Green Hill Zone is an unlockable arena after completing Emerl’s Chapter.


Sonic Jump 1 & 2 - Green Hill Zone



…it’s Sonic’s Advance sprite with a different background to Jump around in.

GHZ BESTIARY (Jump 2005 Version)
The only Badnik needed to worry about while jumping in the Green Hill Zone was:

  • Buzzers were flying around the mountain, keeping an eye out for Sonic.

GHZ BOSS BATTLE (Jump 2005 Version): Sonic VS Eggman & the Egg Spike Trapper
The Egg Spike Trapper was a mech reusing a platform with spikes, that was originally part of the Egg-Go-Round, to try slam Sonic out of the sky. Luckily, it was easy to bypass it and it broke after 5 hits.



Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood - Green Hill Zone



Sonic was enjoying a run in the Green Hill Zone until Tails contacted him to warn him about the threat of the Marauders (aka the Nocturnus Clan) & Knuckles’ disappearance. While heading to Central City to join Tails and set up a plan with GUN, Sonic helped an old lumberjack chop some logs, noticed that the local wildlife was acting strangely, destroyed a few Badniks, found & hatched a few Chao Eggs, teamed up with Amy, and defeated a Marauder sent to stop him.

When Sonic returns with Tails, Rouge, Big, & Knuckles, they fixed a bridge, which allowed them to access another part of the Zone, stopped the mind control projectors, which returned the animals back to normal, found Cream & Cheese, who had good support moves, searched Eggman’s hidden bases for clues, which required defeating Swat Bots & destroying specific Sentry Drones, saved a boy from Giant Scorpions, who was then reunited with his father in Central City, and did a fetch quest to find one of Froggy’s friends, because why not?

GHZ BESTIARY (Chronicles Version)
The Badniks, mind controlled animals, & other Enemies running around the checkerboard hills of the Green Hill Zone were:

  • Enraged Armadillos were green armadillos. Fortunately, they weren’t very strong and didn’t have any POW moves.
  • Sentry Drones were old, flying surveillance Badniks that Eggman created but discontinued that were recovered and reused by the Marauders. They would attack using small laser cannons and their propeller.
  • Wild Boars were boars with big tusks that were stronger than the Enraged Armadillos. Their POW move, Parry, allowed them to Auto-Counter attacks after using it.
  • Wasp Swarm were pairs of wasps that were weaker than the Enraged Armadillos. Their POW move, Buzz Swarm, could cause the Sluggish Status Effect.
  • Swat Bots were old security Badniks that were also reprogrammed by the Marauders. Their high defense made them hard to takedown without Piercing their armor. They could also Self Repair and reactivate themselves after being knocked out if battles took too long.
  • Raptor Hawks were giant birds that usually lived in the Blue Ridge Zone. However, several of them were commanded to guard the 3 mind control projectors.
  • Laser Drones were the upgraded and current model of Sentry Drones Eggman was using. 3 of them appeared once our heroes found Eggman’s hiding spot and disabled the laser grid. They had more firepower and could even knockout Sonic & the others if they weren’t careful.

GHZ CHAPTER 1 BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Amy VS Marauder Scout
The Marauder Scout was the first member of the Nocturnus Clan Sonic fought against. 

This high tech echidna soldier could damage Sonic & Amy while also healing himself with each attack. He could also use Statis Grenades to stun Sonic & Amy. However, once enough Spin Dashes, Piko Piko Hammer hits, Solo POW Moves, & Combo POW Moves broke his armor, he retreated.

GHZ CHAPTER 3 BOSS BATTLE: Sonic, Amy, Tails, Rouge, Big, Knuckles, & Cream VS the Swatbot Mk 2 Trio
The Swatbot Mk 2 Trio were 3 upgraded Swatbots that were guarding the hidden base Eggman was recovering in from inside. They were stronger, beefier, and had a better Self Repair function.

Our heroes had to carefully balance damage to all 3 Swatbots so that they could all be defeated at the same time. They were weak to Water & Earth Elemental attacks.


Sonic Generations - Green Hill



In both Versions of the game, the Green Hill Zone is the first area that appears in the White World. In the HD Version of the game, Classic Tails & Modern Tails stand by the Stage Gate to give both Sonics Hints.


In the HD Version, Classic Sonic runs through a new area of the Green Hill Zone in Act 1 but goes through a copied and pasted version of the Genesis original Act 1 in the 3DS Version.

In Act 2, Modern Sonic boosts through the zone, outrunning a Giga Chopper in the HD Version and knocking over a giant totem pole in the 3DS Version.

GH BESTIARY (Generations Version)
The Badniks celebrating 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog in Green Hill were:

  • Motobugs appeared in their Sonic Colors design and but their speed settings are back to normal. They will speed up if they spot either Sonic. They’re still too slow to catch up or avoid getting Stomped on.
  • Choppers are still hopping out near bridges. A giant one appeared in Act 2 and chased after Modern Sonic inside a watery cave.
  • Buzz Bombers also appeared in their Sonic Colors design and flew back and forth through the air instead of just traveling quick in one direction. Some of them were painted to look like Buzzers.
  • Crabmeats now have homing missiles instead of energy projectiles. They also fall over and laugh if they manage to hit either Sonic.
  • Newtron appears in the 3DS Version, still hiding on the sides of the hills.

Sonic Jump (2012) & Sonic Jump Fever - Green Hill Zone



One day, Sonic saw Eggman carrying small animals off into the skies of the Green Hill Zone and chased after him.
While hopping up to Eggman, he restacked some totem poles, grabbed some Red Star Rings, and destroyed some Badniks.

GHZ BESTIARY (Jump 2012 Version)
The only Badnik needed to worry about while jumping in the Green Hill Zone was:
•    Crabmeats were sidestepping on platforms but only be destroyed by Sonic Spin Jumping into them from underneath.
•    Buzz Bombers were flying in between floating platforms.
•    Moto Bugs appeared on some of the platforms

NGHZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Egg Mobile
This Egg Mobile could discharge electricity, like a Thunder Spinner. However, once it stopped, Sonic was able to hit it.

After 3 hits, Eggman flew off and Sonic broke the cage and freed the small animals inside.


Sonic Dash – Green Hill Zone



The Green Hill Zone appears as one of the Zones Sonic & his friends can dash through.

GHZ BESTIARY (Dash Version)
The Badniks trying to roadblock in the Green Hill Zone were:
•    Spikes returned and could only be destroyed by rolling or Dashing.
•    Crabmeats returned and stood still on some of the lanes.
•    Choppers could be used to get over gaps via the Homing Attack.



Sonic Runners Adventure - Green Hill



One day, Sonic got a distorted message from Tails about small animals going missing on the left side of South Island. Immediately afterward, Sonic ran off to investigate.

GHZ BESTIARY (Runners Adventure Version)
The Badniks running around in Green Hill were:
•    Motobugs returned in their Lost World designs.
•    Buzz Bombers also returned in their Lost World Designs.
•    Hoverby is a butterfly Badnik that was originally used in the Palmtree Panic Zone. They appeared during this time, sometimes flying in groups.
•    Caterkillers were also crawling around here, although I’m not sure if their spikes actually work the same as before…
•    Crabmeats returned but I don’t think they had projectiles.

BOSS BATTLE (Runners Adventure Version): Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Team Chaotix, & Team Dark VS Eggman & the Egg Mobile
Once Sonic found Eggman, Eggman used a version of the Egg Mobile that was armed with spike balls. He also had some sort of weapon firing drill missiles offscreen. 

When Eggman tried to ram Sonic, Sonic smacked him back with his Spin Jump.

After 5 hits, Eggman escaped to another area and Sonic found Tails.


Sonic Mania Plus - Green Hill Zone



After watching Eggman’s Elite Eggrobos unearth the Phantom Ruby on Angel Island, everyone was then suddenly transported to the Green Hill Zone and the Eggrobos transformed into the HBH (Hard-Boiled Heavies). Realizing the danger, Sonic & Tails rushed after the HBH to try and stop Eggman from getting the Phantom Ruby and release the small animals Eggman captured again. Meanwhile Knuckles later joined them to help out and also get a lift back to Angel Island to protect the Master Emerald.

While Act 1 is mix between the original’s Act 1 & Act 2, Act 2 is a new area filled with water. Also, with the additional of the Elemental Shields, the Flame Shield could be used to burn down any bramble bridges for shortcuts and hidden Item Monitors.


Encore Modes changes Green Hill Zone into Sunset Hill Zone.

GHZ BESTIARY (Mania Version)
The Badniks celebrating 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog in the Green Hill Zone were:

  • Motobugs returned and were still super easy to destroy.
  • Buzz Bombers were still buzzing around and bombing when possible
  • Choppers were still trying to grab bite around wooden bridges.
  • Crabmeats were still sidestepping.
  • Both versions of Newtron reappeared here.
  • Batbrain appeared in the small cavern areas.

GHZ ACT 1 BOSS BATTLE (Mania Version): Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, & Ray VS DD Wrecker

DD Wrecker was 2 twin, miniature Death Eggs chained together that could take turns transforming into a wrecking ball. Once their spikes were gone, they were easy targets.

GHZ ACT 2 BOSS BATTLE (Mania Version): Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, & Ray VS Eggman & the Death Egg Robot

The Death Egg Robot was a giant robot made in Eggman’s image and armed with a variety of weapons, originally created to defend the Death Egg. The version Eggman used after discovering the Phantom Ruby still had Eggman Bombs and could extend its arms like the Generations version. The boys had to hop on top of its arms and whale on its head until it got scrambled.

Unfortunately, after getting defeated, Eggman got the Phantom Ruby first.


Sonic Forces - Lost Valley



Lost Valley was an area of the Green Hill Zone which had fused with the Yellow Desert Zone and become dried out. Flowers and plants were withering, all of the water had turned into quicksand, a giant Lost Hex Sandworm was tunneling through the area, and the new Sentinel Series Badniks were invading the Zone in large groups. After getting a distress call from Tails about an Eggman attack in Battleground City, Modern Sonic ran over to lend a hand.

This stage acts as a quick tutorial for Modern Sonic and is relatively short.

The Sentinel Series Badniks surging through the sands of Lost Valley were:

  • Egg Pawns returned with egg colored bodies, had red eyes, and had hands that could turn into guns. Despite their new look and massive numbers, Modern Sonic bowled right thru them.
  • Motobug got a new look that gave them gray bodies and a helmet like design above their pure red eyes. Despite the new look, they were still super easy to take out.
  • Buzz Bombers also got a new look, new paintjob, and a cyclops eye. A Homing Attack was still enough to make them buzz off.

Sonic Forces - Arsenal Pyramid



Arsenal Pyramid was a metallic, pyramid shaped Eggman Empire factory in the sandy Green Hill Zone, filled with weapons, materials, and Badniks. 

Modern Sonic & a Resistance member Double Boosted into it, navigated around giant gears and mechanisms, and eventually shut it down.

The Sentinel Badniks that failed to protect Arsenal Pyramid were:

  • Dozens of Egg Pawns were scrambled that day.
  • Despite a massive swarm of Buzz Bombers flying around the pyramid, none of them could stop a Double Boost.
  • Nebula was a helicopter Badnik that was first used in the Sky Chase Zone. The Sentinel Version didn’t have any hands but could drop more bombs than before. They were also really good for Homing Attack, Hook Attack, & Wispon target practice since they were completely stationary and are only a problem if you stand underneath them.

Sonic Forces - Green Hill



After saving Tails from a Phantom Chaos Zero and leaving Battleground City, Classic Sonic traveled with him through an area of the dried out Green Hill Zone to find Eggman.

GH BESTIARY (Forces Version)
The Sentinel Series Badniks celebrating their conquest of Green Hill after 25 years were:

  • Moto Bugs were rolling around but got squashed by Classic Sonic’s Spin Jump, Spin Dash, & Drop Dash.
  • Even though the water was gone, Choppers were still swimming in the quicksand and jumping out near bridges.
  • Buzz Bombers were still scanning the area.
  • Egg Pawns waited near moving platforms to try and shoot at Classic Sonic, but they failed.

GH BOSS BATTLE (Forces Version): Classic Sonic VS Eggman, the Wrecker Mobile, & Egg Dragoon

After taking a Spin Jump from Classic Sonic, Eggman quickly grabbed a weapon to counterattack.

This Wrecking Mobile used a sawblade instead of a wrecking ball. It was clearly a last minute addition though, considering the chain snapped after 4 hits.

After the sawblade broke off, Eggman quickly connected his Egg Mobile into a spare Egg Dragoon. This Egg Dragoon didn’t have its ice bullets but it still had the regular bullets, drill missiles, lasers, and could throw chunks of Green Hill at Classic Sonic.

Sonictrainer Says: Why are 3 of Classic Sonic’s Stages in this game just reusing the Zone name? You already had a good thing going with Lost Valley, Arsenal Pyramid, & Guardian Rock. Or at least change the “Green” to “Mirage”, “Dry”, or “Yellow” now that it has desert elements. (sigh)

Sonic Forces - Guardian Rock



Guardian Rock was an area in Green Hill where a single Resistance soldier had to intercept the Death Crab, a giant Crabmeat Sentinel, and prevent it from attacking another Resistance base using only their Wispon and their Grappling Gauntlet.

The Burst, Lightning, & Hover Wispons were perfect for reaching the higher part of this area.

The Sentinel Series Badniks making a path for the Death Crab in Guardian Rock were:

  • Egg Pawns tried to stop the Resistance by crowding around the sands and scaffolding.
  • Buzz Bombers flew in groups around the area.
  • The Death Crab also tried to attack by stomping down on areas in the soldier’s path.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle – Pyramid Valley/Sandy Hills/Corkscrew Canyon/Parched Palms/Desert Falls



There are 5 racecourses that take place in the desert version of the Green Hill Zone. However, despite each of them having different names and difficulty ratings and the fact that I’ve been playing this game for over half a year now, I couldn’t tell them apart.

Desert Falls was removed from the game at some point.

GHZ BESTIARY (Forces Speed Battle Version)
The only Sentinel Series Badnik that appeared in the Green Hill Zone Tracks were:

  • Buzz Bombers hovered over the tracks, giving Rings to anyone who destroys them with a Spin Jump or Power-Up.


Zone Discussion Questions
1. What is your number 1 BEST South Island Zone? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorite Zones?

2. What is your number 1 WORST South Island Zone? Or you can’t pick one, what are your top worst Zones?

3. What are your favorite South Island Zone Music Tracks?

4. Besides the Green Hill Zone, are there any other Zones from South Island that you would want to see again/remixed in a future game?

5. Are there any ideas or gimmicks from these old games & Zones that you would like to see again in a future Sonic Game?

6. Do you think any of these old games should get the remake treatment (besides the Taxman Version of Sonic 1 on Consoles)?

30th Anniversary Discussion Questions
1. Was Sonic the Hedgehog (either the 16-bit or 8-bit Version) the first Sonic game you ever played?

2. Have you played any of the Sonic games that took place on South Island?

3. Out of the many versions of Green Hill Zone, which one is your favorite? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorites?

4. Out of the many versions of Green Hill Zone, which one is the worst in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top worsts?

5. What are your fondest memories of South Island, if you have any?

6. What are some mysteries or questions you have about the games that place on South Island?

7. How many Versions of Sonic the Hedgehog do you currently own?

  • Nice Smile 1
  • Fist Bump 1
  • Way Past Cool 1
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Oh wow, pretty big thread. Seems you did a lot of work on this, and for that, I applaud you! :D

So to answer your questions...

  1. Probably Scrap Brain or Jungle Zone.
  2. Labyrinth, no quesions asked. That or Sonic 2 8-bit, sorry didn't like that game.
  3. Both Scrap Brains, Jungle, Bridge, Marble, Turquoise Hill, Mecha Green Hill, Underground, and Crystal Egg Zones had great music.
  4. Hell yeah! I think Spring Yard would be interesting, as would Scrap Brain, or Sky Base, or Jungle, or even Marble.
  5. Not that I can recall at the moment, they've all been done.
  6. Yeah, make the 8-bit ones better perhaps. Upgrade them to 16-bit or higher.

Second set of questions.

  1. I think my first was Sonic 2.
  2. I played almost all the ones in this thread!
  3. Probably Sonic Adventure 2 because of nostalgia, and it's the first time we got to see the zone in 3D.
  4. Sonic Battle, it's just unnecessary, but not awful.
  5. Well I've never been there myself, but I hear the weather is nice.
  6. None.
  7. The first game?... do ROMs count? >.>
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  • 4 weeks later...

1. What is your number 1 BEST South Island Zone? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorite Zones?

I really like the Turquoise Hill Zone.

It manages to be its own distinct Green Hill Zone and it's fun bouncing around the trees.


2. What is your number 1 WORST South Island Zone? Or you can’t pick one, what are your top worst Zones?

The Scrambled Egg Zone

Trying to navigate it is frustrating because all of the pipes look the same and finding the wrong one usually means landing on a bed of Spikes.


3. What are your favorite South Island Zone Music Tracks?

I love the Star Light Zone's music.


4. Besides the Green Hill Zone, are there any other Zones from South Island that you would want to see again/remixed in a future game?

I'm curious as to how the Crystal Egg Zone would look in HD.


5. Are there any ideas or gimmicks from these old games & Zones that you would like to see again in a future Sonic Game?

There are a few:

  • I like the Jungle Zone's idea of Sonic running on a log in water to solve a puzzle or find a shortcut
  • I like the Sky High Zone's idea of Sonic using hang gliders to get through the air
  • I like the Aqua Lake Zone's idea of Sonic being able to skip across water like a pebble
  • I love the concept of the Sky Base Zone in general, even if it has been done several times over with the Wing Fortress, Flying Battery, Egg Carrier, Egg Fleet, etc

6. Do you think any of these old games should get the remake treatment (besides the Taxman Version of Sonic 1 on Consoles)?

Ever since the Sonic Chaos Reimagined Fan Game, I would love to see a remake of Sonic Chaos.

I would also like a Sonic 1 remake that has all of the Zones from both versions.

I also want a remake of Sonic 2 8-bit, although I would want it to be rebranded and have Tails playable.


1. Was Sonic the Hedgehog (either the 16-bit or 8-bit Version) the first Sonic game you ever played?

No, my first Sonic Game was Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit Version).


2. Have you played any of the Sonic games that took place on South Island?

Yes, although I have more memories of the Game Gear Versions of Sonic 2 & Chaos than I do either version of Sonic 1.


3. Out of the many versions of Green Hill Zone, which one is your favorite? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorites?

It's a tie between the Generations & Mania Versions. I love Boosting through the Zone in 3D with Modern Sonic but I also love using the Elemental Shields, the new Bosses, and playing as Mighty & Ray during the Sunset in the Mania Plus Version.


4. Out of the many versions of Green Hill Zone, which one is the worst in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top worsts?

Sonic Blast Version

Hands down


5. What are your fondest memories of South Island, if you have any?

Mine would be when I finally went back and beat Sonic 1 for the first time.


6. What are some mysteries or questions you have about the games that place on South Island?

I am curious about the ancient civilization that lived on the island in the past.


7. How many Versions of Sonic the Hedgehog do you currently own?

Let's see...

  • 1 on Sonic Mega Collection
  • 1 on Sonic Mega Collection Plus
  • 2 from Sonic Generations (the PS3 & Xbox 360 Versions)
  • 1 from the SEGA AGES Version on Switch

So right now, I own about 5 Versions of Sonic 1.


On 1/28/2021 at 2:03 AM, Sonictrainer said:

7. Next Stop: Westside Island Zones

Next Topic will be finished shortly. Stay tuned! :)

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  • 4 months later...

gotta anwser those questions

Discussion 1: what's your fav. Zone?

Starlight Zone, i'd say Green Hill if it wasn't overused.

Discussion 2: least fav. Zone?

Marble Zone

Discussion 3: fav music?

Green HillS Zone from Sonic 2 Game Gear, because of toot toot sonic warrior.

Discussion 4: Any gimmicks or Zones you'd want to see again?

Green Hill, just kidding, Starlight Zone.

Discussion 5: do you think any of these old games should get remakes/rerealeases?

Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Advance and Sonic Battle.

Anniversary Question 1: was Sonic 1 the first Sonic game you played

yes, i played the Taxman version back in like 2015 IIRC

Anniversary Question 2: did you play the games that took place on South Island?

i played both versions of Sonic 1, Sonic 2 Game Gear, Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania. 

Anniversary Question 3: fav Green Hill?

Generations Green Hill.

Anniversary Question 4: Least fav Green Hill?

does Green Hills count? then yes, if only for the boss.

Anniversary Question 5: fondest memories of south island?

Beating Sonic 1 for the first time

Annivesary Question 6: any question or mystery you had?

in Marble Zone act 1 what was there beyond that wall in marble, as there seemed to be a ledge right off-screen, but no matter how much i tried, i just coudn't jump that high, of course the taxman version wich is the one i played had a route for Tails & Knuckles, but i  didn't know that back then.

Anniversary Question 7: how many versions of Sonic 1 you own?

Genesis Collection on PS4, i used to own the Mobile Taxman version too with Ads.

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6 hours ago, Pengi said:

Did you just make up a lot of those Game Gear boss and Badnik names? Or is there a source for them?

Yes, since the time I took a look at Sonic Arcade & Knuckles Chaotix, I've been coming up with Nicknames for Characters, Badniks, & Bosses that don't have official English names, any names whatsoever, and those that have official names that are terrible (but at least there was an attempt, especially regarding Sonic Chaos).

Coming up with nicknames is a fun pastime for me, when I have the chance. Right now my favorite ones are the ones I came up with for the Sonic CD Badniks.


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