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Mystic Cave Zones: Cave Levels in Sonic Games


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(This artwork is a panel from Archie’s Sonic Mega Drive: Next Level)

Last time we looked at the Earth Elemental Zones, we crossed the sands of the dustiest deserts. This time we’ll explore the different varieties of Caves in the Sonic Game Universe. Cave levels have appeared multiple times throughout the different Eras of Sonic’s history, mostly as mining tunnels, ancient ruins, or hidden areas that contain secrets. Sometimes that meant treasure, information on unlocking a powerful being onto the world, or various ways to die. Fortunately, each time Sonic and his friends have explored them, they safely returned to tell the tale.


Mystic Cave Zones Act 1: Sonic Caves Levels from the Classic Era (June 23rd, 1991 – September 8th, 1999)
Classic Cave Zones have introduced some of the most iconic ideas, gimmicks, traps, and Badniks in the Sonic Series. It might also have the most Cave Zones out of any other time period I put together. While doing research for this topic, I discovered that, even if I dismiss Sonic CD’s time traveling variants and the remixes in Sonic Mania, there are still at least 50 Classic Sonic Action Stages & Racecourses that take place inside caves, mines, and tunnels across the mainline games and spinoffs. The majority of them are from Tails Adventure, which has 8 of them. So, grab a torch, some bombs, and we’ll carefully race them one by one.

1. I’m trying out a new format for these topics. Instead of cramming every Sonic Cave Level in existence into one single post, I’ll be sending them in smaller groups each week to give people time to read and reminisce before I send in the next group. This method will only be reserved for the big category Level Theme Topics and future Character topics. I won’t use it on the Game Topics, like when I covered Sonic Adventure or in the World Tour, a future project where I look at Levels of the most famous locales in Sonic Game History, such as South Island, Little Planet, & Lost Hex.

2. I can’t continue making posts until someone else makes a post, after me, in this topic. This includes updating the topic with the next time period of Zones and answering my own Discussion Questions. 

3. All entries in this post are Cave themed Action Stages, Hubs, & Bosses from Official Licensed Classic Sonic Games that released before Sonic Adventure. This includes:

  • Cave Zones, Acts, & Bosses from Sonic Games on the Sega Genesis & Game Gear
  • All Versions of the Mystic Cave Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Zones, Acts, & Bosses where characters are inside actual caves for 50% or more of the level
  • Zones, Acts, & Bosses that take place underground
  • Zones with the words “Cave/Cavern”, “Crater”, “Mine”, or “Tunnel” in their names

4. Due to the large amount of Classic Sonic Cave Levels, I excluded the Cave Bonus Stages & Special Stages from this time period. I’ll talk about them later in a future topic covering all Bonus & Special Stages.

5. The Island featured in Tails’ Skypatrol didn’t have an official name, so from here on out I will refer to it as “Coal Island”, due to its massive Railroad.

6. All Zones will be posted in Spoiler Tags, under their respective Zones, so that images and other graphics don’t slow down load times.

7. All pictures and other graphics will be posted shortly.

Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit/Master System/Game Gear Version): Green Hill Zone Act 2



The first cave level that Sonic encounters is the second act of South Island’s Green Hill Zone in the 8-bit Version. In that game, Sonic goes underground and splashed his way through some watery tunnels, found a Chaos Emerald hidden in one of the caves, and made it outside where he used a moving platform to bypass a spike pit. 

GHZ ACT 2 BESTIARY (8-bit/Master System/Game Gear Version)
The Badniks waiting for Sonic inside and outside the tunnels of the Green Hill Zone are:

  • Crabmeat is a crab Badnik that walks sideways back and forth, sometimes shooting projectiles from their claws. Sonic will run into them inside the tunnels and can destroy them by rolling into them or using a Spin Jump. For some reason, these don’t have any animals inside them in the 8-bit version…
  • Buzz Bomber is a bee Badnik that’s flying outside and waiting for Sonic to come out of the tunnels. Once they see him, they’ll stop and then quickly fire projectiles at Sonic from their stingers.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Marble Zone



The Marble Zone is a collection of caves and tunnels on South Island, filled with ancient ruins, puzzles, flames, and lava. 

In the Marble Zone Sonic had to hop between giant cylinder obstacles that could crush him, push marble blocks into switches, use other marble blocks as bridges and boats to get across specific lava pits, avoid pop-up spikes installed into the floors, walls, and steps, and be sure not to run into sideways Springs that would send him flying backwards towards lava pits or any Caterkillers he already avoided. 


This is also the first time Sonic had to deal with Spiked Traps, although this version is lifted into the air by a weight. He had to Jump onto of both to navigate the caves and bypass pits while also making sure not to get crushed into the ground or ceiling.

The Badniks holding a sculpture class in the Marble Zone are:

  • Buzz Bomber returns from the Green Hill Zone to continue flying through the air, only stopping to snipe Sonic.
  • Caterkiller is the first of Eggman’s favorite caterpillar Badnik designs, that slowly crawls on the ground. It’s made of 4 segments: 1 head and several spiky parts. Sonic has to carefully aim for the head to take them out. If he accidently hits the spiky parts, Caterkiller will self-destruct, flinging his body in different directions and keeping the trapped animal inside its head.
  • Batbrain is another first, although this time it’s a Bat Badnik. They hang upside down inside the tunnels and only drop down when Sonic gets close and slowly rocket towards him.

MZ BOSS BATTLES: Sonic VS Eggman & the Burn Mobile


The Burn Mobile is the Egg Mobile equipped with a Flame Dropper, that drops a single flame that spreads across the marble before dying out. Sonic had to carefully switch between 2 marble platforms, avoid the lava in the center of them, and hit Eggman 8 times in order to win.

Fast Fact: Apparently, there’s an 8-bit version of the Marble Zone theme in the game files of Sonic the Hedgehog 8-bit.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Labyrinth Zone



The Labyrinth Zone is another collection of ruins on South Island filled with water, mysterious murals, and beautiful crystals. In some cases, the caves are more cramped than the Marble Zone. Fortunately, there are cracks in the rock underwater where Air Bubbles form that Sonic can collect to gain more oxygen and avoid drowning.

In the 16-bit Version of the Zone, Sonic will use conveyor belt platforms to reach higher areas, navigate around the annoying Pop-Up Tridents, swinging Spiked Balls, and hidden platforms that suddenly raise upwards towards the ceiling, find a switch hidden inside of a Ring Item Box, watch the rising tide as he runs through the narrower tunnels, ride fast currents underwater while grabbing poles to avoid getting pulled into spikes, and solve an infinite sliding puzzle.


In the 8-bit Version of the Zone, Sonic doesn’t have to deal with the Pop-Up Tridents as much. In Act 2, a Chaos Emerald was stuck between a row of spikes and required Sonic to use an Invincibility Item Box in order to grab it.

The Badniks digging and swimming around the Labyrinth Zone are:

  • Burrowbot is a mole Badnik with a drill nose, a hat, and caterpillar wheels for feet. In the Labyrinth Zone, they hide underground and jump out when Sonic gets close enough. Fortunately, their drill noses are spinning above ground and give them away.
  • Jaws is another piranha Badnik that Eggman created alongside Chopper. Despite their overbite, they’re slower and less aggressive than Chopper. In fact, they only swim back and forth in select bodies of water and won’t change position even if Sonic gets too close.
  • Orbinaut is a sea urchin Badnik that acts as a miniature planet being orbited by tiny Spike Balls. The first Version Sonic ran into in the Labyrinth Zone is the Attack type (aka Unidasu in Japan), which are blue and have red spiked balls. Offensive Orbinauts will reverse the gravity of their Spike Balls, sending them flying in Sonic’s direction once they see him. Whether it succeeds in hitting Sonic or not, it can’t retrieve its ammo and is completely defenseless soon after.

LZ BOSS BATTLE (16-bit/Genesis/Mega Drive Version)

In the Great Escape, Sonic & Eggman put aside their differences and tried to escape the rising water in the ruins. Sonic had a harder time due to the path becoming narrower. Despite the truce, Sonic still managed to bop the Egg Mobile a few times.

LZ BOSS BATTLE (8-bit/Master System/Game Gear Version): Sonic VS Eggman & the Marine Mobile

The Marine Mobile is a submarine armed with torpedoes and projectiles similar to the ones Crabmeat use. Eggman would dive down from the ceiling and fire torpedoes or rise up from the middle of the arena to release 2 projectiles. Despite being underwater the entire time, Sonic was able to dodge its attacks, hit it 8 times to sink it, and avoid drowning.

Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit/Genesis/Mega Drive Version): Scrap Brain Zone Act 3



Welcome to the Labyrinth Zone, Sewer Edition. The only difference between this and the original version of the level is the smaller amount of Air Bubbles available and the lack of a Boss Battle.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit/Master System/Game Gear Version): Under Ground Zone



The Under Ground Zone is a mine built on South Island, possibly near the Marble Zone since there’s molten lava. After Sonic received a ransom letter to find and deliver the 6 Chaos Emeralds to Eggman’s Master Robots (yes, this is what they’re called) in exchange for Tails, Sonic started his adventure here. While he was underground, Sonic rode inside some of the leftover minecarts, rolled into a ball to destroy bedrock to reach new areas, and avoided the spikes on the ceiling, falling spikes from the ceiling, and the molten lava pools below. 

There was a Chaos Emerald hidden on the highest part of the mine in Act 2 that Sonic was able to reach after finding the right minecart…

The Badniks riding the mine shafts of the Under Ground Zone are:

  • Motobug is a ladybug Badnik. Despite the new paintjob, all they do is move slow & steady.
  • Newtron is a chameleon Badnik that has a cloaking device. When Sonic gets close to one of them, they will turn off their camo and either shoot a projectile at Sonic and disappear or transform into a rocket and head in Sonic’s direction. For some reason, all Newtrons in this Zone are colored blue and some of them now have the ability to levitate.
  • King Crabmeat is a tricolored version of Crabmeat, that looks like a version of Ultraman. The difference between this one and the original is that they will pay closer attention to Sonic when he comes by. However, they’re still too slow to react in time.

UGZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Egg Antlion

The Egg Antlion (aka Antlion Mecha in Japan) is a stationary Master Robot that aided Eggman with his trap in the Under Ground Zone. After dropping Sonic into its pit, Eggman started dropping bombs/cannonballs offscreen to defeat Sonic. Since Sonic had no Rings and wasn’t strong enough to destroy Egg Antlion’s large claws, he had to dodge 7 of the bouncing projectiles and also avoid getting too close to Egg Antlion’s mouth. After Eggman tried to throw himself and the entire Egg Mobile at Sonic, he missed and ended up destroying Egg Antlion in the process. Opps!

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit/Master System/Game Gear Version): Aqua Lake Zone Act 2



In Act 2 of the Aqua Lake Zone, Sonic had to travel through some underwater caves. While swimming, Sonic had to spin through pipe-like seaweed, jump inside large Air Bubbles and use them to float to higher areas, and managed to find a hidden Chaos Emerald.

The Badniks swimming inside the Aqua Lake Zone are:

  • King Crabmeat returns from the Under Ground Zone.
  • Seassors (aka Zaririn in Japan) is a crayfish Badnik. When they see Sonic, they will swim over and try to snip him with their claws. Besides that, they can easily be defeated with a Spin Jump.

Fast Fact: For some reason, there’s a set of Rings that are arranged to spell out “Ray” in one area of this level…

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit/Master System/Game Gear Version): Gimmick Mountain Zone



The Gimmick Mountain Zone was a mountain on South Island that Eggman recently converted into a base using leftover machines, parts, and Badnik designs from the Scrap Brain Zone. While inside, Sonic spun around on the flywheels to gain speed and launch himself to new areas, ran across conveyor belts and climbed up a ladder of conveyor belts surrounded by spikes, jumped inside minecarts and used them to bypass spikes imbedded in the rails, and found the last hidden Chaos Emerald.

The Badniks that worked hard inside the Gimmick Mountain Zone were:

  • Burrowbot returned! However, they now have a sweet pair of shades.
  • Air Hog (aka Buton in Japan) was a new version of Ball Hog that bounce around instead of throwing bombs. Besides that, a Spin Jump or Rolling Attack will take care of them.
  • Bomb is an explosive Badnik that turns on an internal timer and explodes after Sonic gets too close. Sonic can’t touch or destroy them himself so it’s best to set them off and get out of the blast radius.


The Egg Boar (aka Pig-Boar Mecha in Japan) was a Master Robot based on a wild boar, whose design is basically a spiky jackhammer on wheels. Like an actual boar, it tried to charge into Sonic and caused debris to fall from the ceiling when he hit the walls. Despite the lack of Rings plus the risk of getting hit by falling rocks, Sonic needed to attack during this time since its spikes would retract after crashing.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit/Master System/Game Gear Version): Scrambled Egg Zone



While this Zone didn’t offer Sonic the delicious part of a nutritious & balanced breakfast, it was still a complete mess. Continuing into the more high-tech caves past the Gimmick Mountain Zone, Sonic had to navigate a series of pipe mazes that were extremely easy to get lost in. One pipe might have leaded to an Extra Life Item Box. Another could send Sonic into a Spike Pit.

The Badniks Eggman threw together in the Scrambled Egg Zone were:

  • King Crabmeat makes its final appearance.
  • Bomb returns to try and blow Sonic up.
  • Shell Raiser (aka Game-Game in Japan) is a turtle Badnik with a green hill style checkerboard shell. When Sonic gets close enough, they jump into the air and spin.

SEZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Silver Sonic MK 1

Silver Sonic Mk 1 is the first robot duplicate of Sonic created by Eggman (in the Games Universe), using the last Chaos Emerald as a power source. Despite being an early prototype for Metal Sonic and a lack of arms & hands, it can do a Spin Jump, release a small claw hand from its chest, and even perform Spin Dashes! If Sonic collided with Silver Sonic while they were both spinning, they repelled each other. Fortunately, Silver Sonic had moments where he left his head wide open.

Fast Fact: If Sonic doesn’t have 5 of the other Chaos Emeralds after defeating Silver Sonic Mk 1, players will receive the Bad Ending.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit/Genesis/Mega Drive Version): Hill Top Zone



The Hill Top Zone is an active volcano on Westside Island, with several caves that Sonic & Tails had to run through. While in the Hill Top Zone, Sonic & Tails Spin Dashed through incomplete Shuttle Loops to create holes in the earth, used old vine gondolas to get to other areas and jumped off when they reached the end of the path and broke off into the lava, used seesaws to reach higher areas, and escaped 2 trap caves.

The Badniks trying to stay on top of things in the Hill Top Zone are:

  • Sol is a fire version of the Offensive Orbinauts, that uses fireballs instead of spiked balls. However, they still can’t restock on ammo once they throw them. A flameless version of them is also used on the seesaws.
  • Spiker is a shellfish Badnik that wears a spiky, rocket drill as a hat and can crawl on the ground or ceiling. If Sonic & Tails get close, they will launch their hats. Once their hat is gone, a Spin Jump or roll will KO them.
  • Rexon is a plesiosaur Badnik that swims in the lava and shoots a projectile out of its mouth. A Spin Jump to the head will defeat it, releasing the small animal trapped inside and leaving its body as a platform to cross the lava.

HTZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Eggman & the Submarine Mobile

The Submarine Mobile (aka Submarine Eggman) is fireproof submarine armed with a flamethrower on top. Eggman would dive into the lava and rise up to try and roast Sonic & Tails with the flamethrower. Luckily, the boys were able to dodge the flames and turn Submarine Eggman into Fried Eggman.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit/Genesis/Mega Drive Version): Mystic Cave Zone



The Mystic Cave Zone is a mining site located on Westside Island. While exploring the cave, Sonic & Tails navigated around automated boxes, grabbed Pulleys & Vines to activate bridges, Jumped over spiked steps that sometimes started coming out of the wall, and avoided fake vines that were actually crushing traps.

The Badniks moving boxes inside the Mystic Cave Zone:

  • Flasher is a firefly Badnik that is invincible when it flashes and vulnerable when’s it not.
  • Crawlton is a snake Badnik whose design is similar to Caterkiller. They hide in the mine, striking quickly at intruders when they get close. Fortunately, it retracted slowly, giving Sonic & Tails time to counterattack.

MCZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Eggman & the Drill Mobile Mk 2

The Drill Mobile Mk 2 (aka Drill Eggman 2) adds 2 drill arms to the Egg Mobile. When Eggman drilled into the ceiling, Sonic & Tails had to dodge rock shaped spikes that fell from the ceiling.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2013/Taxman Version): Hidden Palace Zone



The Hidden Palace Zone on Westside Island is a deeper, hidden series of caves that were discovered after digging through a spike pit in the Mystic Cave Zone. Since it is accessed in Mystic Cave Zone Act 2, Hidden Palace Zone only has 1 Act. While splashing around the Hidden Palace Zone, Sonic & Tails traveled through pipes before being shot out using water spouts, rode on top of water slides, Spin Jumped on top of Emeralds to reveal Springs, and avoided seesaws with a Spiked Ball one end that swings back and forth into the ground and air. A large musical instrument of some kind was found in the last area of the Zone…

HPZ BESTIARY (Sonic 2/Westside Island Version)
The Badniks working in secret in the Hidden Palace Zone are:

  • Redz is a tiny dinosaur Badnik that has a flamethrower built into in its mouth. When they see Sonic & Tails, Redz will stop and try to barbeque them.
  • Batbot is an upgraded version of Batbrain. They still wait near the ceiling before attacking intruders. However, they fly in a swinging arc instead of gliding horizontally.
  • Stegway is a triceratops Badnik. They move slowly when alone but will charge if they see Sonic & Tails.
  • Jellygnite is a jellyfish Badnik that works similar to Grabber. They patrol the waters and will sink down to grab intruders that grab that their attention. Sonic & Tails have to avoid their tentacles, shake themselves free if they get caught or get exploded, and Spin Jump their heads from above to destroy them. 

HPZ BOSS BATTLE (Sonic 2/Westside Island Version): Sonic & Tails VS Eggman & the Brass Mobile

The Brass Mobile (aka Brass Eggman) added a trombone to the Egg Mobile. When Eggman played it, small or big spiked bombs will fall from the ceiling. Next, water would rise and lift the bombs up. Sonic & Tails had to lure Eggman underneath one of the big spiked bombs so it could explode and send water into the Brass Mobile’s rocket, causing Eggman to lose altitude and take some Spin Jumps to the face.

Fast Fact: The original concept of the Hidden Palace Zone in Sonic 2 was to be the place where Sonic would transform into Super Sonic for the first time.

Sonic CD: Tidal Tempest Zone



The Tidal Tempest Zone is a series of underwater ruins located on Little Planet, on the outskirts of active volcanoes. When Sonic first ran through the area, the ruins were in the process of being converted into something else. While in the Tidal Tempest Zone, Sonic jumped on top of switches to activate doors and propellors that changed the current of the water, navigated around statues that shoot water out that can push Sonic in the water’s direction, avoided pillars with spikes underneath, that would be break off from the ceiling when he got close enough, hopped around or inside the pipes to get to other areas, and had a sense of déjà vu when he avoided the swinging chained spike balls and had to grab poles in fast current areas to avoid spikes.


In the Past, natural rock formations and prehistoric aquatic plants can be found in, slightly darker but safe to swim in, water. While the walls and other manmade structures are absent, since no one made them yet, it seems someone already added pipes, vents, and these weird L Shaped platforms into the Zone… Was it Eggman or someone else? The Badnik Machines were placed in dry areas while the Metal Sonic projectors were installed underwater.


If Eggman wins and creates a Bad Future for Little Planet, the Tidal Tempest Zone will become chundered with broken machines, depressing factories, worn down Badniks, and imagery of Eggman. Also, the water will change to a purple hue.


If Sonic wins and creates a Good Future for Little Planet, the Tidal Tempest Zone will become a futuristic aquarium housing gardens of land & aquatic plants, many schools of fish, and fresh, clean, & aquamarine water.

The Badniks riding the timeless tides of Tidal Tempest Zone are:

  • Clawbad (aka Taga-Taga in Japan) is a crawdad Badnik swimming underwater. If they see Sonic, they will shoot off the spikes on their back and swim away. Broken Clawbad don’t have any spikes and will try to swim away if they see Sonic.
  • Darter (aka Tonbo in Japan) is a dragonfly Badnik that flies in higher areas of the ruins. They bop up and down as they fly and will go down after Sonic Spin Jumps into them. The broken version is slower.
  • Darter Jr. (aka Yago in Japan) is a dragonfly larva Badnik that swims underwater on the seafloor. Being the complete opposite of their parent Badniks, they will try to home into Sonic if they see him. The broken version is also slower.
  • Sweep (aka Amenbo in Japan) is a water skater Badnik that rides on the top of the water using its fan and shoots projectiles from the hole in its face. Only a few appeared in the Zone. Broken Sweeps have bad fans and no ammo, making them slower and defenseless.

TTZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Bubble Mobile

The Bubble Mobile allowed Eggman to create and manipulate Air Bubbles underwater to form an Orbinaut like Shield. It’s also armed with 4 turrets on the bottom. If Sonic touched one of the Air Bubbles, he would still get Air but also be repelled backwards. Despite its interesting design, it’s very weak since Sonic was able to chase Eggman before the initial fight and deal significant damage. All Sonic had to do keep absorbing enough Air Bubbles, while avoiding projectiles from the turrets, until he could get 1 last clean hit in.

Sonic CD: Quartz Quadrant Zone



The Quartz Quadrant Zone is a series of mineral caverns located on Little Planet. When Sonic first visits in the Present, the caverns are dark and filled with different kinds of quartz and manmade mechanisms. Although a mining system has been built to navigate the caves safely, there are a few unsafe areas where the ceiling will collapse and drop debris. While running through the tunnels, Sonic ran on conveyor belts and touched switches to change the direction of certain conveyor belts, and avoid unstable rocks on the ceiling.


In the Past, most of the caves were hollow and there were more plants and vegetation than quartz. It seems someone has started adding conveyor belts to some of the tunnels though. Both Badnik Machines are hidden inside grassy caves while one of the Metal Sonic projectors is outside the caves.


If Eggman manages to take over the Little Planet, he will dig out all of the quartz in the Zone and cause magma to bleed out of the ground. The once beautiful caves will become dark smelters and the only lights visible will be from the lava and dimly lit machines on their last legs.


If Sonic manages to evict Eggman, the Quartz Quadrant Zone will become a beautiful city with buildings above and underground for some unknown inhabitants. Despite the new housing and technology, the quartz will remain undisturbed and continue to shine alongside the new lights and sounds.

The Badniks collecting crystals until they breakdown in Quartz Quadrant Zone are:

  • Snail Spiker (aka Nori-Nori in Japan) is a snail version of Spikes that has a big shell with retractable spikes to protect against Sonic’s Spin Jumps. However, the extra weight made it become even slower and Sonic can still defeat it by Rolling or Spin Dashing into it. The damaged version lost their spikes and plating, allowing Sonic to Spin Jump onto them.
  • Tunnel Web (aka Kumo-Kumo in Japan) is a spider Badnik with mad hops that jumps in place and fires a ball of web at intruders from their rear ends. If Sonic gets caught in their webs, he slows down. Fortunately, it evaporates after a few seconds. Faulty Tunnel Webs have a lower jumping height and no web fluid.
  • Deathwheeler (aka Sasori in Japan) is a scorpion Badnik that moves like a tank. They roll on the ground and shoot projectiles from their turret like tails. Busted Deathwheelers have defective turrets that can no longer fire.
  • Caterkiller Mk 2 (aka Kemusi in Japan) is an upgraded version of Caterkiller, which can crawl much faster and has double the spikes! Their heads are still unprotected though. Broken variants don’t have any spikes and can be attacked by Sonic from any area of their body.

QQZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Eggman & the Dread Mill

The Dread Mill was a trap room Eggman created that forced Sonic to run on a conveyor belt. If Sonic stopped running, he would be thrown into a wall of spikes. However, if he ran in place, he would get blown up by bombs being dropped from the ceiling. Although the Dread Mill could withstand Sonic’s speed, Eggman’s cockpit could not and was slowly being burned away thanks to friction. Sonic carefully dodged bombs until the cockpit was destroyed and he was able to escape…and force Eggman to escape.

Sonic Spinball (16-bit/Genesis/Mega Drive Version): Toxic Caves



Toxic Caves was the underground area of the Vec-O-Fortress, which used to be a mining area before becoming a dump site for Eggman’s chemical waste. Fortunately, after being knocked off the Tornado and swimming his way inside, Sonic didn’t get come in contact with any hazardous material. While trying to escape to a higher level of the Vec-O-Fortress, Sonic pulled levers to switch the rails on the minecart tracks, rode down the minecart tracks using leftover minecarts, jumped inside empty barrel drums and used them to paddle his way through the toxic lakes, and grabbed 3 Chaos Emeralds.

The Badniks that swam or dug through the walls and water in the Toxic Caves were:

  • Magma Worm was a worm Badnik that digs through the caves. They appear in certain areas of the cave, allowing Sonic to bounce and ricochet off of them. Once they get hit 3 times, they explode, release the animal inside of them, and unlock new areas for Sonic to explore.
  • Cluck was a bird Badnik that flies in certain areas, trying to get in Sonic way.
  • Rexxon was a serpent Badnik that swims in the watery area at the bottom of Toxic Caves. If Sonic accidentally fell onto the platform under the first set of flippers, Rexxon would sometimes jump up to try and take a bite out of him. Sonic wasn’t able to defeat it but I don’t think it survived when the Vec-O-Fortress was destroyed.

TC BOSS BATTLE: Sonic VS Scorpius


Scorpius was a giant robot scorpion whose head was designed to look exactly like Eggman’s. When Sonic managed to hit Scorpius, it made noises that sound worse than my alarm clock buzzer. Scorpius tried to shield itself with its tail but Sonic was able to bypass underneath it and turned Scorpius into scrap metal.

Fast Fact: Fans of SATAM may recognize Cluck as Robotnik’s pet robot bird from the show.

Sonic Spinball (8-bit/Master System/Game Gear): Toxic Pools



Toxic Pools is the 8-bit version of Toxic Caves. Rexxon is absent and Sonic can bounce off of waterspouts instead of the brown goo like things in the 16 bit version.


Egg Head is a black floating Eggman head that shoots projectiles. In order to defeat it, Sonic had to hit it 6 times.

Sonic Chaos: Aqua Planet Zone



Despite sounding like a unique planet in Sonic’s universe, the Aqua Planet Zone was actually a set of ruins on South Island feeling the full effects of the Chaos caused by Eggman stealing the Red Chaos Emerald from North Cave. The skies were becoming dark & cloudy while parts of the ruins were flooded due to the entire island still sinking into the ocean. While in the Aqua Planet Zone, Sonic & Tails ran across collapsing blocks, navigated small mazes, Spin Dashed to create new paths in the rock, and avoid Pop-Up Spears.

The only Badnik Sonic & Tails encountered in the Aqua Planet Zone was:

  • Bullet Bird (aka Mecha Hiyoko in Japan) is a bird Badnik that Eggman’s used before in the Sky High Zone. They appear in groups of 3 and hop around together. They also help out 2 of Eggman’s Master Robots: the Egg Goose & Sphere-o-Bot.

APZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Sphere-o-Bot

Sphere-o-Bot was an egg shaped bird Master Robot that guarded the Aqua Planet Zone. It had the ability to generate Bullet Birds, fly and bounce around, and fire a projectile from its beak. After taking massive damage, as a last ditch effort it flew into the air, disconnected the top part of its head, and started transforming its Bullet Birds into missiles. Fortunately, it went down soon after getting hit 1 last time.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles: Hydrocity Zone



The Hydrocity Zone is the underground, irrigation system of Angel Island. After being dropped into the Zone by Knuckles, Sonic & Tails hung onto bars to avoid spikes inside fast current tunnels, grabbed on to conveyor belts and rode them to other areas, used the Zone’s exclusive Boosters to go up and down pipeline paths, avoided getting crushed by a giant wall trap, and used an Aqua Shield & Air Bubbles to avoid drowning.

The Badniks debating how to spell Hydrocity Zone are:

  • Pointdexter is a pufferfish Badnik. When it inflates, its spikes come out and when it deflates, its spikes retract.
  • Mega Chopper is a parasite version of Chopper, that swims in the water, uses its teeth to weight down unlucky hosts, and drain their Rings and prevent them from Spinning. Fortunately, they can be shaken off and will let go if their host take damage from spikes, other Badnik attacks, or if the host is forced to spin.
  • Jawz is a shark Badnik that flies in the air and underwater in straight lines.
  • Blastoid is a seashell/coral Badnik. They sit in place and fire projectiles from diagonally aiming cannons. The Elemental Shields will repel their projectiles.
  • Turbo Spiker is an upgraded version of Spiker that quickly escapes after launching its drill missile. Like regular Spikers, they are protected until their drill missile is gone.
  • Bugernaut is a horsefly Badnik. They travel in groups, fly above water, and will try to follow any intruders. Once the big Bugernaut is destroyed, the little ones become vulnerable and will try to find another leader to follow or fly away.

HCZ ACT 1 BOSS BATTLE: Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles VS Big Shaker

Big Shaker is a Super Badnik that Sonic & Tails fought against in a watery pit in the Hydrocity Zone. It’s a round robot with rockets zigzagging across its entire body, allowing it to fly and defend itself at the same time. It would also stop and land on a pole and then spin to cause a Whirlpool inside the pool of water our heroes are inside of. Once the Whirlpool starts, Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles couldn’t do anything until it finishes. In the brief timeframes before and after it tried to create a whirlpool, Sonic & Tails were able to Spin Jump it.

HCZ ACT 2 BOSS BATTLE: Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles VS Eggman/Egg Robo & the Screw Mobile

The Screw Mobile is a version of the Egg Mobile that can create water tornados and drop grenades. Sonic & Tails had to avoid the tornadoes or risk getting sucked in and cut by the propeller. The grenades turned out be a double edged sword because while they could hurt Sonic & Tails, they also allowed Sonic & Tails to get high in the air to hit Eggman by creating quick water spouts.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles: Ice Cap Zone Act 1



As Sonic & Tails tried to stop the relaunch of the Death Egg on Angel Island, they had to travel through a massive, cold cave in the Ice Cap Zone on their journey. While inside the glacier caves, Sonic & Tails Spin Dashed to break through pillars of ice and launch chained platforms to reach other areas, avoid the frostthrowers and becoming frozen, slide down some very slippery slopes, use Spin Jumps to break frozen objects, and avoid sharp icicles.

The Badniks skiing inside the icy caves of Ice Cap Zone Act 1 are:

  • Penguinator is a penguin Badnik. When they see intruders, they will slide on their bellies to ram into them.
  • Star Pointer is an ice version of the offensive Orbinauts, that uses spiky icicles as projectiles. Same deal as before except now the Elemental Shields can touch their ice, without bursting, and melt them.

ICZ ACT 1 BOSS BATTLE: Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles VS Hailstone

Hailstone is a Super Badnik that has the ability to levitate chunks of ice. Sonic & Tails fought it above ground while Knuckles fought it inside the cave. Despite using its ability to create an Orbinaut like barrier, it left itself open while the ice chunks were spinning and when it released them.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles: Sandopolis Zone Act 2



In Act 2, Sonic & Tails had to travel inside the Sandopolis Zone ruins underground. While inside Sonic & Tails jumped and grabbed light switches to calm down the Phantoms, moved Push Switches to open gates, swam through streams of quicksand, ran & rolled through Shuttle Loops twice, use pulleys to rock climb down the sides of ruin walls, and escaped sand pouring traps without being buried alive.

The Badniks ghost busting inside the Sandopolis Zone were:

  • Sandworm is a new version of Caterkiller that swims in quicksand. Their heads are still their weakness.
  • Skorp is a scorpion Badnik that has a spiked ball for a barbed tail. The stretchy material in its tail allows it to strike Sonic & Tails from a decent distance. Perfectly timed Spin Jumps or rolls can defeat it.
  • Rock’n is a mimic Badnik that looks like a regular rock. They can only be destroyed by Rolling or Spin Dashing into them.
  • Phantoms are ghosts that live inside the pyramid. Although Eggman somehow managed to capture them and keep them in a Prison Capsule, Sonic & Tails accidently set them free. Although, they are harmless in the light, they become very aggressive in complete darkness and will start swarming around intruders like bees.

SPZ ACT 2 BOSS BATTLE: Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles VS Eggman/Egg Robo & the Egg Golem Mk 1

The first Egg Golem Eggman created was a set of armor for the Egg Mobile. The armor had several spikes and allowed Eggman to fire lasers diagonally at where intruders might go. Despite its defense, hitting the jewel in its forehead will cause the armor to disappear temporarily around Eggman/Eggrobo & the Egg Mobile.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles: Lava Reef Zone



The Lava Reef Zone is an underground area of Angel Island’s dormant volcano. The Death Egg had recently landed on top of it after being knocked out of the sky a second time by Sonic & Tails. Using the firepower of the Zone and supplies from the Flying Battery Zone, it was able to relaunch. Even though the lava cools down in the beginning of Act 2, the Death Egg’s 3rd launch caused the volcano to become active. While running through the Lava Reef Zone, Sonic & Tails used Spin Dashes to move up and down elevators, pressed and destroyed Switches to activate doors, Jumped on top of rocket powered Spiked Traps to reach higher areas, dodged giant swinging Spiked Balls, and used Flame Shields to walk on lava and avoid getting burned.

The Badniks protecting the bottom of the Death Egg in the Lava Reef Zone are:

  • Fireworm is a caterpillar Badnik, having spikes underneath and shooting flames from the top. They hide in walls until Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles get close enough. Despite having a different design from Caterkiller, their head is their weakness.
  • Toxomister is a pipeline Badnik, that emits a poisonous gas. Anyone who inhales the gas will slow down, have a smaller jump height, and slowly lose their Rings, even if they’re Super. Spinning will remove the gas while the Aqua Shield will protect anyone from the gas. Attacking its eye will destroy it.
  • Undermine is a mimic Badnik that disguises itself as a volcanic rock. Once Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles get close, they reveal themselves and self-destruct. Fortunately, the small animal inside it escapes safely after.
  • Tunnelbot is a Super Badnik that digs into the ground with 2 drills. An upgraded one with more horsepower appeared in Act 1 and started digging when Sonic & Tails encountered it.

LRZ ACT 1 BOSS BATTLE: Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles VS Heat Arm

Heat Arm is a defense mechanism that attacks using round turrets on tentacle arms and a giant robot hand. The Elemental Shields will protect against the turrets’ projectiles. Meanwhile Sonic & Tails had to wait for the hand to slam into the ground before Spin Jumping its fingers.

LRZ ACT 2 BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Eggman & the Hot Mobile

After Sonic & Tails were ambushed by Knuckles a final time, Eggman flew in with the Hot Mobile, a fireproof Egg Mobile armed with missiles & spiked bombs, sharp spikes on top to protect against Spin Jumps, and the ability to change the currents of lava. After dodging missiles and riding platforms down a lavafall, Eggman tried to impale Sonic & Tails by making the platforms slide in his direction. He also launched spiked bombs into the lava. While the Hot Mobile could take platforms in the face, it couldn’t take its own bombs and eventually defeated itself.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles: Hidden Palace Zone



Angel Island’s Hidden Palace Zone was the underground hiding place for the Master Emerald Altar and the Super Emeralds. After leaving the Lava Reef Zone, Sonic & Tails finally had a “talk” with Knuckles.

HPZ BOSS BATTLE (Angel Island Version): Sonic & Tails VS Knuckles
Despite being tough, Knuckles had too many openings. Also, taking on both Sonic & Tails at the same time wasn’t a good idea either.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles: Endless Mine Zone



The Endless Mine Zone is a racecourse on Angel Island where Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles had to Spin Jump to breakdown some rocks and continue the rest of the course. The mine itself seems like a remixed version of the Mystic Cave Zone.

Sonic Triple Trouble: Tidal Plant Zone



The Tidal Plant Zone is a set of underwater ruins that were converted into a hydroelectric energy plant. Unfortunately, we don’t know which Island or Region it’s located on. While swimming through the Tidal Plant Zone, Sonic & Tails used bubble blowing machines that create ridable Air Bubbles and use them to reach higher areas, dragged their feet carefully through underwater quicksand, spun through pipes, and avoided bomb producing pipes and wall turrets shooting projectiles.

Sonic & Tails also used 2 new exclusive water power-ups. Sonic could swim around for a brief time period using the Scuba Shoes (aka Propellor/Screw Shoes). Meanwhile Tails tested out his own personal submarine, the Sea Fox, to fire torpedoes and drill into breakable rocks.

The only Badnik swimming and charging up the Tidal Plant Zone is:

  • Shockwave is an electric eel Badnik. Despite its cool design, it is similar to Caterkiller but uses electricity instead of spikes. Its head doesn’t discharge electricity and is its only weakness.

APZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic & Tails VS Knuckles

In case you didn’t know, Knuckles was tricked by Eggman into fighting Sonic & Tails again. In this Boss Battle, Knuckles used an Egg Mobile armed with bombs & torpedoes. However, it didn’t have a cover so Knuckles had to occasionally leave the water to get more air. Sonic fought on foot while Tails fought riding the Sea Fox. After taking 16 hits, the Egg Mobile exploded and Knuckles was defeated.

Tails’ Skypatrol: Ruin Wood Area



The Ruin Wood Area was a tunnel on Coal Island, where the rail lines were incomplete and under construction. While patrolling the Ruin Wood Area, Tails swung around bars and poles, broke through dirt and Blocks using his Boomering, avoided the constantly opening and closing Spiked Pillars, destroyed bouncing balls that dropped down from the ceiling, carefully navigated around moving and self-repairing metal, and used minecarts, weights, & Balloons to increase and decrease his height.

The Witchcart minions crawling and flying around the Ruin Wood Area were:

  • Bomb Bone (aka Haneruton in Japan) was a skeleton enemy bought to life using Witchcart’s magic. Despite missing their legs, they rose out of the ground, jumped high into the air, and exploded, transforming their bones into shrapnel. To protect himself, Tails used his Boomering to deflect incoming bones.
  • Balloon Blasters (aka Balloon Cannons in Japan) were mini cannons being held in midair by balloons and shooting projectiles in Tails’ direction. Tails popped the balloons using his Boomering and sent them crashing into the ground.
  • Clevergreen (aka Minokichi in Japan) was a robot bagworm that hid in high areas until Tails flew by. Then it would try to drop down and get in Tails’ way. However, they were very slow and easy to defeat with the Boomering.
  • Foxtraps (aka Captureberry in Japan) were enchanted Venus flytrap enemies that tried to grab Tails’ Boomering, if he got too close, and trap him temporary. Unfortunately, Tails couldn’t figure out how to defeat them and just tried to avoid them instead.
  • Lockjaw (aka Gon in Japan) was a dog-like robot with sharp teeth, that tried to jump up and sink their teeth into Tails’ Boomering. If they succeeded, the extra weight would slow and weigh Tails down. They also couldn’t be destroyed.

RWA BOSS BATTLE: Tails VS Bearenger

Bearenger was a black/grizzly bear who worked for Witchcart, who flew on a rocket sporting a custom paintjob. He tried to defeat Tails using tiny projectiles but was defeated after getting hit by the Boomering and getting flung into the ground pillars several times.

Tails Adventure: Poloy Forest



Poloy Forest is a forest on Cocoa Island, close to Tails’ House, filled with several rock and tree caves. Tails was happily taking a nap in Poloy Forest before being woken up to see it going up in flames, thanks to the Battle Bird Armada (aka the Battle Kukku Empire) searching for 6 hidden Chaos Emeralds. While fighting off the Battle Birds in Poloy Forest, Tails used Bombs to defend himself and break rocks to open new paths in the area, pushed rocks and Springs into better positions, and collected the Red Chaos Emerald. After finding the Remote Robot, Tails was able to use it to grab the Speed Shoes, which allows Tails to move & fly faster, and the Radio, which allows Tails to listen to music (and apparently change the music while in the levels).

Tails later returned after making Napalm Bombs…

The soldiers of the Battle Bird Armada looking for Chaos Emeralds in Poloy Forest were:

  • Stone Kukkus were the most common members of the Battle Bird Armada. They walk around or stand in place and threw rocks at Tails. Fortunately, when it’s Bomb against Rock, Bomb always wins.
  • Cannon Kukkus were members of the Battle Bird Armada piloting mini walkers that fire cannonballs. Regular Bombs easily took them out.
  • Flame Kukkus are members of the Battle Bird Armada flying hovercraft, similar to Eggman’s Egg Mobile, armed with Flamethrowers. Regular Bombs will knock them out of the sky.

PF BOSS BATTLE: Tails VS Kukku Walker

The Kukku Walker is a mech walker armed with flamethrowers and piloted by 2 Battle Birds. It was also able to jump high enough to catch up to Tails if he tried to fly away. It couldn’t jump and spit flames at the same time, so while it was heating things up, Tails was able to fly above it and drop bombs until it crashed and burned.

Tails Adventure: Volcanic Tunnel



The Volcanic Tunnel is a cave on Cocoa Island, northeast of Tails’ House. After leaving Poloy Forest, Tails decided to investigate Volcanic Tunnel. On his first trip inside, Tails continued to use Bombs to destroy breakable rocks and create paths, avoided ceiling spikes, lava, & flamethrowers, and found the Hammer, Remote Bomb, & Green Chaos Emerald.

The robots created by Dr. Fukurokov, an inventor Owl working for the Battle Bird Armada, to look for Chaos Emeralds inside Volcanic Tunnel were:

  • Mousetrap (aka Nezu in Japan) was a robot rat. They stand in place, but start running around once Tails gets close enough and start dropping bombs. Bombs easily take them out and they don’t seem to react when Tails flies over them.
  • Microbat was a tiny robot bat. When Tails gets close, their cyclops eye lights up. Then, once he’s closer, they’ll try to fly into Tails… and get a face full of Bomb.
  • Minegrain was a robot mole that had a drill spinning on the top of its head. They drill out of the ground and then drill back into the earth in the same spot. Tails can spot their drills ahead of time before tossing a Bomb.

VT BOSS BATTLE: Tails VS Mole Mech Mk 2

After learning how to make Large Bombs, Tails encountered Mole Mech Mk 2 by taking 1 of 2 different paths inside Volcanic Tunnel. This new version had anti-air energy projectiles that could home into Tails but could be canceled out by Bombs. If Tails encountered it from the east, he would fly over it and drop bombs until it was defeated. If he encountered it from the west, he could throw Remote Bombs into its backside instead. 

Tails Adventure: Polly Mountain 1



Polly Mountain is a mountain north on the main Cocoa Island. Polly Mountain 1 refers to the eastern side of the mountain. On the first trip, Tails found the Helmet, a giant helmet Tails can hide under and use as a shield, the Knuckles Ability, which allows Tails to punch enemies, and the Super Glove, which allows Tails to pick up heavier objects.

The Battle Birds looking for Chaos Emeralds inside Polly Mountain 1 were:

  • Bomb Kukkus were members of the Battle Bird Armada that ran up to Tails, threw bombs at him, and then ran away.
  • Jump Kukkus were members of the Battle Bird Armada that Jumped 3 times before reaching Tails while he was flying. Even if Tails was too far away, they continued to jump in place.
  • Stone Kukkus returned to stand on cliffs and toss as many rocks as possible.

PM1 BOSS BATTLE: Tails VS Speedy

Speedy was the fastest, flying member of the Battle Bird Armada, next in line to lead the entire army as the 16th Battle Bird Lord. He had already found a Chaos Emerald before meeting Tails for the first time. In their first fight, Speedy challenged Tails to reach the top of Polly Mountain 1. While using an updraft to fly easily and avoid tiring himself out, Tails had to dodge Speedy’s divebombs while also avoiding other obstacles. Once Tails finally reached the top of Polly Mountain, Speedy gave Tails the Purple Chaos Emerald as a prize for surviving against him.

Tails Adventure: Lake Rocky



Lake Rocky (aka Rocky Sea in Japan) is a surrounding body of water on the southern end of Cocoa Island. After watching Speedy fly over to one of the smaller islands, Tails returned to his lab, modified the Remote Robot and gave it the ability to transform into the Sea Fox, and went diving into Lake Rocky. On the first expedition in the underwater caves, Tails used the Sea Fox’s drill to destroy rocks and its turrets to shoot at mines. 

As Tails continued to upgrade the Sea Fox, he found and created new underwater routes to reach other areas of Cocoa Island.

The only Battle Birds trying to sink the Sea Fox in Lake Rocky were:

  • Water Kukkus were members of the Battle Bird Armada that used submarines. The Sea Fox’s basic turrets were enough to sink them.

LR BOSS BATTLE: Tails VS Kukku Cruiser

The Kukku Cruiser was a battleship used by the Battle Bird Armada that intercepted Tails on his way to Green Island. The ship sailed above Tails inside the Sea Fox and the Battle Birds onboard dropped grenades into the water. To sink the Kukku Cruiser, Tails had to dodge the incoming grenades and use multiple Anti-Air Missiles.

Tails Adventure: Cavern Island



Cavern Island is a small island northeast of the main island, that’s similar to Volcanic Tunnel except it’s filled with water instead of lava. While exploring Cavern Island, Tails swam through water with different currents, discovered hidden tunnels, moved a Spring that was underwater, and found plans for creating underwater mines, which he added to the Sea Fox, and plans for creating Napalm Bombs, which he used to improve the explosion radius and firepower of his regular Bombs. 

The returning Battle Bird Armada robots found in Cavern Island were:

  • Mousetraps stood by and waited to drop the bombs.
  • Microbats were keeping track of intruders from the ceiling.
  • Minegrains were digging around for Chaos Emeralds but failed to find any.

CI BOSS BATTLE: Tails VS Mole Mech Mk 1

The Mole Mech Mk 1 (aka Mecha Golem #5 in Japan) was a one armed mech suit created by Dr. Fukurokov piloted by a single Battle Bird. In a way, its head also kind of looks like Grounder. Luckily, it was too slow on its feet, its arm wasn’t long enough to reach or grab Tails out of the air, and took several Bombs until its face broke off and revealed the pilot. Next, the pilot tried slamming the ground with its hand to signal Battle Birds, in bomb cosplay, to rain down from the ceiling. In the end, this also failed and Tails was able to defeat the pilot and salvaged the Mole Mech MK 1’s remains to create Anti-Air Missiles for the Sea Fox.

Tails Adventure: Green Island



Green Island is a small island northwest of the main island, filled with forests, that required the Napalm Bomb in order to enter its cave system. While exploring Green Island, Tails used the Remote Robot to push a Spring out of a narrow passage, avoided getting stung by bees and destroyed a few beehives, and found parts for increasing the Sea Fox’s Speed as well as the Night Vision Googles and Gray Chaos Emerald.

The only Battle Bird Tails encountered on Green Island was:

  • Little Kukkus were members of the Battle Bird Armada that are super tiny, super swole, and super aggressive. They would literally be sitting down and meditating, then immediately start raging when Tails got close. Bombs seemed to help calm them down.

Tails Adventure: Polly Mountain 2



Polly Mountain 2 was the western side of Polly Mountain and, despite the fire and lava, had the darkest caves on Cocoa Island. Fortunately, Tails already found the Night Vision Goggles on Green Island so he didn’t have to fly around blind. While inside, Tails found the Item Radar, which helps locate hidden items, the Fang (aka Nack the Weasel) Ability, which increased the chances of enemies dropping Rings when they’re defeated, and the Large Bomb, which is basically a screen nuke. 

The Battle Bird Armada robots making their final appearance in Polly Mountain 2 were:

  • Tails continued to turn Mousetraps into mouse scraps.
  • Despite being in narrower caves, Tails’ Bomb toss was enough to take care of the Microbats.
  • To deal with Minegrains, Tails recommends Regular Bombs. No side effects included.

Tails Adventure: Caron Forest



Caron Forest is a forest north of Poloy Forest and west of Polly Mountain 2. It’s similar to Green Island and required Napalm Bombs. It was also the only area on Cocoa Island that was peaceful and quiet, besides Tails’ own house, since there were no enemies around. Besides finding the Blue Chaos Emerald, Tails also found the Triple Bomb, a bomb that explodes 3 times, the Proton Torpedo, another weapon for the Sea Fox, and the Sonic Ability, which allowed Tails to do Spin Dashes and cool ass, electric Drop Dashes.

Sonic Drift 2: Mystic Cave



The Mystic Cave racecourse is a long, 1-Way Only tunnel, where racers race inside while passing checkpoints.

It’s the 5th track of the White GP.

Sonic Drift 2: Quake Cave



Quake Cave is another 1-Way racecourse, similar to Mystic Cave except it has red markers instead of blue and there are a few earthquakes.

This is the 2nd track of the Blue GP.

Act 1 Discussion Questions
1. Which of the Classic Era Cave Zones are the best, in your opinion?

2. Which of the Classic Era Cave Zones are the worst, in your opinion?

3. What are your favorite Classic Era Cave Zone Music Track(s)?

4. Which of the Classic Era Cave Zone Badniks or Bosses are the most annoying?

5. Are there any ideas/gimmicks from these first Cave Zones that you feel should return or stop coming back?

6. Would you like to see any of these Zones get remixed or return in a future game?

7. Anything. Feedback, questions, comments, etc.

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It’s a little crazy to think that the cave sequences in GHZ have become a favorite of Sega’s after not really doing much with the Master System stuff otherwise. I think they add some variety to the many repetitions of the zone, but I’d like to see them explore the ruins dotted around, some aquatic areas, treetops...


I observed Marble closely, and I believe that the level was most likely a living space before it was abandoned. Notice the amount of windows and decorations, and where they seem to be placed. However, I think that the columns outside may even be a family plot/graveyard, as the use of columns as headstones was common in the 1800s.

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Here's a post where I give Mystic Cave Zone some love for a couple of reasons:

- Both of the tracks it has, for single-player and multi-player, are pretty fire. I really love the "spooky/threatening" music of the former, and the more mystical/ancient feel of the latter (although for some reason, the 2P version also reminds me of sirens from a police car due to some of its droning instruments)

- It has some of my favorite level design structures/setpieces in the series. I really like how the routes frequently overlap, there's quite a few areas where you could quickly climb your way up towards a higher route or drop down to the lower route, just by utilizing a few springs/collapsing platforms or falling through a hole with careful control. I also really like the red springboards in Act 2 for their unique use and formation, such as the one area where they serve as a sequence of "stairs" and the two "rooms" where you hop around them to grab rings. And it has some areas / routes that are kinda hidden in plain sight, like the checkpoint behind the walls and the platform leading to the five rows of extended spiked platforms. It's level arrangements like those that I feel make Sonic 2 stick out as having more of a "playground" approach to its level design. And it's one of the few Sonic zones in the entire series where due to the different pacing of the level, it does not contain any loops whatsoever.

I actually think Mystic Cave is one of those stages that, due to its emphasis on slower/more careful platforming with its traps and mechanics; would actually make for a good blueprint for designers figuring out 3D Sonic level design. I'm currently trying to hash out in drawings my own top-down level map based on the zone, but I would definitely be interested in seeing someone with some experience with 3D Sonic engines try adapting the stage towards a 3D environment for themselves.

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Alright, before we jump into the next set of Sonic Cave Zones, here are my answers to my own discussion questions

On 9/1/2020 at 1:26 AM, Sonictrainer said:

Act 1 Discussion Questions
1. Which of the Classic Era Cave Zones are the best, in your opinion?

For me, my top favorite Classic Era Zone would have be the Quartz Quadrant Zone. I loved running through the different variants, both US & Japan tracks are fantastic, and I had fun giving the Badniks English Names.

On 9/1/2020 at 1:26 AM, Sonictrainer said:

Act 1 Discussion Questions
2. Which of the Classic Era Cave Zones are the worst, in your opinion?

I am not a fan of the Scrambled Egg Zone's level design.

I remember getting frustrated trying to find the right tubes to Spin Jump into, only to jump into the wrong ones and end up in a Spike Pit.

On 9/1/2020 at 1:26 AM, Sonictrainer said:

Act 1 Discussion Questions

3. What are your favorite Classic Era Cave Zone Music Track(s)?

  • Mystic Cave Zone
  • Quartz Quadrant Zone
  • Toxic Caves
On 9/1/2020 at 1:26 AM, Sonictrainer said:

Act 1 Discussion Questions

4. Which of the Classic Era Cave Zone Badniks or Bosses are the most annoying?

The Egg Boar. 

Having to fight a Boss that has spikes, without Rings, while also dodging debris from the ceiling sounds tough.

On 9/1/2020 at 1:26 AM, Sonictrainer said:

Act 1 Discussion Questions

5. Are there any ideas/gimmicks from these first Cave Zones that you feel should return or stop coming back?

I want to see the Sea Fox return.

I know the Material Vehicles used in Sonic Rush Adventure are spiritual successors but I want to see Tails’ personal submarine again.

Also, T-Pup should be canon. 

On 9/1/2020 at 1:26 AM, Sonictrainer said:

Act 1 Discussion Questions
6. Would you like to see any of these Zones get remixed or return in a future game?

I’d love to see a fusion of both Westside Island and Angel Island’s Hidden Palace Zones.

On 9/1/2020 at 1:26 AM, Sonictrainer said:

Act 1 Discussion Questions

7. Anything. Feedback, questions, comments, etc.

Ok, onward to Act 2!


Mystic Cave Zones Act 2: Sonic Cave Levels from the Millennium Era (September 9th, 1999 - November 13th, 2005)


(This artwork is the textless cover for Archie Comics, Sonic Universe 88)

With the new modern look and jump into 3D, the Cave Zones from this time period starting cutting down on the slow platforming areas and started finding a balance between running through tunnels and faster pace puzzle solving. There were exceptions like Sonic Advance 2.

1. All entries in this post are Cave themed Action Stages, Hubs, & Bosses from Sonic Adventure & Official Licensed Modern Sonic Games that released after Sonic Adventure and before Sonic Rush & Shadow the Hedgehog. This includes:

  • Cave Zones, Acts, Hubs, & Bosses from Sonic Games on the Sega Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, & Game Boy Advance
  • Zones, Acts, Hubs, & Bosses where characters are inside actual caves for 50% or more of the level
  • Zones, Acts, Hubs, & Bosses that take place underground
  • Zones and Hubs with the words “Cave/Cavern”, “Crater”, “Mine”, or “Tunnel” in their names

2. I can’t continue making posts until someone else makes a post, after me, in this topic. This includes updating the topic with the next time period of Zones and answering my own Discussion Questions. 

3. All Zones will be posted in Spoiler Tags, under their respective Zone Names, so that images and other graphics don’t slow down load times.

4. All pictures and other graphics will be posted shortly.


Sonic Adventure DX: Station Square



Although a number of attractions can be found above ground, there were a few secrets hidden underground.

Sonic Adventure DX: Tails in Casinopolis



In Tails’ version of events, Sonic challenged Tails to a race inside the basement of Casinopolis and used the Grey Chaos Emerald as a Finish Line. While racing against Sonic in the dirty, smelly basement of Casinopolis, Tails used the updrafts of fans to grab floating Item Capsules and Rings before picking a tunnel, avoided Spiked Balls that were levitating and slamming into the ground inside the tunnels, flew over the Pop-Up Spikes while also navigating pass the swinging chained Spiked Balls, and hopefully took a good, clean shower afterwards.

The only Badnik flying around in the underground area of Casinopolis was:

  • Spinner is a bat Badnik, that flies in the air. The first Spinners had very sharp blades that could cut anyone who didn’t steer clear of them. Tails could Spin Jump into them from the bottom or on top of them to destroy them.

Sonic Adventure DX: Mystic Ruins



Tunnels, minecarts, and even a train station were constructed in the Mystic Ruins to help explorers navigate safely to other parts of the area. Even Knuckles made a door to protect the path leading to the Master Emerald Shrine. Unfortunately, Eggman also set up gates, leaving Kikis in cages as security guards to keep watch of some of them and hid the Stone Keys to the enter the rest.

Sonic Adventure DX: Big in Ice Cap



While chasing after Froggy, Big ended up inside a cave in the Ice Cap Zone. During this part of his journey, he managed to find the Life Belt, which allowed him to have better control of his buoyancy in water, a dolphin/royal blue tang Lure, which allowed Big to catch bigger types of fish, and the Chaos-possessed Froggy, who somehow was able to withstand the cold temperature and icy water, didn’t go into hibernation, and managed to escape from Big and hop his way to Sand Hill afterwards. Surprisedly, Big didn’t have to deal with any Badniks in Ice Cap.

Sonic Adventure DX: E-102 Gamma in Red Mountain



Red Mountain was a massive volcano on Angel Island. Although Eggman later sneaked onto the island while Knuckles was recollecting Master Emerald Shards and took over the area, I’m not so sure if he was the one who added the horror elements that can be found inside the volcano. Gamma went inside the mountain on a “rescue mission”. While inside the volcano, Gamma blew up dynamite to destroy rocks to create paths and knock over giant boulders to use as bridges, used his Jet Booster to hover across the lava, and avoided getting smashed into a sheet of metal by giant hammers.

RM BESTIARY (E-102 Gamma’s Version)
The Badniks Gamma “freed” on his way to reach his sibling in Red Mountain were:

  • Multiple Spinners were flying around in groups inside the caves. They made excellent targets for Gamma’s new Laser Blaster.
  • Kiki is a modern version of the Classic monkey Badnik, Coconuts. They can produce bombs with their hands and throw them at intruders. Gamma could shoot their bombs but could also be engulfed in their resulting explosions if he was too close.

RM BOSS BATTLE: E-102 Gamma VS E-104 Epsilon

E-104 Epsilon was Gamma’s younger brother, who was sent by Eggman to patrol operations in Red Mountain after losing a competition to join Eggman on the Egg Carrier. Despite having better guns than E-103 Delta, Gamma was able to dodge and shoot faster. In the end, Gamma easily destroyed Epsilon and freed the swallow trapped inside him.

Sonic Adventure DX: Lost World



Lost World is the interior of underground snake ruins left behind by Knuckles’ ancestors in the Mystic Ruins, hiding a mural of Perfect Chaos at the end. Tikal had led Sonic through the long way, while Knuckles took a shortcut to the last puzzle area to collect Master Emerald Shards #10-12.

The most interesting sections of Lost World Sonic ran through are:

  • Circular tunnels that have regular and flaming stone pillars popping in and out of the ground.
  • A water puzzle room, featuring buttons that increase the amount of water and a giant stone snake that can be used as a bridge.
  • A dark area where burning arrows are periodically released across the room. Mirrors could be used to light up certain paths.
  • A giant boulder that catches on fire and tries to squash any intruders.
  • A room with panels that have anti-gravity capabilities.

The Badniks making maps of Lost World are:

  • Boa-Boa is a snake Badnik created by fusing the designs of Caterkiller and Fireworm. They slowly float in the air, releasing flames from their sides. Their head is their weakness.
  • Leon is a modern version of the Classic chameleon Badnik, Newtron. They quietly crawl around using cloaking devices. Their camo isn’t perfect and will deactivate at certain times giving Sonic & Knuckles time to see them and make them really disappear.
  • Sol (aka Gohla or Gora) was bought back into production during Eggman’s first Eggmanland scheme. This new version expanded its orbit instead of tossing its fireballs at enemies, creating rings of fire to attack and defend simultaneously. Fortunately, Sonic & Knuckles could jump over the flames to take out Sol.

Sonic Shuffle: Frosty Rumble



Frosty Rumble is a Mini-Game where 4 dreamers pick up and throw frozen chunks of ice at each other. Fortunately, since it’s a dream, no one feels a pain…at least I don’t think they do… Once the ice chucks make contact, they will break and release Rings or Forcejewels. Larger ice chucks release more Rings but slow down characters.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: Wild Canyon



Wild Canyon was an area in the mountains with ancient ruins where Knuckles recovered his first set of 3 Master Emerald Shards after breaking it to prevent Eggman & Rouge from stealing it. In the center of the canyon was an underground area that Knuckles started his search from. 

After getting the Shovel Claw, Knuckles returned to Wild Canyon and found the Ancient Melody after digging in a secret spot.

Meanwhile Big was chilling on top of one of the mountain peaks.

The GUN Robots checking out the wildness of Wild Canyon are:

  • Rhino Jet is a ground based GUN robot on wheels, wearing the numbers “03”. When they see targets, they will try to run them over. Knuckles could take them out by Punching, Rolling, or Spin Jumping into them.
  • Gun Hawk is a giant flying GUN robot with a turret, wearing the numbers “04”. They’ll drop in from above to surprise targets before firing 1-3 rounds. Knuckles could Spin Jump or Glide into them to destroy them.
  • Gold Beetle is the rarest version of GUN’s Beetle Series robots. They hide in specific locations while collecting intel. They will only become visible, and vulnerable, for a short period of time if a living creature gets close enough. If anyone destroys it, they will get a Chaos Drive (and 1,000 Points added to the Score). If a Gold Beetle is discovered and survives its encounter, it will reactivate its camo, leave the area, and head back to HQ. The Gold Beetle stationed in Wild Canyon was hiding on the left side of the buried Sphinx Head.

WC Fast Facts

  • In Battle Mode, the skies in Wild Canyon are brown and cloudy due to a dust storm.
  • For some reason, Big’s cameo in Wild Canyon doesn’t appear in the HD Version of Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: Aquatic Mine



Aquatic Mine was an abandoned mine that has an internal flood control system and spooky, flaming torches. Knuckles had to search for his 3rd set of Master Emerald Pieces here. 

Inside a submerged part of the mine was the Air Necklace, a mini infinite oxygen tank that allows the user to avoid drowning and swim for as long as their body can handle it.

It seems Big also had an Air Necklace, because he somehow got stuck under one of the platforms that move when the water rises and didn’t drown. Although with his strength, I don’t think he was trapped very long.

The Enemies taking a dive in Aquatic Mine are:

  • Mono Beetle is the most basic member of GUN’s Beetle Series robots. Build with cloaking devices but no weapons, they float in place and use their cameras to survey the mine.
  • A Gold Beetle was hiding in the corner of the first floor.
  • Rhino Spike is a Rhino Jet carrying a flatbed of sharp metal spikes. Despite not being able to Spin Jump or Drill Claw into it, Knuckles could still punch its lights out.
  • Boo is a type of ghost that loves dark and spooky locations, such as graveyards and ruins. If anyone enters their haunting grounds, they will retaliate by either grabbing them or attacking them. However, any basic attack can scare them off.
  • Scare Boo is a non-lethal version of Boos that loves jump scaring. As soon as anyone gets close to their hiding spot, they’ll pop out and disappear soon after. Despite not hurting Knuckles, he did get stunned by their scares and was left open to other enemies’ attacks.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: Pool Quest



Pool Quest is the Multiplayer Mode Version of Aquatic Mine. This Stage challenges Knuckles, Rouge, Tikal, and Chaos Zero to swim underwater and race to find 1 Master Emerald Shard.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: Pyramid Cave



Pyramid Cave was a long cave inside Eggman’s desert base, in the human world, that Sonic rushed through to find the door to Eggman’s rocket. On his way to the neon lollipop Eggman Door, Sonic swung from rotating poles, to stay on the higher paths, found and equipped the Bounce Bracelet on his wrist, which allowed Sonic to do Bounce Jumps and reach higher areas, grabbed Keys, which needed to be placed in the center of certain platforms to activate certain doors, and flipped Hourglasses, which opened doors but also started timers that required Sonic to reach the doors before they closed, and literally jumped through hoops (which added more points to the Score). 

Big watched Sonic grind by from behind a fence on top of 1 of the open tunnels.

The Enemies roaming the tunnels of Pyramid Cave were:

  • E-1000 is a mass produced Badnik version of E-102 Gamma, armed with 2 guns for hands. Despite being quick draws and having decent accuracy, they could only shoot 2 shots at a time at 1 specific target and aren’t as durable as Gamma, being defeated by Sonic’s Homing Attack, Spin Dash, or Bounce Attack.
  • Boos appeared throughout the cave, grabbing Sonic and allowing the E-1000 to shoot at him or slow him down and try to prevent him from reaching Hourglass Doors before they closed. It’s almost as if Eggman formed an alliance with them…
  • A Gold Beetle was floating above a Tri-Spring, but Sonic destroyed it using a Homing Attack and continued on his run.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: Death Chamber



In order to access Eggman’s rocket, Knuckles had to find 3 Eggman-shaped keys hidden inside Death Chamber. On his search for the 3 Egg Keys, Knuckles found the Hammer Gloves, which allow him to break Iron Boxes, dug through walls, to access other areas, punched Hourglasses, to open timed doors, avoided the floating Weight Traps, that fall if anyone goes underneath them, and looked at the maps, located on the walls of the area, to check his location and avoid getting lost.

Somehow, Big managed to climb inside the large “E-01” machine column in the big room.

The Badniks & Ghosts trying to lower Knuckles’ life expectancy in Death Chamber were:

  • E-1000s continue to patrol the hallways of Eggman’s base and protect the Egg Keys.
  • Spiky Spinner (aka Unidus) & Sol are 2 types of Orbinauts Eggman used to defend the rooms in his pyramid base. Spiky Spinner swings its Spike Balls and Sol swings its fireballs, both creating planetary rings to attack and defend without losing ammo. However, Knuckles can still Spin Jump, Glide, or Drill Claw into them while avoiding getting stabbed and burned.  
  • Boos & Scare Boos continue to be annoying and cause problems for Knuckles.
  • Boom Boo is a powered up version of Boo that has soulless black eyes and a cross stitched mouth. However, after taking 1 attack, it shrinks but change its appearance into a big Boo. A second attack will change it into a regular sized Boo.
  • The Gold Beetle was hiding behind some cages in a hallway, that could be destroyed by a rocket.

DC BOSS BATTLE: Knuckles VS King Boom Boo

King Boom Boo is a giant ghost, who apparently was living inside Eggman’s pyramid base and decided to take a bite out of Knuckles. Knuckles couldn’t do anything except dodge his flames and mouth since King Boom Boo was invincible…in the dark. Once Knuckles was able to hit the Hourglass held by a regular Boo and let sunlight enter the area, King Boom Boo grew weak and tried to hide in the ground and walls. Knuckles followed King Boom Boo’s shadow, dug him out, and punched him back to the afterlife.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: Sonic & Eggman VS Egg Golem



The Modern Egg Golem was a giant stone robot Eggman created to protect his pyramid base and crush Sonic. When Sonic fought him, he had to climb up its back, and hit the “brain” on top of its head with a Homing Attack 5 times.

After Sonic destroyed the “brain”, it started malfunctioning and attacking its creator. In the end, Eggman had to destroy it by blowing up the power supplies located in its chest.

Fast Fact: If Sonic fell into the quicksand during this Boss Battle, he could easily Spin Jump out like in past games. However, Eggman would instantly KO if he lands in the quicksand.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: Egg Quarters



Egg Quarters is a remixed version of Death Chamber, where Rouge tries to sneak into Eggman’s base and find 3 Egg Keys. While soaring through the halls, Rouge found the Pick Nails, which allow her to dig.

In the background, Big was stuck to a fan hanging on the wall.

The Badniks & Ghosts keeping count of the Egg Quarters were:

  • The Security Scarabs are a pair of indestructible Super Badniks that roam the hallways and use a searchlight to find and locate intruders. If they manage to find anyone, that person will have to quickly escape to avoid getting hit by lasers. Fortunately, the Security Scarabs are slow, need to recharge after firing the lasers, and can’t see anything hiding in the dark or shadows.
  • E-1000s are still shooting first & asking questions later.
  • Kiki replaces Spiky Spinner & Sol, throwing bombs at Rouge once they see her. 
  • Boos & Scare Boos are still a nuisance.
  • The Gold Beetle was hiding in a smaller room, within the Egg Snake area.

Sonic Advance 2: Hot Crater Zone



The Hot Crater Zone is an area in a volcanic region, on an unknown island/region, that was dug up and is being constructed into something else by Eggman. While rushing through the area, Sonic & the others occasionally used crane hooks to launch themselves into the air.

The Badniks burning up in the Hot Crater Zone are:

  • Sols spin their fireballs around themselves horizontally. This means that they can only be destroyed with Spin Jumps or certain aerial attacks, like Sonic’s Homing Attack and Knuckles’ Drill Claw.
  • Diamondback (aka Koura in Japan) is a turtle Badnik that slowly wheels around on the ground or slowly floats in the air. Their shells were designed to be similar to Springs and will bounce Sonic & and the others if they Spin Jump onto them. 
  • Flame Jello (aka Kura-Kura in Japan) is a new version of the jellyfish Badnik, Jello, that can fly and swing a flaming tentacle.
  • Mamba (aka Kubinaga in Japan) is a snake Badnik that was installed in the ground and walls of the Zone. They slither from their spots and shoot flame projectiles from their faces.

HCZ BOSS BATTLE: Sonic, Cream, Tails, Knuckles, & Amy VS Eggman & the Egg Bomber Tank


The Egg Bomber Tank was a fast moving tank Eggman created to defend the Hot Crater Zone. Armed with a cannon that constantly moved up and down, it fired Eggman imprinted cannonballs at our heroes. Even when its cannon was destroyed, it was still able to launch cannonballs. 

Sonic Heroes: Mystic Mansion



Mystic Mansion was the interior of Hang Castle, Eggman’s (and possibly Neo Metal Sonic’s) twisted take on a haunted house. While inside, Hero Teams activated switches to alter reality, such as bringing statues and paintings to come to life, grinded on spider web style Grind Rails, which crisscross, caught a ride on an underground rail trolley, where Tails, Cream, Rouge, and Charmy had to lift the trolley to avoid lasers and other hazards, and cleared a room filled with 3 challenges specialized for each team member.

Although the other Teams were trying to find an exit, Team Chaotix was on a mission to blow out 60 red flaming, bone torches.

The Egg Pawns & other Badniks doing housekeeping inside the Mystic Mansion are:

  • Egg Knight is a golden Egg Pawn with a spike on its head. They sometimes act as a leader for regular Egg Pawns and can wield any variety of shield and weapon. Fortunately, if Hero Teams manage to destroy an Egg Knight leading a group, all other Egg Pawns nearby will self-destruct.
  • Dual Pawn is an Egg Pawn carrying any type of shield as well as any type of weapon, in each robot hand. Fast Teammates can use their Tornado Attack to blow Dual Pawn’s shields away and make it easier for strong Teammates to destroy them.
  • Spear Pawn is an Egg Pawn carrying a long, pointy spear. Once they see an intruder, they will charge at them with their spears sharp and ready to stab. Sonic, Shadow, Amy, & Espio had to be careful not to accidentally hit the spears when using a Homing Attack.
  • Pumpkin Ghost is a lit up Jack-o-lantern Badnik that works outside Hang Castle and inside Mystic Mansion. They either hide their presence using cloaking devices or have the ability to teleport, because they will occasionally appear out nowhere. Once they show up, they’ll either stand still and stare at intruders or slowly float over to them. Most attacks will defeat them while Sonic, Shadow, Amy, & Espio could use them as stepping stones by Home Attacking them. They were the only Badnik that doesn’t drop Power-Ups when defeated.
  • Gun Pawn is an Egg Pawn carrying a gun, which can shoot several rounds.
  • Bazooka Pawn is an Egg Pawn carrying a bazooka, which is good for long distance attacks. However, it takes time to charge each shot.
  • Egg Bishop is a witch style Egg Pawn carrying a staff that can heal itself and other Badniks. Certain attacks will cause it to flip upside down and transform into Egg Magicians.
  • Egg Magician is a dark and stronger form of the Bishop Pawn. While it can also heal other Badniks, it has another spell that creates a magic circle that captures and drains the Rings of anyone within its range. Trapped teammates will be freed once the Magician Pawn is destroyed. Certain attacks will force them to change into Egg Bishops.
  • Egg Rook is a giant, towering Egg Pawn wielding a spiky hammer. What they lack in speed they make up for in power. The common strategy for defeating them is to wait for them to spin & swing their hammers. Afterwards they tend to lose their balance, allowing Hero Teams to knock them down, and then attack their head to finish them off.
  • Heavy Egg Rook is an Egg Rook wearing a helmet to protect its weak spot. However, the helmet will come off if it gets knocked down to the ground.
  • Rhinotank is a modern version of the Classic rhinoceros Badnik, Rhinobot. The ones used alongside the first Egg Pawn Series Badniks were modified to run on Grind Rails and given mini-turrets that fire tiny spiked balls. They appeared in the second underground trolley section.


Act 2 Discussion Questions
1. Which of the Millennium Era Cave Zones are the best, in your opinion?

2. Which of the Millennium Era Cave Zones are the worst, in your opinion?

3. What are your favorite Millennium Era Cave Zone Music Track(s)?

4. Which of the Millennium Era Cave Zone Badniks or Bosses are the most annoying?

5. Are there any ideas/gimmicks from these Millennium Era Cave Zones that you feel should return or stop coming back?

6. Would you like to see any of these Zones get remixed or return in a future game?

7. Anything. Feedback, questions, comments, etc.

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Mystic Cave was a fun level. I remeber also playing s rehash of it on Sonic 3 Multiplayer Split screen. 

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