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Realism in Sonic


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Wait, seriously? If I had to compare Charmy's eyes to any other character's, I'd compare them to Amy's.

...His whole face, really.

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Yeah, they gave Charmy the same smaller facial proportions as the kid characters, but he still has the furrowed cyclops eyes.

I could argue Charmy is among the few that benefited to some degree from the modern redesigns since he didn't lose a lot besides being scaled more normally (which was kinda implied to begin with with cases like the Chaotix title screen anyway). If anything I like how his new design adds an extra distinction by emphasising his protruding butt a bit more, which is always a good design quick for a cartoon bee with a stinger on the end of it.

Reminder of Charmy's original manga design though:


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3 hours ago, Kuzu said:

....also his eyes became the stereotypical kid eyes that Tails, Cream, and Marine have. 


Uh...what do you meaning?

Also I've never really noticed before, but Charmy doesn't actually have a button nose like Amy, Tails, and Cream...his actually is like a shorter version of Sonic's.

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Oooh, we're talking Sonic character eyes designs! That's like my own little special interest in the series!

I agree with the notion that modern Charmy's eyes are closest to modern Amy's eyes. I've felt that way for years, but this is actually the very first time I've seen someone else point it out.

Charmy Bee (@charmythebee) | Twitter

Sonic X Surprise Amy Rose Sonic U01y8 Image Provided - EpiCentro ...

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If there's one thing I miss about classic Amy it's that she had those big wide open eyes, which deviated her from the other 'cyclops' characters who all had at least a small furrowed look on them. Made her look more innocent I guess. The added more feminine proportions like the smaller nose worked fine for modern Amy but I feel they should have kept that distinction in expression.



Not a bad look don't ya think?


Also if there's one thing I find a noteworthy shame about Chronicles being copyright no-go it's some of the designs.


While her body is the same modern mould, Shade's facial design is pretty unique against everyone else.

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I like classic Amy's eyes, but I still think modern Amy's eyes are the most attractive in the entire series.

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