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Funny Debug Mode Stories


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Welcome to Funny Debug Mode stories. This is a thread where you can tell funny/interesting stories about things that happened in Sonic games while you were using Debug Mode.


I have a story that happened in Sonic Mania. I was going through each zone and generally just messing around. When I make it to Mirage Saloon, I look through the stuff I can place, I see that I can place the Caterkiller boss. So I place like 10 of them but nothing happened. Until I got on the train in Act 1. All of a sudden i'm ambushed by my team of giant Caterkillers and I almost die multiple times. Then I get back onto the tornado still being attacked by giant Caterkillers. So I just go for it and try to defeat as many as possible. Luckily defeating one Caterkiller makes the sign appear. But when the sign fell it missed the tornado and I was immediately killed by a Caterkiller. So I have to start the level over. But for some reason, instead of sending me to the beginning of Sonic's Act 1 I'm sent to Knuckles' Act 1. Everything went back to normal after that but it was still a very funny and weird experience.

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I remember a few.

I think the weirdest one was in Sonic 2's Death Egg. I remember that if you place lots of teleports during the Silver Sonic battle, the game eventually will bug and you'll access the Death Egg Robot area, so you can basically have 2 bosses at the same time. If I'm not wrong if you use more teleports and back to the Robot area, more will spawn and you can fight with like, 5 Robots and Silver Sonic. Likely, it was in one of those I found that if you add a ring on Death Egg and get hit by Silver Sonic, Eggman in the background does a discreet laugh.

Speaking of Sonic 2, it's pretty likable everyone once tried to do the Ashura bug.

I don't remember any really memorable Sonic 1 bugs. In fact, it took me a while to realize how to access the debug mode of the game.

On Sonic 3, though, I think it's pretty likable everyone also had fun messing around with the duplicated levels after the minibosses. Still, I must admit I've a great irrational fear of this, like if some scaring boss would appear suddenly. In fact, I'm usually scared of too empty things.

The last one is something I've learn on Internet and must admit is probably the best trick I've ever discovered in a game. It's very crazy too. In S3&K, at Death Egg last boss (The Eggman Robot), for some reason, if you add tons of "S" monitors and break them all, the game eventually will crash and aside going back to Sonic 3 & Knuckles title screen, the game removes its Lock-On and takes you back to Sonic & Knuckles title screen. This is an awesome trick (And I think the only one known so far) to make Debug Mode accessible on Sonic & Knuckles.

I remember there was a trick on Sonic CD PC for Win 95 which could change Palmtree Panic's boss, but I don't remember exactly how to do it and if evolved Debug Mode. Likely it's the only debug mode trick for the game aside the debug mode monitors. I don't recall using Debug Mode on Knuckles' Chaotix and Sonic Mania. And I guess aside from those, there's no other Sonic game I remember using Debug Mode.

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