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What if other comic companies had a chance at Sonic?


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Had this thought a while back, what if Archie lost the license a lot earlier, maybe in the Gallagher days? What would Sonic comics under valiant, Marvel, DC or even 90s Image comics look and be like? What do you imagine the stories and art be like? If Marvel did them would they have tried to make them canon to the Marvel Universe as they did Rom, Godzilla and even Transformers with a one issue crossover with Spider-Man? If IDW had the license earlier what crossovers would have already been done? could we have seen Power Rangers and Sonic or maybe even Stark Trek since at this point I think IDW is trying to cross Star Trek over with every single property they have the license to.

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“What sort of crossovers do you think IDW would have done if they had it earlier?”

*weeps for that Doctor Who crossover that could have happened*

Anyway, assuming Sega even made a second attempt in this supposed alternate reality where the Archie series collapsed in its earlier days, I feel they likely would have looked for another smaller company to do it.

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