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What order should I play the games in?


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TL;DR: I want to set aside a time to play ALL the Sonic games. What order is best? Which ones should I skip?

Hi! I know it's weird to post without an account, so here's a bit about me:
I am 24, and SA2 was a massive part of my childhood. I missed out on the older 2D games, and I watched the 3D games fall off in quality over the past 15 Years. I have stayed a fan, but just haven't actively followed every game. I have been buying a few games time-to-time, but don't know much about most of them. 

So, I want to play them all soon. Which leads me to a few questions:
What is the best order? Are there any I should skip? Are there non-important games i should play ANYWAY because of cool mechanics? Is there a canon story? how many story lines are there? Should I read comics also? Are there games that are hard to get? Is it worth getting them?

I'll stop here, because I hope you get the idea. Long-Time fans: What line-up of content would YOU say is the "Full Sonic Experience"?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me complete this project.

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Any order you like really, but i would recomend playing them on release order.

There is a canon story but most games work well has standalone stories even if they make some references to past games.

I think you should skip some of the classics games (the ones that arent 1, 2, 3k and cd), because they arent that good and are a little bit hard to get nowadays, i would also skip some of the spin offs.

The comics are completely optional since they have their own storyline and don't follow the games (there are some comics tied to the games like the sonic forces prequel comic and the lost world prequel comic, but you can undertand the games well without them)

Some of the classic games are a bit hard to get nowadays as mentioned before, as well as more modern but obscure games like pocket adventure and sonic shuffle.


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there is no chronological order, you can really play them in whatever order you like.

only thing i suggest is that you save mania and generations once you've played a good chunk of the mainline games, as the celebration aspects of the game will have more of an impact that way.

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What people said above. Personally I played what I found cheap/convenient , watched on YouTube rest in more-less chronological order. And when something popped out on Steam later, I waited for price drop and then gave a shoot.

CLASSIC: 1,2, CD, 3&K are something every Sonic fan probably should try once,
But everything else? Well, just if you're curious. Most of them are cheap, short and easy to get hold of.
Spinball or Sonic R aren't great games, but interesting experience.

ADVENTURE: SA1. SA2, HEROES you will probably like
Shadow and 06 only if feel the need. If you play with lowest expectations, your opinion can only improve
Spin-0ff. Riders 1 was a good game, but only if you take time to learn how to play it. Start will be rough, sequels were mediocre or bad
Advance 1-3 are cute distractions, good, but not "classic" good. Rush 1-2 as well, but they have more style and lore.
In comparison Rivals games are time killer. Nothing technically bad, but nothing really good. Just time killer.
Sonic Chronicles is average. There are so many better RPGs, but maybe novelty of Sonic RPG is enough for you.
Sonic Battle actually has one of best Sonic stories and is visually impressive for GBA. Gameplay lacks challenge and gets boring fast, but I still recommend experiencing it "properly" if possible. Side note, on 2nd play-through there are extra messages from Gerald's journal. Worth seeing.

MODERN Unleashed, Colors, Generations, Mania are good games, but don't except great plot. In fact, most of those games have weak comedy or non existent stories.
Forces, Lost World, 4 if you're okay with "average" gameplay. I think Forces is worth checking for Avatar, if bought cheap.
Rise of Lyric.... if you must. Whole Boom franchise is just just kinda there.
Secret Ring/ Black Knight are definitely interesting enough to look (with decent stories), but their gameplay has bad reviews, so your choice. Maybe looking it up on Youtube will be enough?
All star/ Team Racing are decent racing games, especially if you like the playable characters
Olympic games, if the premise sounds appealing to you. London 2012 is often considered best from the series.

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