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Potential New Animation


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I'm not sure if someone did a thread for this. Feel free to correct me mods.

I saw this tweet:


Does this suggest a new animation inspired by Sonic Unleahsed?? What do you guys think?

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Marza have been putting out art of the Unleashed ghosts consistently for like, a year now. It's just a way to raise awareness of their own properties - they frequently draw them interacting with characters from their other IP, for example.

Given the amount of fanart they receive from fans who only know them for their Sonic work, I kind of expected them to throw Sonic fans a bone at some point - but I don't think it's implying a new animation or anything like that. It's just a cute way to thank Sonic fans for supporting their Twitter.

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Honestly I've found the amount of art they've been posting of the Ghosts recently kinda interesting in general. I don't know if there's really anything to it but still.

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If Marza did make a new Sonic animation, I can't imagine Sega giving them a budget large enough to animate for more than 30 seconds

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Sega did just recently make a commitment to continuing with Sonic animations - although that was in regards to the much cheaper to produce 2D animations that have been coming down the tubes as of late.

Even so, they obviously recognize that people seem to hold these kinds of projects in high regard, so I don't think a return to a NotW kind of mini-movie is out of the cards.

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If we are gonna see these ghosts again in a new short, I don't expect that to be released till around next Halloween. They did do the Mania winter episode and Chao in Space around Christmas, so I figure they'll follow suit. 

Regarding the cartoon itself assuming it's real, what will it be about? It's a given this'll be after Unleashed, so how will they have Lah interact with Sonic if he can't become the wolf form she's attracted too? The other thing is that it should do something different with the ghosts asides from scaring and play tricks on the people. Tails is a definite stand-in for Chip acting as the fraidy cat foil for Sonic's risk taking tendencies. (Which ain't gonna fly well after what Forces done to him) Of course, you can always have the ghosts stalk different characters like Knuckles and see how'd they react. And there's always having Sonic and the ghosts team up against a bigger threat, Eggman or even King Boom Boo, ala Sonic X, perhaps. 


Mindless spitballing in the end, but I'd still say Marza original characters have a pretty fair shot at coming back someday if they can do a collab with Neko Productions.

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