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2 New Sonic 2 (16-Bits) Prototypes Unveiled


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As some of you already may be knowing, hiddenpalace.org have been organizing a full month of new Sonic prototypes content. Nearly 3 weeks ago, 8 Sonic CD prototypes have been released. This weekend, it was time for the (likely) Sonic game which got more scrapped content from its initial plan, Sonic 2. None of them really brings such impressive things such as the dreamed playable "Dust Hill" (aka the desert level mock-up) or some extended version of Hidden Palace or Wood Zone. In fact, it goes much more to the oppose side, making us believe that not much more than what we already have seen on Simon Wai Prototype and Nick Arcade were developed.

Still then, not everything is a disaster, in fact, the prototype give us some real minor cool stuff you might want to check out, specially regarding level order, theories confirmations on Dust Hill mystery and I guess Casino Night design is one of the coolest things of them all. I think with this, here's the actual (And likely, due to lack of a few date info) Sonic 2 prototypes timeline:

Sonic 2 Nick Arcade Prototype (Sonic 2 Alpha) → Sonic 2 Simon Wai Prototype (Sonic 2 Beta) → August 21st, 1992 PrototypeSeptember 14th, 1992 Prototype CENSOR → Beta 4 → Beta 5 → Beta 6 → Beta 6B → Beta 7 → Beta 8 → Sonic 2 (REV00) → Sonic 2 (REV01)

Bold prototypes are the ones revealed this weekend.

I won't guarantee anything as I'm going to enter on test season, but with my vacations nearby, I'm going to do a deep research on Sonic 2's development and try to bring some solutions to old mysteries and coherent theories. Until then, enjoy the prototypes!

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I know this is my own board, but in the sonic 2 proto from august in the messed up special stage i failed it without crashing and it showed a blue screen with CPZ music. Nothin' special also i assume it's just the sonic 1 special stage.  

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Another theory i have is that the level in the nick arcade proto that is messed the cats up might be cyber city if i can i might me able to craft the level layout since there IS collision in it and try to make a map of it. ( i can't make a hack or anything cuz' i do not know how to make ROM hacks )

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Merged two similar topics together.

Also @ToxicWater, in the future please use proper capitalization and punctuation in your posts in order to improve readability. Thanks!

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