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Sonic Adventure E3 Trial


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Recently got my hands on a REAL COPY of the Sonic Adventure E3 Trial and have began examining it to see what differences there are to it and the final finished version of the game (the western release of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure International in Japan).

Check out my YouTube video!

PS: I have recently updated this video, as I was informed by another YouTube user, who I assume is a member of this site also; that I made a little mistake at the beginning of the original video. 🤦‍♂️ 

And to that one who pointed this mistake of mine out to me, if you’re reading this I do thank you :) as it meant that I could update and fix this human error. :) As obviously, like all video makers, I want to try and make this video as good as I possibly can. ✅ I have also left my thanks in the credits too. ✏️  :) 

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