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What are your favorite Sonic Comic issues?


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IDW Sonic #4


Introduction of Tangle, with some phenomenal artwork. Lots of 'splosions and action.

IDW Sonic #9


Part 1 of the Battle for Angel Island saga. Neo Metal Sonic from Heroes turns Angel Island into a fortress, and all the characters join in battle to stop him.

IDW Sonic #10


Part 2 of the aformentioned story arc. Some brutal fight scenes with Metal grinding Sonic & Knuckles faces into the pavement. Ouch.

IDW Sonic #11


Finale of the three part arc.

IDW Sonic #14


Dr. Starline takes the stage here. He is easily my favorite new character from these comics. So full of himself. And I really like his character design too. Silver shows up and helps in battle.

IDW Sonic #15

329?cb=20190320190134Again, some really nice artwork by a new artist. (I don't know what it is, but I really like the way Eggman is drawn in this issue.) some good action scenes with Rough & Tumble piloting a giant mech, and a twist at the end which sets the stage for a new story arc.

Sonic Mega Drive: The Next Level


Tyson Hesse knocks it out of the park with some amazing artwork. Definitely has the feel of an old Genesis game, with the gang traveling to various different zones.

Sonic Universe #59


Shadow Fall, part 1. This comic acts as a mini-sequel to Shadow's 2005 game, with the Black Arms returning and G.U.N playing a big role. 

Sonic Universe #60


Shadow Fall, Part 2. A new face emerges and tries to turn Shadow to the dark side, (with brief flashes of moments seen in Sonic Adventure 2 & Shadow the Hedgehog) while Rouge & E123 help fight the Black Arms.

Sonic Universe #61


The action continues as Rouge & E123 try to free Shadow from the control of a new villain. I must say, the action here is a bit intense. This is definitely Sonic for an older audience, and I love it.

Sonic Universe #62


Shadow Fall, Part 4. The finale. Shadow does battle with a new foe while a bomb is set to go off, threatening everyone.

Sonic the Hedgehog #19


Night of 1000 Sonic's. A nostalgic comic from my childhood, one could compare to 'Into the Spiderverse' with all sorts of Sonic's from different dimensions doing battle with Robo-Robotnik. A funny little reference to Thanos too.

Sonic: Mecha Madness


Another nostalgic comic from my childhood, with lots of amazing artwork as a roboticized Sonic fights a roboticized Knuckles.

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My favorites IDW issues are the annual, issue 2, issue 15 and issue 16.

And for the archie period, I loved the entire champions arc.

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Was going to ask if this was just IDW, which it almost looked like.

It's been a little while since I read some of Archie's vast library, nevermind ranked any comics.

Might have to come back later--Sevral Timez. Though of the bat, I will say that Eggman's Dozen in Sonic Universe 83-86 was a great arc Post-Reboot.



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I don't have a favorite from IDW yet, but I loved the Babylon Rising series from Archie's Sonic Universe. Reading a fun backstory full of action with some of my favorite Sonic characters was great. I also liked how well the Tails Adventure characters were used here.

While I think it takes itself too seriously, I liked Shadow Fall as well. The plot isn't perfect, but I wish Shadow the Hedgehog had this story instead of being a cringy clusterfuck full of meme material.


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There is a bunch of comics I could throw out there, but I think I'm going to start out with this one.




It checks off all the boxes for me. First off, the artwork hits it out of the park. Its fast, energetic and entertaining, and Sonic and Bunnie frankly pop off the page with their ability to emote and exaggerate. If I'm not mistaken, this was like Bates second issue with the comic... Man, that dude is a gem right out of the gates.

While the story at its surface is another hero v hero romp, Its done in a manner that is believable and even had a clever resolution. Sonic and Bunnie don't just butt heads until a solution presents itself, they actively discuss their problems and through their friendship and open dialog create their own solution in which they flip a dire situation on its head and makes it so everyone wins. It also showcases some of the character quirks that makes Flynn so appealing as an writer. His ability to leverage family ties, past lure and circumstance creates some truly sympathetic villains. They are just good people in a bad spot. Dealing with these kinds of situations, the grey areas in between are what made this era of comics so entertaining. It wasn't enough to just go beat up Eggman. You had to deal with the fallout. You had to find a way to save the people who didn't want to be saved. You had to protect the jerks who didn't deserve it. Just good stuff all around.

This issue is a microcosm for what the medium could do for the franchise.

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Archie Sonic #175.

I'm incredibly biased, so you probably know why this is my favorite. Having Eggman beat down Sonic is 11/10



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Sonic Universe #21-24: Treasure Team Tango

What sells it for me is seeing all these various characters: Team Rose (with Balze standing in for Big), Team Dark, Babylon Rogues, and Team Hooligan bounce off from each other. 

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28 was my first issue, and looking back I'd argue Sonic throwing down with the rest of the Freedom Fighters is one of the first memorable fight sequences in a series that's full of them. Shout out to Antoine leading a parade of SatAM background extras in an ambush. SatAM actually used the same amnesia plot device with the episode "No Brainer", but Archie pulled off a much more engaging story with the same setup. 


84 is pure spectacle depicting the fight between Super Sonic and Perfect Chaos. Apparently Steven Butler was on this one, but man I had to do a double take to make sure Spaz didn't just turn in a whole issue. Super Sonic has never stuck out as much as he does here.


Sort of in the same vein. I really like 126 as a stand-alone issue. It stands out to me as a homage to Fleetway's Psycho Super Sonic, and in the thoughtful way it invokes the ring energy mechanic straight from the games.

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This issue will always stay with me as I may have had a little bit to do with getting this alternate cover. Maybe 😂

When issue 8 was released last August this Metal Sonic artwork was in the back under the "Next Month" bit , i took to Twitter and sent Tracey Yardley a tweet saying how awesome it was and it should be made into a poster or something , anyway Tracey 'Liked' the tweet and a good few hundred more  folks approved too. It was soon later announced that it was going to be the B cover for issue 9.

Did I trigger it? Who knows but its a wonderful piece of art.



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I really hate going by numbers because a lot of Sonic comic books I have are collections and rip,

I loved the arcs with ''Spark of Life  and Countdown to Chaos, also like Ambused.


As for IDW Issues I love issue 8 which introduced Whisper the Wolf, and the Batle for Angel Island was such a good arc , issue 14 that kickstarts the Mecha-Virus arc is very quickly and easily becoming my favorite issues because of said arc.

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From Archie, I like Archie Sonic 171: I Am. The one with Shadow going into the CD to talk with Maria and Gerald, and where we get to see more of NICOLE's corporal form.

Outside of that, I don't really have specific issue numbers, but certain arcs I really loved. Spark of Life, Shadow Fall, and the Silver Age are up there. Honestly, I'm also a big fan of anything with Anti-Mobius. Treasure Team Tango is up there, too...I liked the interactions between this unlikely set of characters. Haha, it's so hard to pick.

From IDW, I'm really falling in love with this current Zombots arc. I really love that Eggman's become a threatening presence again. I missed that a lot. The garden story in the annual with Silver and Blaze is really heartfelt and adorable, too. But we'll have to see more of the comic before I can pick a favorite, I think...!


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