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If Sonic was mantained as a Multimedia franchise (Not only Video Games)?


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That was just a random idea which came up in my mind today earlier. I was discussing with a friend at school that Sonic didn't had so many memorable titles since Generations. Alright, may we mention Sonic Mania (Plus) and Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed (And its prequels and variations). Aside the TV series, Sonic Boom proved to be a failure, Sonic Forces and Lost World were OK. Than, I was wandering around the web, and asking myself a few reasons why I still follow the Sonic franchise, and I came up with a few interesting points:

  • Shorts and Game Promotional content:

Sonic Mania Adventures which says by itself. I don't think there's a great doubt that the series is enjoyed by most of fans. Even with Sonic Mania Plus, those kind of media is always appreciated. Other thing which I miss so much on nowadays which I loved from the Classic and Adventure era were the Artworks. As a kid, I always loved to wonder what Sonic was doing when he was not saving the day on video games.

  • Minor and mobile games:

Without to mention that Sonic Mania was mostly an "official" fan game, I think one of the most games I usually have enjoyed in the last months of Sonic are in the mobile ones. Sonic Dash and the mini Sonic's SEGA Forever collection were some of the most games I played. And that's a crucial point for this topic for me. I think one of the bests examples I can say is Sonic 4 (At least, the episode I). Even with the mixed/average reception, I need to say that the game was an excellent boredom slayer on my iPod Touch.

  • Sonic popularity in TVs and Cartoons.

Something which Sonic is one of the few video games franchises who can be proud of, is its popularity on the TV. As said above, Sonic Boom was one of the few things who people liked from the sub-franchise, but that's not all, you certainly need to agree that Sonic in Wreck-it-Ralph was one of the main reasons you had to watch the movie, if not, at least gave it a special touch. And well, now he's backing for the sequel.

  • The Music

Even moved into a further music style that is very different from the Sonic franchise (Meanwhile I'm more into Electro/Techno and Trance, and Sonic is more Rock/Indie Pop), the music is one of the main reasons why people still interested on the franchise, Sonic '06 is the best example I can give, as many of us certainly said once "The only "good" side of it, is the music". And Sonic was my first kickstart for really enjoying having music in my cellphone or keep listening some music wherever I am, same the songs don't having any relation to Sonic anymore.

Alright, but everything above is just my opinion. Now, try to imagine this situation:

Sonic still the main franchise of SEGA, however they don't develop big titles anymore (As Sonic Forces, Lost World or Generations) and the only games we have are minor or third party games as a few mobile titles or things such as Sonic Mania and Sonic Team Racing. The money saved from making games is now invested into the make of toys, new (Or enchantment) of new TV Series, movies, improvement and promotion of the comics books or even try something new at the web. In a few words, stop having big titles and having more investment on minor things.

Even all of us knowing this is a very unlikely scenario, do you think that the franchise would keep going? Looking to the actual situation of the franchise (Which aren't one of the worse), would you adopt this (Or part of the) idea? Which points would you change and keep for having a better series?

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I couldn't guess how it would appeal to people in general, but personally, gameplay is the part of the series I'm most interested in, so having them steer away from "big" games would be a losing proposition for me. I mean, sure, Mania was the best game the series has had in ages and this doesn't rule out more games like it, but I do still want to see Sonic Team (or a replacement team) figure shit out and actually put out some good 3D Sonics.

And I'm less interested in other media because, well...I just don't have any faith in the series' writing. Not just where it's at now, but in general; I look back at the series as a whole and nothing jumps out at me as a story that deserves to be told. For a game that's not too much of a problem, they could still cobble together something fun and interesting enough to justify what you're doing while the gameplay itself would be the primary draw. But comics, cartoons, movies, etc, are reliant on their writing and storytelling, and I don't feel the series has anything solid enough to stand on its own and become something truly great, as opposed to something that's more focused on pleasing existing fans.

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Music is a dead ringer giveaway. There are some awesome beats in this franchise - and the aftermarket in fan remixes and whatnot always seems to be churning. As long as the music team keeps pumping out head bangers, there will always be an audience out to flock to them.


There is one mutimedia outlet I would like to highlight here though.


1 hour ago, Solister said:


  • Shorts and Game Promotional content:

Some of the best stuff to come out of this franchise have been the promotional shorts and side projects. Everyone adored Mania Adventures this year, and before that we had Night of the Werehog (and some short bonus CGI scenes in Unleashed) to bank on. Other Sonic Team original efforts like the opening to Riders and CD are fondly remembered.

I've always adored the extra effort they put into making this stuff. Its like a love letter to fans.

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