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Interview with the creator of the Hero Engine


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The guy did an amazing 3D Sonic engine which combines classic-inspired momentum physics, Adventure era freedom of movements, sheer sense of SPEED and various moves like boost, spin dash, drop dash... It's a joy to see for a Sonic fan from any faction be it Classic, Adventure or Modern factions.

After hearing that Sonic Mania was made by fans, it inspired him to try and make his own engine for 3D Sonic.



And a video for those didn't see it yet:




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Watched this engine grow for a while now. It is certainly an amazing project and I only have respect for this man.


However, I’ve seen this plenty of times. While Hero has it all down when it comes to mechanics and physics(hate the forces jump animation and I feel that less floatier physics would do better) I’ve yet to see any potential for Level design.

All of these fans do the same thing and never could genuinely make a good level that accommodates for 3D Sonic in a good or interesting way. Typically, it’s just Adventure-Esque stage design or a testing ground. I do hope to see this Project gain some ground but as it stands; I take reside myself with a skeptical stance..

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