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Power Ups and My Direction for Future Modern Games

Red Hot Jack

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This is a discussion thread, this is how I would do the next modern game, let's break it down into points:

- A fully 3D game: while I don't mind 2D sections, it has gotten boring, repetitive, plus we have a Classic sub-series now, it feels redundant, I want a 3D experience, and with Colors and Forces is looked like most of the game was 2D (and it was).

- Brand new gameplay experience: inb4 "this is a brand new experience" Forces jokes. I was thinking something along the lines of Lost World where they made something completely new, but faster, I thought Lost World was too slow (another pun, sorry), take inspiration from the Adventure gameplay perhaps, but more like SA1, not SA2 and 2006 which were kind of a homing attack fest if you ask me. I would love new moves, parkour worked well and it was simply underused so I'd love to see it come back along with some more moves. Maybe pull a Super Mario Odyssey and reinvent the franchise in new ways. It would be cool.

- More sense of Adventure and multiple routes: Have Sonic explore entire new planets like in Colors, but with a sense of exploration and adventure like in Odyssey, more fun situation in gameplay and NO lazy level design, have tons of routes like in Lost World maybe, it would be really appreciated and fun.

- Bring back the Power-Ups: Now this is a very important point for me, I believe power ups bring in variety, different moves and new ways to explore stages, and I think the Wisps fit Sonic, I really like them when used properly, so I would welcome them back in, especially since my idea is supposed to have Sonic explore different planets in space, it makes sense to have the Wisps. Bring back 4 Wisps like Drill, Laser, Asteroid and Burst (my favorites) plus 4 new color powers like Brown, Light Green, Silver, Fuchsia. Have them be integral to the gameplay like in Colors, and not as useless like in Lost World, where they were used only for alternate routes.

- More sense of speed: this is self explanatory, more speed, but less automation, is this possible? And absolutely no boost, not because I think it sucks, but I've just grown tired of it after so many games. Find a way to have speed without automation, a bit like in SA1 and the classics, without the scripted sections.

- Explore Fantasy Worlds: Scrap or just ignore the 2 Worlds thing, I have no idea who came up with that, just focus on the Fantasy worlds, which are what Sonic does best, I'm tired of cities, even in the animal world like in Forces, explore cartoony worlds in space, alien worlds in a fast, frenetic and fun new adventure.

- Dark Story with Shadow: add perhaps a Dark Side Story with Shadow as playable character, which would be basically a Hard Mode, and without Wisps to change the experience a little bit, maybe give Shadow some Chaos Powers to counter balance the lack of Wisps. It would be really great, also to give more playable characters.

- Have the friends in NPC roles: Like in Generations, each friend would be the host of one world, presenting it and appearing in the Hubworld, or maybe he/she would help Sonic during the stage as a tutorial NPC, bringing info on the stage gimmicks and info on the alien world.

- Difficulty: Make the game accessible for everyone, but not as simple as Forces, which was basically an interactive movie, give the player more things to do and add some hard worlds, for example the option to play as Shadow in a Hard Mode is perfect for this.

- No Avatar or Classic Sonic: CS doesn't fit Modern games, he has his own series, so why add him here? And focus on the Avatar in spin-off titles, I think it's a great idea but it's just weird in a game that should focus on Sonic, it doesn't really have a place in it.


As for the Classic games, I think the Mania route is great because it's successful, so they should continue with that, maybe add some girls, Amy is a must have, and maybe a girl, one between Sally and Honey. And just upgrade those graphics, maybe hand drawn graphics would be an interesting idea. And for the power ups, bring in more Elemental Shields like Sonic Nexus (fangame) planned to do. 

These are my 2 cents. Now, what do you think about it? What's your direction for future Modern games?

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Lost me at having friends in NPC roles but everything else is fine.

I would have at least 2 other characters playable from the start.

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