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What are your favorite Sonic Game Themes?

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There are a lot of Sonic game themes instrumental as well as vocal.

Mine favorites are Endless Possibilities, Reach For The Stars, Live & Learn (prototype), It Doesn't Matter instrumental, Fist Bump instrumental (of course to get the full instrumental I had to find a fan project, which actually they just removed the voice except toward the end where there is still an echo) and Infinite Instrumental (fan made by Kondrashov's (it's hard name to remember, but they make great instrumental Sonic remixes) Lair). Also His World-the unused and E3 trailer instrumental versions.

So what do you guys think what are your favorite Sonic game themes? It doesn't matter (joke intended) if it's instrumental or vocal.

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I could listen to Endless Possibility all day. So upbeat and catchy, and very positive. Bit controversial but I think prefer that style of song to Crush 40's. It also just feels like a love letter from Sega after 06, and to me invokes that feeling that Sonic wasn't dead and in the face of adversity from the gaming press the franchise was moving forward and not looking back. I also feel that about the song in general, it's all about moving on. Just super uplifting and I have a tonne of nostalgia for it.

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Hydrocity Act 2. Mania's in particular is what I consider the definitive version:

This song has such a funky, high-energy vibe to it. It adds great atmosphere to the stage, and manages to help make a dank cavernous water level in a Sonic game feel exciting and fun. And oh man, the part that kicks in at 0:37 - just gorgeous. Best Sonic song, nonpareil.


Some honorable mentions go to:

- Spring Yard Zone. Catchy, jazzy, good stuff.

- Chemical Plant Zone. 

- Stardust Speedway Bad Future (Japanese soundtrack, of course). Again, Mania's rendition is the definitive version in my opinion.

- "Red Barrage Area" - for the second part of Hot Shelter. A stand-out, funky track from SA1.

- Rouge's level music in general from SA2 is great. All of it has a cool jazzy sound; Egg Quarters in particular is my favorite.

- Knuckles Chaotix's entire soundtrack is amazing, while we're at it. The game itself is mostly unremarkable, but man, the music is some of the franchise's best work.


One thing I can say about the Sonic series is that it's had a lot of fantastic music over the years, and I'm hoping that doesn't change.

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There are so many I would like to mention because... they are all great.

Sonic 1 - (maybe a surprise) Marble, Star Light

Sonic 2 - Chemical Plant, Mystic Cave

Sonic 3 - Hydrocity act 2, Marble Garden act 2, Ice Cap act 1

Sonic and Knuckles - Flying Battery act 2, Sandopolis act 2, Death Egg act 1

Sonic Adventure - Azure Blue World and Windy and Ripply - Emerald Coast, At Dawn - Speed Highway

Sonic Heroes - Seaside Hill, Ocean Palace, Casino Park, Mystic Mansion, Final Fortress

Sonic Generations - Modern Green Hill, Modern Sky Sanctuary, Modern Seaside Hill, Modern Planet Wisp

Sonic Mania - Green Hill act 2, Chemical Plant act 2, Studiopolis act 2, Flying Battery act 2, Press Garden act 2, Stardust Speedway - both acts + Metal fight, Hydrocity - both acts, Oil Ocean act 2, Lava Reef act 2, Metallic Madness act 2, Egg Reverie

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That's so hard to do, considering the series has had incredible music. However some of my favourite are:

Chun-Nan (Hub Night)

Endless Possiblites 

I Am All of Me

Never Turn Back

Press Garden Act 2

Fist Bump (Instrumental)

Fight the Knight

Knight of the Wind

Live Life 

His World (Zebrahead Version)


All of them were fantastic and some of my favourites in the series.

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