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Sonic Adventure 1 Chronology

Big Panda

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I've been replying my personal favourite Sonic game over the last few days, and I was inspired to put together my own timeline of the game, covering the six main stories. I've not bothered with the final story as this timelines purpose is to keep track of what each character is doing at certain times, and Super Sonic's story takes place after all of them.

They're all divided by days, and sub-divided by times of the day (day, night and dawn/dusk). I've also given the events aboard the Egg Carrier its own section since it ended up being so long (they all take place on day 3).

DAY 0:

-Eggman creates Gamma and other E-series robots. Gamma goes through Final Egg. Beats Beta.
-Eggman releases Chaos. Angel Island falls.
-Froggy swallows Chaos' tail and a Chaos Emerald. Runs away from Big.
-Sonic battles Chaos 0.
DAY 1:
-Tails crashes his prototype plane.
-Sonic goes through Emerald Coast to save him.
-Sonic and Tails go to the Mystic Ruins, battle Egg Hornet and get their Chaos Emerald stolen.
-Sonic and Tails go through Windy Valley. They board the train back to Station Square.
-Knuckles goes to Speed Highway...
-...it's dusk by the time he gets there.
-Sonic and Tails arrive back in Station Square. Sonic goes into the sewer to find the Light Speed Shoes. He returns to the surface to find that it's nighttime.
-Sonic and Tails go through Casinopolis.
-Knuckles returns from Speed Highway and also goes to Casinopolis, somehow avoiding Sonic and Tails.
-Sonic and Tails exit the Casino and get ambushed by Eggman, who knocks them out and steals their Emerald.
-Knuckles exits the Casino and sees the unconscious Sonic and Tails outside, thinking nothing of it.
-Knuckles battles Chaos 2.
DAY 2:
-Big finally arrives in Station Square.
-Sonic and Tails wake up after what happened the night before. They go to the Mystic Ruins and go through Ice Cap.
-Big goes through Twinkle Park.
-Knuckles arrives in the Mystic Ruins and goes through Red Mountain.
-Sonic and Tails battle Knuckles and then they all battle Chaos 4.
-Sonic and Tails chase after the Egg Carrier in the Tornado, while Knuckles heads into the jungle, into Lost World.
-Big exits Twinkle Park and goes to Ice Cap.
-After the Egg Carrier shoots down the Tornado, a young birdie escapes the ship and finds Amy.
-Sonic and Tails get separated. Sonic lands in Station Square and Tails in the Mystic Ruins.
-Sonic runs into Amy and they both go through Twinkle Park.
-Tails chases after Froggy, who has made off with a Chaos Emerald. He goes through Sand Hill.
-Sonic exits Twinkle Park. He's lost Amy, and goes searching for her in Speed Highway, high above the city.
-Big exits Ice Cap in time to see Tails with Froggy. Froggy gets free of Tails' grip and escapes.
-Big gets on another train to Station Square. Tails sets off in the Tornado 2.
DAY 3 (PART 1):
-Sonic makes it down to the lower streets of Speed Highway at dawn.
-Sonic exits Speed Highway and heads to the Casino area.
-Amy finally exits Twinkle Park, only to be captured by ZERO.*
-Sonic sees ZERO with Amy as his captive from the Casino area.
-Big arrives back in Station Square as Sonic is about to head to the Mystic Ruins.
-Gamma is dispatched to capture Froggy. Both Gamma and Big head for Emerald Coast. Big is reunited with Froggy, but Gamma snatches him away.
-Knuckles finds himself back at the Master Emerald alter. After restoring the pieces he finds, he follows Gamma to the Egg Carrier launch site.
-Big also somehow finds his way to the launch site during this time. The Egg Carrier takes off.
-Sonic heads ZERO off at the Mystic Ruins, only for the robot and Amy to be beamed up by the Egg Carrier.
-Sonic chases the Egg Carrier through Red Mountain. He gets picked up by Tails in the Tornado 2 and they give chase by air.
-Sonic and Tails land on the Egg Carrier. Only for it to change shape.
-Sonic and Tails go through Sky Deck.
-Knuckles goes through Sky Deck.
-Amy is set free from her prison cell by Gamma. After playing Hedgehog Hammer, she goes through Hot Shelter.
-Big goes through Hot Shelter.
-Sonic, Tails and Amy all reunite on the top deck. Sonic battles Gamma. Amy persuades him to let him go.
-Tails and Amy fly off the Egg Carrier, and Gamma bails, as Sonic runs off to find Eggman.
-Sonic returns the Egg Carrier to its original state.
-Big exits Hot Shelter and is ambushed by Eggman and Chaos, who transforms into Chaos 6 after getting the emerald.
-Knuckles exits Sky Deck in time to be nearly blinded by the light emitted from Chaos' transformation from afar.
-Big retrieves Froggy from Chaos and escapes from the Egg Carrier with the Tornado 2.
-Sonic fends off Chaos 6, before Knuckles shows up.
-Sonic gives chase after Eggman off the Egg Carrier as Knuckles is left to finish off Chaos 6.
-The Egg Carrier crashes.
DAY 3 (PART 2):
-Gamma lands in the Mystic Ruins and heads to Windy Valley.
-Big lands back at his home in the jungle, and continues to live happily with his buddy, Froggy.
-Sonic lands elsewhere in the jungle, and he goes through Lost World.
-Gamma goes to Red Mountain.
-Tails and Amy land in Station Square. Amy decides to head for the Mystic Ruins in search of birdie's family.
-Eggman attempts to blow up Station Square, but the missile he launches fails to explode.
-Amy arrives in the Mystic Ruins and heads to the Final Egg.
-Tails races Eggman to the unexploded missile.
-Tails battles the Egg Walker. After being praised as a hero, he begins flying to the Mystic Ruins.
-Gamma exits Red Mountain.
DAY 4:
-Sonic returns after spending the night in Lost World, and sees Eggman retreating to the Final Egg after his defeat in Station Square. Sonic chases him into the base.
-Amy exits Final Egg (somehow without running into Sonic), and decides to head for the Egg Carrier crash sight.
-Gamma arrives at the Egg Carrier crash sight, and goes through Hot Shelter.
-Sonic reaches the end of Final Egg and defeats Eggman's Egg Viper. He reunites with Tails and they rejoice at their respective victories.
-Knuckles finally arrives back on Angel Island and fully restores the Master Emerald.
-Gamma exits Hot Shelter and battles Beta. The two robots end up being destroyed.
-Amy arrives at the Egg Carrier crash site and, after she finally destroys ZERO, birdie is reunited with its family.
*the cutscene depicting this event shows the time of day as dawn/dusk. This contradicts what's shown in Sonic's story, where it's broad daylight, so that detail is not counted. As far as this timeline is concerned, Amy's capture happened in the day.
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Well done, it can hand-in-hand with the one I did for Adventure 2 a long time ago (though I did it to make the point that all cutscenes are canon which proves that Sonic beat Shadow in the final battle)

On 3/2/2012 at 11:23 PM, Darth InVaders said:

In Sonic Adventure 2, ALL of the game's cutscenes are canon, and none of them contradict each other (unlike in the original Sonic Adventure where cutscenes would show different results for rival battles, this game skips any cutscene that would contradict another)

I've compiled a list of every cutscene in their general order... (broken up by Time Stamps, and by events... with references to the Game's chapter names as often as possible)


Eggman breaks into Prison Island; releases Shadow; Shadow fights Hot Shot


Enter Knuckes and Rouge as they fight over the Master Emerald only for it to be shattered to keep it from Eggman


Sonic escapes GUN in City Escape


Eggman goes to his Hidden Base Again and sees the news; Shadow's Past flashback to Maria's death; Sonic battles with Big Foot, meets Shadow, Shadow escapes as Sonic is recaptured by GUN


Rouge Infiltrates Hidden Base


Eggman breaks into ARK; Gathering of the Dark in central control room with Eclipse Cannon with Rouge joining


Invade Prison Island again, find Amy


Tails attempts Rescuing Sonic and finds Amy being chased by Eggman; Amy releases Sonic from prison

Eggman has Shadow set Bomb countdown to 15 minutes

Rouge has 5:00 of the 15m to Get Chaos Emeralds, gets trapped by Flying Dog distraction

With under 10:00 left, Rouge radios Shadow to explain why she is holding up the Prison Island Escape; Shadow races toward her but instead winds up with a Face Off with Sonic

With either 01:28 (Shadow cutscene) or 8:00 (Sonic gameplay) left before Bomb goes off Eggman radios Shadow to end the face off; Sonic races off to find Tails and Amy; Shadow runs off to finish his trek toward Rouge

With just under 01:00 left, Shadow breaks into the vault with Rouge and the Emeralds and with under 00:07 left (around 00:04 actually) uses Chaos Control to get them out - the island then blows up as the Heroes fly away


Knuckles checks out the Ghost Mountain that is Pumpkin Hill

Shadow has a short flashback before the Dark team readies the Eclipse Canon

Day X 18:00

Eggman broadcasts globally his declaration of World Domination by The Eggman Empire and blows up half of moon

Sonic and co spring into action to track down Eggman with Tails's Emerald


Knuckles checks out the Aquatic Mine


Knuckles joins Tails and Amy, Tails realizes he can track Where's Eggman from President's limo

Sonic and Tails get into President's limo where Eggman is demanding surrender in 24 hours via communication signal, they cut Eggman's negotiations with the President off and trace the signal

Eggman throws tantrum, Rouge reveals she found the Last Chaos Emerald is in Tails's possession, Rouge secretly places a call

Simultaneously in President's limo, Tails finishes his trace of Eggman's signal to ARK, they leave just as President gets a call from his "agent" (Rouge duh)

Rouge chases Tornado III; hands off to Shadow who realizes they are heading toward Eggman's Hidden Base


Heroes reach and begin infiltration of Eggman's Hidden Base


Knuckles completes the Heroes' infiltration of Eggman's Hidden Base, Eggman Intercepts them with Egg Golem; Sonic damages it and it attacks Eggman; Heroes get into Eggman's Shuttle for Blast Off; the shuttle collides with debris losing Master Emerald pieces

Cannon Countdown 2 hours 11 minutes

Rouge tricks Eggman into letting her hack into ARK computer and detects Master Emerald (or detects the Heroes getting into ARK in GC remake) which she goes after the Last Pieces; simultaniously, Heroes have boarded ARK and realize that Knuckles has also gone after the Last Pieces of the Master Emerald, they make their plans around Tails's fake Emerald

Cannon Countdown 58 minutes

Eggman detects an extra Emerald and deduces that there is a fake, Eggman's Plan is to transport up and take the Heroes on himself, Shadow is back up

Cannon Countdown 45 minutes*

Sonic shown in control room receiving call from Tails and Eggman about Amy being held hostage

Rouge has her Face Off with Knuckles

Cannon Countdown 33 minutes*

Eggman finds Amy alone and takes her hostage; Sonic tries to exchange the fake Emerald for Amy but Eggman tricks the Heroes and jettisons Sonic out into space inside a capsule, Sonic in Trouble realizes that the fake Emerald is very similar to a real one

Cannon Countdown 21 minutes 7 seconds

Sonic's capsule explodes as everyone, including Shadow from another location, watch; Eggman begins fight with Tails; simultaneously, Sonic appears in front of Knuckles having used Chaos Control and races off toward the cannon

During Tails vs Eggman battle, Shadow confronts Rouge having discovered she is an agent for the President, Rouge confronts Shadow about her research into him, Eggman doing multitasking in his battle radios Shadow to tell him that Eggman has found the 7th Emeralds but he's detected someone messing around the Eclipse Cannon

Cannon Countdown 5 minutes 44 seconds

Shadow catches up to Sonic and The Last Battle between them begins

Cannon Countdown 1 minute 33 seconds

Tails has defeated Eggman when Sonic calls on the radio, the distraction allows Eggman to sneak off with the last Emerald

Cannon Countdown 40 seconds

Eggman places final Emerald into the Eclipse Cannon, WARNING sign appears

As Eclipse Cannon begins its big attack, parts of it explode as Sonic was aiming to do (though its superstructure is left largely intact and the what little damage is done appears to be mostly some explosive feedback - the FinalHazard attaches it self to the superstructure later)

Last Story Begins

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As a huge fan of timelines, I thank you guys for these. I've always wanted to put together a true timeline of the video games and attempt to peace the gaps together. Plus SA and SA2 are two of my favorites.

I would also love to see an Archie/SATAM timeline. I am currently rereading the series and with all the changes, and whatnot, it'd be cool to see an actual timeline of what happens in that universe.

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