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Spurred on by Dee Dude's topic, I decided I'm curious to what you people would postulate for a Sonic cartoon/anime/who cares where you could set your own parameters. 

My main inspiration comes from Man of the Year which is probably the most solid Sonic animation out there (it's only a minute and a half so I guess there wasn't much time to botch it up). Cities full of animaniacs-looking people, Eggman swanking in his eccentric style and Sonic carelessly running all over it, it's great. I've talked about how much I like the asthetics of it and it probably has the best looking Sonic in animation imo. If I could choose any style, it would look like that rather than modern Sonic or gross pseudo CD Sonic that's plastered everywhere. Obviously western in style. 

I think the show should take inspiration from Pink Panther, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry etc. and place in into Sonic parameters. Sonic of course takes the guy minding his own business at the beginning and Eggman takes the role of the one looking for trouble, usually being served right by the end. Of course there are many things to take advantage of if we put this into the Sonic universe, such as scuffles and schemes based off the environments, and moves and schemes that would only make sense with Sonic characters. I would think it to be cool to have the show think like the classic games in a way where Sonic thinks like how a player would. He makes schemes based off his moveset and environment. 

Of course other characters would appear. The ones you'd expect. Yadda yadda. 

So what would you do? 

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Hmm, well I could been vanilla and said something like a series of Mania/Mega Drive shorts made by Tyson Hesse or a true modern game centric anime that’s actually good unlike X.

But I think I’ll try to be a little more creative:

While I hate the idea of the Classic biting off attention more than they’ve chewed, I think a cartoon based around in the Classic-verse, the adventures of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles in a Ed,Edd n Eddy esque manner could actually be pretty entertaining.

The art style would be something different from Heese, something more western influenced in the manner of Man of the Year like you said.

The humor would be the biggest thing that sets apart from other Sonic shows, instead of the trio being boring goody heroes, I want them to take in a much more satirical manner that constantly lampshade and poke witty commentary at their common tropes from the series. (And no, I mean simple stuff like the rings and loops, not LOL SWORDS AND WEREHOGS), not STC levels of asshole-ish, but something on the level of Bugs Bunny or early Family Guy/Simpsons where the characters come across as unsympathetic troublemakers but are still good-hearted inside. 

Not sure for Eggman, I think he would basically be Boom Eggman but less of the “lol pajamas/couch” shtick and more like in the manner of Plankton from Spongebob.

Characters like Amy, Mighty, Chaotix, and Hooligans can the recurring cast based on any preference.

That’s all I got, though I’m still set on the first two ideas.

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One of these but longer, or rather put to series:




With one of those, I don't know why, but the action orientated StC Amy (and Techno) feel like perfect fits for the OVA's setting.

I'd probably look to loosely adapt SA1 and 2 to this setting. That way we cover Knuckles ancestors and make the most of him primarily treasure hunting, get to explore ancient ruins (something this world is covered with), and with Chaos there's the potential for fun Clayface-ish animation antics.

Having Shadow on hand is basically asking for the major beats of Sonic vs. Metal to happen twice, and I'm not above that. :laughing:

So in conclusion, one of these:



and one of those.

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Something using puppetry as the main medium, which really captures the contrast between Mobians and humanity in appearance and size. Kind of like B.R.A.T.S. Of the Lost Nebula, or FarScape. Start with a sort of “monster of the week” deal going on, with different E-Series units sent after Sonic and his Mobian kin , alongside a variety of Eggman (and Metal Sonic) vehicles, as a sort of warm-up or what’s to come with the Death Egg Saga and beyond. In addition, Infinite and other bad guys could eventually show up (I could see Infinite being a great season finale foe). And Eggman would be part puppet and part costume, akin of the Muppet Musicians of Bremen.

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My Sonic cartoon? One that actually feels like a Sonic cartoon and doesn't make up a lot of pointless one-dimensional characters that steal the spotlight and don't even look like Sonic characters (I'm looking at SatAM). One that doesn't go out of its way to "westernize" Sonic (I'm looking at Sonic Boom). One that doesn't treat Sonic as a comedy cartoon (looking at AOSTH and Sonic Boom), but is actually true to the series and as such has lots of action. And the characters should look and act like they do in the games, unlike in every western Sonic cartoon so far.

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I would probably not have it be comedy-oriented like AoStH and Boom, but I also want it to have a good amount of focus on the game characters while also giving them accurate and consistent characterizations, unlike SatAM and X. Maybe the OVA could be a nice foundation to work on (granted, it still has some flaws, such as Sonic being a little too aggressive and the whole Eggman wanting to marry Sara, plus I don't know if it's my cup of tea). Also, I would probbaly try to work around the Two Worlds thing by introducing portals between them. I guess there can be both silly and serious episodes, but they should balance each other rather well. In terms of animation, yeah Tyson Heese could be a nice choice.

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I would have an over-the-top action anime with a "Monster of the week" formula and a lot of action and spectacle, but also enough comedy to keep it from becoming somebody's edgy fanfic. 

So, the setting imo doesn't need any changes: keep the humans, cities and stuff all you want, but also keep some LESSER STALE elements of the classic games, like Aquatic Ruins, Sandopolis or Flying Battery. Maybe give us an explanation on why exactly are humans living with anthropomorphic animals, but make it mysterious and vague, like in OVA, and not just dump all the info on us like Archie did. Also, just call the planet "Earth", none of that "Mobius" bullshit here.

As for the cast, I don't think that adding characters from Shokugan/Archie/Fleetway would be necessary, because, let's be real, the games have PLENTY of characters that can be used for the same roles. I'll just run through the main few:

  • Sonic would be less of a jerk that he is in the modern shows/games and more of an energetic loose rocket with so much energy, that you think that he'll explode any second. Probably would change his voice actor tho. Roger fits the asshole Sonic perfectly, but a more energetic one? Eh, I don't know...
  • Tails would be more of a wide-eyed dreamer character, and less Jimmy Neutron, a kind of "Avatar" for the kids watching the show, like, you know, HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE. Also would probably make him more competent, or at least competent enough to protect himself from Chaos 0 and fly a biplane.
  • Knuckles would have to undergo the most changes, because his "I'm dumb and energetic and I wanna hang out with Sonic" thing doesn't really contrast him from the rest of the cast. In this cartoon, Knuckles would be more calm and collected, and act less like a hothead, and more like a real animal: if you leave him alone-he'll leave you alone, but if you dare to attack him-he'll fight back. This way Knuckles will counterbalance the energetic Sonic and Tails, while still keeping true to his original self. Also, he'd probably be more of a loner, who spends most of his time in his emerald shrine.
  • Amy would have to stay out of the STK trio, and be more of a separate entity. Like, she will still be the annoying fangirl, but she would have other traits, like being a tomboyish child, who has more to do in her life, other than chasing Sonic. Maybe make her a little more grounded: while Sonic and pals have nothing BUT crazy adventures, Amy has crazy adventures, but also does things that a girl her age would do: spend time with friends, go to the arcade, etc, while still occasionally getting dragged into Sonic's messes. Also, make the marriage thing a one-time joke, not a recurring gag. That's creepy, not funny.
  • Eggman would be less of an "Evil fat doctor man who fails all the time", and more "The one pulling the strings". Like, you will get a glimpse of him here and there, but for the most part he will just be sitting in his control room, being the strategist of the Eggman army. Like, sure, you can make him goofy sometimes, but that should be more "Fish out of water", and less "Well, that's how he always was!". I don't demand a heartless dictator, but I would prefer a more serious villain.
  • Metal Sonic should be an overblown Sonic, a parody of sorts. Like, while normal Sonic can clam down when things are serious, Metal is always like "YEAH, FAST, TAKE A CHILL PILL, BRO!". That would make sense, since his creator only wanted a physical copy of Sonic, and could do whatever the heck he wanted with the copy's personality. Also, I don't care who voices the guy, as long as he/she makes a terrible Jaleel White impression.
  • The GUN commander would be kinda like that police leader guy from "SWAT Cats" (Can't remember his name for the life of me): he would help out Sonic and co when they need it, but he would also want to exterminate them, because while Sonic is the good guy and all, his battles with Eggman are usually kinda messy, and that can mean potential trouble for the citizens of Station Square/Westopolis/Whatever other city, and that's no good. 
  • Shadow would be more of a quiet, philosophical individual, who's only goal is to find the truth about his past. He doesn't believe the government's babble about him being "A prototype weapon", he knows that there's something else underneath the lies and misconceptions. Once he finds out about him being the supposed "Ultimate Life Form" and learning about Maria's message he realizes that fighting for both the government and for Sonic/Eggman is bad, because both sides have reasons to live and be happy. And so, Shadow disappears into the Shadows at the end of the show, never to be heard from again.
  • Rouge would likely remain unchanged, still being the sassy spy that she is.
  • E-123 Omega would be more of a loyal government machine, who's №1 priority is to obey the law and force everyone else to obey it. Kinda like a Sonic version of Robocop. 

As for the world, I think that the worldbuilding would be more hints, rather than straight up exposition, to give that extra mystery.

As for the color scheme, I would love to have a lot of contrast and pop in the cities/forests, and more dull, lifeless grays and browns in the military bases/Eggman factories. Something that would keep the attention of the viewer and look visually pleasing. 

Also, the soundtrack should be more J-Pop/Vocal stuff/Techno for the less emotional moments, and more orchestrated for the sad/emotional moments.

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A comedic show where Sonic & Tails live on a city near Green Hill Zone, and will have dumb adventures often causing problems unintentionaly, mostly de to their own stupidity, maybe add some Grossout, Random Humor, Satire, Surrealism, Fourth Wall Breaking. overall 90's Ren & Stimpy/Rocko Edge.

Characters will be:

Sonic: He's the Cool Guy of the bunch is chill and layed back, alto he gets annoyed/mad easily

Tails: The Optimistic, Innocent kid, while portrayed as dumb, he can build stuff, despite being his best friend, he does piss of Sonic a bunch

There are other side characters:

Mario: A Braindead idiot who tries to constantly annoy Sonic, Him and Tails are mostly the target of the show´s slapstick, lives Next Door.

The Boss of SEGA: pretty much a greedy asshole who only wants money. thus poorly paying Sonic

The show is formated as a "behind the scenes", what´s going on when Sonic doesnt try to risk his life just so sega coud realease some videogames and get his monthly 2$ paycheck.

Artisticly, it´s pretty much Ren & Stimpy, Classic Spongebob, Powerpuff Girls, that kinda stuff.

There's literally no continuity, thus anything, from the interiors of Sonic´s house, to the entire world they live in coud change from Episode to Episode, just like in R&S, 

There's 32 Episodes divided by 3 Seasons, 2 Halloween Specials, and a movie, each lasting 10 minutes.

Episodes range from Tails making a time machine, to Sonic trying to teach Tails how to be cool, to Sonic making up a family out of nothing but their imaginations  because the Boss of SEGA doesnt allow them to have familys, to both riding the Egg-Titanic in Space wich sinks in space wáter, to the animators of the show not being able to make Sonic move silly,  to Sonic & Tails literally breaking the 4th wall and terrorizing everyone irl just to make a friend made of popular movie characters... and many more.

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I'd want a Sonic show to have variety and story arcs. Some episodes could be full 22 minute episodes, while smaller ideas could be made into segmented episodes. I'd want to see Some episodes that allow viewers to see Sonic and pals living their everyday lives, only to see something appear, and affect the plot for a few episodes. I want a show that focuses on Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, while also having episodes that feature other characters.

They could make a story arc that introduces Silver getting thrown into the past, and he needs to find a way  back to his own timeline. That right there would serve as an interesting way to reintroduce Silver in a new timeline for Sonic. It would allow for the characters to get to know Silver, and make a meaningful moment, when Silver finds a way to return, and has to say goodbye. 

While Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy would be the main focus, there could always be segment episodes that focus on other characters, like Team Dark going on missions, Cream and Cheese getting into crazy situations, or the Chaotix having to solve mysteries, or going through their everyday lives. Not every segment has to be the same thing, they could always mix it up, and make episodes where characters cross paths, and either work together, or get in each others way. There are so many possibilities they could do with the modern cast of Sonic characters.They could even make episodes that take place in alternate dimensions, like showing what's going on with Blaze and Marine, or silent shorts about Classic Sonic (similar to the upcoming Sonic Mania Adventures). I think a Sonic show with occasional variety could be a great new take for a Sonic series. I'd love a show that can be serious, but have some sillier episodes every once in a while.

I think the show could have humor, but not to the point where it's a satirical sitcom like Sonic Boom. I want the show to be able to have serious moments, but still have occasional laughs. I just don't want the show to be treated with joke after joke, it's hard to take shows seriously, when they rely on nothing but attempts at humor. I'd want the show to have suspense, and character development. 

The setting for the show should vary. I don't want it to always be set in the same places, like Sonic Boom. They should make episodes where Sonic and pals decide to visit different locations, and something comes up during their travels, whether running into old friends and enemies, or something else. I'd be fine with Sonic living in what feels like a cross between the human world, and Sonic's world. I don't really want humans in the show, however, they kind of ruined Sonic X for me, because they were so forced in, and took up too much screen time that belonged to the actual Sonic characters. One episode could take place at a beach, the other could take place at a mall. I want to see Sonic and pals traveling the world, whether it's for important reasons, or to see them just going on a vacation.

Eggman should be the main conflict, but I don't think he needs to appear in every episode. I think we should be able to have episodes that aren't constantly forcing Eggman to cause mayhem. It would be great to see Eggman pulling out vehicle weapons inspired by his boss fights from past Sonic games. Eggman should be a mix of diabolical, but still maintain his silliness. I don't want him to be a complete joke, but I still want him to have funny moments. I want Eggman to go back to hating Sonic, no more of this complicated dynamic of Eggman having weaknesses of wanting to be Sonic's friend, yet still wanting to destroy him, that kind of stuff got real old in Sonic Boom.

If there was anything from Sonic Boom I would want in the show, it would be for Sticks to return as a reoccurring character. She could be introduced as a quirky character who comes in handy as the series progresses. She doesn't need to be a main character, but I would still love to see her show up and help the gang out occasionally. 

As for art style, I honestly don't know. I'd want it to be faithful to the modern designs. Either CG or 2d is fine, as long as it has a good mix of detail and fantasy elements. I'd want the environments to look bizarre, but still have some realism in there. 

As for the main cast, I think Sonic should be less egotistical and cocky towards his friends, but still be able to mess around with his enemies. I think Knuckles should go back to being the tough guy of the group.  Tails needs to quit being a coward, and go back to how he was in the adventure games, where he was brave and useful.  Instead of having Tails constantly using his inventions to help the team, it would be interesting to see him building stuff for the rest of the team to use, and make them more involved. That way, Tails doesn't have to be the answer to always getting everyone out of  a jam. I think Amy needs to be rewritten the most. She needs to be madly in love with Sonic, but I want to see her feeling more shy about her feelings for him. Amy needs to be seen as a valuable member of the team, instead of just the girl who chases Sonic. Amy could be a combat specialist, and have great strategies for Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles when in a battle. 

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Title: Sonic Mania Universe

Risultati immagini per Sonic Mania title

Plot: After Sonic defeated Eggman in the Special Zone, where he gathered the 7 Chaos Emeralds, these were scattered across Mobius, a.k.a. the classic world, with Dr. Robotnik intended to find them first using his robot forces, Sonic must race with his friends Tails, his buddy sidekick who wants to prove he is a true hero, Knuckles, the guardian who leaves Angel Island when his entire world is at stake, and Amy Rose, Sonic's number one supporter, an energetic girl who has a crush on him, to gather the seven emeralds and stop his evil nemesis once and for all.

Description: The series is indeed a hunt for the emeralds, across several zones, each rich of adventures, action, modest lore, allies and enemies, and of course humour (but not the other way around like in Boom where humour prevails) in the same vein as Sonic OVA, and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, with a small main cast of characters but an ensemble recurring one. The final arc is set in "The Land of the Darkness" where ancient villains are trapped, a greater evil known from Sonic 1's concept art. There is dialogue in the series, Classic Sonic also talks.

File:Sonic Gems 300.jpg

Episode Format: 11 minutes for each episode, 26 episodes for first season (less air time because it needs to be perfect, without filler, less time = better quality)

Main Cast:

Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Scramble-girl (NOT Eggette because they don't have the rights, but she is Eggman's protègèe and sidekick)

And Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik


Guest Cast:

Metal Sonic (Sonic's toughest rival, his role is similar to Shadow in Boom, appears in major episodes)

Vector (plays in Sonic's band and is also Knuckles' ally)

Mighty and Ray (Sonic's original friends and allies)

Honey the Cat

Nack, Bean and Bark (mercenaries who occasionally work for Eggman)

Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts (Eggman's minions/lackeys)

Sally, Bunnie, Rotor, Antoine and NICOLE (the Freedom Fighters, Sonic's recurring allies)

Sara and her father (rulers of Mobius)

Old Man Owl

The Hard Boiled Heavies (robot elite forces of Eggman's, Egg Robos modified by the Phantom Ruby)

Unknown Evil from the Land of the Darkness (???)

This is my personal wish, obviously not what I think will happen in a possible Classic Sonic themed cartoon. I also changed my mind on the Chaotix, Espio and Charmy in particular, they fit the Modern branch more, same for Sticks and possibly Tangle, they are better suited for modern stuff. But the Freedom Fighters gathered a lot of interest so I decided to add them. What do you think?



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