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Hi there (help needed)


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Sorry for the rushed intro. I'm new here but I have a conundrum I was wondering if anybody could help me with.

I was playing Sonic 1 on the Ultimate Genesis Collection (PS3) and I wanted to test the level select-special stage method of collecting all the emeralds. You know how it worked, in the old game you would use the level select and go to the special stage. After you got the emerald you would reset the game and do the same thing and it would store the first emerald and send you after the next. You could repeat this process to unlock all the emeralds and then play through the game normally without worrying about it.

I got the trick to work fine years ago on Sonic Mega Collection + for PS2 but my PS2 power cable died. I've tried doing this trick on my PS3 with the Ultimate Genesis Collection but I seem to have hit a snag. It seemed to work at first, but when I won the second (blue) emerald, the first (Yellow) was gone, and now no matter what when I reset it takes me to the same special stage and all I can get is the blue emerald. Did they patch this out of this version or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance, and sorry again for rushing in here to ask a question.

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I think the manor of how the resets work on that collection works in a very different way to Mega Collection on PS2/GCN/XBOX. I'm pretty sure a reset is a RESET if you catch my drift. 

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