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Sonic Colors VS Sonic Forces

Red Hot Jack

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I figured I'd make a thread for this, I had thoughts about this battle this morning, since the 2 games are very similar, I'm talking in particular about the Wii version of Colors, that's the one I'll refer to; I'll break down this into points and explain the similarities as well:


Forces is about a resistance who fights against Eggman in a world he conquered, with the help of your personal Avatar, while Colors is about saving an alien race which has been enslaved by the Doctor. I'm sure you already know this so I'll skip this part. Both premises are interesting, both of them are undeveloped and treated badly, but this isn't new in Sonic games and their plots, I would say that Forces objectively cares more about its story, not only I prefer the premise, because I like the idea of a resistance that is the minority, while Colors objectively focuses on telling lame jokes, although Orbot and Cubot are very interesting in Colors, and Tails is definitely portrayed in a better manner than a coward, he still doesn't step into action, but at least he wants to help and not cover in fear. Overall, Forces wins, so... 1 point for Forces.


This is a bit easy, Forces wins by default for having more variety, more playable characters. Both games feature multiple versions of Sonic, in Colors the Sonicbots are basically skins, Forces features various characters, not only a Sonic with different moves and physics and gameplay, but also Shadow with an exclusive move, despite being a Sonic skin too, and obviously the Avatar. Although I prefer Modern Sonic's moveset in Colors, in Forces it's waaay to simplified, in general I would say Forces has an advantage. 1 Point for Forces.


As I said, Colors has a better portrayal of Tails, and more screentime for Orbot and Cubot who are interesting for me, Yacker is also funny, I thought, but overall, since Forces has more characters and focuses more on them, I would say it wins: a lot of characters have their moments to shine: Knuckles, leader of the resistance and guide to the Rookie, Silver, who brings hope, he is seen as a hero figure and even fights Infinite managing to make him drop the Phantom Ruby prototype, the Rookie who has a bit of a character journey, and growth, despite not being much, Shadow has his own little campaign, I liked how he shared history with Infinite, and about Infinite... he has a crappy backstory, but his design and personality have won me over, he sounds a bit like Frieza when he terrorizes the villagers, and his design is like a mobian Vader, not talking about his theme song (yet), sadly his demise is flat and remains unexplained, that was a disappointment of the story; I thought even Tails has his moments despite being a coward, he inspires the Avatar and explains his connection to the ruby, as well as having a cute relationship with Classic Sonic. I won't mention Classic Sonic though, he was totally pointless, but he is not a NPC. Even Omega shines in some cutscenes, the ones I felt were left out are Amy and the Chaotix, sadly, Rouge more or less is useful as a spy and Team Dark leader. 1 Point for Forces.


I prefer Colors here, I mean, Forces has multiple gameplay to deal with, in which I thought Classic was the best, followed by Modern, although it was too fast and spammable with the boost; both games have short stages and simple experiences of gameplay, way to simple and repetitive, I didn't enjoy them much. Since Colors focuses on one gameplay, with more variety, between the speed, the platforming and the Wisps instead of splitting them into different gameplays, I think Colors wins. 1 Point for Colors.


This is gonna be hilarious: basically, both suck. For reasons... Colors has short stages, simple situations, some levels are automated, others have shitty blocky platforming, I didn't enjoy that especially, I just wasn't interested. Levels feel short in either game. Forces has too much of a boost to win experience with Sonic, however Classic Sonic and Avatar have better level design, more varied, more balanced. Shadow's stages... I enjoyed them more than Modern Sonic, because of their challenge, except for the Green Hill stage which has some of the worst design ever. My favorite of the bunch, including Colors, are definitely the Classic Sonic stages, more fun, in my opinion. Overall, Forces wins (somehow). 1 Point for Forces.


In short... I prefer the ones in Colors, although I did like how Forces twisted its zones like Green Hill, Chemical Plant, they felt different, and we had the return of the Death Egg, plus new cool zones like Metropolis and Mystic Jungle, even City has a cool design, but I wasn't a fan of Eggman Empire Fortress. But the zones in Colors... there is simply no match here, not only they are all brand new instead of recycled, but there is so much creativity here, Tropical Resort, Starlight Carnival, Aquarium Park, Planet Wisp, Asteroid Coaster, the only one that was cheesy was Sweet Mountain (pun intended), definitely my least favorite zone of the bunch. Colors wins, so 1 point for it.


Can't say much here, I'm no graphics expert, but Forces is 2 Generations (pun intended again, since people call it Generations 2) ahead of Colors, no question here, Forces wins by default. 1 Point for Forces.


We go into filler territory, both are unlocked via Red Star Rings, both are very short with inferior level design. This is a bit of cheating, because the level design in GameLand is copied from Sonic 1, in a simpler way, but some stages are original, however the level design in the secret and extra stages of Forces is just so bland and monotone, I had little fun with it, not to mention that Colors has way more extra stages. Colors wins. 1 Point for Colors.


Forces has more collectables, not just more red rings but Number Rings and Silver Moon Medals, I like how they appear later in the game after you collect all red rings, and the ways they look different to collect, they aren't similar collectables because you have to collect them in order (Number Rings) or quickly before they disappear (Silver Moon Medals). Sadly they aren't hidden better than Colors, because I think the stages in Colors have more paths and secret passages, but still, they are hidden in different spots and not all the same, so Forces wins. 1 Point for Forces.


Both games reward you for collecting red rings with bonus stages, that's something nice I guess, both lack in concept art and unlockable music. Although Forces rewards you with more upgraded wispons, there are many combinations, and of course the Avatar parts. I really enjoyed the personalization, in fact it's my favorite part of the game, all the accessories, 500 of them, are just so fun to use, it's basically a dress up game but with so many possibilities. Not to mention the Avatar species, my friends even asked me to make their own Avatars, and they aren't Sonic fans. But this is off-topic, Forces wins. 1 Point for Forces.


I'm really undecided here, because: Colors has better Wisps and it DEFINITELY uses them in better ways, just more fun. Forces has the Wispons, and their use is, sooo messy, like, most of the abilities are useless, the only ones who are needed for red rings and give you new shortcuts and alternate paths are the Burst and the Lightning Wispons. Colors focuses on the Wisps so it's clear that it has an advantage; in Forces defense, the Wispons work better for the gameplay, they don't break the flow, they are weapons and skills that don't interrupt the action. I still prefer it in Colors, but this is more of a draw. 1 Point for Colors and 1 for Forces.


Music is way better in Colors, I thought, there is more variety, and in general it feels more organic, natural, focused on one music genre, plus most of the tracks are memorable, while they are forgettable in Forces. Although Forces has way more music, so kudos for that. Colors wins. 1 Point for Colors.


Again, not much to say here, since Colors only has 1 (amazing) vocal track, I definitely preferred the songs in Forces, there is more choice, but I'm talking about Fist Bump in particular, since both are main themes, but this is more of my taste (which can summarize this thread in general). But also overall, there is more variety in Forces, more genres, rock in general, but also pop for the Avatar, I think, obviously my favorite tracks were the Theme of Infinite, which reminded many of Linkin Park music, and various Avatar Tracks, including Park Avenue and Imperial Tower. Oh, and I can't forget and not mention Light of Hope, another brilliant track, touching and perhaps too emotional for the story, since there aren't any really sad or emotional moments. Forces wins. 1 Point for Forces.


I don't know here, as I said both are short games, but there is one big difference, and that's that most stages in Colors are filler, besides the first 2 acts of each zone, most of them are gimmicky acts, with 1 action, VERY short, and there is not much to say, they are comparable to the secret and ex stages in Forces. While Forces has more main acts in general, short but still on par with the longevity of the main acts in Colors; Colors has more stages overall, but filler, while Forces has more main stages, that you can replay more than 3 times to collect all the items, and has very little filler, only the bonus acts, I'd say. 1 Point for Forces.


I have to make this its own section since it's not part of the main gameplay, not really, there are very few sections of 3D in both games, that's really sad for a modern generation game, but I felt, and I believe, that Forces has a bit more 3D and it's not just linear and wood as in Colors, there are very few 3D situations, they are all simple and repetitive, but still not as linear as Colors. Kudos to Forces for having some exclusively 3D stages. Forces wins, by a bit. 1 Point for Forces.


Definitely Colors, that's what I preferred, it wins by a mile, there aren't many enemies in Forces and they have a very... debatable design, in Colors we have specialized versions of the Egg Pawns (also funny), plus various badniks, it was the first time they were back in a 3D game. Colors wins. 1 Point for Colors.


Colors has a better hud, it seems more polished, while Forces is a bit rushed, perhaps? I'm not sure, but I felt more comfortable while playing Colors. This is kind of a feeling, it seems it presents itself better with the instructions, lack of cutscenes and immediate gameplay, and the Wisps are introduced slowly, I preferred that. 1 Point for Colors.


I like it in both games, in fact I can say I prefer it than Unleashed and Generations because it is nerfed, limited to the white wisps, you don't get boost energy from doing... just anything like in other games, it's also not necessary to rely on the boost in Colors, while the stages are very "boostable" in Forces. I prefer it in Colors. 1 Point for Colors.


Can't really defend Colors here, there are 4 bosses mainly, 3 more are recycled with some twists and add a bit of a challenge, while Forces has 7 different bosses, the Infinite ones are similar, I admit, but there is still more variety and challenge here, heck, the first boss is Zavok and it provides waaay more challenge than the Tropical Resort boss, which is defeated in 3 hits and barely does anything to hit you. The final boss would have won against the Robot Death Egg if they kept the multiple phases as planned, sadly this isn't the case, I preferred the final boss in Forces, and just about every other boss in that game over the ones in Colors. Forces definitely wins. 1 Point for Forces.


Although the multiplayer is really lame in Colors, and not much fun, limited to Co-op gameplay, it's still better than nothing, even though I couldn't picture any multiplayer in Forces, perhaps Sonic VS Shadow races? That would have been cool, I think I have seen a YouTube video about it, it would have been a really nice idea. Colors wins against nothing. 1 Point for Colors.


I reunite them in one section because I'm no expert in these fields, but I thought both had floaty physics for Modern Sonic, especially the double jump, in general I felt more at home with the Colors controls, and physics bugged me in both games, but Classic Sonic felt way too heavy, with the jumps uncertain, I don't know how to explain this, and let's not talk about the Avatars' controls and physics, really messy, I kept dying at the Green Hill stage for the Avatar. Ehh, Colors still wins, 1 Point for Colors.


I would say both are not so good, but Forces has to handle more 3D sections, some with the Avatar, not to mention that there are some exclusively 3D stages in Forces, the Tag Team ones, not only there is more 3D but even in some Avatar stages, for more short sections, there are more opportunities for the camera. I also liked that section in Classic Eggman Empire Fortress when the camera moves automatically in 2D, it felt quite challenging, although I had to deal with the weird physics of Classic Sonic. Forces wins. 1 Point for Forces.


When I first started playing Forces, I felt there it was gonna be too easy and automated, then I continued... and it was okay to be honest, some stages like Classic Death Egg, the Metropolis stages and Eggman Empire Fortress were challenging, even some of the bonus stages. Including some of the bosses. Let's just say that Colors is way too easy, there is no challenge, only some stupid bottomless pits in some stages (let's not talk about the spring stages, eh). Forces got it, despite not being hard, it was balanced, I thought. 1 Point for Forces.


Colors wins here, hands down, heck, my main gripe with Forces is that stages are too similar, dull, in that they lack variety, there should be more situations, obstacles, enemies, anything, but especially gimmicks, some are taken from old games, like the water in Chemical Plant, the lasers, electricity, moving platforms and warps in Death Egg, the bumpers and pinball segments in Mystic Jungle, all taken by the classics, only some in Eggman Empire Fortress were nice. I really wish there were more gimmicks. I can't remember everything about Colors, but I felt there were definitely more objects to interact with. Colors wins, 1 point for Colors.

And, I think we are done here, calculating the points...

14 points for Forces VS 11 points for Colors out of 24 sections (one is a draw, so out of 25 points)...

FORCES WINS WITH 14 VOTES. Only 3 more than Colors, according to my calculations. This is all based on my taste and my opinions, I tried to be objective, but no one can do that completely, I'm still probably biased, Forces started bad for me but eventually I found it more enjoyable, with time, while Colors was a fun experience at first but with time, it left a bad taste in my mouth, a mild memory. So, that's what I think.


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I'll start by saying that I'm not big fan of this sort of punctuation because some points (gameplay, level design) are way more important than others (multiplayer). Some things feel like should be merged anyway (Colors wins in 'presentation' but Forces gets points for graphics. So you're admitting that Forces has better tech, but can't use it properly and yet it's a draw)

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3 hours ago, Jack of Tangles said:

 I would say that Forces objectively cares more about its story,

Forces wants the player to believe they are a member of a desperate resistance fighting to prevent their way of life from being wiped out.... It even uses real world resistance propaganda imagery to enforce this.... and then it does this...

Forces has a scene in which a character has PTSD and then quickly gets over it because his Classic counterpart saves his life. 

The game trivialises the use of torture by a dictator.

The majority of the villains are throwaway which don't contribute to the story..

And one playable character doesn't even contribute to the story.

It's a vile story that uses real word war imagery and recent problems faced by veterans of war to masquerade as a 'serious' Sonic story so fans who are afraid of their cooler friends mocking them for liking Sonic.

But it gets the point because I didn't laugh at Colours.


Even putting aside my point, come on dude, you practically told all the premise of Forces and then just said "But Colours just tells jokes" not going to comment on Eggman and Sonic having to team up? Not going to mention how Eggman is the kind of villain who is under a false sense of control? Heck I could draw parallels to empires collapsing upon the discovery of a more powerful civilisation.



Can't say much here, I'm no graphics expert, but Forces is 2 Generations (pun intended again, since people call it Generations 2) ahead of Colors, no question here, Forces wins by default. 1 Point for Forces.

"I don't understand the difference between graphics and artstyle so Forces gets the point because a PS4 can make nicer looking graphics than a Nintendo Wii"

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I'm going to lump a lot of those into a few key topics to keep things a bit shorter.

Story- Even with its apparent flaws, Forces actually lets its plot elements have the time of day while still letting Sonic's cocky nature fly. Colors, on the other hand, couldn't stop itself from telling a joke every 15 seconds to save its life (and they weren't even good jokes). I'm a broken record at this point but seriously, fuck the story in Colors. Easy point for Forces.

Gameplay- Both games have a huge issue with their 2D to 3D ratio. Colors gimps the boost to the point where it's barely even fun to use and Forces gives it too much power to the point where the hyperbolic saying "boost 2 win" shows a sliver of merit. Colors only has two real acts for each level that are then split up for the next 4 acts. Forces, on the other hand, can't keep a level going for over two minutes. I'll say that Sonic feels better to control in Forces as his Colors controls are often way to stiff for their own good. Honestly though, these two represent the worst showings of the boost formula for me.

With that being said, Forces has the detriment of containing Classic Sonic which is probably one of the worst showings of a gameplay style in the franchise. Add in that Colors actually has some pretty interesting level gimmicks from time to time and I'd probably have to give the point here to it.

Graphics/ Presentation- Just this once I'm going to forgo the obvious tech advantages that Forces brings to the table as I think it just isn't fair for a comparison to a Wii game.

Both games have their moments of some pretty incredible presentation. There are times when you're running in a fully 3D section with some wonderful level vistas on the horizon that really bring out the fan in me... but then they're over in a couple of seconds as the games push you into one of their many generic 2D sections.

Forces executes some pretty nice ideas with your custom Avatar showing up in cutscenes. Though, to the shock of many of you out there that know me probably, I'd have to give the point to Colors. Its level themes are just some of the best in the franchise and while I love the idea of Eggman having control over the levels you visit in Forces... it rarely ever takes full advantage of it. Also, Colors pushed the Wii to its absolute limit while Forces (while certainly looking good) simply doesn't go the full mile on current day tech with its limited level design. Not to mention that Colors just has a nicer menu and hud imo.

Oh, and Colors also has a proper game intro... more games need to do that nowadays.

Again, if this was a purely apples to apples comparison Forces would've won hands down... but that's just no fun. Honestly, I'd be down for a full HD remake of Colors at some point... after that PC port of Unleashed of course :v

Music- Probably the easiest decision to make; Colors. While I like Force's soundtrack and appreciate it bringing back vocals into the series, Colors just has so many more hits to it. To this day I can always go back and listen to the tracks from  Planet Wisp or Aquarium Park as they've easily become some of the many iconic pieces in this series. I just don't think the majority of Force's soundtrack will have that longevity.

Though, Light of Hope >>>>> Speak With Your Heart


So yeah, gonna have to give it to Colors here. While I vastly prefer Force's concept on paper, Colors just had the better execution in a number of places.


with all that being said though, unleashed still beats the ever living shit out of them both in each category

... god i miss unleashed....


24 minutes ago, Mayor D said:

Even putting aside my point, come on dude, you practically told all the premise of Forces and then just said "But Colours just tells jokes" not going to comment on Eggman and Sonic having to team up? Not going to mention how Eggman is the kind of villain who is under a false sense of control? Heck I could draw parallels to empires collapsing upon the discovery of a more powerful civilisation.

Where in Colors do Sonic and Eggman ever team up? Did you mean LW?

Real talk though, Colors is just a poorly stringed together telling of cheesy jokes. One could argue that it had the potential to do more but the game itself certainly doesn't. So much potential was just flat out dropped in each scene.

really, where the fuck does yacker go

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Colors's cutscenes aren't very good but I don't think a game's narrative stops at it's cutscenes. 

I get the same strong feelings from well laid out levels that have a nice sense of buildup and escalation than I do from a good cut-scene. The adrenaline rush from Unleashed's Jungle Joyride level comes from the rapidly changing scenery as Sonic pushes for what feels like further than he ever has up to this point. Levels like Pyramid Cave, Final Egg and Eggman Land feel satisfying because it feels like Eggman is throwing out all the stops and you're still pushing through. Sonic 3, Sonic Mania and Sonic CD are particularly good at levels that transform and escalate like a good story and are filled with charming personality like a good character. 
Colors and aren't exceptionally good at this compared other games, but Planet Wisp in particular has always made me weak. love Planet Wisp. The other Colors levels have this really playful and cute atmosphere that I like, but Planet Wisp has that duality and that twinge of tragedy that I LOVE about Sonic CD.  The other levels are amazing too for different reasons. They don't do the high octane thing well, but they're really good at being places you wish you could explore. 

Forces had the setup to have levels that rival or beat out most of the above but it just doesn't use it for anything. It's cutscenes are technically better in that it's an actual traditional story being told and not just Sonic and Tails bouncing off eachother but I had no reason to care about any of it. Running through a city while Eggman's attacking it should be awesome but you run through the same city 6 times with no progress being made and the narrative even implying the attack happens for 6 months nonstop. Forces may have a more traditional story, but for a game about saving the world, the world sucks.

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Sonic Forces is probably the most by the numbers, “play it safe” Sonic game ever fucking conceived. From them backpedaling to the boost formula because Lost World wasn’t that well received. To them bringing back Classic Sonic because they’re completely oblivious to the conditions that made the lightning in a bottle moment with Generations work. To them making the CaC because “hey, kids love their Sonic OCs” completely oblivious to how much of a fucking joke those same OCs are treated. To them being so creatively bankrupt that they had to bring back four previous villains to use as threats and they all amounted to nothing anyways and Infinite alone had more interesting and fun gameplay opportunities with to play around with so I’m not sure why they even bothered. To them being so absolutely fucking desperate that they used the Egg Dragoon again, and then copied and pasted Sonic Colors’ final boss again after they already did so in Sonic Lost World.  Did I mention that a lot of the levels look like asset flips from Gens/Lost World? Cause they look like that too.

It also doesn't help that while Sonic Forces' story was more "serious" it fumbled on almost every aspect about it.  We got this story where Eggman takes over the entire world, so here's a text box explaining that he did instead of showing it.  We got this world taken over by Eggman so here's the same Sonic levels you've seen before.  Oh Sonic's gone, so the rest of the cast is going to have to step up and get some screen time too!... Except Sonic gets "rescued" 20 minutes into the game and the rest is pretty much just him, him and your CaC for the entire game, and once again adding more fuel to the "Sonic and his useless shitty friends" narrative.  We got this new villain too, but we aren't going to actually talk about him or his motivations in the game proper.  Holy shit, Shadow's a bad guy again, Chaos is there too, what!?!?!?!  "That was a fake".

It also doesn’t help that they played it entirely safe and still managed to mess almost everything up. All of those improvements that they've made to the boost formula over the past 9 years or so?  Gone.  Sonic Forces is automated to the point of absolute hilarity.  Whenever you do get to control them, Sonic’s acceleration and handling is so poor that it makes simple platforming challenges a complete hassle. Classic Sonic somehow manages to feel even worse than he did in Gens, and this game came right after and is a sequel to Sonic Mania (a game that, despite using a lot of old level themes, still managed to feel fresh and new because the team was passionate and had a lot of new ideas to introduce to the series, how about that). The only slightly redeeming factor at play here is the CaC’s loop in how you acquire new accessories for them, but the CaC suffers from almost all of the same problems Modern Sonic does, except with a shittier homing attack and a weapon that ranges from OP to borderline useless depending on which one you use.

Sonic Colors in comparison? A fucking masterpiece. A great art direction that boasts new and inventive level aesthetics while still feeling genuinely Sonic? There it is. Refining what was still a relatively new gameplay style for Sonic, making proper adjustments to the formula based off some criticisms of the game prior and focusing more on platforming and actual substance?  Boom. The gimmick of the day actually being integrated rather gracefully into the normal gameplay and boldly standing on its own and being proud of it instead of being shoehorned into a completely separate gameplay style in a poor attempt to appease everyone despite it having no business being there? Yo. Taking a different direction with the story in comparison to previous games' “grand” adventures?  Hey, and there’s actual focus on the characters and how they interact with each other this time too, you know, like how good stories are written.

Honestly, comparing Sonic Colors to Sonic Forces is just kind of laughable to me.  Colors does just about everything better despite being 7 years older and was released on what was extremely limiting hardware at the time.  Forces doesn't have an excuse.

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A lot of those categories seem pretty arbitrary and unbalanced. Like, by what logic should "3D sections" be its own category separate from both gameplay and level design, and equal in value to them? And is there really a need for two separate categories for vocal and in-level songs? Especially when most of Forces' vocal songs are in-level songs.

Anyway to go over my thoughts real quick:

Gameplay: Both games suffer from an overload of 2D and from being boost games, but I find Colors to be a lot more solid. It isn't weighed down by Sonic Team's cheap, lazy imitation of classic Sonic or the shallow enemy-spammy Avatar gameplay; the gimmick it does have is more smoothly integrated into the core gameplay compared to switching characters entirely, with the wisps mostly being successful little diversions from Sonic's mechanics. Colors may have even more 2D than Forces, but in a way I think that works to its benefit; the longer stints of 2D gameplay lead to them being more polished and fleshed out, while Forces seems about equally shallow regardless of how many dimensions you're in.

Story: I think Colors largely succeeds at the story it was trying to tell, while Forces completely fails at the story it was trying to tell. Sure, Colors' story is much simpler, but I don't see that as an inherent negative; the worst I can say for Colors' story is that an unfortunately large number of jokes don't land, and I'm pretty sure they hastily cut the Nega Mother Wisp from the Wii version which left a plothole regarding Yacker disappearing halfway through. Otherwise it's a pretty straightforward and functional story; Eggman is a viable threat, Sonic and Tails have the most believable and natural friendship they've ever had, and the wisp-capturing parallels the series' original animal-capturing story nicely. Forces, on the other hand, fails at almost every level. Infinite is terminally boring and only gets worse when you see his backstory. Eggman is utterly wasted and seems extraneous in a story that was supposed to be about him conquering the world. There is no reason for Classic to be here at all. The illusory villains contribute basically nothing, and the Resistance is barely any better.

Visuals: Forces has the advantage of being on more powerful hardware, but they did a pretty terrible job of leveraging that extra power. Most of the game looks dull, sometimes even outright ugly. But while Colors may be starting to show its age a bit, it's still a visual treat; every zone has a unique and memorable look, and a strong sense of style more than makes up for the limits imposed by the hardware. Nothing in Forces even comes close to stages like Planet Wisp, Starlight Carnival, and Aquarium Park.

Sound: I'd honestly say Colors has one of the strongest soundtracks of the modern Sonic era. There's a lot of memorable, energetic tunes that compliment the zone themes well and get you pumped to run around and smash robots and shit. On the other hand, Forces' music tends to fall into one of three categories: unlistenable faux-retro (Classic), forgettable (Modern), and "maybe ok if you can tolerate extreme cheesiness" (Avatar). I'm usually easy to please when it comes to video game music, but Forces failed even my low bar.

In conclusion, fuck Sonic Forces.

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I have just finished Forces and played a bit of Colors to refresh my memory research from two months ago.

I still can't understand how Colors was praised during its time, while Forces was flamed by that same people.

Of course, there are a few classic sonic stages that are pure cancer, but Modern+Cac / Colors!Modern are just as equally annoying to play.

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2 hours ago, Korke said:

I have just finished Forces and played a bit of Colors to refresh my memory research from two months ago.

I still can't understand how Colors was praised during its time, while Forces was flamed by that same people.

Of course, there are a few classic sonic stages that are pure cancer, but Modern+Cac / Colors!Modern are just as equally annoying to play.

They are equally annoying to play AFTER 7 YEARS. I can see how it could have been praised in 2010 and how flamed is Forces by people now, just because Sonic franchise hasn´t moved an inch further with it, but now it is 2017 and not 2010. You cannot repeat the same trick twice.

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On phone, gonna be short.


Forces Team understands that the speed needs to be reimplemented back into Sonic games properly. Colors Team wanted a more Mario like experience. I’d say Forces has better pacing and flow to the game while Colors has more quality content. Sadly, this is more so a “which isn’t easer of the two evils” comparisons so I’d just go with Colors. 


It has some fantastic visuals and an evocative soundtrack unlike Forces in both areas.


At the end of the day, these games are closer to each other than most people would think.

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