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After Lego Dimensions cancellation, how does Sonic's and the multiverse story end?

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With Lego Dimensions officially cancelled, there's a question that some of us probably asked after finishing the Sonic level pack. How does Sonic's and the multiverse story end? There could be a possibility that Lego and Traveller's Tales could make a sequal to finish the story and include all the characters from the first game in it. But, this time eliminate the need for figures, like the other Lego games (Jurassic World, Pirates, Batman, Marvel, etc). So far announcements of a sequal are not yet known, this idea would be the best direction outside of toys-to-life. What do you guys think, would Lego finish the story (mainly Sonic's story, and maybe have more Sonic characters like Silver and Blaze playable along with Shadow) with a sequal in 2018?

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Let's consider the timeline and I think your questions would be answered.

In a cutscene, Sonic and crew encounter Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle together. In fact, in every Level Pack, these three appear in some sort of cameo. Considering Year 2 stuff isn't meant to take place after Year 1, these encounters are taking place during LEGO Dimensions' main storyline. (Because why else would these three be together otherwise in the sense of the story?) Considering the rifts in that story eventually lead to Vorton, the game's hub, chances are after the Sonic level pack, Sonic simply ends up in Vorton and helps Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle defeat Lord Vortech. It's up to the player to choose who assists the three at any given time, but considering Vortech's actions end up affecting every dimension and they all take notice after Batman's distress call at the end of the game, it's safe to assume Sonic's involvement ends with the main game's ending.

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