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Should Traveller's Tales make a Sonic game? (..again)


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I thought their work on the Sonic pack in LEGO Dimensions was quite impressive.

Even somehow manages to have better continuity than the actual series. Maybe if they could work on an actual Sonic title they'd be able to pull off an open world Sonic game.

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Eh I guess I would need to see more " SERIOUS" (in weird quotation marks ) modern attempt for me to like agree with you. Both gameplay wise and thematically, the continuty they included wouldn't matter because sega controls that and would be more strict in a real game, the characters way more adhering to they are usually are. Not saying folks can't right that, I just to see it. 

On gameplay tip, while I am at this point firmly on the " hey maybe sonic team should just become brand management and have other folks make their video games for them , and they actually give them decent amounts of money" team. I still would like to see this, in more " serious" ( still in weird quotations ) take on the sonic formula now before I make my judgement I guess. But at this point almost everyone sounds better than sonic team

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Give it to anyone else at this point. Really, I'm curious to see how anyone besides Sonic Team can handle this franchise now. Traveller's Tales would probably make a great Sonic game. Only problem is I'm pretty sure we'd see Green Hill again.

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As long as it's not a toys to life gimmick, and adds playable characters besides Sonic, I'd be up for it. I would rather it not be a Lego game, but I wouldn't mind if it played like a Lego game. I would rather see a non Lego art style for the characters. 

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I'd prefer them not to, no. Their work on the Sonic pack was above and beyond what they normally put the effort into for Lego games, in my opinion, but it's still a heavily mediocre and unpolished product compared to the actual games. The physics are heavily scripted, inconsistant, and glitch out on numerous occasions, the overall aesthetic and sound design is poorly made, and their game design is really... western. Focusing on individual gimmick mechanics and scripted setpeices, moreso than the actual design around the level at all times, and how well it flows.

Frankly, they haven't proven they can handle anything more than their efforts at hand already. And when we already have a game company who has made a competently polished and crafted mascot series game - Sanzaru Games and Sly 4 - and can see the product of how they can handle Sonic as a series, with the handheld Boom games... Yeah.

And if it's about "better writing", I don't see it working out. Dimensions was really self referential, if not downright poking fun at the series in almost the same way the social media account does. It's not as noticeable as the "baldy mcnosehair" jokes, but eventually I think people would realize how little this kind of humor adds to the series, and either get sick of it or ignore it altogether. And when all your writing chops actually rely on those "I understood that reference!" moments... there's not much else to build off of.

Honestly, Sonic is a hard series to do justice to, at least in the realm of western publishers. They have such different priorities, and standards for what is acceptable thanks to their peers, that handing a gameplay-focused Japanese series to them is basically asking them to step out of their comfort zone, and perfect an entirely new design philosophy in their first try. That's not something I'm willing to take a risk on, even with Sonic Team's track record; and when you bring Traveller's Tales' history into the same spotlight, it doesn't look any better.

And whatever happens, do not let them work on the series' first open world Sonic game, above all else...

... Not like that...


Edit: Oh, I guess missed the point of the title. Just for one game?

Well I have less strong opinions on that I guess, but I still wouldn't think it'd be very good. It'd be interesting to see, though moreso in how well TT could make a game out of their element they've been in for the past decade or so.

I can take it or leave it. *shrug*

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