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Been explorin' GameFAQs Top 10 lists...


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They're user created lists. I wouldn't really think much of them, as they were likely made by a fan.

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How true, Dejablue. If I'd listen to game tests and stuff I'd have a lot less games.

Edit: lol, I read the SA2 one and the guy who wrote that doesn't make much sense.

There's also the CHAO GARDEN! The best part! Absolutely addictive, the game lets you raise adorable creatures called Chao which are ridiculously in-depth for what a tiny part of the game they are. A side game, with this much effort put into it, deserves significant praise. However- it's also a reason I chose the Dreamcast version over Sonic Advenutre 2 Battle. The chao garden had a Black Market that was ONLY accessible by connecting to the internet. This right here is just bad design- because now, years later, it is impossible. There is no way to get there, and that severly gimps one of the best parts of the game. Luckily this does not apply to the Gamecube remake, but I felt it was worth mentioning. The Gamecube remake remains faithful and does nothing but improve on the game, but still has the control and gameplay issues the original did. Likewise, it's still a great game.

I don't get why he chose the DC version, after his explanation...

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Pretty cool, I think. I know it's user-submitted but I think it needed to be said (Unleashed-wise).

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I actually liked how he sort of said, "Before you ask, no I'm not gonna moan 'n' bitch about the Werehog".

It's interesting because professional reviewers do it more often, whereas this is user submitted and states "it's not really that than it is the things that back it up" like the shadows not appearing for example.

Actually, I'm fond of the GameFAQs Top 10 lists (not that I take them with a grain of salt) is that one of the requirements is not to do any negative lists like the worst or dumbest or generic (unless done in a positive manner). I thought that was a really smart move on their part, whereas you see lists like IGN making their "Top 10 lists of people who need to die"... Who the hell would seriously make a list like that in their spare time?

I mean, "the greatest videogame characters of all time" or lists like that are good, because in a way it's like paying homage to your favourite videogame heroes that you hold to high regard, whereas making lists on people who need to die just seems like ranting, whining and/or bitching, which isn't really a thing I'd go to a supposedly credible website for, that is unless you were to actually sound smart and make it worth our time.

...Bit longer than I wanted it to be, but ah well...

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