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Sonic Forces Impressions Thread

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So, now that the game is out, and many of us have played it, what are your impressions of Sonic Forces?

I will personally post mine, soon. In the meantime, tell me your thoughts and impressions on the game.

EDIT: My impressions.

For gameplay, I enjoyed all three styles of gameplay. Modern Sonic was the best for me, and Avatar was fun as well. I liked Classic Sonic as well, but he did have issues, such as controls and physics. His jump was a bit too difficult at times, and his rolling could have been better. The physics for Classic Sonic were hard at times, like in Casino Forest. The controls for avatar and Modern Sonic were off at times, too, as there were some parts where I kept falling off the stage in the 3D racetrack like parts. Still, everything else was good. I liked that you couldn't boost to win. Speaking of boost, I loved the fast paced Double Boost, which was quite fun. The Wispons took some getting used to, but they were good to use in the end. The bosses were good as well, and I loved the final boss, as it was epic and fun. There could have been a bit more challenge to the gameplay, though.

The visuals were great, and were pretty to look at. Enough said.

The story was good as well, and I liked it all the way through. The final parts, especially the final boss, were all epic. I liked the dialog, even if it wasn't that special, and I liked the roles each character had in this game. Infinite seemed like an interesting character, and I liked how Classic Sonic and the Phantom Ruby was included, even if Classic Sonic was unnecessary. I liked the friendship part and the teamwork thing, too. It reminded me of Sonic Heroes. Overall, I say this was one of the best stories in a while.

The levels were fine, if a bit short, and the level design did usually have lots of alternate paths. Not too many, but good enough in amount. The levels themselves were not perfect in design, and they could have been better, but they were passable at the least. I liked some of the gimmicks in the levels, especially Classic Sonic's Death Egg Zone, with all those throwback gimmicks. There could have been more meat to them, though. I did like the 3D corridors, though, as it was fun to speed through them. Also, though not exactly level design based, the enemies were improved with the day one patch, as they moved faster, which is a plus, and they could be a problem if I wasn't careful. Maybe I need to be better with the enemies, but they were faster in acting at the least.

For music, I loved the music, and I loved the Avatar stage music as well. The music was sometimes like from Megaman X, which was a good thing, and the song lyrics for each song did well for me. I liked Fist Bump and Light of Hope, the ending theme, and I liked listening to the music in some of Classic Sonic's stages, and Modern Sonic's stage music was pretty good as well. Overall, I liked the music, especially the music tracks with lyrics.

But there was something missing, in the end. Maybe it is that the game could be longer as well as the levels, or the speed based challenge like in Unleashed, but whatever it was, it would have made the game more fun if it was included.

Overall, I give this game a 7 or 7.5 out of 10.

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I was so baffled how this game didn't have an impressions topic all day that I was starting to think there was a rule against making one or something. :P

Anyway, I liked Forces. It actually turned out a little better than I expected. Not an amazing game by any stretch, but decent at worst.

+ Game looks gorgeous
+ Script only has, like, one or two cringeworthy lines of dialogue. That's it! The dialogue has character and wit without going overboard. Hard to believe this was written by the same guys who wrote Colors/Generations/Lost World.
+ Most of the music. The synth can be a tad overboard at times, but the music is some of the catchiest the franchise has had in a long time.
+ Interesting story. Every level had a meaning behind it. I never felt like I was just running around for no good reason.*The plot was constantly moving forward and kept me invested, something I haven't felt in a Sonic game since...heck, maybe Adventure 2 (though Adventure 2 was better).

- Simplistic level design. Seriously, how long did it take them to design all these hallways filled with mindless enemies? Also, levels were way too short.
- The avatar. Neat idea, bad execution. Gameplay was simplistic and uninteresting.
- Some of the music, particularly classic Sonic's, was almost grating. I expect better from longtime Sonic composers.
- Too short. I appreciate replay value, but I want some meat to my games in the main campaign, not in side quests.

All in all, I liked Forces. It was good. 6.5/10

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My opinion in the game so far, after beating the game in about 2 hours and playing all the levels just once, is that... of 30 levels, 3 or 4 of them is actually pretty great and fun. the rest is dull, classic sonic is terrible to control, the avatar is good to control with some wispons and terrible with some others. The level design is actually better than I though it would be, since all gameplay we saw had the most poor lvel design aspects ever in a platform game. But it does improve later in the game. My favorite levels were the bosses ones.  


Regarding the story...

The story in the game for me was a mix between "Ok...?" and "WTF?". I mean, it had some cool moments, but thaat's kinda it. I felt like I was watching a movie from the middle of it. The game doesn't start a story that drives you in and makes you care about the characters, something that even 06 or ShTH did it. The story is just THERE, you know? There's no introduction to ANYTHING. You start playing as sonic and the narrative is already happening, and things just go on happening one after another, and is fucking weird. 

- What the fuck was that scene in the Null Space? It was really menacing to hear that Sonic and the Avatar was both sucked into the null portal... But then the level starts and you are OUT.

- What the hell was even Shadow and Chaos? I mean, the marketing made us think that all of the villains were bosses, and then it didn't happen. 

- Sonic should at least be somewhat bored for being arrested and tortured. Amy and sonic's friends should've been happier in founding out he was still alive and well.

- Infinite's motivation still not really clear and feels forced.

- It was really lazy to tell 75% of the story through radio dialogue, and the cutscenes were poor. Seriously, the hedgehog engine is known for having really great lighting, but the lighting was really bad. Just bad. It was like if the characters was made of plastic...



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Forces wasn't a good game....to get hyped for or talk about.

I like it, a lot. It's a very decent and fun game in my opinion.

Let's be clear that this wasn't the perfect 3D "savior" of the series, it wasn't anything like that, but I played it and hoo boy it was nothing like the abomination you people absolutely love to paint it as.

Let's start off with the playable 3:

-Modern Sonic was an alright character to control, when I played him, he seemed a stiff to move around. It bugged me for a moment but when I carried on with the level. It was pretty much a smooth transition from there.

-Avatar started off rough for me as well, I had a hard time trying to adjust his attacks but they ended making things a bit awkward for me, all the Wispons I tried were pretty lousy to use imo, Burst is the best one to use because it's very satisfying to bust down the robots without breaking your pace or screwing up into dying or something. Either way they take time to fully master.

-Classic more or less felt the same as Generations to me, if not slightly floatier than before. I know jack shit about physics but I guess all I'll say is that they're not so good It's unfortunate that he lacks the same pacing and momentum as he did in Mania. Which is a shame, because Sonic Team really wanted to do what made Mania worked but did it rather sloppy. Of course, I can always thank them for bringing the Drop Dash so it's a plus in my book. (Btw, that's the only comparison I'll make since this is an entirely different game.)

-Let's get on to the story without spoilers.

It isn't bad, like not even in the slightest. People were complaining about character potrayals but I didn't see any at all.

My main gripe with the plot is that it told more then it showed, which wasn't a good move on Nakamura and ST's behalf, nobody wants to just buy the fact that things happened over time through nothing but text and dialogue because that's just laziness. 

Show the characters infiltrating bases and hacking and shit, not just chatting non-stop.

Speaking of the characters, Sonic's portrayal was AMAZING in this game!

He was fun, snarky, optimistic, but also showed seriousness and justice for others. Even when being put through hell for months, Sonic STILL remains his old cocky free-spirited self instead of being traumatized and depressed cause lol drama.

Tails wasn't the bitchy crybaby everyone made him out to be, it was dumb of him to chicken out in a single cutscene, but for the rest of the game, he was his usual self.

Classic had no reason to be in this game, but his friendship with Tails was cute at least.

The side cast were okay too! They're weren't always acting like military agents, they still showed iconic traits of their characters and even spout out some great lines.

As for the villains? Eh, they were okay. Eggman was less silly than the previous games as he's more hell-bent on destroying his enemies.

We don't really see him much in the cutscenes but they remind us that he's still a primary villian.

But thanks to Mike Pollock's magic, he still got that classic evil teasing side of him.

Not sure what to say about Infinite, he wasn't horrible but he felt just there. He wasn't really that entertaining to be honest, he comes and go to taunt and be threatening to his opponents.

I still love his design however.

-Gameplay. I'll say that while the level design can be bland and lacking, it still offers a fun experience if you know your tricks and ways around it.

I just want to get that part over with since I hear complaints about the same damn things over and over.

-Graphics. The game is GORGEOUS! Especially if you're playing on PS4 and XBOX1! There's nothing less I can say...just crisp, clean, and beautiful. People can overrate Unleashed's graphics all they want but this beats it imo.

-The music is great too, while it's annoying that there's too emphasis on the synths, the melodies are still very catchy to listen.

Avatar's vocal tracks are awesome, Modern's is all right but less synth and more rock next time, some of Classic's can be a bit ear-grating but the rest are very catchy and gives me great S3&K vibes!

So yeah, that's all I can say for the moment, there's plenty of replay value if you're into your Avatar because that's what all the rewards are for lol.

So Sonic Forces, not horrible, not amazing, but very decent if not ok at the very least.

Give it a go if you're in the mood for a new Modern Sonic game! You'll have a fun time, I promise!


-Gameplay should at least be fun and enjoyable.

-Beautiful visuals and aesthetics.

-Great soundtrack.

-Replay Value.

-Good character portrayals.

-Decent voice acting.

-Story driven.


-Bland level design which is a downgrade from previous Boost games.

-Controls are a tad wonky.

-Story tells more than show.

-Levels are too short.

-Too much emphasis on the synths.

-Style over substance.

I give it a 7.6.

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So far I'm on stage 8 and I'm on the Xbox one x. The near 4 and 60fps make this one of the most beautiful sonic gsmes I've played in a long while. I love the avatar and infinite so far.  He's cheesy but fun cheesy to me. The stages are pretty short though.  I do enjoy the health bar boss fights as well . The music is amazing and voice acting while cheesy at times is not bad. Better than I could do in the industry. T


The bad

The controls are just bad. I knew going in they would be but wow they can mess you up

I'd be nice is you had more outfits unlocked at the start and more customization options such as chest and belly options.

The story is moving really fast  a bit to fast at times and while fun is annoying


Other than that it's fun so a 7/10 so far

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I'd write a big review of this but I really can't be arsed. So I'll just give my personal pros and cons and just some things I wanted to bring up.

1) First off, ALL characters are slippery as fuck. They suffer of Heroes syndrome where if you don't time your movements you end up straight into a bottomless pit. It's annoying. The instant acceleration doesn't help to the slippery factor. And when you need to do some heavy 2D platforming with Modern or the Avatar? Hoo boy. I can't tear my hairs off because I'm bald. 

2) Graphically the game is gorgeous. The backgrounds are full of life and detail, and sometimes (more than once honestly) I died or didn't know where I was going because I was focused on the background with examples like Egg Gate, the Metropolis Zone (oh god Metropolis is beautiful) and Mortar Canyon. But a problem with this is that sometimes the background and where your character is like to blend or mash up and you'll end up wondering what route you're taking. It's not a big problem, just something worth noting.

3) Yes, you don't fight Chaos and Shadow, misleading advertising what have you. But something bothers me extremely. The story, starts fine, gets solid, and by the finale, just... What? What happened here? Rushed development? Management interfering? Incompetence? Up until the third act before Eggman Empire Fortress it's good, I like it. But as soon as the endgame starts just. What the hell happened here? Rehashed bosses? Abrupt ending? Cliffhangers? Out of nowhere lackluster rehashed final boss? I really wish we'd learn more of Sonic Forces's development, because something happened here and I can't say what. It's like a constant curve that goes up and up and once you reach the final part it just drops on its ass like hell.

4) The music is honestly hit and miss. Some tracks I love like Capital City, Egg Gate and Luminous Forest among others. Some tracks I'm indifFerent. Not really any track I actively dislike yet. I need to hear it more.

5) yadda yadda level design sucks we've all heard that before it's true carry on. But worth nothing, I found the Classic stages to have a nice expansion that I didn't expect. Some Modern stages have various alternate pathways which I actually only found after various replays, like in Luminous Forest where you get the final red ring. 

Now going to the pros and cons. Uh disclaimer this is personal, if you disagree well sucks I dunno.


- The game is GORGEOUS. Egg Gate and Metropolis are a joy to watch.

- Avatar customization god it's so fucking fun. Most wispons are good with some ugly ones (looking at you Lightning)

- Modern 3D. While a giant step down from Generations and Unleashed, it really reminds me of Colours's 3D sections.

- The presentation is good. 

 - FREEEEEEEEEEEEE DLC even if it's just three stages, but hey you can play as Shadow. 

- The story I liked until the finale. I liked the references and worldbuilding we're getting (Seaside Hill yo). 

- I really like the codecs and character interactions. It's something I missed from the pre-Unleashed games.

- Some tracks are a good time. 

- Looooooots of replay value. YMMV if you like collectables or if you find it a chore.


- The story's final act, what the fuck happened here.

- Infinite is wasted potential. The character itself I found cool, Liam O'Brien is great to hear. But he just disappears, and his final encounter is a rehash god damn it.

- Stages are bitesized. 

- Level design took a big hit. Some stages are annoying (looking at you Eggman's Facility and the extra stages).

- Extra Stages and Advanced Stages are just Gimmick Rehash Zones, could've ditched them and added more acts or something.

- Avatar I'm... Not entirely sure about. I like the customization part of it, but some parts I'm extremely missed about. 

- Classic is shoehorned. 


- Drift removal was a mistake. 

Overall though. I had plenty of fun with Sonic Forces so far, I'm going to attempt to get everything in the game and see if I can unlock Super Sonic. I hope this game has more DLC (free if possible). But even if I had tons of fun with this game, I still realize that this game? This game isn't for everyone. It's a massive step down in quality from the gameplay aspect. It's extremely niche. Don't buy this if you're not 90% or 80% sold on this. Watch some early zone footage and make your own decision, don't let some random bald fat dude on the internet tell you what to do (oh wait...). You're better off playing Generations or whatever's up to you. But personally? I enjoyed it. I had fun, and I got my money worth. I'll give this game 7 URRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH out of 10. But I'll rate it a Test this game before purchasing, borrow it or get the demo or pirate it or whatever, it's a smarter decision if the game doesn't interest you enough already for purchase..

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So I just beat the game and... S'alright.

Yeah. That was definitely a game I played. Nothing worth the hyperbolic reactions to it on either side leading up to it if I'm being completely honest. Since I'm the narrative and story hound I'll mostly focus on what it did good and what it did bad on that front first. In Summary, my opinion on it is that it had a promising yet oddly paced beginning, a very lackluster middle, and an incredibly epic ending that might probably have been the best thing ever had the rest of it either been longer or the middle was allowed to have some substance.

I'll just go through the points as they come though.

The Beginning 

I don't have a problem with a story starting in media res so long as it goes back and informs us on what's happened before. That was something Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric did. It didn't do it well but it still did it. That said, it's beginning scenes, individually, were all really good on their own. The problem is that the set-up needed way more time to breathe. The first cutscene is the appropriate one to have at the start but there's literally no build up to the scene that happens in the city next where Sonic gets his butt kicked aside from Tails saying they need his help. That alone actually isn't all too bad either in hindsight. The REAL big issue is when Sonic gets beaten and it just... cuts away to a black screen with text scrawled along it explaining to us what happened next. 

The pacing of this part was legitimately terrible. This game is jumping through long stretches of time to tell it's story and doesn't really know how to use the cutscenes to their advantage in order to allow it to feel as though a lot of time has passed since Sonic's defeat on its own. The only scene we get of the struggle leading up to the position they're all in when they're at the resistance base is a flashback to the Avatar running away from Infinite.

The "Tails has Lost it" line intrigued me a bit but that didn't last too long when I saw him trying to fix Omega after he was broken down from his scuffle with Infinite, something the game doesn't explain in it's main narrative but is instead relegated to the Shadow DLC and the Prequel comic. Those comics ended up being far more essential than they should have been. I probably could have even forgave that had they been included in the game or if the game itself had more cutscenes but that didn't happen.

As it went on though, it was starting to really impress me. I liked how all the levels came with their own individual objectives. 

I loved how the Zavok boss came at an interval where the two got to have actual interaction at a point in the game that was appropriate for the two to square off and led into the next part seamlessly. The second confrontation with Infinite was done really well after that too, with Silver and him going at it in a dynamic cutscene that showcased actual fighting. That was also followed by Sonic showing up and making a really awesome impression on me for how he was being written. The sequence after with Tails and... other Sonic when they confronted Eggman was really good too. 

I love it when stories can naturally have characters be in different areas in order for it to progress instead of setting things up as though they were being plotted out in a straight line, like Generations and Lost World. 

Then the middle happened...

The Middle

For some reason the game just decided to stop having cutscenes. I don't exactly know why but after the Metropolis fight with Infinite, everything was just relegated to text boxes between the characters. Nothing like that prison break with the confrontation with Zavok or the Infinite meet up in the forest happens again. The Metal Sonic boss fight doesn't have any sort of lead in or build up. It just happens. If you watch the cutscenes on their own you wouldn't even know he was there. 

It sucks, because Rise of Lyric keeps coming to mind as something they should have done in regard to how they told this story. With cutscenes. I don't really get why you wouldn't if you're just using their in-game models and paying the voice actors to say their lines anyway. After the Metropolis sequence, you get one scene of Sonic saying he and the avatar make good partners, and then the next scene is the Death Egg EXPLODING! 


The Ending

Everything about the ending was fantastic except for a few small tid-bits at the very tail end of it. 

First of all, I loved the use of Metropolis as this sort of pseudo climax before the climax thing, where they get sent to the Null Space and break out of it. Then the final area with everyone gathered together was exactly what I would have wanted out of a game like this that was only planning on utilizing three of it's characters (because what I really want is for EVERYONE to do something but based on what I knew was in the game, I got what I wanted out of that at least...). 

Even so, the multiple climactic elements, the Infinite fight, the ... "Death Egg Robot" fight... those were all sequenced really well. 

Tails being sad about saying bye to Classic Sonic was dumb. Omega showing up at the end to do nothing was dumb. Rouge pointing out that Omega showed up at the end to do nothing was funny for his reaction... but it still doesn't fix the issue. The heroes and your Avatar going off on their own to restore the world was a nice end. 

What the hell happened to Eggman and Infinite? Was that done on purpose to tease a next game or are you going to pull a Lost World and not bother resolving what was questioned at the end of the game like with Generations?

There's a lot of little things I have issues with and thoughts I want to get out so... here goes.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Probably the best he's ever been written. Yeah, I want to say that. He wasn't all serious business like everyone else and was allowed to show off his funny side a bit more due to actually having a playable role and a more active presence as a result. Dude wasn't forcing jokes down my throat like in Colors but when he did have one, it was playful and humorous enough on it's own without going too far in one direction. Also, his gameplay was the best of the three.

Dr. Eggman

No complaints here either. He was still the Eggman I knew and loved. I thought it was badass that he was going to drop a sun on them at the end but that's mostly because I don't think it was a LITERAL sun. That would have killed the planet he was trying to take over as well as himself. However, that's one of those "needs more clarification" things I guess.

The Resistance

It was great SEEING everybody and HEARING their lovely voices. It was also good to know that they were actually on a lot of those missions with you, doing stuff in the background. That's an improvement over what we've gotten in the past couple of years at least... however, I can't ignore the fact that they were still mostly inconsequential. Seeing them all huddled together there at the end just kind of reminded me that they were around for the sake of this being an anniversary title and not a whole lot else. Their dialogue was well-written and there wasn't really any cringe to it. That said, I feel it's rather obvious that they were pulled back a bit too much. Unlike Sonic, the balance between "Serious Business" and "Playful Banter" that worked off the strengths of their personalities was lost on them. Most of the time they really did just spout military tactics and what it was they were attempting to do. There was a bit of flavor text to it of course. It wasn't straight up BORING all its own. I got a chuckle out of lines like "He's shaking because it's really cold in space" and stuff like Amy finding two Sonic's dreamy. Or Amy's comment about how easily distracted Knuckles was. Or even small stuff like Rouge pushing Knuckles aside and teasing Omega at the end. It's there but not pronounced enough for it to be as strong as it could be. The game's length, the fact that they're all unplayable, and how stagnated the middle is all contribute to that.

Classic Sonic


Literally, there was no reason for him to be here. His stages were the least fun for me. That throw away line about the Ruby affecting dimensions means nothing since he's the only example of that effect when the rest of the game is centered around utilizing illusions. And worst of all, Tails's role in the game would have been highly improved had he been gone.

He really did nothing to escape the weird, out of place, space he occupied and stayed true to his position as a thing done for marketing and a meaningless pantomime of overdone "nostalgia". 


"Tails has lost it" should have been played up WAY more than it was. HE should have been the third playable character, off on his own to deal with his emotions now that Sonic was supposedly "Dead". Maybe after a little solo-adventure he actually does fix up Omega in a cutscene that we get to see and they go off together a little later. Maybe he sends Omega on a mission and meets up with the Avatar in the forest on a separate one. Then gets delighted at seeing Sonic alive when they reunite and have him come to some sort of realization about himself at the end after having gone through that. Instead, it forces us to play as Classic Sonic while Tails is the one suffering through emotional turmoil ad is clearly the one in need of more focus. That said, I liked how he acted in this game at least. He wasn't an asshole like he was in the two games before.

I got a chuckle out of "True dat."


I actually wouldn't change anything here. That was a pretty charming story about a scared survivor, feeling bad about his inability to do anything, choosing to beef himself up by joining the resistance, and working his way up to helping save the world. No complaints here really.


You know... I liked him.

It's strange. I expected him to be... WAY more of a certain kind of villain then he came off. However, when he said the line "It's delicious" I suddenly started to think of him as a bit more playful than before. His condescending talks to Sonic and the Avatar and his disappointment with Eggman whenever they're forced to run, coupled with the knowledge of how the two of them got to know one another and what their relationship is... then the extra stuff with the Shadow DLC. It FEELS like there's an actual humanity (He's an animal but you know what I mean) to him. He definitely is one of those more serious villains but I think the little touches they gave him did more to elevate him above what I figured he'd be, just a bit. Granted, most of what I'm feeling is coming from learning about what happened to him in the prequel comic and the Shadow DLC. The suggestion that his mask can't hide his loneliness caught me too. As well as his lines having some commendable word play to them, admittedly.

I wouldn't mind seeing him again in a story that incorporated the interesting bits of him into the actual game.


There was no Shadow boss, which soured things a bit. The fact that the marketing made such a big deal about him being on the villains side was something I didn't fall for at all. Not even a little bit. When everyone was freaking out about how they made Shadow a villain, I said they were lying to us with their marketing as a way to trick the audience into wondering what was REALLY happening... and I was right... however, that still doesn't excuse there being NO payoff for what you alluded to in the marketing. Literally, just a boss fight with the fake Shadow would have made that worth it.

Episode Shadow was alright but again, the lack of cutscenes was strange. This game has more story than Rise of Lyric and yet that game still mapped out everything that was happening through cutscenes. I keep harping on this because it really was distracting. It would be with a game like this that was trying to have more things happen yet was relying on a cheap way to get a lot of it across. The only place those Radio text boxes should have showed up was in the levels. If you must put some over the World map, just have it be a meaningless line of dialogue or something that just tells us where we're headed next. 


Somehow was more worthless than Classic Sonic. I'm less bothered by his inclusion due to the fact that he wasn't heavily forced into the narrative... but that prequel comic was so good. I was hoping I was getting more when I saw it. Maybe some insight into that village. This game needed more locations than it had. The old village would have been a good one to do in an illusion form or something. Something!

Metal Sonic

He's Metal Sonic. He works for Eggman. He fights Sonic. It's fine. That's what he does. Illusions made him get bigger.



Ironically, the best handled out of all four of these sub-bosses we were promised would play a part in the narrative. The only one to have an actual villainous confrontation with Sonic and a scene to showcase them playing off one another. His fight happened during the climax of Sonic's prison break and wasn't just a thing done to get the boss out of the way and what not. His part was perfect.

"Death Egg Robot" In Name Only

This game has a serious issue with naming things. The area where Park Avenue and Sunset Heights are is literally just "City". That alone is strange when you put it next to areas titled "Green Hill", "Chemical Plant" and "Death Egg" but then you have stuff like this where the final boss is this giant... really cool looking robot that deserves it's own name... but instead is just referred to as a "Death Egg Robot".

That thing was NOT a Death Egg Robot. It CLEARLY was not. The Death Egg had even blown up at this point. Why call it that? I guess it's better than leaving it nameless like in Lost World but seriously guys?

Also, WHY did the last phase of the boss have to copy that Colors final boss fight AGAIN! It wasn't that good of a boss fight Sonic Team! It wasn't! Stop it!

Also, the Egg Dragoon was even more random than I thought... there's a lot that's strange about the elements put here.

In Conclusion

It's alright. The story was better than the last couple of games we've had but suffered due to lack of things accurately explained within the narrative. This time it's not for lack of explaining them like in Lost World though. THIS time they WERE explained but in prequel comics and DLC. That's... an improvement but still not ideal. The main game NEEDS this stuff. Prequel comics are all well and good but if they're THAT essential to the game then have them be scenes in the actual game. Or at the very least, include them in the title itself. 

It also suffered from pacing issues. Literal MONTHS pass during the course of this game's narrative. An entire ARMY was amassed. There was a WAR that went down here... and it barely feels like it. It feels like we saw the foundation for the war and the really epic conclusion of the war... and everything in the middle was just rushed through or explained to us through white text on a black screen. 

That's where the last of the game's issues really hit... the game's length and the lack of other playable characters. And this isn't just a "I want the others back" kind of thing either. This game is simulating a war and it's trying to do that with a huge passage of time. It could still probably do that with just three playable characters but not at the pace it moved. It had a really awesome flow after the resistance was introduced then it just stopped and didn't really come back until the climactic stuff started to go down at the second visit to Metropolis followed by the final Eggman location. 

I'm sorry but the length of Sonic games nowadays is REALLY starting to be a huge issue for me. Three years since Lost World yielded a game I just beat in a day without feeling like there's going to be a ton more to do afterward. I'm not the kind of person who compares Sonic to Mario but I've been hearing his fellow platforming plumber buddy is doing a lot with his latest title. The thing is apparently bursting with content. It could probably get away with selling me on the passage of time simulating an entire war with just one playable character if it wanted to.

Even though Modern Sonic's stages were the best and most comfortable for me, the stages were still too short and the boost formula's shortcomings really do shine through with how easily he zooms by the beautiful landscapes.

This game is fucking beautiful by the way. It looks gorgeous. 

Also, all the voice actors are great. Kirk Thornton's Shadow voice especially surprised me. He sounds so much better here. I knew he had an excellent Shadow in him. 

Either way, there's more to go into about how the story was done but those are my general, mis-mashed thoughts.

So yeah. Sonic Forces.



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Finished Forces last night and I really have to say I disagreed heavily with a lot of the low scores. Do not get me wrong, Forces is far from a perfect game. It has plenty of flaws and issues that hold it back from getting anywhere near as good as the likes of Generations, but a mediocre game? Not really, I mean I had fun with the game and I feel there's several aspects that SEGA should carry on to further titles in the series.

Firstly, gameplay styles: 

Modern Sonic: The absolute best style in the game. He felt a little stiff at first which worried me immensely as I ran through Green Hill. Thankfully, by the time I got to his second stage, the stiffness seemed to have stopped and he played as good as he did in Generations with a few tweeks. He's as much fun here as he was there, if only there was a bit more exploration in his levels. With that said, there's still issues. One, is most definitely the drift being removed. The reason why? Several of Sonic's stages have a portion where you were clearly meant to boost through them, and the physics can freak out a few times, sending you off a corner and flying to your death. These kind of sections were clearly built with a drift in mind and it baffles me why it was removed. There's also the fact a few of his levels are a bit too linear for my liking. Furthermore, his double jump kind of sucks. It's iffy to use and it makes the platforming segments with him not as tight as it could be.

Avatar: The avatar is kind of a mixed bag of a playstyle. At first, I absolutely despised the avatar. They felt far too slippy, far too floaty, and their homing attack had a really annoying delay. But as I played more of the avatar, I got used to the playstyle and then I actually began to have a decent amount of fun in their levels. There's about one level I truly disliked with them and it's the final avatar level, mainly for being an annoying 2D section that's got plenty of one hit KO hazards.

Classic: Classic shouldn't be here. Like seriously. From day 1, I thought it was absolutely stupid that Classic was in this game, especially with Mania coming out. The game itself did not help to fix my problems. Not only is Classic not really involved with the story that much, but his gameplay absolutely blows. His momentum is all kinds of screwed up, at points losing momentum randomly mid-run and even losing momentum with every jump he does. He's not really as fun as he was in Generations, let alone Mania, even with the addition of the drop dash, and as a whole, he really shouldn't have been here.

Now then, some good and bad:


  • Modern and Avatar's gameplay is pretty fun
  • Graphics are absolutely stunning.
  • Modern and Avatar's OST tracks are pretty nice, especially Avatar's vocal tracks.
  • There's a ton of customization for the avatar
  • Plenty of collectables to add replay value
  • Voice acting is top notch.
  • Sonic's friends for the most part finally get their personalities back. Knuckles and Sonic being the highlights.
  • Sonic's snark is done extremely well here. It isn't just the "LOOOOOL BALDY MCNOSEHAIR GOOD ONE BUDDDDDDDY!" shit from the last few games. The snark is actually pretty funny and delivered smartly depending on the situation and character.
  • The story has potential. 
  • It's pretty atmospheric. 


  • Modern and Avatar can take a level or two to get used to, but are pretty fun when you do.
  • Classic is pretty terrible and completely unneeded. Thankfully, he has the shorter list of levels.
  • Bosses as a whole are pretty meh. Not great, nothing bad.
  • Infinite as a villain needs better motivations and backstory. 
  • Eggman's rule is shortlived and not highlighted enough.
  • General story issues leading to wasted potential and being too short.
  • Level design is a bit too linear. 

But yeah, personally if I had to rank Forces, I'd say a 7/10 seems about right for me. Nowhere near a perfect game, but it's a decently good one nonetheless. 

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Played it even tho I said I wasn't going to. What can I say, I'm a tool.

Anyway It's bad, no surprise there. But what got me was just how awful it really was. Everything in this game is a step taken backwards from anything learned or improved upon in the previous 3D Sonic games. What we got here is some of the worst controls since 06, Avatar's noticeably sticking out like a sore thumb among the bunch. I know "Modern Sonic controls like a car" has been said for years, but he really does feel like a stick-shift car going into different gears on his own no matter how hard you try to have full control with him. Each character has major flaws in their controls and makes it frustrating to do precise platforming segments with any of them. There's no real level design in here for any of the 3 characters, just straight lines to boost through with some of the most generic platforming that doesn't even rival Colors's weaker mini acts. Game has a few sparks of something decent there that either ends up ruining itself or the level ending immediately after. Anything else I could say has already been said before by multiple other people.

Oh yeah, and anything regarding Classic Sonic wasn't worth mentioning. Everything about him and his stages are a complete embarrassment to Sega and Sonic Team, especially after Sonic Mania. 

Do not waste your time or money with this. 

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Beat Forces (on hard mode).

Lets see:

Gorgeous graphics. Best looking Sonic game ever IMO, has some stunning visuals. Just about surpasses Unleashed.

Music: a few good tracks (mainly avatar stages). Overall one of the weaker soundtracks in quite a while.

Classic Sonic's physics are shit (drop-dash doesn't help, especially when you accidently activate it and drop-dash into a bottomless-pit) just like in Gens making getting through the stages a chore. The Eggman Empire classic auto-scrolling stage was a fucking nightmare. 

I'd say the same about the avatar physics, the only saving grace being the wisp powers, but it's only marginally more enjoyable than classic Sonic.

The novelty of creating an avatar has already worn off. Was a nice idea though.

My avatar (below) is a female hedgehog, kind of a Shadow fan-girl. Looks like a cross between Shadow and Sticks #Shadicks




Modern Sonic (and Sonic+avatar) stages have lovely visuals but are mostly boring to play through. As a result I'm kinda glad they are shorts stages. 

Bosses are nothing special stage, still better than some of the recent games. Bizarrely Zavok gave me quite a bit of trouble (trying to hit him). The final boss was a pain in the backside, but once you work out a good technique it's actually decent. Way better than Gens & SLW final bosses.

Story is interesting but feels woefully incomplete and the lack of story told through cutscenes is disappointing. Also, why the hell is classic Sonic in this game? His gameplay is terrible and adds nothing to the story.

For me (in terms of the recent Sonic Team games) it's Colors > Unleashed > Forces > Gens > SLW.


The way the story plays-out and the inclusion of DOUBLE boost and TRIPLE boost makes it feel like this would finally be a good time to end the boost gameplay once and for all (the Boost gameplay did not feel any better in Forces). It's survived ten years (god knows how) and it's time to move onto something completely new.


Forces isn't a terrible game and it's not a hard one either, but it's so far away from what I want to see in a modern Sonic 3d game. I don't know if Sonic Team are being forced to create these games on a laughably small budget or whether there's meddling from SEGA Japan as to what they are allowed to create, but honestly I fear for Sonic Team and 3d Sonic. They can't keep up this run of below-par games and expect to survive. 

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17 minutes ago, TheOcelot said:

Beat Forces (on hard mode).

Lets see:

Gorgeous graphics. Best looking Sonic game ever IMO, has some stunning visuals. Just about surpasses Unleashed.

Music: a few good tracks (mainly avatar stages). Overall one of the weaker soundtracks in quite a while.

Classic Sonic's physics are shit (drop-dash doesn't help, especially when you accidently activate it and drop-dash into a bottomless-pit) just like in Gens making getting through the stages a chore. The Eggman Empire classic auto-scrolling stage was a fucking nightmare. 

I'd say the same about the avatar physics, the only saving grace being the wisp powers, but it's only marginally more enjoyable than classic Sonic.

The novelty of creating an avatar has already worn off. Was a nice idea though.

My avatar (below) is a female hedgehog, kind of a Shadow fan-girl. Looks like a cross between Shadow and Sticks #Shadicks




Modern Sonic (and Sonic+avatar) stages have lovely visuals but are mostly boring to play through. As a result I'm kinda glad they are shorts stages. 

Bosses are nothing special stage, still better than some of the recent games. Bizarrely Zavok gave me quite a bit of trouble (trying to hit him). The final boss was a pain in the backside, but once you work out a good technique it's actually decent. Way better than Gens & SLW final bosses.

Story is interesting but feels woefully incomplete and the lack of story told through cutscenes is disappointing. Also, why the hell is classic in this game? He's gameplay is terrible and adds nothing to the story.

For me (in terms of the recent Sonic Team games) it's Colors > Unleashed > Forces > Gens > SLW.


The way the story plays-out and the inclusion of DOUBLE boost and TRIPLE boost makes it feel like this would finally be a good time to end the boost gameplay once and for all (the Boost gameplay did not feel any better in Forces). It's survived ten years (god knows how) and it's time to move onto something completely new.


Forces isn't a terrible game and it's not a hard one either, but it's so far away from what I want to see in a modern Sonic 3d game. I don't know if Sonic Team are being forced to create these games on a laughably small budget or whether there's meddling from SEGA Japan as to what they are allowed to create, but honestly I fear for Sonic Team and 3d Sonic. They can't keep up this run of below-par games and expect to survive. 

Sega does not have a lot of money which is something ii think may take for granted. They have been struggling since the 90s

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So, I beat Sonic Forces, so I thought I’d write up my impressions.  I typed this up real quick while it's fresh on my mind, so uh, forgive any spelling errors or the like.

First, I want to make a note that I’m someone who wasn’t particularly excited for Forces, it looked like a confusing mishmash of ideas that simply don’t work together. Classic Sonic being in the game was obviously a desperate nostalgia cash grab and nothing in the marketing actually convinced me that it was otherwise. The level design certainly looked like the sort of trash that Colors would be if it didn’t have the Wisps, and the game looked all around bad from its controls, to its story, and even its music.

Having had the chance to play the game myself (Switch version), I can say that it might actually be worse than I thought it was going to be.

I think I should start with the controls. Consistency and control is something that I think platformers should strive for, give the players absolute control over their character and have the same control inputs work the same in any given situation. Forces does none of this. The game often feels like it’s changing how its controls work every level and often times in the middle of the level. Certain times your character will be stiff as a board and barely move when you tap the control stick, and other times that same motion will cause your character careening off the ledge or into an obstacle. A member here mentioned that the rings have a sort of gravity to them that pulls you and gives you a burst a speed, and that's kind of stupid due to the abundant amount of rings there are in some of the platforming sections; whatever the reason, it's absolutely ridiculous. I was more often than not fighting with the controls to perform the most basic of platforming and that’s something that should never happen in a game ever. All the other times, the game removes control from you entirely, hell there are times where you can’t even boost during automated segments, like going through a loop or running along a wall.

The game also does a poor job at separating its foreground, background, and the actual play area. It looks nice for sure, but it becomes borderline unplayable when you can’t actually see where your player character is. This happened a lot for me during the 2D sections, especially towards the end where my Avatar character just blended into the background and I couldn’t properly keep track of where she was.  This game also has that problem Unleashed had a lot where it does a poor job at conveying the obstacles up ahead. There were a couple of moments where there’s a pack of White Wisp capsules, usually denoting a place where it’s safe to boost, only for me to careen into a bottomless pit shortly after. There were also moments where I felt the automated parts just flat-out broke, where I'd fall to my death when it was completely out of my control.

Don’t even get me started on the midlevel QTE’s that add absolutely nothing to the game and don’t even give the illusion of being part of the game like most of the automated segments. It also doesn’t help that these moments are so poorly choreographed that it’s borderline hilarious whenever they happen.

Now, out of all of the play styles, Modern Sonic actually plays the best, if only because you barely play it. Many levels are just watching him run/grind forward with some basic homing attack inputs sprinkled in. Classic Sonic probably has the best level design of the bunch, but he controls so poorly it’s hard to actually explore and have fun in them (did he control this bad in Generations? I don’t think he did, but it’s been awhile). The Avatar’s gameplay always feels at conflict with itself, trying to be fast like Modern Sonic but still having you constantly slowing down to fight large hordes of enemies. The Avatar definitely has the worst of the aforementioned problem where the game constantly feels like its controls are changing. There were also many moments where the Avatar’s moves simply wouldn’t function like trying to use the grappling hook when it’s clearly locked onto an object and having it fail, or having the walljump fail to function when it’s needed.

The game’s story is also incredibly awkward. It wants to take itself seriously, and that’s fine, but the way it goes about it is laughably bad. Dialogue about Sonic being tortured for months is incredibly weird when Sonic looks none the worse for wear when he’s still imprisoned. Sonic is probably the only character who actually has a character in the game, he’s sassy just like he was in Colors and Lost World and that’s fine. Tails is so useless and dependent on Sonic, it’s absolutely cringe worthy (what happened to the Tails from Lost World who was actually good at things and could do things by himself?), and Eggman’s character is so bastardized that I couldn’t even smirk when Pollock was clearly giving it his all with what he was given. I’m not sure why they stripped Knuckles of all his goofier character traits when they made him the resistance leader, he has maybe one or two lines in the middle of a level that actually sounds like Knuckles. The rest of the cast is just kind of… there? They all do absolutely fucking nothing, even Shadow who was given a comparatively bigger spotlight in the marketing has little to nothing in the game proper (which is baffling because he actually has a bit of history with Infinite).

But really, the under-delivered on just about every aspect of the story. They under-delivered on the premise of Eggman conquering the world as we hardly see what life in an Eggman ruled world is like. The under-delivered on how everyone has to act when Sonic is missing from the scene because he comes back 20 minutes later. They under-delivered on the idea of Sonic’s past foes coming back to fight him. They under-delivered on Infinte as well as we learn nothing about his character or his motivations in the game proper (and the supplementary material we got still gave us fuck all to work with).

Honestly, the game feels like it was duct taped together and it’s just barely keeping itself from falling apart. It’s not a desirable product by any means and is even prone to malfunction from time to time. Just a confusing little mess.

If I had to score it… a 4/10 maybe? A 5/10 if I’m being really generous.

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Gonna be honest--and brief--here. This is one of my least favorite 3D games in the series. I practically went into the game blind because I knew I was going to get it despite some of my reservations and oh my jesus lord

The story isn't really anything. The dialogue is awful and even Eggman, who usually gets off pretty well in these, isn't given anything good to say. Roger's Sonic has been forever tainted for me because he isn't given anything good to say. And as for everyone else in the extended cast, they aren't given anything good to say, OR do. Tails has forgotten to do anything except look down at a handheld device and be scared of braindead robots. Knuckles being the leader of the resistance didn't add anything new or interesting to his character or the narrative. The resistance doesn't even really feel like a resistance. The game never makes it feel like there's an epic struggle against Eggman's forces, you can't really tell Eggman has taken control of 99% of the world when nothing really makes that obvious. Eggmanland made that obvious and that was only a continent! All of the rivals are pretty boring, or actually just don't get to do anything. And unsurprisingly, Infinite is terrible. Why is Classic Sonic here?

Music-wise, I actually liked quite a few tracks. But a lot of the modern level themes blend together and end up sounding the same, it's hard to remember them. The avatar steals the show for me here, having a majority of the songs I liked such as Park Avenue, Aqua Road, and Space Port. The instrumental versions of Fist Bump scattered throughout the game are good, but the game also reminds you the vocal version exists. The sound design is really off. The game lacks punch and impact for most things, and it's especially apparent whenever you use a Double Boost. Classic Sonic's levels have pretty alright music but not my cup of tea.

The gameplay.

It's not good.

The acceleration for Modern Sonic and The avatar are off the charts. It is completely unnatural and jerky, and I'm 100% safe in believing that this game controls worse than Lost World. This is more apparent with the avatar because you can't simply boost through a level and not have to worry about much precise turning (considering there's no manual drift in this game). What is consistent between these two is how constrained the level design is. There are alternate paths. They do have some things in them. But the problem is there is still no substance to these levels. There is no evolution of ideas. I'm doing the same thing in the final level that I was in Green Hill. The avatar's levels are fairly brainless simply because enemies don't pose any threat to you and the game's ideas for alternate paths is skipping all of the level entirely until you can't anymore. The levels can be fun but there is nothing to them. This game does not build from Generations (everyone knew that) and doesn't have the wisps to help it's design like Colors. And to be honest, this constraint on what the game allows you to do with it's levels puts it below Lost World for me. As for Classic Sonic...why is he here? The automation and design in his levels are a notable step down from Generations, Casino Forest, which should be a fun stage, is borderline nonfunctional because the bumpers themselves are fixed and automated for no apparent reason. It's a mess.

This wasn't brief at all! But I guess I was able to get all of my thoughts out. I would give this game a 5/10.



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Oooooh boy, well this post has been a year+ in the making. It's no secret that I've been on the "defender" (cause there's side names now for some reason) side of this game pretty much since its reveal. Going in, I was generally excited. It was doing a lot of things that have been downright missing in past games for what had been going on a decade. A story worth a damn, actually impressive tech running behind it, vocals, ect. Being a fan that grew up with titles like Unleashed, Rush, Adventure 1&2 and what not I do hold these traits of the series quite high so I was excited to see them return after being shafted for so long.

So now that I've played the game fully (PC port), lets jump straight into it; step by step.


Now this was the department I was honestly looking forward to the most. For the first time since Black Knight, this game seemed like it actually gave a damn about the narrative it was packaged with. To this end, I feel that it succeeded. Though, as a good narrative in general... well that's when things get rough.



There's no doubt in my mind that this is the best story the series has gotten since Black Knight, easily. Though, to be perfectly honest that really isn't saying much as the stories up until this point have been pretty trash. But that's also not to say that Forces really doesn't do that much right either. The game was often able to keep a serious tone while also not being afraid to crack a few jokes every now and then. This was something vital that a Sonic story needed to do to be anywhere near successful.

Sonic is written beautifully here (he is both cocky but still holds that hero title well) though I can't really say the same about the others. While characters like Knuckles, Vector, and Shadow are given prominence in the narrative; the same can't be said for characters like Amy or Espio. Even then you never actually see these characters in-level so most of the help they're providing is done off screen. While that's a lot more than what could be said of them in other games, that's still wasted potential in my opinion. Though, there are also some characters in here that are sort of special cases for me.

Tails- I personally don't really know what to think of him here. For 60% of the time he's the Tails we all know and love. He's helping out, providing some strong ideas about how to go about things... but for the other 40% he's... obsessive for Sonic. He's downright lost without him and has to cling to Classic even when Modern returns. I know I'm beating a dead horse here when I mention things that happened in the Adventure games (how fucking hard is it to draw half a moon in the sky box seriously) but this portrayal of him completely spits in the face of his SA1 self. Like, I think this is a worse showing for him than LW.

Infinite- Not gonna lie, I liked him. He is every bit of an edge lord the marketing led him to be so your mileage with him is going to very but for me, I loved how much he was played up in that way. Honestly, he gets some of the best lines in the game because of it. His backstory is pretty damn weak (though so is Episode Shadow but more on that later), but what is there is pretty intriguing to me. That he's not a character that has any real connection to the main cast but just a mercenary that got out edged by Shadow and got super salty because of it. I think it was a bit misleading for the marketing to make such a fuss about his identity but with how he is in the game, he made for an interesting villain. A fair bit more than just about any other villain (excluding Eggman of course) this series has seen.

Eggman- I'll admit that I'm not aficionado when it comes to this character but I will say that I liked him here. He didn't get one-up'd in the end and kept a sense of competence around him throughout the game. I liked how they used both Orbot and Cubot as slapstick/ comic relief for his scenes instead of making him a laughing stock like the other games loved to do. It's this type of character dynamic that the series needs more of.

The Avatar- I'm sort of on and off with how this was treated here. While I like how 80% of the time you're simply there to help out in situations that the others are too busy to handle (thus not making the character feel overly important and fanficy), they sort of pull a SA2 with them towards the end. Like, they're able to use the phantom ruby now but that's never really explained (much like why Sonic is able to use chaos control). For the most part its pretty inoffensive but during that last 4th when they're running alongside both classic and modern without Tails or Knuckles in sight... yeah, that gets a bit like a fanfic.

And Chaos... like wtf? Why is he even there? I realize that they're all illusions but Chaos just doesn't do anything here. It's not that big of a sore spot considering that he wasn't needed for the plot, but it's still just a jarring decision. Like, when Infinite goes crazy in the metropolis area with those illusions of him being gigantic and stretched... that would've been perfect for Chaos.

Though, if there's one thing that was extremely detrimental to this game's plot, it was the pacing. It's as if they tried to fit a bigger, better story into the time length of Color's cutscences. Just when you think something climatic is about to happen or something is about to be explained, the scene often just ends. That and the addition of text transitions just made for some sloppy in between work that brings down the overall experience.

Also, in regards to episode Shadow, while I appreciate that it gave Infinite a backstory (the same just can't be said about most other villains in this series)... it was weird. Rouge seemed off character for the most part and there wasn't really a proper transition into the base game. I appreciate it being free (and having Shadow as a playable character even if he is basically a skin swap for Sonic) but I feel like the comics handheld these prequel details a lot better.


So, in short, I'd describe this story as a clear improvement from past games while still being verily rough around the edges. It has quite a few great moments but then quite a few not so great ones that keep the overall plot from reaching the potential it had. Scenes should've been extended, characters should've been used more, Blaze should've been here, more events should've been shown... ect. Here's hoping the next game can take this department a step forward rather than dialing things back to 0.


This is where the game mostly shines for me. It's exhilarating to finally say that we have a true follow up to what Unleashed did 9 years ago (though the shadow work could still use some improvement but hey :v). Like, the jump to this from LW is staggering. Actual detail and depth is added to environments while not losing that cartoony vibe the series has. It's honestly the best of both world in bringing that style into an environment that isn't devoid of detail and life.

Plus, I LOVE how the main title menu has a theater option right from the start. As someone who sorely missed it in LW, I'm ecstatic to see it return so prominently!

Also, not gonna lie, I spent a lot more time customizing my avatar than I though I ever would. The amount of items you have here is insane and you can really take your look in just about any direction you want. You can make it completely serious or...




And it's all rendered in cutscenes which is always a plus to see in my book (you'd be surprised how many games offer custom characters that are never actually featured in cutscenes). Though, it did lead to an issue I have here. I'm not sure how it comes across on consoles but you could always tell which cutscenes were pre-rendered as every scene that doesn't include the avatar is. This meant some pretty noticeable compression in cutscenes while the ones with the avatar ran smoothly.

In addition, to dive quickly into the PC port a bit... fuck yes. Denuvo aside, I'm very happy with this port. For the stuff the game is pushing, it doesn't take much at all to run. Plus, it offers some nice settings that I never even dreamed I'd see in a Sonic game. I hear some people are having issues with it but for me... I certainly wasn't one of them.


Now this is where the game really drops in quality for me.

Modern- As someone who unapologetically likes the boost gameplay from Generations and Unleashed, I have to say that this was a let down. Hell, I struggle to say that it's even on the same level as Colors here. The levels, like everyone in their mother have stated before me, are way too linear. It makes every stage seem more like a set-piece in their short length than an actual level. While I'm all for spectacle in my games, even I was taken aback by how small these levels were.

It also doesn't really help that the controls here are a lot more loose than they've been before. I still think Generations struck the perfect balance in this department. Sonic's looseness made his turns quicker than I was able to properly gauge and his acceleration was simply unnatural. It's something that I may get use to in time but the thing is, they weren't this broken before. The updates to the air boost are great though.

I will say that I did enjoy my time with them for the most part... but they could've been leagues better. Sonic Team has done leagues better.

Classic- In terms of being a platformer, I struggle to say the levels here are anything under serviceable. Coming right off of Mania... it's not good. It seems like they took steps back from Generations is some places here. He feels incredibly off which often led me to some deaths that were barely even my fault.

Plus, there's an autoscrolling segment in here... that's like rule #1 of Sonic broken. This is easily the worst of the 3 styles here. It somehow took a gameplay style I wasn't too keen on to begin with and took out just about everything that made it even somewhat enjoyable to me.

Avatar- Again, in terms of being a platformer, decent. Though, that's really all I can say about it as the mechanics at play here are as basic as you can get. The character is a bit stiff to control with the majority of weapons and is a bit struggle to platform properly with. The best experience I had was with the burst wispon but that did boil the sections down to a run while holding the right trigger bit; trivializing everything in the process. Though, timing your jumps with it in the air was pretty neat.

While the novelty of having your own character in there, doing things differently than others and alongside the Sonics wasn't lost to me... the overall level design and controls were.

Bosses- This was strangely something in this department that I thoroughly enjoyed. While a lot of the bosses did boil down to run up and homing attack them, they were all neat and interesting to me. I especially liked Infinite's battles as seeing your screen and level get distorted once you got hit was new and completely different from what we've seen in this franchise thus far.


Though, I did notice that the final boss is, again, basically Sonic Color's final battle.

One more little bit of positivity I'll add here is that a lot of these levels hold quite a bit more different paths than I thought going into this game. Also, they had some pretty interesting gimmicks in some of them.


I'll keep this section short, I loved most of the tracks in this game. Especially the vocal themes.


While I'm severely disappointed that the final boss theme isn't an orchestrated version of Fist Bump, what is there is great too.

One thing that I did notice was that during certain segments in-game where you think something climatic, tone-wise, is about to kick in... it never really does. It leaves this sort of dead space that often brings down the moment a bit.

Though, Classic GHZ is still bad imo. But the credits theme more than makes up for it.


In Conclusion:

Well, in all honesty I can't say that I didn't enjoy my time with this game. It did a lot with this series that I've been dying to see again for the better half of a decade. A lot of what it does right is amazing and, when the game has those high points, you can see the ambition that someone on the team had with it. To put it bluntly, I hope that Sonic Team is able to see what actually worked here and continue working with it.

But, with that being said, I also can't ignore what was done wrong here. Problems that have been with the series for over a decade now are still present (hell, some have gotten worse) and things that weren't problems before suddenly are now. What makes matters worse is that most of these issues exists in the most vital department of all, the gameplay. Even from someone who holds things like story and presentation to high regards, the blow to gameplay is a devastating one. Add in that the game is really only 3 hours long which (while isn't really that much of a shocker for most Sonic games) is concerning.

I'm adamant that Forces tries to take this series in a lot of great directions. Directions that I personally want to see further explored in the future. Though, it stumbles a lot on its own footing; even in areas I ended up enjoying. The truth of the matter for me is that a lot of this could, should, and has been done a lot better.

Overall, Forces isn't the game I had hoped for upon that initial trailer. While the game certainly has its highs for me (highs that I stress should be continued), I can't ignore the lows and rough patches that were often in place between such moments. It's far from the worst Sonic game I've played. Hell, I'd venture to say that I find it more enjoyable than LW or Heroes (and maybe even CD and Colors plzdontkillme). But, in a time after Generations and Mania... this doesn't get a pass from me. The series can do much better. While I greatly appreciate what this game brought back and what I did enjoy... it needed to do more.

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Just now, RedFox99 said:

@Strickerx5 How was Rouge out of character?

Her dialogue just seemed entirely off to me (even outside that whole vr segment). I'll be that we really don't have much to go off of with her recently but she just didn't seem right to me. Like, I'd never look at that chili dog line and say "Yeah, Rouge definitely said that." Though I will admit that I'm not the biggest fan of hers to begin with so I could be in the wrong with that sentiment.

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Just now, Strickerx5 said:

Her dialogue just seemed entirely off to me (even outside that whole vr segment). I'll be that we really don't have much to go off of with her recently but she just didn't seem right to me. Like, I'd never look at that chili dog line and say "Yeah, Rouge definitely said that." Though I will admit that I'm not the biggest fan of hers to begin with so I could be in the wrong with that sentiment.

Yeah that part was weird. I would've expect her to say something gems and jewels.

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I played through it and completed the story so far, and it's just as underwhelming as it looked from the get go. The biggest problem is how brief everything is. For starters, all the gameplay styles suffer from inexcusably short stages and only maybe 1 or 2 gave me any real difficulty. I really felt like I spent more time on the menu screens and cut scenes than I did playing anything. 

The modern Sonic stages are so short, automated, bland, and poorly designed. The 3D segments are usually just grinding segments or boost hallways. There' no fun or meaningful 3D segments. The 2D feels like the same generic platforming seen in Colors, though possibly worse in some ways, and that's bad coming from someone who despises Colors. Every time I did start to have some fun, things just... ended. And so often you don't even feel like you're playing. A good chunk of seconds from many of the stages are spent on very simplistic QTE segments that grow stale very quickly upon replay. Modern's jump is Colors level of floaty, and it just reeks of being budget boost Sonic. No wall jumping or drifting, nah just replace the latter with boosters that guide you to the end so you don't have to do much. The stages are just boring. Generations and Unleashed had some awe inspiring modern stages filled with fun things to do. Forces has so little of anything creative or exciting. It's sad because if the stages at least lasted more than two pitiful minutes I could squeeze out a lot more enjoyment because the modern gameplay isn't exactly terrible, but it's absolutely a regression from previous boost games.

Classic Sonic has horrendous air control. It's honestly 06 levels of bad. All of the characters accelerate so ridiculously quickly that it's very easy to slide off the platform and into a pitfall if you're not making a very conscious effort to slow down. I will give classic's levels credit for having some degree of alternate pathways and some of his stages were a little on the longer side compared to the rest of the game, but I just don't enjoy playing as him. I'm sick of half-baked 2D. This is such a sad attempt at classic Sonic especially when Mania was so recent and fresh on the mind. The physics here don't even remotely resemble Classic Sonic. Generations wasn't exact either, but the physics there still felt much better overall than what's here. I don't even ask for a perfect recreation of classic physics, but it's sad to see how no speed is gained going downhill and rolling is so pointless. There's so few interesting gimmicks to speak of, and certain things like moving platforms are just broken... if you stand still on a moving platform you'll just.... slide off? I'm not even kidding. I think a video recently got posted somewhere here that described what I'm talking about. It has to be seen to be believed. Sonic Team truly has no idea what made classic Sonic so great so it's high time they stop with their sad attempts at it. 

The avatar is a mixed bag for me. I feel like by far the most effort went into it and that's not saying much. I like the variety of wispons because of the replayability offered through it, but again, the stages are so brief and uninspired that it feels like such a waste of a potentially fun idea. You don't even need to do anything half the time because there's so many drawn out QTEs. I won't even be doing anything and my character will just grapple onto things midair by herself. Why can't I be the one doing that? I want to play a game, not watch a movie. It looks cool and flashy the first couple times and then after that it's just boring. The avatar also suffers from acceleration issues and a floaty jump. There's way too much 2D for my liking yet again. I enjoyed the few tag stages there were for the 3D offered, but again, it's all so short and underwhelming. 

Boss battles are way too easy and mostly forgettable. The bulk of the game was way too easy, and I played it on the "hard" mode and only had much trouble in the last couple stages and one segment of the final boss. I did die a few times here and there, but mainly due to some goofy mistakes thanks to the wonky controls. Everything about the story suffers from poor development and pacing, and the music is honestly one of the least stellar soundtracks in a long time. There's some good tracks but plenty of forgettable songs too. It's a shame this game is so short and easy. It truly felt like this was for the most casual audience possible. I have yet to be challenged by anything to any great extent. Honestly, the game's only selling point to speak of is the character creator. It's fun, it's got a great variety of possibilities and all of the game's rewards are centered around it, leaving the games styles feeling imbalanced in terms of replay value potential. If you aren't into the avatar, then there is no reason to buy or play this game beyond the budget price offered, but even then you're better off waiting for a price drop. There is some fun to be had here, but it ends just as it starts to get good, and that will leave you disappointed every single time. Truly a marvel considering the alleged four years of development. I refuse to believe it really had four years of proper development. Something had to have happened during those four years because I really think the bare bones content is inexcusable.

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Just finished the game a few minutes ago, here's a few quick thoughts on the whole game.


-The game looks amazing.

-The voice acting is great for the most part except for the awful delivery  on the  line about  Eggman sitting on a pile of robots.

-A couple of the later stages do open up to an extent. They're not as open as in Generations, but I still had some finding alternate routes in those levels.

-Some of the Avatar stages aren't that bad to play, provided you have a good wispon and are used to the controls.


- The majority of the games stages are subpar and rarely offer anything interesting. The last area also has some terrible set pieces that made me never want to do those stages again.

The bosses are forgettable and felt same.

-Most of the weapons just aren't fun at all with the exception of burst and void. These two aren't special, but I was comfortable enough to use them regularly as a viable attack.

- The story seems rushed and full of plot holes and missed opportunities. What happened to infinite? Chaos? I guess we'll never know.

-Finally the controls feel stiff and uncomfortable. Moving at walk speed or in a small arena was terrible.


Overall I'd give the game a 5/10.


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I thought Sonic Forces was.. OK. It was really average. 

Gameplay: My biggest problem was how loose the control was, and precise platforming was difficult because of that. Also, your acceleration is ridiculous. You go from 0 to 100 in a second which I found really irritating, and the extremely short & basic level design certainly didn't help anything. It honestly saddens me too because I love the aesthetics of the levels, especially Metropolis, but since the levels are so short & bland it's hard for me to get attached to them. Plus, when it comes to automation, this is one of the worst games in the series.

Story: I like the idea of the story, but ultimately I found it extremely unpolished. For a story based around war, the war aspect is ridiculously underplayed. We don't really see how the world or even much of its people were effected by Eggman's takeover. We also don't see the characters do much of anything beyond just talking. Classic Sonic was also completely unnecessary. It really feels like he was slapped in at the last minute. 

Infinite I feel was a wasted character.  I like the idea of Infinite being the leader of a mercenary group rather than just being a randon monster that Eggman found. Unfortunately though, his backstory is laughably bad. The scene where he decides to go mad was like watching a whiny immature teenager. However, I do feel that he has a presence, and part of that I feel is because of his amazing voice lol 

 But honestly though, it really seemed like the writers had no idea what to do with him. At least the voice acting & graphics were great. The jokes I thought were actually really funny.


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After playing the game, my impressions are thus: the game isn't worth all the drama it's generated.

It's not as good as many people might have hoped, there are definitely places where the cracks show, some frustrating bits in level design and automation, and there's some unrealized potential. But there's also some solid, fun gameplay here, some good character moments, and the character creator is legitimately good and solid at least as far as the ways you can customize their look. In the end I'd give it a B-.

But all the handwringing about whether it'd be a worthy successor to Generations, whether it's the start of a new dark age, or even the pinning of positive hopes on it seems overwrought in retrospect. This is neither the savior of 3D Sonic or its doom, it's not an example of Sonic Team "giving up", "throwing in the towel", or just "chucking out whatever works". It definitely doesn't look like the best title next to Mania, but it's also not anywhere close to the nadir of the franchise.

In the end Forces is what it is, a middle of the road Sonic title with some some great parts, some bad parts, and some average ones. I'd put it around the same spot as Heroes, or one of the Advance titles. It's pretty dang "okay".

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Just got done finishing this game and honestly I was pretty disappointed. I don't get it, it caters to the era of Sonic I grew up on. Serious story, edgy and cheesy vocal songs, levels mostly having guitars in the music, and playing with characters other than Sonic (for the most part I guess). However this game is so damn mediocre its not even funny. The story is rather disappointing. For a story which selling point is that Dr Eggman has finally taken over the world, it really feels so lukewarm. I mean none of these level aesthetics feel Eggman has taken over. Oh, its Green Hill but with sand or its Chemical Plant but with snow. None of this screams Eggman has won. This doesn't compare to the moments where Eggman blew up half the moon or when he split the Earth (or Mobius I don't know) into pieces and built Eggmanland in its ruins. In fact why didn't he build Eggmanland again? In this situation where he is unstoppable in this "war" whats stopping him from making Eggmanland again? While its nice to see the other gang being more involved it would been more effective if you made some of them playable in the game instead of just CLASSIC FUCKING SONIC again. He serves no purpose in this game. Like at all. Tails is such a pussy in this story. Such character derailment. Infinite is so cool but he is so dumb.The saving grace of him is his voice actor (which is the same guy who voiced Gaara just a fun fact there). He is having so much fun playing Infinite and making him be the most edgiest character in the series. But he is just so lackluster. The marketing made him out to be the biggest villain yet but he no more of a threat than say the Deadly Six.

The gameplay is straight up a decrease of what Generations and Unleashed presented. The boost feels so nerfed in control compared to how Generations perfected it. The modern and Avatar levels are shocker very linear. Sure they can be expansive and have alternate paths here and there but the key word is here and there. And you can make the argument that I love Unleashed but its levels are linear but counterargument is that Unleashed levels got bigger with every level you went to. The last level isn't the same as the first level in design. Also those levels didn't take a minute or two to beat. Also none of levels ended in 2D. Also they were fun. But Forces just flip flops in its level design its almost like amateurs did the level design. The two levels where its fully 3D and have so many alternate paths last almost a minute. Like what the hell Sonic Team? The Classic Sonic gameplay is........I wanna go back and play Mania again because these are so bland. What the hell is with all the speed boosters? Does physics and momentum not exist to you? Why did you bring him back to this? The positives I can say is that I love the spectacle surrounding the levels. Also this is so damn beautiful in some cases. Also besides being automated garbage the Classic level do have alternate path in all of its levels. The expanded 3D levels that I mentioned are great as well and I wished it was like that in the other levels. The QTE were fun as well.

The soundtrack is great.........but. Look I love Tomoyo Othani music, he has composed some of my favorite tracks but there is one, tiny, nitpick I have. WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THE SYNTHESIZERS? They're not bad I can get used to them (I generally think they are great in their retrospective) but they can get eargrating at times and they almost sound the same in some instances. I love the Avatars music. Call me bias but im a sucker for when Sonic implements vocals in their songs. The Avatar songs are almost JPOP in some instances but they are joy to listen to. I like the classic song as it implemented here as a callback to the genesis and there are tracks I will listen to for days. With that being said CLASSIC GREEN HILL IS THE MOST ANNOYING SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD IN A SONIC GAME BAR NONE. The first time I heard it I got an instant headache. The main song, Fist Bump is glorious in every way. Infinite theme while edgy is great as well. I adore the orchestral songs that they put here. Wouldn't expect anything less from the same orchestra team that did the Star Wars music.

The bosses are just basic shit (kinda like this whole game). The final boss while having the most badass final boss song in the series in a while is just.........you know what I want you to look at the boss fight and look at how those 4 years of development this game supposedly had went through. One word "lazy". The most anticlimactic final boss I've ever played in the series. Mania had better final boss than this. Overall man what a disappointment. Again 4 years of development went into this game. Where is the passion this? Unleashed had more passion than this. Was this rushed? Did people leave during development? What the hell happened? If you are going to buy this game (which you're probably not) just wait for price drop.

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Alright! I just finished my first playthrough of Forces. Here's what I think;

Overall Forces is not a bad game - but it isn't a good game either. It is astoundingly mediocre for a title that's had a development time of 4 years in a franchise where the typical frequency of main-releases is once per two years. This is important. It is precisely because of this wait that, in the ashes of Sonic Boom's reception, I was certain that they were taking their time learning from their mistakes. I was sure that this game was going to be well above average and that a significant amount of time had gone into it even at the conceptual level. This.. clearly wasn't the case and it couldn't be more evident after playing it.

Hm, lets start with the good, I guess. The graphics are really lovely. The Metropolis environment is one of my favourites from this series for quite a while now - it's lush, eyecatching, Mirrors Edge-esque. I particularly loved the metal leaves on the trees rotating in the wind. I also quite enjoyed the creepy Infinite-like illusions plaguing the city when you play this stage as the Avatar. I loved Sonic's characterisation in this game, definitely an improvement. His barrage of questions towards Infinite in the jungle is definitely one of the high points of the game. I do like how Eggman is portrayed a bit more seriously, and honestly I don't mind Infinite. I've always enjoyed the more cringeworthy edgy aspects of this franchise though so that's no surprise. It's nice to see other characters at least make an appearance. The final boss was pretty decent IMO. Modern Sonic's Death Egg stage was fantastic, but far too short.

Um, so.. the bad. Okay blindingly obvious here is the terrible length of the stages, and the lack of any sort of intricate or in-depth amount of level design within them. Both the avatar and Classic Sonic control pretty terribly. Modern Sonic is generally alright but when the only 3D space you move in is essentially a hallway with walls either side of you it's difficult to gauge how well 3D sonic actually controls, especially when most of the time he plays in 2D. There may as well be no modern Sonic at this point - every aspect of his stages has you having your hand held, from boost pads to grind rails to homing attack chains - every single one of these devices acts to keep you on-rails. Also, what is with all those segments where you're boosting down a highway chasing Ostrich badniks?? The avatar's controls are not great, which becomes particularly evident towards the end of the game. Classic Sonic is also a downgrade from his Generations. And that leads me on to my next point...

Everything involving classic Sonic in this game is an utter disaster - it couldn't be more obvious that he was an afterthought in the development process. The music for his stages is offensively bad. His story is so disjointed from the rest of the game he may as well have been a DLC episode, and the integration of him in the overall game is just poor in general. There is no need for him to be there, and the explanation of why he's there is pretty crap. The ending irked me as well. No, Sonic, I really hope you won't see Classic Sonic again. 

The music in general, typically one of the things I know I can always look forward to in a Sonic game, is also passable. I see a lot of people talking about synths. I'm not well-versed in music so I guess this is the term for the techno chainsaw sound that is prevalent in nearly all of the game's soundtrack. It's overdone, and the variety is bad. The best thing about this game is Infinite's Theme and you don't even get to hear a full version of it. Avatar's music is alright, but again pretty passable.

I'm not a big fan of the environment direction. Metropolis and the final area are pretty cool, but I don't like how the game takes the Sonic Adventure 2 approach of few environments, but many stages. Again, with 4 years of development time I expected better. The story's a bit naff for all the hype put up to it. Chaos' presence is laughable, Eggman's Sunfall plan is a bit out-of-nowhere, and I like Infinite but I feel there wasn't enough explained about his origin at all.

Overall, I'm disappointed. It's taken me 4 and a bit hours to finish, and thats with me making a conscious effort to try and pad it across two days. I think it's definitely time for Sonic Team to restructure, start communicating better with the west, or bring in some people who are capable of understanding 3D gameplay and who care about the series. There are so many problems with Forces. It's baffling that they chose to include the Avatar (and that they would even initially have the game entirely focussed on it) when there are DOZENS of alternative characters they could have chosen. I don't mind waiting another 4 years, but only for the right reason.

At times like this, its natural to compare this game to other low points of the series and I just want to put it out there that I would take Sonic 06 over this game any day. Sonic 06 (in my opinion) had a coherent vision but lacked the required development time to fully realise that vision. This game has had a bloated development cycle, and the result is inconsistency across the board.

One last point, for those of you who are trophy/achievement hunters like myself.. the "Honor Roll" trophy is going to be painful to get.

Summary: Infinite's theme is the best thing about this game. The game is shocking for the length of time its had. We need better, I would like to return to the Adventure series please oh god please.

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Stephenb19 said majority what I wanted to say. This game is a bag of chips, maybe a bit old one. It's not that great but put it in front of me and I'll eat it. Generations and Mania were fine deserts from an expensive restaurant, but this dish won't make you sick, like RoL. It's just kinda disappointing, considering everything. And I'm an Adventure f Sonic an.

The story is everything I wanted from Sonic but done poorly. Resistance is cool but doesn't' do anything. Eggman is competent, but lacks personality.. okay almost everyone has little personality. Knuckles/Silver/Chaotix dialogue is soooo lifeless. And evil team-up being a joke is an extra kick in the balls. Still, there are few nice moments. I did enjoy operation Big Wave (one of the very few stages in-stage talking adds something).

Infinite is okay, could be worse, could be better. He looks cool, awesome song, boss fight kinda meh. Here's my character study of Infitnite, copied from another topic


Looking at the game, Shadow DLC, comics and lyrics of his song, Infinite's character depend on one thing: did Shadow messed up his face or not.

Basically speaking, he's reminiscent of Scourge from Archie Preboot. He was a small fry baddie with a big ego, then good hedgehog beat him up and destroyed how he viewed himself and villain swore to grow stronger to become top dog again. Scourge wasn't a complex villain, he just had neat personality. Also, he wasn't a drama queen about his transformation, he just grew tired of being a loser.

So if Infinite's face is fine he's just a big ninny with a fragile ego. But I think alternatively is quite possible. Okay, Shadow had no reason to beat him up that badly, but let's face it, he wouldn't go 'oops, I went too far, I'm sorry." It doesn't look as if he was that brutal, but perhaps Sega wanted to avoid 'ooh, too edgy!' criticism. If that's the case, it's kinda classy of them to never show Infinite's face to let the player decide what happened. If we have seen his face at the start, and it was hidden after the beatdown, implications would be obvious and thus 'too edgy' criticism would follow.

Joker, Dr. Doom, Two-Face, many classic villains were born from the damage done to their face. I think such a painful and shocking experience could cause him to fixate on the last mental activity they had (duality of morality, live is a bad joke or you being weak). How we went from this point to Infinite is the vaguest part of the story, but I can assume that process of becoming Infinite was risky and painful, but he didn't care.

Lastly, I want to point out the funny parrel between Shadow/Infinite, and Infinite/Rookie. Shadow beat him up and taught him fear but let him live. Infinite molded that feat into a motivation to grow stronger. Then he has petty revenge on the world, beating up his foes and letting they ran away to show "Ha, whose weak now, universe?" and look at that, Rookie is basically caused of his downfall. His origin is his end.

I hope I impressed someone with that short lecture, I work on it. Still, despite the rich psychological profile, Infinite's personality is by the numbers, it boils down to 'I am strong = I have a huge ego".


Classic Sonic adds NOTHING, except making the game a bit longer. Avatar... I never wanted to have my own OCs, so I'm surprised how well he works. The customisation could be better (like body sizes, two-colored hair), but it's good enough. But the gameplay is... kinda there. No awful, just there. Modern Sonic can be fun sometimes, but

I WANT TO SMACK THE GUY WHO ADDED  &$#@! QUICK TIME EVENTS TO THIS GAME! It's not that bad, but we must complain or Sega will keep pushing it further.

Music is obviously great. Graphics are nice, although I think they could be more bright. Look at Generations, Crisis City. It's the end of the world, but colors are bright. And it worked.

So yeah pretty disappointing. But I finished the game and I'm still replaying the levels, so it can't be that bad.

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