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It's one thing to watch someone play Sonic Forces. It's another thing entirely to sit down with it yourself, which in my case actually lowered my opinion of the game. It's stiff. Awkward. Janky. Automated everywhere. And though his jump has improved, everything else about this version of Classic Sonic is worse. He speeds up and slows down at such frequent yet random intervals that it often gets me killed. 

The stages are pathetically short, something that becomes more apparent when you're playing them. And apparently I can unlock Super Sonic? Why would I ever want that for stages this short? Nonetheless, they are dumb fun and the best thing about this game  

Overall, I'm just shocked. I really, genuinely believed the franchise was past this. Clearly I was wrong. 

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My opinion in the game so far, after beating the game in about 2 hours and playing all the levels just once, is that... of 30 levels, 3 or 4 of them is actually pretty great and fun. the rest is dull, classic sonic is terrible to control, the avatar is good to control with some wispons and terrible with some others. 


The story in the game for me was a mix between "Ok...?" and "WTF?". I mean, it had some cool moments, but thaat's kinda it. I felt like I was watching a movie from the middle of it. The game doesn't start a story that drives you in and makes you care about the characters, something that even 06 or ShTH did it. The story is just THERE, you know? There's no introduction to ANYTHING. You start playing as sonic and the narrative is already happening, and things just go on happening one after another, and is fucking weird. 

Regarding the story...



- What the fuck was that scene in the Null Space? It was really menacing to hear that Sonic and the Avatar was both sucked into the null portal... But then the level starts and you are OUT.

- What the hell was even Shadow and Chaos? I mean, the marketing made us think that all of the villains were bosses, and then it didn't happen. 

- Sonic should at least be somewhat bored for being arrested and tortured. Amy and sonic's friends should've been happier in founding out he was still alive and well.

- Infinite's motivation still not really clear and feels forced.

- It was really lazy to tell 75% of the story through radio dialogue, and the cutscenes were poor. Seriously, the hedgehog engine is known for having really great lighting, but the lighting was really bad. Just bad. It was like if the characters was made of plastic...



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I blasted through this game in under 3 hours. lol I enjoyed Modern's stages the most, as some of the later stages were really cool. But, it obviously needed the drift and removing it was kind of dumb. Tag Team has its moments, but the levels were mostly uninspired. Both the Avatar and Classic control very jankily. The latter was really phoned in, especially. As the TC said, the way he speeds up and slows down is very strange. Moments where he should've made it up a slope...doesn't. Essentially...this is Sonic Colors Lite.

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