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Sonic Forces - Nintendo Eshop Bonus content question


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Will the bonus content + preorder bonus be received if purchased on Nintendo EShop? 

I've tried emailing Sega Europe, Nintendo UK, Nintendo US and Sega US about this, but no one knows. They all just say to check social media but I haven't seen anything. Nintendo US was the exception: they said it's unlikely. Does anyone here have an answer?

Also, what are the odds the bonus content will be available worldwide? (As Eshop games are usually cheaper in Mexico and Russia).

(Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask).

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Unless it changed, I heard you will get it eventually, but not right away. I wanted to get it digitally at first, until this uncertainty of bonus content was presented. Maybe episode Shadow will be ready day 1, but not the bonus content for digital Switch owners.

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So, the bonus Atlus costumes come when you download the game.

The Shadow costume is available as a free download if you purchase before 24/11.

Interestingly it seems you can download the Shadow costume without buying the game. If you do, then a Sonic Forces icon appears on your home screen. Anyone want to see what happens if you tap that Forces icon without owning the actual game? (I would do it, but I am in the middle of a Mania no-save game, so I don't want to lose my progress!)

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