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What if...(Classic Sonic related about new characters)

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I already posted this on another forum, but I thought I should post this here as well, because I want to know your thoughts.

Well, we all know now that Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic have their own world, or dimensions, and with that, we know that they are making games for each separate universe. With that in mind, I came across this question answered by Iizuka himself about Mighty the Armadillo.


Has anybody noticed that Mighty the Armadillo is missing?

Iizuka: Mighty is a part of the Classic world and the Classic group of characters, and some of the Chaotix did get interpreted for the Modern vision of the games. However, Mighty still exists in the Classic world, so maybe we'll see him in the future in some Classic iteration.


With that said, Classic Sonic's world seems to have its own set of characters. That got me thinking. What if we got all new characters that existed only in Classic Sonic's world and not the Modern Sonic's world in later Classic-like games? I mean, we have the Hard-Boiled Heavies from Sonic Mania, so why not?

Seriously, what would you think if they added all new characters exclusive to the Classic Sonic world in the Classic Sonic games?

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The introduction of some Classic only characters would be nice, but if it turns out these are true shitty friends and  critics hypocritically whine about Modern game characters instead...

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