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This idea I had for improving platforms in Sonic games

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Well, I had this idea for making platforming a bit more interesting in Sonic games, and how to make it less boring. I already shared this with members of another forum, and now I will share this idea with this forum. Here is how I would make some platforming really interesting, for boost games. This can work with classic styled games as well as Adventure styled games.

For this idea, I'd have some of the platforms curved, angled or otherwise sloped. There can be edges on such platforms that are flat with room to run or stand on, while the rest of the platform is shaped. It could be like this...




Or even this.


Among many other shapes. There could also be arcs that could act as some of the shapes which could turn Sonic or whoever is being controlled around into the opposite direction. With these kinds of platforms, which vary in length, by the way, it could be great for launching Sonic upwards to higher places or gain height after jumping from a certain bump. They wouldn't be scripted either, so going up them can be done under full control of the player. Sonic just needs to boost or spindash to make his way through these kinds of platforms. They can be in 3D or 2D. These can also be run on without the need for spindashing or boosting, provided the player has some speed and momentum before landing on the platform with whatever shape it may have.

What do you all think?

EDIT: Another idea I had. If the platforms were circular and/or had curved edges, Sonic, or whoever is playable, could even run from the top of the platform to along the edge to running under the platform to running back over it like a circle with either running fast, spindash or boost. They would continue to run around the platform until hit, slowed down or by jumping off. The shapes I mentioned above would be under the platform too, which could be useful, depending on the situation or environment Sonic is in.

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1 hour ago, Dannymax440 said:

Could be a nice opportunity to rev up a spindash for alternate areas or a convenient ring trail.

That was exactly what I was thinking when I thought of this idea, actually!

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