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Theory: most Zeti's magic-like power comes from ONE power

Darth InVaders

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So in Sonic Lost World, the Zeti are said to be able to control electronics by an innate ability to control magnetic fields. Clearly the Zeti have more powers than just that, but the thing is - the more magical powers of the Zeti would all be linked in real life science (yes, I know real life science does not work that way - they clearly played fast and loose with it). And the more I think about it the more I realize that the writers did some serious homework on these powers - and then for some reason decided not to show their work.

Technically, most of the Zeti's more magic-like powers have their foundation formed on ONE base power: the ability to control electromagnetic fields - and electromagnetic fields are related to magnetic fields.

In real life science: electromagnetic fields are a combination of magnetic fields and electric fields, and all forms of light both visible and invisible are waves of photons of the electromagnetic field called electromagnetic radiation. I'm sure most people understand enough about magnetic and electric fields; but in physics "light" encompasses the entire electromagnetic spectrum - including the likes of radio waves, microwaves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays - and yes, this means that all of that, including visible light, is a form of radiation.

Getting to the point, Zavok's additional powers can throw fireballs from his hands and spit a laser from his mouth. In real life science, infrared light excites molecules and creates heat, which is why most thermal radiation is infrared. If Zavok could control infrared light, he could super heat the gases that make up the air to the point that their atoms undergo ionization (meaning chemical bonds of atoms are being broken), they become a different form of matter called plasma. This is similar to a space shuttle reentering Earth's atmosphere, the extreme friction and compression of the air against the shuttle's hull super heats the gases until it becomes plasma, catching fire. While Zavok's laser is obviously just light, there is no way that I know of to apply this to his ability to order a McDonald's super size of himself (which is why I said "most Zeti only have one power").

Then there is Zor (the goth) who can control darkness and shadows. Obviously, shadows and darkness are products of visible light - or a lack thereof. So for him to control visible light, he could thus make his shadows do as he wishes. He could even conceal something inside them.

I actually do not even need to use this theory to explain most of Master Zik's powers. Most of his powers center around what appears to be "psychokinesis" similar to Silver the Hedgehog, though he only moves his own wooden staff in a cutscene and a bunch of oversized fruit in battle. However Zik's version works differently, as simply controlling magnetic fields can completely explain this power. In real life, most organic matter, including plants, wood, soil, skin, and even water reacts to a magnetic field by undergoing magnetization, inducing their own magnetic field in the opposite direction. The formation of this repelling magnetic field is called diamagnetism, which is normally so weak that it cannot be detected unless using extremely sensitive tests, like this guy showing off the diamagnetism of water and wood...

Like he said, X-Men's Magneto should not need metal to do his thing, he could use anything.

This means that all Zik had to do to control his oversized fruit and his wooden staff without touching them is create a magnetic field on the opposite side of them to repel them to him (like reaching a hand out to the other side of an another person's body and pulling that person in toward you), or by enclosing the objects in a magnetic field on all sides that would force it to levitate at the center of the field. 

As that previous video kind of spoiled, diamagnetism also explains all Zeti who levitate their own bodies (Zavok, Zor in both game versions, everyone else in the 3DS version). Look at this frog's body levitate in this magnetic field generated by a magnetic coil because its body is diamagnetic...

Finally, their shared power of throwing energy balls could easily be electrical attacks or deadly Cherenkov radiation - a dangerous visible radiation emitted by nuclear reactors that actually appears blue-ish in real life

As a final side note, I am not actually counting abilities like the using of mechas, swinging mechas, burrowing, whipping up sandstorms, and just being superhuman (since they are not human) as "powers" for this theory - only the more magic-like powers.

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7 hours ago, Zach8920 said:

So basically they can use cool powers & Zik has something akin to Silver's powers?

Am confuuuuuused.

It is really about how their powers work. Technical nerd shit. I'm pretty sure Zik's power is more limited because of it (Silver directly moves objects with his mind, but Zik only moves very strong magnetic fields to indirectly move objects - Silver could grab Sonic's body in a fight but Zik probably could not dream of doing the same).

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