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SSMB Time Trial Showcase: Sonic Mania | "NEW RECORD!!"

The Deleter

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Sonic Mania is finally out, on all platforms, to boot! Though many people have already completed the main campaign, there's still a ton of side content that's keeping people in the game. Different character playthroughs, no-save ventures for the bonus abilities and modes, 2-player local co-op, and most importantly for this topic: Time Trials! Ever since starting up the mode a couple of days ago, this idea for a topic has been floating around in my head. The leaderboards in-game are sorta hard to break into sometimes, and while there are some occasional time trial records posted on here or by your friends that you could aim for, there's not really a central location to keep track of them with. So, that is the goal of this topic: To give SSMB users a central location to keep their records and achievements in, and provide a hub for some potential local competition!

However, there are a couple of guidelines I'd like to point out:

  • Due to the nature of the game, any records that were achieved by utilizing glitches, bugs, or exploits should be clarified as such. Seeing the top records go into glitch-fest territory for most people is pretty discouraging, so it'd be appreciated if the results overall are kept clean.
  • That doesn't mean, however, that exploit and glitch-achieved speedruns won't be counted in this showcase. There is a limit to how fast you can typically go through normal means, and speedrunning is still speedrunning, and shouldn't be discouraged. They will simply be counted in a higher, but clearly separate, ranking system, where fellow exploiters can duke out one another without getting in the way of other people's fun. (also, if you can find your last recorded exploit-less time, that can count towards a seperate record for the exploit-less ranks)
  • If you've completed the record with either Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles, please clarify, as they can have completely different standards for themselves. They will all be counted towards the overall records, but this sort of detail¬†will give fellow users a better understanding of the rankings, and what they need to aim for to reach the top.
  • Either text, image, or video records are valid methods of submission, though more information is greatly appreciated overall. The stage, time, character, and exploit-status is the general information you should¬†post for your submissions, but you can also add in your current ranking on the official leaderboards and any further thoughts you have on the run itself, if you feel like it!
  • Don't be afraid to be a little¬†competitive!¬†Don't take it too far, obviously, but a little friendly competition never hurts that much!¬†Make rivals, set your sights on their times, and aim to go beyond!!! PLUS ULTRA!!!


Additionally, while I can't guarantee that I'll be able to update it forever, I'll attempt to collect the times and information of each record as best I can, and rank them in this showcase's own SSMB Time Trial Leaderboard! Each act will have it's own ranking, one for normal, one for exploits, (if need be) and will allow up to 8 of the top times to be featured in the rankings! The number may be increased depending on the amount of people who participate in this thread, but for now, the cutoff is there for competitive purposes. Do you have what it takes to break through onto the top leaderboards? Give it a shot!


Green Hill act 1:

#1: The Deleter, 00:30.45 (Sonic)
#2: Bobnik, 00:31.05 (Sonic)
#3: BlueTidalGamer, 00:32.90 (Sonic)
#3: CleverSonicUsername, 00:32.90 (Sonic)
#5: PaulyBFromDa303, 00:57.12 (Sonic)

Green Hill act 2:

#1: Maxtiis, 00:33.91 (Sonic)
#2: CleverSonicUsername, 00:41.34 (Sonic)
#3: The Deleter, 00:41.46 (Sonic)
#4: PaulyBFromDa303, 01:06.27 (Sonic)

Chemical Plant act 1:

#1: Maxtiis, 00:40.40 (Sonic)
#2: Polkadi, 00:41.06 (Sonic)
#3: The Deleter, 00:48.03 (Sonic)
#4: PaulyBFromDa303, 01:10.44 (Sonic)

Chemical Plant act 2:

#1: PaulyBFromDa303, 02:21.51 (Sonic)

Studiopolis act 1:

#1: Cornelius Fudge, 00:49.57 (Sonic)
#2: PaulyBFromDa303, 01:23.63 (Sonic)

Studiopolis act 2:

#1: PaulyBFromDa303, 01:54.52 (Sonic)

Flying Battery act 1:

#1: Cornelius Fudge, 01:47.65 (Sonic)
#2: PaulyBFromDa303, 01:49.42 (Sonic)

Press Garden act 2:

#1: Cornelius Fudge, 01:12.88 (Sonic)
#2: The Deleter, 01:49.06 (Sonic)

Stardust Speedway act 1:

#1: PaulyBFromDa303, 02:40.00 (Sonic)

Stardust Speedway act 2:

#1: Mysterion, 00:35.48 (Sonic)
#2: Rummy, 00:42.59 (Sonic)
#3: PaulyBFromDa303, 00:53.71 (Sonic)

Hydrocity act 2:

#1: Cornelius Fudge, 02:03.42 (Sonic)

Mirage Saloon act K:

#1: Rummy, 02:11.92 (Knuckles)

Mirage Saloon act 2:

#1: Cornelius Fudge, 00:48.25 (Sonic)
#2: Polkadi, 00:56.71 (Sonic)
#3: The Deleter, 01:21.22 (Sonic)

Oil Ocean act 1:

#1: Cornelius Fudge, 01:29.52 (Sonic)
#2: The Deleter, 01:54.19 (Sonic)

Oil Ocean act 2:

#1: Zach8920, 01:45.76 (Sonic)

Lava Reef act 1:

#1: Cornelius Fudge, 02:41.49 (Sonic)

Lava Reef act 2:

#1: StriCNYN3, 02:20.43 (Knuckles)

Metallic Madness act 1:

#1: Cornelius Fudge, 01:29.89 (Sonic)
#2: The Deleter, 02:27.15 (Sonic)

Metallic Madness act 2:

#1: Cornelius Fudge, 01:05.44 (Sonic)

Titanic Monarch act 1:

#1: The Deleter, 03:54.47 (Sonic)

Titanic Monarch act 2:

Exploit Records:
#1: The Deleter, 01:30.87 (Sonic)

Normal Records:
#1: The Deleter, 05:33.84 (Sonic)


I'll update the leaderboard when I can, but be sure to give any recent records or posts a look to see if there's anything new to beat, or there's some helpful info or discussion that may improve your runs overall. You never know. Until then, see you all on the other side of the checkered fan!

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Alright, I got a good amount of time trials under my belt by now, so Imma finally post my best ti-!

5 hours ago, CleverSonicUsername said:


What up.

... Oof





00:33.52 as Sonic, exploit-free



Act 2, 00:41.46 as Sonic, exploit-free

Sweet mercy that took forever. Well, I caught up, at least. :V

Anyways, the way I typically approach speedrunning, is rather than starting at the beginning and working my way towards the end, I start at the back end of the game and work my way back from there. Bit less competition on that side of the game on the online tournaments, and it's a lot easier to make the stages "mine", lol.


First up is Titanic Monarch 1. 03:54.47, exploit-free, as Sonic. I tended to blast through this stage in the first place during normal playthroughs, so I did pretty alright on this one. Could be faster, but I'm pretty satisfied with it for now.


Next was Titanic Monarch 2, at a record-breaking 01:30.87 as Sonic!!!...

With a catch :V

Turns out, if you take the secret exit of the bottom left section of the robot, the goal post will activate as soon as you warp to the item room. Almost as if the room was placed right after the flag was placed, above or below it. Soooo... Yeah. Definitely gonna chalk it up to an expoilt run.

Best time outside of that, though, is 5:33.84, expoilt-free. I think I could make it to 4 minutes if I tried, but from now on I'm going to have to be careful to not nudge the expoilt-free time out of the records, since I can't delete them, apparently.

Got a few more for later stages, such as Metalic Madness act 1, 02:27.15 as Sonic



Oil Ocean 1, 01:54.19 as Sonic (only in the top 500, though. Huh. Thought people would stay further away from these stages, tbh...)



Press Garden 2 as Sonic, @ 01:49.06



And Mirage Saloon 2 as Sonic, @ 01:21.22. Only tried it out once, though.




I have a Chemical Plant time, as well, @ 00:48.03 as Sonic


But, although it'd be quicker to just use it, I think I'm gonna see if I can pull off a run like this:

... Without using that ramp-hop exploit they're using towards the end for the shortcut. Dunno if it's actually possible or not, but I've come pretty dang close several times over now.

Speaking of which...

On 8/31/2017 at 9:56 AM, Polkadi said:

I've improved that record, on my PC instead this time.

Chemical Plant Act 1: 00'41"06 (Sonic)


Still looking to improve my run, but it's good for now. Green Hill Zone next...

How tho

Did you use the route like in the above video, or was it a completely separate route?

The best route I can find without exploiting is the same as the first half of the video, but without the jump over to the last pipeline at 0:16. That's what is typically the high route, and the fastest, but I can't figure out how to shave any more time off it that way?

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1 hour ago, The Deleter said:

How tho

Did you use the route like in the above video, or was it a completely separate route?

The best route I can find without exploiting is the same as the first half of the video, but without the jump over to the last pipeline at 0:16. That's what is typically the high route, and the fastest, but I can't figure out how to shave any more time off it that way?

It was not the same route, my route differs slightly. I do find that video impressive, and I'm trying to perfect that one, but it's a hard one.

My route has no exploits, and is easier to do. It's the same as the video, but you don't take the jump onto the higher path.

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Wow, I can't believe I've glanced over this topic without knowing. Here's my WR for Knuckles: Lava Reef Zone Act 2 (PS4 Version) that I got a week or two ago. I think It's still world record by over a minute, but with the leaderboards still acting crazy, that could've changed by then without me knowing.

Record - (2:20:43) (Glitchless)


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1 hour ago, CleverSonicUsername said:

I don't care to admit how long it took me to do this, and my thumbs feel about ready to fall off, so this is probably the last submission I make for GH Act 1.



ARGH! Barely made it!

(still Sonic btw)

If I could've done the last bit after the tunnel even more properly, the time would've been even less, but eh, I'll take it.

EDIT: Got a better time


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I don't record videos, so I'll post a screenshot instead. With that out of the way, I thought this would be worth mentioning since it's the only stage I rank within the top 50, but I managed to hit 1'40''26 on Metallic Madness Act 1:



No automatic alt text available.


Edit: I'm not sure how to condense it, so I concealed it in spoiler tags instead. Hopefully that's fine.

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Managed to set another PR, this time in Oil Ocean Act 1. My fingers were ready to fall off because speedrunning this stage literally requires you to ramp up the spin dash so many times that it's absolutely ridiculous. I was literally sweating all over after I was finished, but it was totally worth it. Unfortunately, I rank #51, but I'll make it within the top 50 soon enough.


No automatic alt text available.


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Another PR one again, this time in Flying Battery Zone Act 1. This is one of my favorite levels in the game, so I really enjoyed trying to speedrun this stage. Still a few technical errors, but I'm very proud of this one. Unfortunately, I still got to shave 9-10 seconds before I can enter the top 50, but I'm getting there:


No automatic alt text available.


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