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Tee Lopes Gives Insight on Sonic Mania's Soundtrack *Spoilers Inside*


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Tee streamed the game yesterday and gave many more details on how he came up with music for the game as well as the many inspirations for the various tracks. 

All credit goes to Neogaf's FeenixRising.

Explained why he barely changed the songs for Hydrocity:

"because they're amazing already... what am I gonna do to it besides refresh it?"

Made the entire OST by ear, learning how to read music.

He is considering releasing a few tracks that didn't make Sonic Mania on Youtube.

Didn't really use any of the original synths and samples from the original Sonic games, but when he did he got them directly from Sega.

Doesn't know if the OST will be on Spotify, but he hopes so.

Someone asks how much composing Falk did, Tee Lopes put over how much of a great artist he is but he only worked on the mixing in the game.

On Green Hill - tried to keep it as faithful to the original

Act 2 - was made with Brazilians in mind, samba based. Brazilians have been huge Sonic fans so he decided to dedicate GHZ Act 2 to them.

On Danger on the Dancefloor (Mini Boss theme) - 1st or 2nd boss theme he composed, was originally intended for Robotnik but got relegated to the mini bosses.

On Chemical Plant Act 1 - same story as Green Hill. Challenge for the song was to find the right snare while trying to make it sound more modern.

Act 2 - someone asked if the beginning was referenced from MJ's Jam... he says no, but can say it may have been inspired by it.

On Studiopolis Act 1 - very first song he created for the game. 

On the Hard Boiled Heavies theme - inspired by Jet Set Radio and Cowboy Bebop

On Studiopolis Act 2 - inspired by TV show openings and breaking news reports

On Flying Battery - loathed this zone in Sonic 3&K. Zone reveal version had the Act 2 intro because that was all they had at the time. 

Act 2 - all the trash that we see were all the badniks Sonic destroyed in previous games.

On Press GardenAct 1 - Inspired by the legend Stevie Wonder!!! (no wonder I fuckin loved that song so much!!!). He composed this song at a time he thought the Sonic Mania's songs he made so far were starting to sound too similar. So he ended up scrapping them.

Act 2 - Inspired by Revenge of Shinobi (as a lot of people guessed)

On Stardust Speedway - hated the stage.... the music was inspired by believe it or not.... Sonic CD's Stardust Speedway

On Mirage Saloon - composed Act 1 (Sonic ver.) after he did Act 2... wanted it to fit the tone of the level (more actiony)

Act 2 was one of the first songs he created for Sonic Mania, the version of Act 2 that was ripped to Youtube months ago was the version he presented to Christian Whitehead when he first suggested Tee make the music for Mania.

On Oil Ocean - second time in his life he remixed the song, first time was for a fan project Sonic 2 HDwhich was scrapped.

Act 2 - everyone says it was inspired by Shantae but he says it wasn't... but first played Shantae while he was composing Sonic Mania. Loves Jake Kaufman's music

On extending the Angel Island music - doesn't have the time.

On Lava Reef Act 2 - was his favorite song to remix

On Metallic Madness - wrote the raps and did them himself

Act 2 - revealed last night it was inspired by Streets of Rage 2

On the Final level - wasn't too sure what he was thinking besides it was the last level, pretty sure he was pissed at someone that day.

Act 2 was his favorite song he composed.

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Nice, thanks for condensing these down.  Pretty funny to hear how many assumed inspirations were just coincidence.


You can feel the love in the Lava Reef Act 2 mix, definitely a highlight of the game for me.  Fits the sense of scope and scale of the new backgrounds incredibly well, I had a proper "whoa" moment when that act started up the first time and Eggman's sprawling vista of construction works was revealed.

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The Super Sonic boss and it's similarity to Fist Bump during the chorus would be interesting to hear about. Of course, if there is any connection we'll probably have to wait until a later date to hear about it officially.

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I love the inspiration he took from other SEGA titles. If Mania 2 does happen, I'd love for him to lean further into that for its OST. It's also cool to hear that Titanic Monarch Act 2 is his favourite track too. I can't get enough of it.

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The only thing I don't like from Lava Reef Act 2 is they lead guitar doing the main melody. And I'm a guitarist, so don't think I have anything against guitars! XD I just think it would have been much more beautiful with a lead synth instead. 

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I've listened to Tee's remixes way before Mania, and let me say that this game's soundtrack is his master piece. There isn't a single "okay" or forgettable tune, be it level music or jingle, EVERYTHING is a incredibly well composed and distinct. It's easy to hear how much love was put into this soundtrack.

I'll buy the OST, because this man needs to keep working with SEGA. Sonic Mania's soundtrack is up there with Sonic CD's as my all time favorite in the series.

It's so good. I'm listening to it right now! Huge thanks, Tee, you're too cool!


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Tell you what, hearing that Press Garden 1 was created when he started to fear the soundtrack was sounding too similar within itself is no surprise. Cinossu did that video comparing Mirage Saloon and Studiopolis as having very, very similar compositions a while ago and it did the rounds a lot. PG1 is absolutely nothing like either. He definitely succeeded in getting enough variety and character into the soundtrack, with PG1 being my favourite personally. It's stellar quality all-round though. The only track that I kinda find to be "meh" is the main theme. Credits, invincibility, speed shoes and other variations of it are fine, but the main theme itself is a bit weak. Not as weak as S4 though, obviously.

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Oh good, he loved his work on the Final Level too. Those tracks are an incredible end to an already awe inspiring musical journey to the end. It sure will be nice to hear him comment on the Final Bosses music when he's at liberty to do that. 

Press Garden Act 1 and 2 are so good and I was wondering what the inspiration for Act 1 was. Stevie Wonder. That's killer.

I am particularly interested in what was on the cutting room floor. 

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