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What Wisp weapon types could be in Forces?


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Reminiscing and re-watching the avatar footage got me thinking about possible wispons that could be in forces.

Ivory: electro whip (of awesome), and discount lightspeed dash

Burst: flamethrower, and straight up burst

???: a hammer that turns enemies into ice blocks that can broken for rings, unknown wisp ability

and that's what we know and has been shown off in the demo builds. as for new weapons: 

Void: The vacuum "gun" from SHTH,  the wisp could overcharge it and allow you to suck pieces of stage up

Drill: something akin to the drill arm charges from  KI:U, wisp allows you to burrow underground and through water

Bomb: an edgy grenade launcher,  the wisp, i have no idea

Crimson: homing projectiles, the wispon could transform into a mini tornado allowing for flight

Cyan: a continuous laser cannon, the wisp could bounce off of prisms as usual

That's my shtick anyway.Insert other media

What are your thoughts? what can be added? any new wisp ideas? i'd like to know

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Rhythm: A machine-gun that increases damage as it hits more enemies. 


Quake: It's an RPG that causes huge impacts.


And with this mysterious "ice hammer" that doesn't seem to correlate to an extant wisp...


A weapon that sends phantom images of other characters to attack foes. Or one that basically turns you into Shang Tsung.

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