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New Sonic Forces Renders


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Sonic looks badass. Those are pretty good renders. I want a 06 CGI intro or unleashed style. Both were good. One was confused for a final fantasy intro the other a cgi movie.

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I really like how the custom character they use in all the marketing looks like such a dork.
These renders seem to fit the tone of the game, so that's good. :)

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Looks good. Weird, but I've been getting hyped for Forces lately, and now even more. I hope it turns out to be somewhat enjoyable.

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25 minutes ago, MainJP said:

Gizmo's starting to grow on me.

Same. Can we just officially name the default avatar Gizmo the Wolf put a profile for him on Sonic Channel and have him added to the extended cast? I don't care if he'd just end up as Mario & Sonic fodder - I like having a new face in the bunch.

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Oh, you did beat me to making this topic. Welp, that serves me for not looking back through the backlog. lol 

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