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I just found this HUGE easter egg in sonic generations (sorta)

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I've recently watched the man of the Year short from sonic jam and I took this screenshot 


These buildings look exactly like the ones seen in modern city escape


This leads me to believe that man of the Year took place around the time of generations Or city escape is the same city that man of the Year took place in. Either way, that was a nice huge callback from sega to add that in.

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I'm mostly looking at the green like buildings. They share a little similarities. But I know I've seen that orange one somewhere else!!

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Or what's more likely is that City Escape was partially inspired by the city seen in the animated short.

Still, the fact that the two settings look so similar is a neat little tidbit of Sonic info. I never paid much attention to that. :)

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Yeah City Escape is clearly inspired by San Francisco. I wouldn't be surprised if they also took inspiration from San Francisco when they made that short. My guess is that's why they're similar.

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San Francisco is a city famous for it's overall aesthetic, this is absolutely a case of two different creative teams for Sonic properties taking influence from the same real life source.

City Escape was designed after San Francisco because that's where the development team were living at the time, and they found the scenery inspiring, not because it would be a reference to an obscure Sonic animated short.

Cool coincidence, but nothing more I'm afraid.

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