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New Tails sprites from Sonic Crackers found.

Miles Wolf

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How weird! The Sonic Crackers dev cart must have been repurposed/given to Treasure to develop YYH. 

My gut response walking into this topic was "how did they find em/know it's real" but it was more straightforward than I thought. I love seeing left over development relics 

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Yeah, that does happen where you find sprites from a completely different game in a game even by a different developer. It was the development cartridge that they used and the old data wasn't filled up. Like the time there were sprites from an earlier build of Winter Olympics in Sonic's Edusoft on the Master System, made more weird considering Edusoft was 1991 while the Winter Olympics game was from 1994 so it must have been from a back up cart.

What makes this discovery fascinating was that there was a later build of Sonic Crackers that's sadly lost to time. Honestly thought that Sonic Crackers was a test demo and went straight to Chaotix or to the 32X so there must have been more development that we thought.

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