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Sonic Mania - Naoto Ohshima, Sonic's original artist draws exclusive art for game.


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Well...didn't spot that thread...

Anyway since it was Sonic Mania specific art figured it would've needed a topic here. It's always great to see when older fans see this sort of nostalgia happening again. 

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This is just my judgment call, but I feel like this is probably worthy of its own thread in Upcoming Sonic Games.

Anyway, this makes me feel all kinds of warm inside. ❤️❤️❤️❤ As much as I really appreciate all the art that's come out of Mania, this is much more on-model to the originals. It's just super special x3 And using the finger from Sonic 1, heck yes man!

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In my honest opinion it is pretty spotty. But that is what you get for not drawing Sonic for a while. People at Sonic Team, and the Mania devs have been drawing Sonic as their lifeblood really.

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The only parts of this I find underwhelming are A. the digital "inking" and coloring, since it's overly basic and thus doesn't look very good compared to the more complex shading and coloring that's been on most Mania art, and B. the characters' hands. Oh, and I guess Sonic's shoes look a little weird. However, I honestly think the drawing itself is way better, at least in terms of being on-model, than, say, this:


It's very hard for me to imagine this coming directly from the actual classic era Japanese artwork, even though it looks very nice. There are quite a few subtle and small ways in which it's off-model. A 3/4 view of Tails' muzzle would never be drawn that way, Sonic's mouth would never be drawn that way and his muzzle looks subtly wrong too, Knuckles' muzzle is entirely the wrong shape and his shoes look like a compromise between the classic and modern versions rather than being purely based on his classic shoes, etc. Lots of small things like that. It really is a bit off-model, and I could raise similar complaints about most of the official artwork coming out of this game. The pieces may still be very nice-looking overall, but I personally can't ignore these problems. I've always been someone to notice visual details, I guess.

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They all know which game is superior this year.

They ALL know... lol

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