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Create your perfect sonic game

A sonic fan

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So since everyone here has different tastes about what sonic is and  should be, i thought i should make this thread to see how different or how similar their ideas are, and if there are any themes that seem to be regularly occurring. 

so basically its divided into these sections feel free to add some more if you want. Tone, Gameplay style,Characters playable, Levels, Story,  Again feel free to add anymore categories to your post if you want. here is mine 


Something similar to sonic and the black knight or sonic unleashed, those games both had high stakes and knew when to get serious but sonic still acted and felt like sonic and there was a decent amount of humor in there as well.

Gameplay style 

Take the adventure formula and refine it, imo the boost formula cant be sustained because literally every boost game has a gimmick or something else added to the game to stop it from being too short. And I would really like a game that is just pure 3D sonic game play. i think the adventure formula strikes a good balance in terms of speed, with it being slow enough to have some platforming, exploration and having smaller levels which will allow it to be fledged out as a full game with no side gimmicks yet fast enough to give the sonic speed we all crave.

Characters playable

I love having multiple playable characters with their own stories and imo i think they should all have the same basic gameplay style as sonic but being slightly different. Each character would also have their own unique levels, although occasionally some characters would visit levels previously visited by other characters but the levels would look different due to the actions of the previous characters 

The ones i would have playable would be 

sonic, tails, knuckles, shadow and blaze

with tails's flight ability i would make his levels a bit more focused on platforming but still maintaining the high speed of sonic,

Knuckles would have more combat and exploration based gameplay while trying to maintain a high speed his gameplay would likely be the most different but because of that  he would have the shortest story

Sonic would have a greater emphasis on speed and spectacle with A good amount of platforming in there as well.

Shadow would be really similar to sonic except his levels are longer/ harder and he has his chaos abilities

Blaze would play the same way she played in 06  


I would want the whole game and levels to be fully 3D with very little to no 2d in there, I would make the levels similar to sonic 3k in which they change as they go on for example you might be on an island level but a volcano interrupts in the middle leaving the rest of the level looking really different. I would also really like if there are multiple paths and those multiple paths can make you end up at different goal rings. The levels should be a good variety of different settings and tropes.


I dont really have any idea about a specific story but i would like the game to be plot driven and have a good balance of light and dark. 

So yeah that's just my ideal sonic game feel free to write your own, it doesn't have to be as long as mine, and feel free to criticize or comment on anything i wrote that you agree or disagree with.

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Eh, why not? 


Something that's quite cartoony and zany. I'm thinking of Top Gear at it's cleverest, something that usually doesn't take itself that seriously and the humour, while not self-depreciating isn't afraid to state that this is absolutely silly but there's nothing wrong with that at all and you can do great things with it and make something substantial. There should be very much a feeling of "life goes on" with it, don't let things get you down, keep doing what you know. That's the tone I think the whole series should have. 


I'm thinking basically Utopia with an insta shield and parkour if implemented properly. Yeah that's the obvious answer but it's what I want. The whole game should take advantage of what Sonic is and take advantage of it to the bloody fullest. Your speed and your environment are intrinsically dependent on one another and I think there should be moments where you have to think for a bit about what to do to get somewhere the fastest or easiest. The third dimension should completely open up your choices for where to go and what to do. There should also be a huge emphasis on rolling. Not just for going faster, but there should be features of zones that are dependent on if you roll. I've always wanted more features that depended on rolling, like how in Lava Reef there were those elevators you had to roll on to change altitude. I WANT STUFF LIKE THAT, along with more stuff that depends on you being a ball. I think it would be cool too if since you are Sonic and you depend a lot on angular momentum, there should be features you come across that only a dude like Sonic could handle well. In other words there should be items in zone dependent on torque and things like that. You have to think like Sonic. 


The one I'm concerned about first is Sonic. Things are centered around him and his abilities. If there had to be anyone else, Tails and Knuckles but they have their own skills and there has to be a hell of a lot of thought about how to implement things in 3D stages if you want all three of them to have access to the same areas so one or more isn't broken than the others.


Open, but perhaps not as open as Utopia. I've always been a fan of the more open stuff, so maybe it should be like Sonic CD put into 3D, where stages are contained playgrounds that almost always have chances to backtrack on (but not always), but there has to be some incentive to move in some sort of direction i.e. a bit more focused than Utopia (even though there were background details all over Utopia telling you where to go). 

Levels are built to test Sonic and to get you going fast while thinking. I've had some ideas for 3D Sonic areas, like there could be an industrial zone where there is an indoor room where you can push switches at certain areas to change the geometry of the room (prisms change, walls change, angles change) and you have to ascend based on the shape of the room. There could be a more grassy stage (maybe the first) where near the end of it you end up running down a progressively steeper slope while there are two walls on either side of you that curve into the ground so you can roll up and down them, like going up and down a halfpipe while still going forwards. If you get enough vertical momentum, you can get above the cliff walls and find a whole new area up there. Perhaps there's some pressure to roll up the walls as eventually the slope turns into a lake and you end up in the drink in a slow segment for not taking advantage of rolling. idk. Maybe you end up in a room with an optical illusion slope based on this 

Image result for optical illusion stairs

and use physics to take advantage of this to always be gaining momentum for some context-heavy reason. idk, there's a lot of cool things you could do with Sonic in 3D. 

But the style of the levels? They should be surreal and cartoony without going too left field. There's a lot of cool places on normal Earth like this 

Image result for surreal landscapes

Image result for surreal landscapes

and it would be nice to see crazy stuff like this. If we have to take influence from Earth places, I'd rather they be the more insane places like this rather than the normal cities and stuff from Unleashed. Basically Sonic CD just in a 3D environment. Wouldn't you like to have Sonic run across a pink lake (which actually do exist in several places)? I would. 

STORY: Something that exists to explain everything that happens in game (can be humorous) and specific reasoning for everything and then BACK OFF. We don't need the story to be baggage on the game. The story should be absolutely supportive and that's it's prime role.  

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Eheh. I have a bit of an interesting idea: 

So for the longest, I was thinking of a more story-oriented game that focuses more on character's backstories like Sonic, Tails, Maybe Knuckles, and Dr. Robotnik. Because the continuity isn't the most consistent, at least then the game could provide a write-up canon- structure in regards to the series' story.

Gameplay:  Classic gameplay similar to that of Mania EXCEPT now characters haven't gained most of their famous abilities yet like Sonic without his spin-dash or super peel-out, Tails not being able to really fly, Knuckles not too familiar with gliding, etc. Maybe as you go throughout the game, the characters begin to develop in terms of character and these abilities. Robotnik won't be playable since we need a villian. With this, the characters would have their own three stories: Sonic's origin and his first encounters with Robotnik on Christmas Island, Tails coming to grips with his uniqueness since everyone teases him about it, Knuckles coming to terms with his ultimate goal of protecting the Master Emerald. The three have their own stages based on this, and it would technically make for an excuse to bring back Angel Island, Emerald Hill, and Green Hill... ugh.

Story: Everything has an origin. Everyone has a beginning of their story, and to understand one's aspirations and goals, one must look back at where they came to gain an understanding as to who they are and what they want out of life. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman all come from somewhere, but now an evil force is trying to undo their past in order to seemingly fix their own mistakes.

-Sonic: He's just some outgoing kid with an outgoing attitude going through the motions when his home, Christmas Island, is suddenly attacked by an evil scientist, one that he's actually met before, and feels somewhat responsible for creating. With this, he heads off on his first quest to stop Robotnik and try to turn him back to his old ways.

-Dr. Robotnik: Once Dr. Kintobor, he gathered the then six chaos emeralds to seal them away so that no one could get their evil hands on then. However, things take a turn when he met Sonic, and upon experimenting on him, turned his fur blue and enhanced the hedgehog's speed. Eventually, one of his machines malfunction, and the negative energy from the emeralds turn him into the evil Robotnik who blames Sonic and all organic life for everything wrong with the world and only intend to destroy it.

-Tails: Just another fox cub trying to fit in, but due to his two Tails, everyone thought he was weird. Thing was, he had a thing for building gizmos as well, and that would come in handy when that evil force comes through time and invades his home. Turns out, they're looking for one of the 7 chaos emeralds, and Tails heads off to stop it.

-Knuckles: His mother died after he was born and his father not long after. Unfortunately, they were (seemingly) the last of the echidna race, leaving Knuckles all alone on an island he once knew nothing about. However, before his passing, his father told him that he was bound to watch over the Master Emerald forever, and there he was for many years. One day, the mysterious force snatched away the emerald and Knuckles goes after it.

-ULTIMATE: The force was actually Dr. Robotnik wanting to go back in time and kill all of his adversaries before they were even born. However, an error instead took him back to when they were very young. This didn't discourage the old doctor, however, as he went after the emeralds in order to power his doomsday device (ignoring the plot hole that comes with that). Eventually, the three meet much earlier than planned and teamed up to stop Robotnik and destroy the doomsday device.


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It's not the perfect sonic game but it's the perfect boost game imo.

My idea is a sonic boost game but with more emphasis on the boss battles.

Sonic: ps controller

X=jump/ Homing attack


●=grab(while in air)

Triangle= flip kick that carries momentum

R1 l1= quick step

Story: the story picks up from another adventure where sonic is pursuing Eggman with captured critters. He evades sonic but then discovers a portal to another world in some ruins. The portal disappears as Eggman travels to another world to find that it has limitless resources. He starts building these giant mecha and sends them back to Sonics world to take over different places. The world is in a panic and it is up to sonic, tails, and knuckles to stop this take over. Their main goal is to kick eggman out of that world and keep him from going back and building more of these unique mecha.

Level progression will be like a megaman game. After the first 4 zones, 4 more will be unlocked. After those 4, 6 more zones are unlocked making 14 zones.

Zone 1 takes place in a jungle that is in danger of being set ablaze by a Phoenix mecha. Act 1 is a long and twisted 3d hallway where you have to take out fast motobugs, egg pawns in hovercrafts with razor blades on the side, and dodger the flame shots of the robot as you try to catch up to it. You also have to swing on vines and put out flames along the way with the boost aurora. 

Act 2 you have to run and fight the boss during a full blown jungle fire. It's raises it's flame shield and shoots flame shots at you. Once it's shield gets weak that's your cue to attack to blow the shield off with the boost and then homing attack it, boost into it or flip kick it. You have to find out what attack knocks it back the most and what it's weakness is and which strategy brings it's health down quicker. Once you bring two of its health bars down it changes it's tactics and goes into the sky above you to drop bombs. You either grab onto the bombs it drops and make your way up to the machine and hit it or wait for it to come down and attack.

When it's health gets real low, it will charge and attack you from behind. You have to time your jump and grab onto it to ride it over this huge valley to the other side. This is a cinematic setpiece here and it will give you a whole beautiful view of the jungle and the fiery bits. You make it to the other side and sonic jumps off to engage with the Phoenix again. It turns back around to face you and starts shooting faster fire shots. Here you just keep homing attacking it or boosting into it until a qte plays where sonic does something cool to steer it into a waterfall defeating the fiery mech. Buying a flamesheild will make this battle a whole lot quicker too.

Beating this zone earns you a move where if you have a flame shield equipped, pressing the flip kick button will shoot out a fireball. Very useful for later bosses.

Short 2d progression levels are also scattered between zones to keep levels interesting. It's a chance to collect rings for a customization shop or to find hidden red rings.

The next zone involves a giant robot octopus in the middle of a casino. I'll go into detail tomorrow sometime. 

Let me know what you guys think!

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So the next zone is called "Casino chaos" zone.

This boss is a lot like the perfect chaos boss fight. A giant octopus has run rampant through a casino themed cityscape and you must platform and run through buildings and across rooftops and even under sewers to destroy his 8 giant tentacles. After you do that, the boss takes off with its tentacles destroyed toward the nearby ocean. This leads into act 2 of the fight.

You have to run and chase it above the water while it spits missles at you that you can deflect. Once it's life bar goes down to half, it will start to fuse with a nearby carrier. You are Now in a arena boss fight with it and now you have to deal with its tentacles again while they're around the carrier that you are on. At the same time, the turrets and cannons on the ship are shooting at you and you must still deflect it's middles back at it. Once it's down to the final life bar, you have to climb up parts of the carrier to reach it to land the final blows which ends the boss fight.

your reward is a ring shield. 

When in use, enemy projectiles shot at you will turn into rings.

The next zone will take place in a canyon with an oil refinery.

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 Cool I'll have a shot at it.

TONE: Similar to the classic titles, with some minor dark elements to it, other than that, it's just like the classic titles.

GAMEPLAY: Classic gameplay style with all the movesets from Sonic 3, plus one additional moveset exclusive to each character, the main trio (Sonic Tails and Knuckles) are the playable characters, Sonic has all his moves from the classic series (including CDs super peel out), his exclusive move is the drop dash from Sonic Mania, Tails can fly and swim, Tails can use the tail attack from Sonic Adventure, Knuckles can glide, and climb walls, he can whilst in mid air preform the knuckle drive attack from Adventure 2, elemental shields are in this, bubble, fire and lightning, plus the standard blue shield, and some new ones, the ice, rock, and air shields, depending on the zone and enviroment, these shields can be helpful.

ZONES: There's 14 zones with 2 acts each, only 3 are single act zones however, with a boss at the end of each act, there are act and zone transitions like in Sonic 3&K.

STORY: Sometime after the events of Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Dr Robotnik is still madened by his defeat at the hands of Sonic in space, however Robotnik stumbles apon a powerful superweapon capable of mass destuction while cleaning out his computer of evil schems, the weapon is know to be named as the Supernova Station, a space station that never got built, he also discovers a group of gems know as the Chaos Crystals, gems that are far more powerful than the Chaos Emeralds, found only on Great Island, using that information Robotnik decides to build the weapon using the remains of the Death Egg he found in the ocean, he also sends Metal Sonic to scavenge the pieces of the Scrap Brain Zone for parts, and begins to hunt the gemstones down. Word about Robotnik's plan got out quickly to Sonic who is resting with Tails and Knuckles on Tropical Island, they get the news from the small animals about Robotnik's plan, realising what's going on, the trio jump into action, can they stop Dr Robotnik from firing the weapon using the Chaos Crystals before it's too late?

What do you guys think about my idea, is it good?

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