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What is wrong with Sonic Dash on IOS?!


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Has anyone else noticed a bunch of errors when playing the IOS version of Sonic Dash? It used to play well, but for the past few months, it's become unplayable! 

For some reason, I can no longer play as the characters I worked hard to unlock, when playing offline. If I try playing as anyone but Sonic while offline, an error pops up saying "unable to download character"?! Why did Sega force the characters to be stuck as characters that require a constant online connection?! When I select them while playing online, it jumps straight to the gameplay, but if I try playing off line, it says there was an error downloading the character, and it freezes.

The worst part, is how the game is constantly freezing on me, whenever I reach the end of a stage. As soon as sonic launches off the spring, the game closes, and I lose everything I unlocked or achieved. What did Sega do?! They ruined this game!

Sonic Dash 2 is also crashing, and I ended up losing all of my save data for that game, because I tried reinstalling it, in hopes of making it run better, yet unlike Sonic Dash 1, Dash 2 doesn't appear to backup your save data when linked with a Facebook account. It really pisses me off, I spent a lot of hours unlocking all the extra characters, and leveling them up, and now it's gone, because Sega screwed up the game files somehow... They used to work just fine on my iphone...

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? I don't have any problem playing Sonic Dash lately...I'm playing on iOS 8.3 (yeah, it's a pretty old version) on an iPad 3.

What I noticed since last update is that they eliminated the landscape mode and the Online events. A shame, I really liked the online matchs :( 

Check your iOS version and you can always ask kindly to Hardlight in twitter if they're aware of the problems in the game (If something broke when I was playing I usually tell them there and they always answer me and next few weeks they fixed the problems).


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