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Mario and Sonic Platform Game?


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I know there had been topics of this in other forums, but I would love to see a Mario and Sonic platform game someday, because I'm really getting tired of the Olympic games because after the first 3, they started to become meh, to me and most others, anyway Yuji Naka said he would also love one aswell he made an short interview about it.




We know that Mario and Sonic have had a long line of crossover Olympic titles throughout recent years, but that isn’t what Yuji Naka, one of Sonic’s creators envisioned for the duo’s cross over.

Recently Yuji Naka spoke with the Japanese website Famitsu about the origins of Mario and Sonic game, which started talks as an action game during the GameCube era when SEGA first went 3rd party. As we know today, this lead nowhere and Mario and Sonic didn’t happen until SEGA acquired the license to make Olympic video games.

Here is Yuji Naka talking about Mario and Sonic co-starring on titles based around the Olympics and the origins of the project:

“Actually, I wanted Mario [and Sonic] to appear together, so one time I went to give Miyamoto-san a presentation on how I want to create an action game which is co-starred by Mario and Sonic. It was in the GameCube days, and I took around four planners with me. It is a pity that the discussion was ‘clearly it isn’t necessary for Mario and Sonic to co-star in an action [game]’ and it didn’t become a reality, but SEGA was able to get the license for the Olympics just at that time, so in order to make the best use of the license, companion characters appeared together. A little later Sonic appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, this too came into reality because I requested from Sakurai-san, ‘I want Sonic to appear [in Smash Bros.]’. The Olympics is a bit different from my wish, but I think it’s a good thing that children around the world are happy about them co-starring. But someday I want to realize an action [game] together with Mario. I think I’m going to give another presentation so that Takashi [Iizuka] finds the necessity [of a Mario & Sonic action game] (laughs).” – Yuji Naka

Yuji Naka wasn’t the only original Sonic the Hedgehog creator to chime in on the interview, original Sonic designer Naoto Ohshima said the following:


“I also agree. Previously they were considered rivals, but when I saw them co-starring, I honestly thought that Nintendo acknowledged Sonic.” – Naoto Ohshima

The interview also has Yuji Naka talking about wanting to see Sonic the Hedgehog in more places, including theme parks which I feel licensing the blue blur will be big for SEGA in the near future.

“I have always had a dream of Sonic’s own theme park since the olden days, but it would also be good to be a part of Disneyland. DiC Entertainment produced the Sonic anime in America for a while and was acquired by Disney. There was a moment of delight, ‘maybe Sonic walks in Disneyland!’, but that didn’t come true. Personally I want [Sonic] to appear in more various places.” – Yuji Naka

If Nintendo and SEGA had all their marbles together, they would see that the Mario & Sonic in the Olympic Games brand name is slowly dying and consider rebooting the crossover with an actual game hardcore fans want. Who knows, it could be one of the biggest titles on the Nintendo NX if it is done right.

What do you think of SEGA and Nintendo doing a Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog action game? Sound off in the comments below!

[Source: Nintendo Everything]



What would you think about a Mario & Sonic Game?

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I really really really REALLY dont like Nintendo or Mario. I did Not play a Single olympics game until today and I really dont want any Mario stuff in my sonic. Lost World was enough Mario influence.. 

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I love Sonic Unleashed but I do find it odd that their reasoning for not going with the platforming angle is because their styles are too different when that game came out the year after the first Olympic games.

I don't understand. It's the one time people were actually asking for a possible blend of different playstyles and they refused for the sake of two things no one had a chance of appreciating more than the other no matter how good they were.

Maybe I'm not understanding the reasoning? Or maybe they just live in Dodo Land where Porky Pig is trying to find the Dodo.


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I mean, we already got Lost World, why would we need another crossover? /s


To be fair, I'm not sure if I'd like that. Earlier I thought it's a good idea and not capitalising on it is dumb, but now, especially after Lost World (which had so much inspiration from Mario, that is one of the main reasons I don't like this game), I'd rather them be separate when it comes to platforming genre. An RPG would be gr8 tho.


...ju-just no more Olympic Games please. 

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I suspect it could work, but to make it feel less like a cash-in and more like a genuine tribute, they'd need to give both characters a chance to work in a way that suits them.  I don't want it to be like the Olympics games where none of their trademark abilities are in play; nor like Sonic Generations where each protagonist has his own levels.  It should be the same levels for each, but different things accessible based on different abilities.  Also, no Wisps.  Mario should get a diverse range of power-ups, but if you gave that to Sonic you'd remove a lot of point of playing as Mario, just as Wisps had with Tails and Knuckles.  Sonic power-ups should be limited to shields and invincibility, while Mario should be the one who gets to fly and throw fireballs and the like.

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If it should happen...the Olympic games should continue...


If it were to happen, Sonic's game-play would need to be altered yet again...Mario's the everyman in everything including game-play, so it's all up to making Sonic work.


Of course, Sonic Generations is the simple conclusion for a crossover. But obviously for a positive crossover, people would want Sonic and Mario working together in both story and in-game. Bash Bros. Style.

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