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Ah, flash games, sometimes, there is cool ones but there has never been one that got as much note as any handheld or console game, but there is a tons of them, even a lot of Sonic ones, this one to cover officially endorsed Sonic flash games (Sorry, no Ultimate  Flash Sonic)

Some that pop in my mind:



Sonic XS and Shadow XS

Yes, these are official endorsed games despite being the most amautar  things on the planet, both were on 4Kids site at one point, I played them on there, they are have poor controls, poor physics, poor sprites, lack of research (Sonic and Shadow are referred to the games name for no reason and Shadow is undoubtedly evil and has a evil lair)  the only thing that would make this acceptable if this was a parody, but only somewhat


The Shadow flash game, somewhat more acceptable and yet more unacceptable because this was supposed to convince people to buy a product, it has some of the worst physics I have ever used and the spritework looks like it's Donkey Kong Country made far too late, let's move on to some fun ones:


A basic Breakout game but a functional one and it does have a Sonic twist with power ups, Sonic goes all over the screen, Shadow gets you a powerful shot to destroy one role, Silver lets you control the ball, it's pretty fun all things considered.

Here is one you can play right now without relying on flash reuploads sites

It's a basic puzzle game with a Sonic Boom theme, basic, not too Sonic-ish characters aside, but I think it's a good timewaster

So, yeah, Sonic's flash history hasn't been so good, but hey, at least he has a better experience in Flash world than Elsa and Anna

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I actually think all the unofficial Sonic flash games are better than the original ones. Starting with Ultimate Flash Sonic and Sonic Xtreme, (at least for me) they could all represent the world of Sonic better than the ones which were made to promote the games. More playable characters, more levels, more possibilities.

Anyway, there are other official ones I've played and they are not bad:

Sonic Rush Adventure Flash


Probably my favourite original flash Sonic game, I was really hyped for it being 3D and accessable on the internet for free. I got to know Sonic via flash games, so it was a quite great experience compared to the other ones. But using the DS screen system was a really bad idea, it's just annoying instead of representing the experience of a real DS.

Sonic Rivals Dash


Really amateur, but at least there is a 2 player mode.

Sonic Mega Collection Mini


I haven't played much with this, so can't really tell anything about it. You can play a basic version of Sonic 1 in a ridiculous grey border, which makes no sense at all.

These are the official Sonic flash games I could recall from my memory, but I still think they are just really basic and have poor quality,  the unofficial ones offer much more fun and experience. Try them if you feel like!

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