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[Expirement] What franchises are you likely to be into if you like Sonic


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So, there is a little trope called Friendly Fandoms, where two works often overlap, Sonic has lots and lots of them, it seems that pretty much even the most unrelated franchise can be a hit with Sonic fans, so, who is Big friend to little franchises, who is Sonic's most friendly friendly fandom? Let's find out and 


This should be fairly simple to explain, post what franchises you like besides Sonic, how they relate to your liking of Sonic and your overall thought on who is the one that shares the biggest friendship with the Sonic franchise

The cut off date is June 3rd, I will be taking notes and make a final conclusion once the date is reached

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Generally, I like anything that can be described as "optimistic", something that gives hope and encourages the world can be a better place and are generally colorful and downright fun, that's why I dislike the current edgelord direction comic books are going, they're dark for the sake of it, not bringing up anything interesting or compelling.

I think Sonic is one of those series, I like it with Nintendo games and Shouen anime, because smiles can bring the sunshine days!

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I enjoy SpongeBob, and often use quotes from it in conversation. I assume it has normalized non-cartoony objects around cartoony ones for me, along with the Sonic games. I also play a mean round of KoF, and really like the special animations. I also read the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics with their well-balanced story and characters, and wish the same would one day apply to Sonic. 

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Hmm, that's a pretty broad question, though I would say people who like Sonic tend to also like the Mega Man series as well though I find that not as common as you would think it is, or maybe it's just the friends I know. I can vouch that I'm an SNK fan and that of Arc System Works like Guilty Gear, Star Fox is also a series I've enjoyed and there is also other Nintendo games like Kirby, Metroid, F-Zero, and Pokemon for example. Also Digimon was really great back then. Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Dragon Ball as a whole, Lupin the 3rd, but then again I was born and grew up in the 90's.

Now for how some of those correlate with Sonic, Dragon Ball needs no mention so I can skip that. Now with Mega Man both Heroes of both Series are (usually) Blue Fighters who fight for Freedom or Everlasting Peace and fight a mad scientist with varied, often beastly robots, that and having two Comic Book Crossovers help.

Sonic and Fighting Game Players I think also can go well together with both always having usually excellent music, though I will say that SNK Fighters like King of Fighters and Arc System Works' Guilty Gear would be go pretty well with those who like Sonic due to the certain style of varied music both Series have and with a connection between those series with the Sega Dreamcast's Connection with the Neo Geo Pocket Color and Sega publishing several Guilty Gear Games.

Some Series from Nintendo can also fold in there due to similar interests like platforming or action games from Nintendo, Kirby's more action like gameplay I'd say appeals to some fans and F-Zero is VERY fast with Sega co-developing two shared F-Zero games.

Lastly there are series that feature Anthro Characters such as Sparkster of the Rocket Knight Games, Pokemon, Digimon, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, of course Star Fox fits into that as well. After all having other animals with attitudes or human-like traits would fit in well for those who like the Sonic Series having a small notion of such a premise yet different.

Sonic I'd say for me was the series that gave me a gateway to video games as a whole, in just about every kind of genre you can think of, but that's just me. I hope some of my thoughts here help you out and good luck.

There's also Freedom Planet and Spark the Electric Jester, but that's rather obvious with being inspired by Sonic itself to appeal to the fans of that blue hedgehog. XP

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Well, I'll probably be the outlier here, but:

Destiny, Battlefield, Halo (formerly, Halo 5 sux bawlz), Borderlands, ARMA, Total War, XCOM, Civilization, and Warhammer would be the big ones for me. I mostly do shooters and RTS games. So yeah, none of these have anything to do with Sonic.

I have a few anthro platformers I enjoy, sort of my guilty pleasure. Besides Sonic, I also enjoy Ori and the Blind Forest, the old Blinx games, and Yooka Laylee. 

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In spite of how often that Friendly Fandom seems to be a given, I find Dragon Ball Z pretty near unwatchable.  That said, I enjoy

*The Mario series; most poignantly Super Mario Bros 1, Super Mario Bros 3, and Super Mario World.

*Pokemon (more in theory than in practice these days, though).

*Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (most incarnations besides The Next Mutation).

*The Kunio Kun series (such games as River City Ransom).

*The Donkey Kong Country series. (That one is rather understandable since it was designed to be Nintendo's answer to Sonic.)

*The Mega Man series.  I haven't played any for a while, but I had fun when I did.

*Superhero media, although I no longer buy any of the core books.  However, I still watch TV shows and movies based on DC and Marvel properties.

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And now it's to come to an conclusion:

It seems the most friendly fandoms for Sonic are Mario, Mega Man and Dragon Ball

It seems that Sonic fans are attached to things that have colorful style and cutesy looks, but have darker tones hiding beneath, plus, two of these had crossovers with Sonic and one greatly inspired it, so it shouldn't be so much of a shock.

But considering Mario is here, it proves the 90's are over, we became to bitter rivals to good friends, that's actually pretty awesome

Pretty satisfied with how this went, thanks for helping me, folks!

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I don't know about the follow-ups, but I played the original Mario and Sonic Olympics game, and it took a bigger shit on both series than they ever took on each other during the 1990s.

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