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=SSMB's= Top Sonic Songs 2017 Voting Thread (CLOSED)


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8 minutes ago, Bowbowis said:

Quoting this for extra clarification on how to do a ballot since people seem overwhelmed.

Choose a game, list your favorite songs from that game in order from 1-10, and list extra songs as "honorable mentions." Do this for as many games as you please.

Perfect ballot. Thank you, Bowbowis!

Also, Black Knight is technically winning something for once. That's a thing. xD

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I think I'll try to put on one main game a day until the end of the event. Or at least go as far as I can until I get into the Lost Worlds and the Tails Adventures and stop caring about the Sonic soundtracks entirely.

We'll start with the (objective) best soundtrack in the whole fucking set, Sonic CD(JP).

1.Quartz Quadrant (Present) 
2.Quartz Quadrant (Good Future)
3.Tidal Tempest (Present)
4.Tidal Tempest(Good Future)
5. Palmtree Panic (Present)
6. Special Stage
7. Palmtree Panic (Good Future)
8.Cosmic Eternity
9. Stardust Speedway(Present)
10. Stardust SPeedway(Bad Future)

Fun facts:
 - Doubled up on a lot of songs because a lot of the alternate time remixes manage to be as good as the originals if not better. INSANELY impressive work by the sound time making them just different enough to stick out in their own right while sounding similar enough to be related.

Quartz Quadrant is the best song in the series; The triumph roaring through it just gets me amped up. Don't know how else to describe it.

- Tidal Tempest is just.. I fucking love that shit. I've always leaned toward the ambivalent songs of this type in the series and this is as good as it gets.  Like...Okay, if you were having SSMB inappropriate relations with a romantic partner under water, this is the shit that would play. I vibe with this. The good future remix's beat brings it close to beating it.

-  Palmtree Panic.you won't find a better track to start a game outside of Mario Galaxy. A young crowd cheering as Sonic hits the biggest ramp in the series. It screams "SONIC IS BACK"

-The lady that goes off on Cosmic Eternity needs more love. The piano intro timed to the game's ending cutscene is also wonderful.

-Rounded the list off with Stardust Speedway. Present version wins because of superior use of "Huur"s

EDIT: added some links


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Okay this will take a while. I'll only comment on those that I deem worthy. 

Sonic 1


1. Title - I mean come on, it's the first track you hear when you start the game, and the first Sonic thing you ever heard (ideally) so of course it's at the top.

2. Labyrinth Zone - The zone itself sucks ass but god damn the song is rather cheerful and lively for an underwater slog of a stage. I love it. 

3. Spring Yard Zone - clap, clap, clap, clap

4. Final Zone

5. Green Hill Zone - A rather overremixed classic.

6. Boss

7. Marble Zone

8. Star Light Zone

9. Staff Roll - Love medleys.

10. All Clear

Sonic 2


1. Chemical Plant Zone - One of my top tracks from Sonic history by far. Pumps you up, it's catchy and it's great.

2. Casino Night Zone (2P) - I actually did a remix of this for one of the SSMB music albums. I love the overall tune and I actually like it more than the Casino Night theme.

3. Hill Top Zone - It's odd, but god damn it's catchy. 

4. Aquatic Ruin Zone 

5. Death Egg Zone 2

6. Boss - Soooo iconic.

7. Staff Roll

8. Mystic Cave

9. All Clear.

10. Metropolis Zone

Sonic CD

Hoo boy. I might screw this up, the rules confused me. Also people might not like my picks.


1. Wacky Workbench Present (US) - shoo bup bup, shoo bup bup. So funky. At I feel it fits the stage rather well. A favourite.

2. Collision Chaos Present (JP) - three two one KICK IT why is this game so funky.

3. Stardust Speedway Bad Future (US) - That piano and guitar riff I love it.

4. Stardust Speedway Present (JP) - HIT IT TURHINT IT IT UP HIT IT HIT IT GET DOWN

5. Stardust Speedway Bad Future (JP) - huehUEHUEhuEHUehUEhuehue

Sonic 3


1. Marble Garden Zone Act 1 - Just fantastic.

2. Marble Garden Zone Act 2 - Also fantastic

3. Knuckles' Theme (MD) 

4. Carnival Night Zone Act 1 (MD) 

5. Launch Base Zone Act 1 (MD) - GO. GO. GO. GO.

Sonic & nipples the enchilada


1. Flying Battery Zone Act 1 

2. Sandopolis Zone Act 1 

3. Lava Reef Zone Act 1 - ♥

4. Death Egg Zone Act 2 

5. The Doomsday Zone

Sonic the Fighters


1. Death Egg's Eye ~ Never Let It Go - Metal Sonic always had great songs.

2. Sonic vs Knuckles ~ North Wind

3. Casino Night ~ Here We Go

4. Aurora Icefield ~ Black Bed

5. Sunset Town

Sonic Adventure


1. Open Your Heart - Fuck yes. Fighting a water kaiju god as a yellow superpowered hedgehog never felt so badass.

2. Pleasure Castle (Twinkle Park 1) - Soooooooooooooo lively, so catchy, so fun, so great.

3. Run Through the Speed Highway - up and down and all around

4. Be Cool, Be Wild & Be Groovy

5. Azure Blue World - This oughta be higher, but this game's soundtrack is just so good. 

Sonic Adventure 2


1. Live and Learn - I mean if Open Your Heart was first for me, of course Live and Learn was going to be first here. To a lesser degree, but first of course.

2. That's The Way I Like It - Metal Harbour is by far my favourite Adventure 2 stage, part of it for the theme, the theme is so good.

3. Soarin' Over Space - This theme is just GORGEOUS. 

4. Keys The Ruin 

5. This Way Out

6. Unstable World

Sonic Heroes


1. What I'm Made Of - I fucking love giant kaiju-ish monsters. And I fucking love Metal Sonic. And I fucking love Crush 40. This theme is right at the top of my overall favourite vocal songs. 

2. Team Chaotix

3. Egg Fleet

4. Egg Hawk.

5. Sonic Heroes (Main Theme)

Sonic Rush



1. What U Need (Sonic) - The opening riff is just sex to my ears.

2. A New Day

3. Wrapped in Black Part 1

4. Get Edgy (Sonic)

5. Ethno Circus (Sonic)

6. Metal Scratchin' 


That one time a human kissed a dead hedgehog 06


1. Radical Train (The Chase)

2. Radical Train (The Abandoned Mine)

3. Crisis City

4. Solaris Phase 2 just hng beautiful

5. Wave Ocean the Inlet

6. egh Dreams of an Absolution it's a guilty pleasure

Sonic and the what the fuck does Erazor even want if he wants the World Rings but wants to kill Sonic at the same time


1. No Way Through (Pirate Storm) - WORLD IS MADE OF BROKEN THINGS oh hey unleashed

2. The White of Sky (Skeleton Dome)

3. High and Broken (Levitated Ruins)

4. Blue On The Run (Captain Behemoth) 

5. Unawakening Float (Night Palace) - MUSTARD FLOWN AWAAAAY FUCK THIS STAGE

Sonic Rush Adventure witty title here


1. Blizzard Peaks 

2. Sky Babylon

3. A New Venture lalaaa


5. Haunted Ship

6. Machine Labyrinth

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity I fucking love this game sue me


1. The Core - Again, I love monsters, and I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalways loved Master Core: ABIS's design. And voice clips. I wish I had the voice clips, there were some cut voice lines that were interesting, but I can't find them anywhere, I deleted mines years ago.

2. Through Traffic 

3. Un-gravitify

4. Dive Into Gravity

5. Catch Me If You Can

6. Gadget Round

7. Sealed Ground

Sonic Chronicles and the Penders Copyright Claim


Haha fuck no.

Sonic Unleashed


1. Endless Possibilities 

2. Skycraper Scamper Day - That intro tho

3. Cool Edge Day

4. Savannah Citadel Day

5. Crimson Carnival Day

6. Dear My Friend ugh this song tears me apart everytime I hear it

Sonic and the plot twist that came out of nowhere Knight


All of it.

Alright fine.

1. Faraway Avalon

2. Dragon's Lair uhgn beautiful just sexy

3. Fight the Knight Vocals

4. Fight the Knight No Vocals

5. With Me Sega got fucking Marty Friedman from Megadeth fame to do a song for Sonic jesus christ  

I can't keep going on it's too painful for me. The soundtrack is one of my favourites from all Sonic history by far.

Sonic the What The Fuck Were You Guys Even Thinking 4 Episode 1


Actually I like Sonic 4 so yeah.

1. Mad Gear Zone 3

2. Mad Gear Zone 2 

3. Mad Gear Zone 1 

4. Casino Street Zone 1

5. Splash Hill Zone 3

Sonic whythefuckdidntyouincludeanormalcontrollersupport Free Riders


1. Metropolis Speedway hehehey yeeaaah ooh oh yeah

2. Free (does the Crush 40 cover count?)

3. Forgotten Tomb

4. Rocky Ridge

5. Dolphin Resort

Sonic Skittles


1. Speak With Your Heart - ♥


3. vs. Nega-Wisp Armor - Phase 2 

4. Tropical Resort Act 1

5. Asteroid Coaster Act 2

6. Asteroid Coaster Act 1

7. Asteroid Coaster Act 3

8. Fuck it the rest of the soundtrack it's great

Sonic & Sonic Generations and Knuckles HD


1. Chemical Plant Modern

2. Crisis City Classic

3. Open Your Heart (Crush 40 vs Circuit Freq) Phase 1 fuck yes

4. Crisis City Modern

5. Speed Highway Modern

6. Speed Highway Classic

7. Time Eater Classic

Sonic Cashgraberations 3DS


1. Mushroom Hill Modern

2. Emerald Coast Classic nostalgia man

3. Tropical Resort Modern

4. Casino Night Modern

5. Radical Highway Modern (can't find a fifth track I like so memes)

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode We're never getting another


1. Sky Fortess Act 3 - just beautiful

2. Death Egg mk2 Act 1 - An underrated gem imo

3. White Park Act 2

4. Boss - Metal Sonic

5. Sky Fortress Act 2

6. Dying Ducks Zone Act Quack hah memes

Sonic Lost what the fuck are you guys doing World


1. Dessert Ruins - Candy Lane

2. Sky Road - Zone 1

3. The Deadly Six Theme (the normal one)

4. Dr. Eggman Showdown

5. Desert Ruins Honeycomb Highway

Sonic Boom: Rise of what the fuck are you guys doing vol 2



I'll do another post or edit this one some other day with some titles I missed. But that's about it. 

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Let's blast through with some of my favorite Sonic soundtracks, Sonic Heroes!

1. Ocean Palace

2. Special Stage: Bonus Challenge

3. Grand Metropolis

4. Seaside Hill (it was really hard to pick between Seaside Hill and Sea Gate >-<)

5. What I'm Made Of

6. Mystic Mansion

7. Egg Fleet

8. Casino Park

9. Frog Forest

10. Egg Emperor


Honorable mentions:

System Select (best menu music ever, it really hypes you the fuck up!)

Egg Albatross (probably the very first dubstep track in a Sonic game lol)

Hang Castle (both the regular and inverted tracks are so damn unique and chilling)

We Can (can't the deny the 'so cheesy it's actually good')

Battle: City Area (I used to play the 2-players battle mode with my friends just to hear this track. I hated the battle mode :V)

...and of course, a guilty pleasure of mine: Follow Me :V




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Might as well add my share on the matter. Been listening to Sonic songs religiously so I think I have a good grasp of my faves. Gonna be doing this divided into eras, mostly focusing on main installments but with some extra stuff here and there.


Sonic The Hedgehog (Sega Genesis):

1.) Marble Zone

2.) Green Hill Zone

3.) Spring Yard Zone

4.) Boss Theme

5.) Star Light Zone

6.) Labyrinth Zone

7.) Staff Credits

8.) Special Stage

9.) Final Boss

10.) Scrap Brain Zone

Sonic The Hedgehog (Master System/Game Gear):

1.) Bridge

2.) Scrap Brain

3.) Boss

4.) Jungle

5.) Labyrinth

6.) Credits

7.) Special Stage

8.) Sky Base

9.) Green Hill

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Sega Genesis):

1.) Chemical Plant Zone

2.) Casino Night Zone

3.) Casino Night Zone (2-Player)

4.) Emerald Hill Zone

5.) Hill Top Zone

6.) Mystic Cave Zone

7.) Emerald Hill Zone 2-Player

8.) Sky Chase Zone

9.) Final Boss Theme

10.) Aquatic Ruin Zone

Sonic CD (JPN):

1.) Boss Theme

2.) Stardust Speedway (Present)

3.) Stardust Speedway (Bad Future)

4.) Wacky Workbench (Bad Future)

5.) Wacky Workbench (Past)

6.) Collision Chaos

7.) Collision Chaos (Future)

8.) Final Fever

9.) Special Stage

10.) Metallic Madness (Bad Future)

Sonic CD (USA):

1.) Tidal Tempest

2.) Sonic Boom

3.) Stardust Speedway (Bad Future)

4.) Stardust Speedway

5.) Collision Chaos

6.) Stardust Speedway (Good Future)

7.) Metallic Madness

8.) Wacky Workbench (Bad Future)

9.) Wacky Workbench

10.) Quartz Quadrant

Sonic Spinball (Sega Genesis):

1.) Toxic Caves

2.) Boss Theme

3.) Lava Powerhouse

4.) Special Stage

5.) The Machine

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Sega Genesis):

1.) Stages 1-4

2.) Staff Credits

3.) Theme of Mean Bean Machine

4.) Stages 5-8

5.) Stages 9-12

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Sega Genesis):

1.) Act 1 Boss

2.) Icecap Zone Act 1

3.) Special Stage

4.) Knuckles' Theme

5.) Hydrocity Zone Act 1

6.) Endless Mine Zone

7.) Bonus Stage - Gumball Machine

8.) Marble Garden Zone Act 1

9.) Azure Lake Zone

10.) Angel Island Zone Act 1

Sonic & Knuckles:

1.) Mushroom Zone Act 1

2.) Flying Battery Zone Act 1

3.) Sky Sanctuary

4.) Lava Reef Zone Act 1

5.) Staff Roll

Sonic The Fighters:

1.) Advertise ~ K.I.Y.O

2.) Death Egg's Eye ~ Never Let It Go

3.) Sonic vs. Knuckles ~ North Wind

4.) Super Sonic ~ Everything

5.) Aurora Icefield ~ Black Bed

Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Genesis):

1.) Green Grove Zone Act 1

2.) Rusty Ruins Zone Act 1

3.) Special Stage

4.) Panic Puppet Zone Act 1

5.) Diamond Dust Zone Act 1

6.) Spring Stadium Zone Act 1

7.) Opening

8.) Staff Roll

9.) The Final Fight

10.) Panic Puppet Zone Act 2

Sonic R:

1.) Work It Out

2.) Number One

3.) Super Sonic Racing

4.) Can You Feel The Sunshine

5.) Diamond In The Sky

See ya for the Dreamcast era!



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Ooooh this  sounds like a fun thread.

I'll go with SA2 for this post:

Sonic Adventure 2

1.Space Trip Steps...For Meteor Herd

2.That's the Way I Like It...For Metal Harbor

3.Lovely Gate 3...For Egg Quarters

4.Rumbling HWY ...For Mission Street

5.Keys The Ruin ...For The Pyramid Cave

6.E.G.G.M.A.N. ...Theme of "DR. EGGMAN"

7.Deep Inside Of...For Canon's Core ver.3

8.A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup ...For Pumpkin Hill

9.Trespasser...For Lost Colony

10.This Way Out ...For Prison Lane

I'll always have a good time hearing Space Trip Steps. Metal Harbor is full of energy and as a kid it made the level feel as iconic and memorable as City Escape (and it's theme is all good, but I feel I'd rather have another track take it's spot and have a shot).

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Well, this is anti-climatic. Ariel basically unlocked almost every single tier badge in less than a day. xP

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2 minutes ago, Nepenthe said:

Well, this is anti-climatic. Ariel basically unlocked almost every single tier badge in less than a day. xP



Blame my lazy self for not studying for my exams and having a lot of free time. Apologies Nep. 

does this mean I get an exclusive badge?

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Just now, Ariel the Blue Wisp said:



Blame my lazy self for not studying for my exams and having a lot of free time. Apologies Nep. 

does this mean I get an exclusive badge?

You technically do. You only get one instance of it though.

Regardless, the CD and Rise of Lyric ballots are invalid.

Specifically with CD since you expressed confusion-- The ONLY songs that can be cross-referenced on both soundtracks are the past themes since they're the same on both soundtracks. Otherwise, if you want to vote on US and JP exclusive songs, you need to make two ballots: one for the US soundtrack, and another for the JP soundtrack.

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I can barely remember any song from Rise of Lyric so it was mostly in jest, those songs are so forgettable.

I'll edit and add two CD ballots later on then.

Hell, I'll be honest I would've done all the games from the get-go because I'm a terrible badge-whore. Buuuuut I never played the pre-DS handheld games and I don't remember the old spin-off titles music that much.

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Alright. I'll see if I can manage this without screwing it up. Interesting to note this would actually be easier if I could use event music. I often feel like I'm one of the few who has some of those in my favorites. But I'm a very unique kind of person when it comes to the things I consider my favorites. Often my choices are dictated by how I felt when viewing the characters in certain situations and what not and how it makes me feel and how much I re-visit them because of it. Being good music is a big part of it too.

Sonic Heroes

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I gotta say, I'm really happy this contest is a thing! I'm starting with S3&K, and reminding myself of the soundtrack is pretty fun..

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

1. Bonus Stage (Slot Machine)

2. Credit Roll (Sonic 3 Only)

3. Azure Lake

4. Special Stage (3D Spheres)

5. Final Boss

6. Doomsday

7. Lava Reef Act 1

8. Flying Battery Act 2

9. Lava Reef Act 2 / Hidden Palace

10. Angel Island Act 2

X. Ballon Park

X. Endless Mine

X. Hydrocity Act 2

X. Ice Cap Act 1

X. Mini Boss (Sonic 3)

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  1. Stardust Speedway - Present
  2. Stardust Speedway - Bad Future
  3. Stardust Speedway - Good Future - yeah that's right, ALL of Stardust Speedway's themes are the best theme in CD. And it's better than the JP version
  4. Metallic Madness - Present
  5. Sonic Boom - Ending Theme



  1. Azure Lake Zone  - Yo SSMB I'm real happy for ya'll and Imma let you finish, BUT AZURE LAKE IS THE BEST SONIC SONG OF ALL TIME! OF ALL TIME
  2. Staff Roll (MD) - Could take the cake for best credits theme in the series. Like seriously, Michael Jackson was the best thing to happen to Sonic music since Jun Senoue.
  3. Final Boss
  4. Special Stage - Feels like a weird choice to me, but it's strangely comfy in a way, even when it speeds up to ludicrous speed.
  5. Act 1 Boss - Can't deny it, this sh*t is groovy as hell.
  6. Endless Mine Zone
  7. Chrome Gadget Zone
  8. Hydrocity Zone - Act 2
  9. Marble Garden Zone - Act 2
  10. Act 2 Boss





  1. Door into Summer (Isolated Island)  - Only reason I'm ranking Knuckles Chaotix. NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE LIKE THIS SONG
  2. Speed of Sound (Speed Slider) - Not as important as a reason as Door Into Summer, but by gummit if this isn't a hidden gem. It's actually the one song I remember the most when I actually played through Chaotix for the first time.
  3. This Horizon (Main theme/Title)
  4. Just Another Day (Good Ending) - Solid ass song simply as a representation of Chaotix's soundtrack as a whole
  5. Chaotic World (Level Select) - Have I mentioned that Chaotix has some of the best song titles? It does.
  6. Tube Panic (Special Stage)



  1. Mystic Ruins
  2. Theme of "E-102γ" - This is a song I'm constantly forgetting about but I can't deny it's one of the best songs in the game, regardless of context.
  3. Windy and Ripply ...for Emerald Coast
  4. Snowy Mountain ...for Icecap
  5. At Dawn ...for Speed Highway
  6. Theme of CHAO
  7. Militant Missonary ...Boss: Egg Walker and Egg Viper
  8. Mechanical Resonance ...for Final Egg
  9. Crazy Robo... Boss: E-101β
  10. Introduction... feat. Open Your Heart - For that amazing first half before the theme song kicks in.





#GOATREALNUMBERONE. Prof. Omochao - Literally Jun Senoue's best song PERIOD.

But for real though

  1. Supporting Me ...for Biolizard - There will never be a song quite like this one. Fumie Kumatani is such an unsung musical genius.
  2. Escape From The City ...for City Escape
  3. It Doesn't Matter ...theme of "SONIC"
  4. Event: The Last Scene
  5. Rumbling HWY ...for Mission Street
  6. For True Story ...for Sonic vs. Shadow
  7. E.G.G.M.A.N. ...theme of "DR. EGGMAN"



  1. Egg Rocket Zone - until everyone recognizes one of the best songs in the series.
  2. Staff Roll - Second only to Sonic 3 for best credits theme, and honestly had no idea how good this song was for the longest time.
  3. Angel Island Zone: Act 1
  4. Ice Mountain Zone: Act 2
  5. Ice Mountain Zone: Act 1
  6. Angel Island Zone: Act 2 - yeah Angel Island and Ice Mountain have like, the best level themes in the game tbh.



  1. Mystic Mansion
  2. BINGO Highway
  3. Final Fortress
  4. City Area (2 Player) - Love how this sounds like a carry over from SA2. Gives that weirdly nostalgic vibe to it.
  5. Sea Gate
  6. We Can (Team Sonic) - This song is gay. It's so gay...... and I love it!
  7. Egg Emperor (Boss)
  8. Metal Madness (Boss)
  9. Team Chaotix - Team Chaotix on the other hand is very much not gay. In fact, it's quite heterosexual.



  1. Soleanna Castle Town - Comfiest hub theme.
  2. Wave Ocean ~The Inlet~
  3. Radical Train ~The Chase~ - Not enough people give Radical Train enough attention. Both it's themes are FIRE.
  4. Radical Train ~The Abandoned Mine~
  5. [BOSS] Solaris Phase 1 - Yeah that's right phase 1. I just love these intense climactic songs.
  6. End of the World - I love how sinister and foreboding this song is.
  7. Dreams of an Absolution ~Theme of Silver the Hedgehog~  - ........ yeah it's alright






SONIC GENERATIONS (360/PS3/Steam) / 2011

  1. Sky Sanctuary : Act 2 - 10/10 BEST REMIX
  2. Rooftop Run : Act 1 - did I say Sky Sanctuary was the best remix? Well it is, but Rooftop run is also 10/10 BEST REMIX. I would probably rank it #1 since by all accounts it's a much greater remix, but I'm biased. Fite me.
  3. City Escape : Act 1 Rival Battle : Metal Sonic (US ver.) - US version wins again! JPN is for losers!
  4. Challenge / Mission 4 (Balloon Park B) - Love that they represented Sonic 3's 2P stages, sad that they did NOT include Azure Lake, but ok with 2nd best 2P track.
  5. Green Hill : Act 1 - Actually the best Green Hill remix, which says a lot



  1.  Boss Battle : Big Arms - I didn't know it was possible to somehow make Sonic 3's final boss theme better but this whole soundtrack is full of surprises. In fact, I'm mad this song isn't in the console version.
  2. Water Palace : Act 2 - Fun Fact: I hate Sonic Rush's soundtrack. Fun Fact 2: Water Palace Act 2 is dope as fuck
  3. Mushroom Hill : Act 1 - I love that beat they added. So good.
  4. Tropical Resort : Act 2
  5. Special Stage


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Just now, Nepenthe said:

@Rusty Spy I'm....gonna assume every single one of those is in the proper order. Dat formatting.

Yeah sorry I was trying to compress the whole thing into separate spoiler tags so it wouldn't be so long, but it fucked up. I'm fixing it right now.

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  1. Stardust Speedway - Present -I had heard this song WAY before I played the game, and it's always stuck out to me among the track list
  2. Stardust Speedway - Bad Future
  3. Special Stage
  4. Quartz Quadrant - Bad Future
  5. Metallic Madness - Bad Future
  6. Metallic Madness - Present  -Sure, for a final zone, they're not the most fast paced songs out there, but I've always been kinda partial to these kind of atmoshperic themes
  7. Metallic Madness - Good Future
  8. Sonic Boom - Ending Theme -I do prefer this to the opening theme version. I just love the instrumentals to this song and is fitting for an ending theme IMO.
  9. Stardust Speedway - Good Future
  10. Palmtree Panic - Bad Future -I tend to be more partial to Bad Future versions

x.  Palmtree Panic - Present -It's pretty fitting for a first level theme

x.  Tidal Tempest - Bad Future

x.  Wacky Workbench - Bad Future



  1. Exercise Mode -I love how this points to the original "Sticker of Puyo Puyo" version from the spreadsheet
  2. VS Mode -While it sounds a tad less menacing than the original "Final of Puyo Puyo" version, the sampled drums are a nice touch
  3. Stage 13
  4. Danger! -It's basically a variation of "Final" from Puyo Puyo. Nevertheless, I perfer this panic theme better than Puyo Puyo's
  5. Stages 1-4
  6. Staff Credits

*I guess I'm a bit more partial to the songs that were originally from Puyo Puyo... too bad the Password Entry theme wasn't an option :P



  1. Super Sonic ~ Everything
  2. Advertise ~ K.I.Y.O
  3. Sonic vs. Knuckles ~ North Wind
  4. Sunset Town -Kinda wish this WAS used in a level ingame
  5. Death Egg's Hangar ~ Hurry Up
  6. Death Egg's Eye ~ Never Let It Go
  7. Giant Wing ~ Fire Stone
  8. Aurora Icefield ~ Black Bed -I can't help but recall the lyrics to the remix version of this from Gems Collection







  1. Leaf Forest Zone: Act 1 -One of my few favorite first zone themes
  2. Egg Utopia Zone: Act 1
  3. Hot Crater Zone: Act 1
  4. Techno Base Zone: Act 1
  5. Techno Base Zone: Act 2
  6. XX-Zone
  7. Sky Canyon Zone: Act 1 -Something about how this song uses the Gameboy's square channels just sounds so good.
  8. Boss
  9. Leaf Forest Zone: Act 2
  10. Music Plant Zone: Act 1




Not only is this one of my all time favorite Sonic games, it's probably my favorite Sonic soundtrack as well.

  1. What I'm Made Of (VS. Metal Overlord)
  2. Special Stage: Type B (Emerald Challenge) -My favorite type of Special Stages in the series thus far, both gimmick and song wise. And is it just me, or is this the first instance of the whole, BOOST thing even before the boost gameplay in Unleashed? :rolleyes:
  3. Sea Gate -I love this a LOT better than Seaside Hill's theme.
  4. Frog Forest
  5. Final Fortress
  6. Grand Metropolis
  7. Ocean Palace
  8. Casino Area (2 Player) -Some parts of the song may be grating to people, but I love action paced themes such as this for battles/multiplayer.
  9. Vs Team Battle (Boss)
  10. Ring Race (2 Player)

x.  Sonic Heroes (Main Theme)

x.  Team Chaotix -I love this group. And Vector is one of my favorite characters of All-Time. I just wish their gameplay didn't take so long to complete.

x.  Casino Park

x.  Lost Jungle

x.  BINGO Highway

x.   Rail Canyon

x.   Bullet Station

 This was quite difficult for me to narrow down.



  1. Un-gravitify (Team Heroes Theme) -A lot of my friends don't seem to like this theme for some reason. This became one of my top character/main themes when I first heard it.
  2. The Core (Mobius Strip)
  3. Dive Into Gravity (Crimson Crater)
  4. Aquatic Time (Aquatic Capital)
  5. Spiral Madness (Botanical Kingdom)
  6. Gadget Round (MeteoTech Premises)
  7. Multi Attack (Multiplayer)
  8. Through Traffic (Megalo Station)
  9. Sealed Ground (Gigan Rocks)
  10. Blast Town (80's Boulevard)

Definitely not as techno-y as the other Riders games, using stringed and other orchestral instruments for an interesting mix.


  1. Endless Possibility - Vocal Theme -
  2. Jungle Joyride - Day
  3. Eggmanland - Day
  4. Cool Edge - Night
  5. Skyscraper Scamper - Day -This being done by Fumie Kumatani, it wouldn't sound out of place in a Sonic Riders game.
  6. Gaia Gate
  7. Shamar - Night
  8. Rooftop Run - Night
  9. Windmill Isle - Night
  10. Tornado Defense - 2nd Battle

x.  The World Adventure - Orchestral Theme - -This, as well as all the cutscene music, gave the game quite a cinematic feel. It kinda makes me wish this got adapted into a movie.


  1. Death Egg mk.II Zone Act 1
  2. Boss - Metal Sonic
  3. Boss - Dr. Eggman
  4. White Park Zone Act 1
  5. Sylvania Castle Zone Act 3
  6. Sky Fortress Zone Act 1
  7. Oil Desert Zone Act 1
  8. Oil Desert Zone Act 3
  9. Sky Fortress Zone Act 2
  10. A Duel with Metal Sonic - Stardust Speedway RMX

*I love the compositions in this game A LOT more than Episode I's. I just wish I could hear most of these in the style that White Part Act 1 was in when it was unlockable in the Olympic Games.



  1. End of the Summer
  2. Where to Today?
  3. Power Ride
  4. Beyond the Speed of...
  5. Where to Today?
  6. Theory of Attack
  7. Ambition
  8. Fiery Passion
  9. Go Quickly!
  10. Strange Parade

This game's soundtrack was so well done. It just makes it all the more disappointing in how they handled the game and that it was eventually discontinued. Hopefully they'll do better if Runners Adventure turns out to be a reality.

Hopefully I did the ballots correctly.

Here's to 25 years of some of the greatest music I've ever heard.

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Back for Round 2! Think I'll do a few this time!

Sonic the Fighters


1.Death Egg's Eye ~ Never Let It Go  (You play this fight enough it gets trapped in your head!)

2. Aurora Icefield ~ Black Bed (so catchy, though I do love Gems vocal version too)

3. Advertise ~ K.I.Y.O  (So arcadey!)

4. Death Egg's Hangar ~ Hurry Up  (Wish we actually heard this in game)

5. Giant Wing ~ Fire Stone

6. South Island ~ Lovers

7. Casino Night ~ Here We Go

8. Canyon Cruise ~ Blue Garden

9. Ending Theme ~ Take Me Away

10. Dynamite Plant ~ Try Again

Shadow the Hedgehog


1.I Am (All of Me) (Main theme/Devil Doom)  (I'm an Edgy fella)

2. E.G.G.M.A.N. (Doc Robeatnik Remix) (Theme of Eggman)  (It came back!)

3. Lethal Highway  (Underrated track, Jun why play Westopolis everywhere but not this?)

4. Death Ruins  (So damn funky!)

5. Lava Shelter

6. Cosmic Fall

7. 2P VS Battle (It's back too!)

8. Never Turn Back (True Ending)

9. Bue Falcon (Spelling mistake on the table :p)

10. All Hail Shadow (Pure Good Ending)


Sonic Battle


1.Holy Summit  (I could spend ages in this Hub listening to it)

2. Green Hill (extra stage)  (Think this is my favourite Green Hill)

3. Gimme Shelter (Only hel back due to Cream's story)

4. Final Boss  (Man, what a good fot for the battle your about to go into!)

5. Colosseum (Phi stage)

6. Chaos Ruins (Knuckles's stage)

7. Emerald Beach (Sonic's stage)

8. Battle Highway (Shadow's stage)

9. Crater (Chaos's stage)

10. Staff Roll 2


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I've always wanted to take part on this kind of things...so here are my choices...

I'm going to write my lists game by game as I'm listening to them right now to clarify my preferences...

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (Mega Drive) / 1991

  1. Staff Roll. I think I've had such feeling of happiness when clearing a game ever. Even today this track still gives me chills whenever I hear it.
  2. Green Hill Zone. Yeah, the most iconic one must be here.
  3. Marble Zone.
  4. Final Zone. I've always thought that Eggman/Robotnik music in this game was the most evil music in the series. I think it was softer in Sonic 2 (with the exception of Death Egg Robot in Sonic 2)
  5. All Clear
  6. Boss
  7. Star Light Zone
  8. Scrap Brain Zone
  9. Special Stage
  10. Spring Yard Zone

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Oh yeah! Now this is my sort of thing. I'll start off with a few that have been in my head for years so they are a bit easier for me to choose from. Just hope that I've done it right...

Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)


1. Spring Yard Zone

2. Green Hill Zone - The iconic Green Hill so why only no. 2? The funny thing is that if it was the PAL speed rather than the intended one, it would be my favorite song out of the entire game as I prefer the slower pace.

3. Labyrinth Zone

4. Marble Zone

5. Title

6. Boss

7. Special Stage

8. Scrap Brain Zone

9. Final Zone

10. Star Light Zone

x. Staff Roll

x. All Clear

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Master System/Game Gear)


1. Aqua Lake Zone This is not only my favorite out of the game but also one of my favorite Master System songs in general due to not only its catchy beat but also pretty long for the limited PSG where it is rare that a song lasts for a minute and a half when they usually last for 30 seconds or so.

2. Sky High Zone

3. Good Ending

4. Green Hills Zone

5. Gimmick Mt. Zone

6. Under Ground Zone

7. Scrambled Egg Zone

8. Boss (MS)

9. Staff Roll

10. Boss (GG)

x. Title

x. Crystal Egg Zone

Sonic Triple Trouble


1. Sunset Park Zone Train - It's just a shame when in game, one of the channels gets cut out due to the limitations of the PSG and that you are defeating enemies so the main melody gets lost. A great song otherwise.

2. Meta Jungrilla Zone

3. Special Stage 1

4. Sunset Park Zone

5. Ending 2

6. Robotnik Winter Zone

7. Atomic Destroyer Zone

8. Tidal Plant Zone

9. Boss

10. Great Turquoise Zone

x. Nack/Fang's Theme

Sonic R


1. Super Sonic Racing (Instrumental)

2. Super Sonic Racing - This is my favorite vocal song of the entire Sonic series. The vocal and the Instrumental versions were extremely close towards the point where it could have been joint first but the clarity of the melody is stronger in the instrumental especially around the 2:40 mark just slightly favours it.

3. Can You Feel the Sunshine

4. Can You Feel the Sunshine (Instrumental)

5. Back in Time (Instrumental)

6. Work it Out - Reminds me a lot of Moving on Up by The M People for some reason.

7. Back in Time

8. Work it Out (Instrumental)

9. Diamond in the Sky (Instrumental)

10. Living in the City (Instrumental)

x. Living in the City

x. Number One


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I'll start with Sonic 1 and CD, since they're fresh in my memory:


Sonic the Hedgehog (MD)

1. Star Light Zone

2. Green Hill Zone

3. Spring Yard Zone

4. Staff Roll

5. Marble Zone

6. Scrap Brain Zone

7. Labyrinth Zone

8. Final Zone

9. All Clear

10. Boss Battle

Star Light's always been a firm favourite of mine since I ever reached the level, so that was an easy pick. Choosing where to place Green Hill and Spring Yard however, was no easy task. Despite its overuse in recent years, I always feel nostalgic for the first level's music. The latter has such a punchy intro that has stayed with me over the years though; due in no small part to it following the final platforming section in the dungeons of Marble Zone Act 3, which gave me some trouble in my formative gaming years. It also makes liberal use of the Title's percussion sound which I couldn't get enough of.


Sonic CD (JP/EU)

1. Sonic - You Can Do Anything

2. Stardust Speedway - Bad Future

3. Quartz Quadrant - Good Future

4. Metallic Madness - Bad Future

5. Stardust Speedway - Good Future

6. Palmtree Panic - Good Future

7. Tidal Tempest - Good Future

8. Tidal Tempest - Bad Future

9. Final Fever

10. Collision Chaos - Good Future

Even if it didn't accompany my favourite piece of animation from the series, I'm pretty damn sure You Can Do Anything would be my top pick. It really should be brought back as Sonic's theme someday.

With more "hues" than a colour wheel, Stardust Speedway - Bad Future comes close. It seems like too obvious a choice, but the perfect combination of sirens, trademark piano and hurrcups make for an unforgettable showdown (more than the enemy himself, that's for sure ;o).

So much in this soundtrack reminds me of other Sonic Team games; with the piano and harmonica from Palmtree Panic - Good Future evoking NiGHTS and the background of Collision Chaos - Good Future doing the same with memories of Phantasy Star Online. Metallic Madness - Bad Future on the other hand conjures up images of Gundam anime and its thumping theme is easily one of the best final tracks in the series.


Sonic CD (US)

1. Stardust Speedway - Bad Future

2. Stardust Speedway - Present

3. Tidal Tempest - Present

4. Collision Chaos - Bad Future

5. Sonic Boom - Ending Theme

6. Tidal Tempest - Bad Future

7. Wacky Workbench - Present

8. Final Fever

9. Quartz Quadrant - Present

10. Quartz Quadrant - Bad Future

It's interesting that no Good Future got in. This was a harder one, since I've not spent as much time with it, but I thought I'd get it out the way while I'm thinking of CD. It was surprising what I did recognise though, like Wacky Workbench's vocals were immediately familiar. And awesome.

Where the Japanese version brings up images of old Sonic Team games and anime, this one sometimes sounds like a 90s action film. Even if I prefer the former, this still has some fine tracks of its own.


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