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[Project] SSMB's Top 100 Characters(Cut off date, September 17th)


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So, with the staff's approval, we are ready to go!

Who is SSMB's ensemble darkhorse? The ones who come on top when all the thoughts of SSMB members come together? With this project, we will find SSMB's top 100 characters.

Let's get some rules established

  • I'm mostly looking for who is in the top 10 as far as votes go, put the ones you really want way high, don't be shy, each character listed count as a vote, but if it turns out if any character only gets 1, the higher they are on the list, the higher the priority they get
  • No real people, live acted characters and personas(wrestlers, internet reviewers for example)  are allowed, but nothing beside that.
  • Please take this seriously and don't put in any in joke answers, keep in mind, I'm doing most of this work alone and it's going to take a lot of work to gather all these together, I don't need to see "Hitler XD"
  • If you wish to vote a specific version of a character, such as Archie Sonic instead of Game Sonic, please list them specifically, otherwise, they will count as a general vote for any version of the character
  • Send your submission to me via private message, if you want, you can send me a status to be added to a general one for this event so you don't have to make one yourself
  • There will be a occasional posting of who's in the lead 10 spots, when I do this and when the final results are posted, don't call out someone for "shit taste", this is a project all about love, we don't need that
  • There will be no badges for participating, sorry
  • Don't list more than 100 characters on your list, that would just kill the point and makes things way too hard
  • Not a hard rule, but try to get at least 10 characters on your list
  • And the cut off date is September 17th

And with that said, let's show some love to people who don't even exist!

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Due to all the wonderful projects like Kiah's Questionnaire, Nep's Music Listing and Motobug 2nd anniversary, as well as E3 and the fact, well, Sonic fans are going do something for his birthday, I chose to make the cut off date August 1st so you don't get overwhelmed!

I suppose I should explain a couple of things

Why is there no badges?

I was kinda worried about doing this project in the first place, the mods work so hard and filled to brim with stuff they have to do, I'm doing this on my own to ease off their workload, because they are awesome and I love them, plus, badges require an understandable theme and artistic talent, which I lack.

Why can't we just post the list in the topic?

This is just an assumption, mind you,but past events like this always did it through PM, I assume this is due to SSMB's rule against list topics, plus, it's not like you can give a detailed explanation of why you like 100 characters in one post unless you're really dedicated, plus, "shit taste" is an often problematic insult that comes with posting these things publicly, trust me, I'm a Fire Emblem fan who did the choose your legend campaign and all three voting gauntlets, things can get real nasty real fast, that being said, I will accept them in a status update if you don't feel like losing PM space.

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  • 1 month later...

Once again, the cut off date has been extended, this will be the last time it will happen, the new cut off date is September 17 and reminders to vote will come every Saturday, thank you. 

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