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So.... A Sonic VR Themed RollerCoaster Was/Is/Could be on the way...

Badnik Mechanic

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During 2016, Sega strongly hinted that they were going to be expanding Sonic's license into theme parks and other leisure outlets, aside from the odd interview in various licensing magazines, they even dropped the line that they had 6 new arcade games in development during their 25th party livestream last year.

Well... it seems we missed a news story.

Back at the start of 2016, Sega conducted an interview with Attractions Management, Sega discussed in some more detail their desires to get Sonic out into more arcades and theme parks.

Then the article closes with this...

Attractions Management also understands that Sonic will be the theme of a high-profile virtual reality rollercoaster, due to be announced later this year.

I don't... remember anyone mentioning that at all last year? 

Now obviously, this didn't get announced, but it's possible that the announcement has been delayed given how this sounds like it wouldn't just be a case of re-branding like the Alton Towers ride was, this would have to be the creation of a new VR themed attraction incorporated into the structure and layout of a rollercoaster (be pre-existing or... dare I suggest, new).


What you think?


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Well, Sonic IS plastered on every gimmick that comes around... This is just a natural evolution of that.

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A Sonic themed VR rollercoaster is definitely something I'd be interested in.

Now, before any raises concerns about motion sickness - it won't be a problem on a VR rollercoaster. A common trick to avoid causing motion sickness is to have someone virtually sitting down, just as they are sitting down in the physical world, to avoid any sensory contradiction. VR racing games, flight simulators and yes even virtual rollercoasters all largely avoid motion sickness because of this design choice.

So I think that a Sonic VR rollercoaster can have mass appeal, usable by both hardcore Sonic fans and the average tourist with equal ease.

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Nintendo Land in Universal is only one part of a bigger video game based park they're creating right? It'd be cool to see at least Sonic in there then.

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