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Possibly found video of the original Sonic Adventure unveiling


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So after analyzing the video I saw a number of things different but most are already known about because of screenshots BUT we see them in motion such as the flipping sky chase dragon! Also in sky chase was the tornado 1 in act 2 which as we know never happens even though the tornado 2 is in this build because we see it in the video. Many textures were changed and the camera seems a bit slow in some parts but otherwise the same. A load of beta windy valley and that unknown Chao garden was also shown including that strange light room in what appears to be final egg but is nowhere else in the final. Knuckles was also in Sonic's final room in lost world and was using unused combos. Gamma's animations seem... off.....  like he looks kinda out of it.Sonic's "action" pose is the beta one. Chaos is a lot more transparent but not on the level as DX. Open your heart seems to have different lyrics oh and OPEN YOUR HEART SOUNDS SUPER WEIRD IN JAPANESE. Anyway i'll try to update this as I find more but if you guys notice anything interesting post it here.

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Yeah, I've watched this quite a few times. If you look at the Lost World screen in the bottom right corner at 5:05, Sonic misses the jump and enters free move to correct himself, it's pretty funny.

The Chao Garden shown there is a random part of Windy Valley 3 that they took out and added Chao to. The thing's in the AutoDemo, but it doesn't load or have any textures for it. I'm also fairly confident that sans the textures the version of Lost World seen in that video is around the same if not exactly the same to the one you can see in the AutoDemo too, the extra Boa Boas and flaming arrows at the start of the stage are all there in that version despite not being able to be loaded. There's also half an early version of Sky Chase in the AutoDemo that references the dragon.

The voices for the character trailers are actually still in the final game's voice files and you can listen to them if you find them. Of course, there's no English equivalent of them but it's still interesting that those trailer lines ended up inside the game somehow. The version of Open Your Heart heard in the video is up for download on the Japanese website too.

I wish we could get our hands on that Lost World 2 background, that early version of Twinkle Park that Tails is shown standing in during certain trailers, or the version of Sky Deck seen in Amy's flashback image.

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Oh wow I didn't notice that they missed the jump XD jeez looks like one of the devs wasn like "crap I missed welp debug..... wait it's recording?" Also in general I wish someone somewhere finds this build of the game as that would be the second greatest Sonic beta find ever first being Sonic 1.

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Did anyone else notice when they spell out Sonic one letter at a time it's the same animation as the Sonic OVA??

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