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If you could choose one company to make a Sonic RPG, which would you choose?

Detective Kaito

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Sonic Chronicles had a lot of issues with its gameplay and music, and in the end it left me unsatisfied. A Sonic RPG has so much damn potential. Sega just weren't lucky with Bioware since EA bought them and made them butcher the game, from what I hear.

These days, a Sonic RPG seems very unlikely, since Sonic is now strictly aimed at western audiences. The most we will get out of Sonic besides the usual platformer, would be mobile games and the occasional racing spin off.

So if in some other alternate universe where Sega decided to make another Sonic RPG, who would you want to develop it?

The most obvious answer would be Atlus, since Sega owns them IIRC. And even though Atlus makes amazing RPGs, it would be still cool to see Square Enix take a shot at it, but that seems very unlikely.

Another company I can think of would be Falcom, I think they'd make an amazing Sonic Action RPG. Just look at their most recent Ys game; Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.

A simple, but fast paced Action RPG with a team mechanic similar to Sonic Heroes, that would be perfect for a Sonic RPG. There are other games in the series like: Ys VII and Ys: Memories of Celceta, that play the same as VIII, by the way.

What do you think?

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I'd get Toby Fox on board to direct it, or at least write it. Fox's dodging-and-negotiation playstyle was revolutionary, and it happening in a Sonic game would grant it depth on-level with Black Knight. He'd have a lot of creative ideas, and possibly even do what Boom was meant to do.

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Since Sega did buy Atlus a couple of years ago, I'll be interesting to see what they could do with a Sonic Rpg (Though Sonic Team themselves have created Rpgs over the years so they'll be my personal choice Honestly.)

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Kingdom Hearts gameplay could actually be a good foundation for a Sonic-esque action RPG.(DDD I'd say is the best templet given the flowmotion). Square or Atlus if be down to see try one if they did.

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Agreed on Square Enix; ever since Dream Drop Distance I've been of the opinion that Sega should steal the Flowmotion mechanic.

Of course, before anything else would be "developers who've actually made an RPG on the target console before," or even, "made an RPG before," neither of which was the case for the Bioware handheld division that made Chronicles.

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Alpha dream. I feel like something similar to the rhythmic battle system from the Mario and Luigi games would suit the series best. 


My second choice would be Atlus. Stylistically, they're in line with what I would like to see.

Image result for persona 5




I'd avoid Square Enix. Most of the battle systems in their games feel very sluggish, with a few of the Kingdom Heart games being exceptions rather than rules.

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 Capcom. With Devil may cry gameplay.  What? I can dream.... T.T stop giving me that look it makes me sad.

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