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About Sonic Jam & R Models


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Hi there. I wanted to know if both games have the same 3D Models and if there has been any proof they're from the same source (if first point is confirmed). Thanks in advance.

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While they're very similar, if you just look at them side by side you can see some differences, namely R Sonic lacks the rolled up portion of his gloves, and the ears are different in how they come out of his head.  They have enough similarities that they might have based one off the other and made tweaks, but they're not the same by my eyes.

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While they are very similar, I do believe the Sonic Jam model is slightly more detailed than the one used in R. R's has a lower poly count, I'm sure, due to the game running 5 characters on screen at once. Example:



Notice how R's has incredibly basic hands, while Jam's are a bit more rounded.






Structurally, they're very, very similar though. From observation, it looks like Jam's Sonic model is taller, and has thicker limbs. However, the heads look almost 1:1, and they both have segmented arms and legs. 

I don't know much about game development, but my guess is that the models were created simultaneously. Jam released June '97, and R released November '97, so it's fair to assume the models were created at the same time, maybe (?). However, R was created by Traveler's Tales, while Jam was Sonic Team, so I don't know.  There are certain things that exist on both models, like Tails only having 3 points on his cheeks rather than 4, or Sonic's head shape being completely identical.

Final analysis: Someone needs to rip the Jam models :3

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 Although they are based on the same basic design, they clearly are different. In addition to what has been mentioned in the other posts, R Sonic's gold buckles are on the top of his shoes instead of where they should be on the sides and Jam Sonic's spines get longer when he runs faster

i'd also like to know the differences from these models and the model used in Saturn's 3D Blast special stages


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Both Sonic 3D & R were developed by Traveller's Tales, right?

Given that version of 3D's Special Stages, it seems they had access to Saturn's best models.

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1 hour ago, XRick said:

Both Sonic 3D & R were developed by Travelers' Tale, right?

Given that version of 3D's Special Stages, it seems they had access to Saturn's best models.

Sonic Team was in charge of 3D Blast's Saturn special stages, so I'm going to go ahead and assume that they were the ones creating the characters, while TT did everything else.


This definately looks like Jam Sonic, judging by the ears and hands.

Knuckles is totally different from his R counterpart, however, because he doesn't look like a total idiot in 3D Blast:




Tails is very much still his Jam self, because his ears are actually filled in.


Further Conclusion: Jam Models are definately the same as the 3D Blast ones, R's are lower-poly, more inaccurate versions based on these ones.



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So, nobody has ever ripped the models from 3D/Jam? Man, that sucks...

And since my Retro account has never been fully accepted, I can't go ask the pros about them...


EDIT: There seems to be a way to reach the Retro folks: Discord!


I also found this. Maybe it can help, if anyone here has the right tools to take a look at it.

And I also have this image from a previous time I've been looking around about this topic:



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Sorry for bumping, I may edit later if required.


Well, a kind soul named Andrew75 managed to get me a pic from Jam Sonic Model.


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