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Monster Gear x Sonic the Hedgehog


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Last year Sega of Japan came out with this mobile game called Monster Gear. I found a little summary of what the game is about.


Play the most intense fantasy hunting game on mobile. Battle legendary monsters with 4-character hunting squads and in real-time with friends. Defeat monsters, wear their skins, and unleash their power. Download today!


– Master weapons with unique play styles: Daggers, Swords, Lances, Hammers, and Bows

– Harness the inner monster within your Monster Gear and unleash devastating Gear Bursts

– Battle and defeat monsters from five legendary monster classes: Insectia, Beastia, Aquatia, Divinia, Dragonia


– Collect, upgrade and wear equipment infused with the souls of slain monsters and bring it into the heat of battle

– Mix, match, and master hundreds of different equipment combos featuring five weapon types, natural elements, and monster equipment classes

– Battle with complete Monster Gear Armor Sets for exclusive hunting buffs and skill bonuses


– Battle monsters with 4-character hunting squads

– Customize and develop multiple squads to strategically to defeat monsters and monster classes

– Team up and hunt with real players for synchronous real-time battles

– Hunt with squads mixed with NPC and real-time players

Now it seems that there's a collaboration coming that involves Sonic.




My Japanese is really bad and Google is not helping that much so I really can't say how Sonic is going to affect the game.

Unfortunately the game seems to be Japan only with an English version only available for the Philippines.

Though looking through the U.S. Google play store the game seems to be there under "early access" with a warning that it might be unstable. So you might get to experience this if you live in the U.S. as well.

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