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Sonic Incursion


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Sonic Incursion is a 2.5D fangame by Ell678. It runs on the Sonic GDK engine, meaning momentum physics are here in full swing, and it's presented in 3D as per the Unreal Engine. There's a plot to this, involving a "Metallix Empire" attempting to rise to power, and Sonic's attempts to stop them. That's not all though, because the game boasts a second playable character; Metal Sonic. 


Sonic and Metal Sonic aren't just naff palette swaps either; the easiest way to think of it is Sonic is Classic Sonic, Metal is Modern Sonic. Sonic's just got his Sonic 2 moveset, so spindash and the like. Metal Sonic can't charge his spin dash, but to make up for it he's got, well, plenty else; a homing attack, the Maximum Overdrive (Boost), a stomp, etc. The two also apparently have slight differences in their stages. One of the main unique gimmicks of this fangame is that Act 3 of each Act introduces a unique gameplay style, such as an isometric 3D environment somewhat similar to Sonic 3D. It's an interesting idea, though how well it works is... subjective. 


The game looks fairly decent, if a bit patched together; it reminds me quite a bit of 06, which isn't exactly the strongest impression to make. The music's also mostly from 06 to boot. I found it alright, if a bit clunky; working in a 3D space, even when the gameplay is constrained to a 2D plane, leads to the game feeling somewhat off at points. The enemy design is also, again, very 06 and thus pretty forgettable.  Saying all that, the momentum physics all work as they should, and it generally works without many glitches, which is a definite plus. 


You can give Sonic Incursion a go with the 2 Zone demo at SAGE 2016http://www.sonicfangameshq.com/SAGE/2016/sonic-incursion/

Just bear in mind this is Unreal Engine; it shouldn't be too taxing given the relative simplicity of much of the game's environments, but it may not run well on older PCs or laptops. 

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