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West Midland Safari Park hosting a Sonic Event.

Badnik Mechanic

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Did you guys know that tomorrow and Sunday the West Midlands Safari Park are hosting a Sonic event? 


Don't worry, nobody did.

Yeah this is another case of a big Sonic/Sega event which got absolutely no promotion by anyone, nobody told any Sonic fansite about it and nobody other than a small number of people knew about it's existence. 


Yeah there was also a competition to win a bunch of stuff from Sega Amusements, which again, nobody knew about (except Facebook likers of the safari Park).

Anyone able to go to this event and see what it's about? It just says 'meet Sonic' no other details, oh and it's tomorrow and Sunday.

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I really have to praise the PR job SEGA America's been doing for the 25th Anniversary Party. Across the pond, SoS has its own strong following so that doesn't really need to worry too much about promotion. But it seems all these other official events are a case of "let's just drop it and see if anyone notices."

I don't know where this strategy came from, but it's awful.

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I did see the Sega Amusements Facebook shared the park's status about the contest. The prices look cool, especially the notebook and Tokio Spy thing.


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